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Title Code Author(s)
A Second Chance -- Chapter 67 Sat Dawn Natelle
Travel Through Time and Space Part 3 Sat LadyDragon623
Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 3 - NEW! on Amazon Kindle Sat Angharad
Fateful Intervention Solo Nigel Smith
Racing Angels -chp 6 Fri WolfJess7
Flight of the Claymore -chapter 25 Fri WolfJess7
Ginny's Story Chapter 80 Fri Karen Lockhart
Avenging Angel Chap. 3 Fri LadyDragon623
I Like Dressing Up Solo LadyDragon623
Jessica Jade Ch19 Fri Leslie Moore
Dancing to a New Beat 40 Fri Cyclist
The Princess Trap on Kindle Fri Tyrone Slothrop, Wanda Cunningham
Time on My Hands Chapter 32 - 298-299 CE: Clan Corvo Goes Norse Thu Jennifer Sue
To the Matt Part 3 Thu efindumb
Coyote Chapter 11 Thu Nuuan
Before & After Chapter 2 Thu Mel Huntington
Tanks For The Mammaries Solo Wholeman
Atalanta's Story Continued: Reaching Home Chapter 23 Thu Katelyn
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 107 Thu Teddie S.
A Summer's Odyssey - Now on Kindle Wed Jennifer Sue
Alexa Chapter 41: We’ve Only Just Begun Wed Kris Traverse
The Waiting Room Solo Maggie the Kitten
Mouikkai Musume, Chapter 05: The Day She Made Friends Wed Rellawing
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 38 Wed Bronwen Welsh
Gaby Book 17 ~ Seasons ~ Chapter *12* Sorry Sis Wed Maddy Bell
Eve by Melanie Brown on Kindle Wed Melanie Brown
Mole Hunt Chap. 14 Wed LadyDragon623
School Life Chp. 26 Tue LadyDragon623
Camp Shoni Tue Pamela
Imp 7: Imp-ervious to Reason part 4 Mon Morpheus
Just Let Me Do Your Hair…Part 10: The Modeling Offer Mon Mysterious Stranger
The Essex Girl Solo SamanthaMD
Wildcats 3 Now on Amazon Kindle! Mon Leslie Moore
Magical Girl Assassination Squad: Chapter 4 Mon Quadhouse
Isla Diego Sun Nigel Smith
The Riders Of The Waves: Chapter 1 Sun crazypagangurl
Wild And Free: Chapter 2 Sun crazypagangurl
Star Chapter 23 Sun Savannah Maun
Who the hell am I? Book 2 Chapter 10 Sun Savannah Maun
Cheer's the Thing: Becoming Robin Book 3 on Kindle Sat Zoe Taylor
Catch Me, Catch You (starter) Sat Aylesea
Penny's World pt 22 Sat Sophie Jones
Free Your Mind 2.3 Sat Anaimfinity
Rebekah Anne Bettencourt Solo Aylesea
The Dragon and the Girl Solo Bru
Basketball Is Life Fri Angela Rasch
Stupid Bathroom Bill Solo Wendy K
Sitting Down Solo Ray Drouillard
It’s Not MY Fault! Solo Bru
After the Big Game Solo Laika
Cheerleader Material? Solo Bru
Looking for Sally Solo Nigel Smith
Masks 5: Energia - Out of Template's Shadow - Now on Kindle Tue Stickmaker
Feel Like a Woman Solo Aylesea
More than a working Girl Solo Dauphin
Use it or lose it Solo Set3
The Good Samaritan Solo Nigel Smith
“Thumping Hearts, Broken Hearts, Hearts United" Solo Bru
Super Fangirl Solo Otome-chan
Wandering Princess Solo Otome-chan
Shannon's Course by Angela Rasch in Kindle Wed Angela Rasch
The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle Sun Melanie Brown
300 Rains by Heather O'Malley at Amazon Sun poetheather
The Last of the Fey Sun Anesidora's Urn
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The seduction: part 22

after Lauren.jpg

Chapter fifty five: the genetics professor

Monika had set a gentle alarm on her phone for six am, so that they had enough time to shower and get dressed and drive without hurry to Wayland Avenue. She awoke to a kind of purring noise and lovingly tried to untangle herself from Maureen’s embrace. The purring got louder and the embrace more firm.
“Five more minutes, please, Moni?”
“Yes, five more minutes. But remember we promised ...”
She gently kissed Maureen’s forehead.
“I do not want to wake up without you ever again.” she whispered.
“Me neither.”

