Stuck in a Rut - Part 2

Stuck in a Rut.
By Rosalie Redd
Casey Church was a normal 13 year old boy, full of hopes and dreams and fears and anxieties. But in a world where there hadn’t been a girl born in over a century, what was normal?

Chapter 2.

Woodcrest Side Story #3: Transition Goals

“He’s down to 15% health, Tiffany, use something, ANYTHING other than your base attack! Hit him where it hurts!” I watched Tiffany, out in front of me swinging her sword wildly as she tried to take down the third boss. We were almost there. We’d been down here for three hours and I didn’t know how much longer I could keep it up. The Tri Pi’s would be back soon and they’d want whatever it was they were going to do. They said there would be low carb muffins tonight.

Weeping Willow - Part 7

Weeping Willow
Part 7

Suddenly Seeking Susan

by **Sigh**
Copyright© 2019 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

"Honey – look at Willow. She looks like your Mother did back in the 60’s!”

“Oh my God,” Gwen whispered. “You’re right!”

“Susan! Why won’t you come here and kiss me?” cried Grandpa.

“Momma – what do I do?” urged Willow.

Random Inspirations Round 3

Another Friday, another trio of words!

This week's words are:


Rotten. Spoiled, wasted, or otherwise worthless. Could be in reference to a terrible person, or more lightheartedly toward a character who is doted upon (spoiled rotten.) Other options could include simply having the character in a "rotten" situation, or perhaps dealing with outdated or worthless materials or foodstuffs. Alternatively, the story could be about the Sex Pistols.

Woodcrest Side Story #2: Into the Dungeon

“What…is this?” Tiffany asked me, turning her character toward me. I noticed that her character was frowning; she had motion capture turned on. Shit, how good was her computer that it could handle face tracking? “Turn voice chat on you goober.”

I didn’t like to use voice chat, mainly because I didn’t like the sound of my own voice but what could it hurt? She knew who I was. I switched it on, paused for a second, and then, finally spoke, attempting to sound as feminine as possible.

“It’s the Everburning Mines,” I said. “I’ve been here like…a million times.”

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 160

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2019 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 160

Some people! Charlie and Jackie are back.
The trip to the Taos Pueblo. What’s Hózhó?


I'll pay for their dinner! ~o~O~o~ A phone call from Quah Ah? ~o~O~o~ I guess they don't want to sell to us. ~o~O~o~ Charlie and Jackie are back and I'm going to hate doing this. ~o~O~o~ A quiet drive to the resort. ~o~O~o~ A feast, Hózhó, and Iz.


Weeping Willow - Part 6

Weeping Willow
Part 6

Valley of Fear

by **Sigh**
Copyright© 2019 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

“This will kill any love they had for me … I’ll have to go back to being angry Bill! All the good things in my life – I’m going to lose them all! I’m so scared!”

Summer with Em - Part 8


Summer with Em Chapter 8
By Julie D Cole
I’m just picking back up on this story that I neglected in error. I intent to complete it shortly.

Em decided I should wear a white tunic style top with several buttons that was loose fitting and extended half way down my thighs to cover any evidence of a bulge (not much to show) and it complemented a pair of her black high waist leggings that reached my ankles. Without my binding my breasts were clearly visible so Em produced a white sports bra. She thought it looked OK but would have preferred I wore a bra.

How I Became A Female Biker Chapter 5

Foreign influence: part 11

Foreign influence cover BCTS.jpg


But our day was not over yet. As we got home we found Biggi and her bodyguard in the kitchen, Biggi already quite tipsy. There was an empty bottle of bubbly and two glasses of wine on the table. The officer had decided, realizing that Angela was not home to take the relay, that he had to stay until our return. I apologized sincerely for my thoughtlessness but he just smiled and said:
"I am sure, Frau Kommissar, that you had a lot on your mind today, my pains being to the very end of the list, and rightly so."
"What?" broke in Biggi her speech suddenly clear "Frau Kommissar? Are you joking, Fred?"
So they were on first name basis now, were they? All the better, I supposed.

Pushing the Limits- Part 3

Chapter 3: Because Two Can Keep A Secret…..

Once he got into the fitting room stall, Evan quickly unzipped his pants and dropped them, then pulled off his briefs. He examined the red plaid panties again, enjoying the silky feel of the material before carefully stepping into them and sliding them up to his hips. They went on easily enough, and the fabric felt amazing against his skin.

Stuck in a Rut - Part 1.

a little warning, chapter 1 may be a little dry, because of exposition. But I hope that can be fixed in the next chapters.
Also, I love comments, and am very nervous - since this is my first time putting anything out for review or critique. Also, if you want to play in my Rutverse sandbox, feel free to drop me a message with questions before you write your story.

Weeping Willow - Part 5

Weeping Willow
Part 5

Damn Breaks

by **Sigh**
Copyright© 2019 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

He really, really loves you. As Willow, or as Bill; doesn’t matter. Now, LIKE? I think he LIKES Willow better, and I do too. Sorry, Bill, if you’re in there somewhere,” she smiled as she poked her daughter on the noggin. “But we LOVE you just as much, no matter which one you are.”

Curtain Fall Chapter 09

Curtain Fall - Chapter 09

The next day after meeting with Adam, Jill called him again as she drove home from work.

“Good afternoon Adam! I hope I’m not calling you at a bad time?”

She heard him coughing up some beverage he was drinking through the phone and he gasped, “NO! Uh, no! I can talk. I can talk anytime you need to speak with me Lady Adrasteia!”

The New Life of Jamie Sarah Potter (7)

Once I reached the alter, a acolyte wearing a black cassock and white surplice approached me and offered me a hug. I was shocked at first, till I noticed the acolyte had shoulder length brown hair and baby blue eyes and a soft heart shaped face, I could place the face but not the name, then when she spoke I knew who it was.

Foreign influence: part 10

Foreign influence cover BCTS.jpg


I awoke refreshed in my love’s arms, happily purring my delight at her presence into her lovely bosom. Angela tenderly stroked my hair and then lifted my face so that she could kiss me.
"You were almost dead on your feet, Monika." she said softly "Go easy my love, go easy!"
"I promise to try, love of my life, but this case is taking turns as if it was a snake and had a life of it’s own. And I'm a bit tired by all that emotional turmoil, that I never before have had to experience in any case I've handled."
"It certainly seems a lot to cope with a bad