Staycation Story Contest Woes

The Scribbler’s favourite way to spend those sweltering summer vacation weeks is to get into a nice hot airless class-room far away from home immersing oneself in irregular verbs, different cases (dative, genitive, instrumental, locative, vocative ....), where to place the verb, making sure that the female plural pronoun didn’t appear together with a male singular adjective, whether to use words like ”the”, ”a” or instead use suffixes or totally ignore any difference between determined of non-determined and so on … and on… and on.

Well this year The Scribbler, for various reasons couldn’t go away to have fun. Forced to stay at home The Scribbler had a look at the July contest at BCTS. That was not the original plan but it was worth having a look though.

Wallander - The Woman from Malmo - 6


by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Based on characters created by Henning Mankell
and the BBC and Swedish series Wallander
- the story takes place after this author's Wallander - Tvillingar

Coming out from undercover - Part 7

Before I could render a full explanation to the single officer in the first car, another Police car drew up at the house. Inwardly, I groaned when I saw the officer getting out of the driver’s side. It was none other than 'Ian 'I'm not one' Pratt. He was the class bully when I was at Hendon. His Sergeant's stripes shone brightly in the light from the porch.

He entered the hall and looked hard at me. Then he looked again before turning away to speak to his colleague.

“What is the problem Sadik?” he asked.

“We have this person here claiming to be an undercover police officer. She had only just started to explain why she's on our patch unannounced.”

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 99

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 99
Cousin Ahiga. The Eagles. A hike.

The past few days have been crazy, Amy finally has her New Mexico Nursing license after a run in the someone from the licensing board. And some serious soul searching that included a visit with two Eagles, a meditation session at the bonfire, and a hike to the sacred place, where we both received new meteorites.

A trip to Taos turned interesting when we ran into Uncle Paul’s Cousin Ahiga at Mr. Yazzie’s shop as Mr. Yazzie was trading for another piece of my Great-Great-Grandfather Kilchii Nez’s silver pieces.

The two Eagles. Hmm. Were they local and just happened to find us? Or did our two feathered friends from back home follow us out here?

Stay Cat Ion

Stay Cat ion

by Jennifer Sue

It was Friday, June 22 during the end of season JV baseball game to determine the county championship. The score was 2 to 3 in favor of the other team. There was a man on first with 2 outs at the bottom of the last inning. The pressure was on. Kyle stood at the plate staring down the pitcher. The pitcher was clearly sweating as he kept wiping his brow. The first pitch was a ball. Kyle had almost swung at it. The next ball was a strike, a real whiffer. Kyle began sweating. Soon the count was 3 and 2. Kyle then whacked 3 foul balls. Everyone held their breath as the next pitch came in. As the pitcher wound up, Kyle took a deep breath. As the ball flew to the plate Kyle decided it was a perfect pitch. With every bit of his strength, he swung for the sixth time this at bat, exhaling sharply as he did so. The CRACK echoed through the ball field. The ball sailed high for the center field fence. All eyes were glued onto the ball.

At This Rate I'll Never Turn into a Girl! 3 [End]

The next morning I had a bit of a headache. I went to the bathroom and took some of my sister’s pain medication. For some reason, they came in a little foil pack with individual pills labeled with different days. Strange!

I showered, using Sarah’s body wash because I was out. As I applied it to my skin I felt a strange tingling! I checked the label to see that it had a special exfoliating formula.

Hidden Inside Part 8



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Molly meets two new kids and may have inadvertently helped another family and herself.


The water park was a blast as Molly didn't get much notice as nobody outside their group recognized her. To the rest of the kids at the park, she was a new kid in town and one that played well with other kids her age and who parents were happy to see treated their sons better than other girls.

Meagan's Tail ch1

Meagan's Tail

A new Universe, a New story!




Saturday, July 9 2016
Palos Verdes, California

Meagan hopped the three steps down as she exited the small metro rail car, then took time to count her shopping bags to make sure she had them all and waved to her friends still on board, "See ya Monday at swim team practice!"

Dancing to a New Beat 35

Dinner wasn’t just good, it was excessively so. Mam had prepared, with some help from me, a meal that consisted of just about every traditional ingredient she could fit onto the plates, and plentiful in terms of quantity as well as variety. By unspoken agreement, pudding was left for teatime. Beer and wine were not.

Dishwashers are wonderful.

Flight of the Claymore -chapter 21

Flight of the Claymore

Flight Lieutenant Second Class Jason Cole is the fifth generation in a long line of military family members and the third of the current generation. Unlike his older brother and sister Jason cannot be fitted with a bio-A.I. This one fact will led him on the greatest adventure of his young life.

Racing Angels -chp 2

Racing Angels

Webster’s dictionary defines Speed as the fallowing: the rate of change of position along a straight line with respect to time over a set distance. In other words, the quicker you can get from one place to another. The question is what do you, do when your family has spent the last two generations in search of ways to accomplish this goal faster and faster. Would do you do when the family business is the search for more Speed. For Robert ‘Robby’ McGuire the answer is easy. You grab your sister and strap on a pair of Formula One racecars then go for broke.

Hidden Inside Part 7



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Surgery and a painful revelation loom as Molly gets her heart's desire.


Marie was busy watching the girls swim while Joey slept when her phone rang. Dr. Nash called to tell her that the surgery was set and she needed to make the arrangements for them to travel. It was the news that Molly had been waiting for and Marie dreaded, Molly was going to become a girl externally.

How I Spent My Summer Staycation

Copyright 2018 by Karen Lockhart

What I Did On My Summer Staycation

My father was an electrical engineer whose company did a lot of business with a company in Japan. This meant he made several trips a year to the company based just outside Tokyo.

After telling my mother and I stories about how nice it was there, he decided to take Mom there for two and a half months the remaining two weeks of June, and July and August. They made plans for my sister and me to stay home and my aunt would live here to watch over us for those two months.

Time on My Hands Chapter 28 - 267-273 CE: Egypt is Crumbling

Time on My Hands
Chapter 28: 267-273 CE: Egypt is Crumbling

In February 267 Raben returned to Mazbar. Business for Corvus Construction was booming. It had attracted the best architects and engineers, work was done correctly, with good materials, on time and on cost. It had become the premier builder in the vicinity of Rome. Treatises were written on engineering and architecture with mathematical tables to figure out loads and spans for various materials. Formulas for different types of concrete were recorded. The books were copied and sold by Corvus Scriptorium.

Wallander - The Woman from Malmo - 5


by Andrea Lena DiMaggio

Based on characters created by Henning Mankell
and the BBC and Swedish series Wallander
- the story takes place after this author's Wallander - Tvillingar

Staycation - Hacked Off?

“I think that is everything we needed to cover. Any other points?” I said mightily relieved that the meeting was coming to an end.

My team looked at each other but no one spoke until the newest one of the team, Jeremy Ford said,
“So, Frank, are you going to tell us where you are going for your Holidays?”

I smiled. I’d not told anyone what I was going to do for the next three weeks.

“I’m going to the Outer Hebrides. I’ve rented a cottage on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis,” I replied smiling.

“What are you going to do up there?” asked another of my team, Melvyn Sands.

“Not a lot and that’s the beauty of it. There is a long white sand beach just yards from the cottage and not a lot else for miles.”


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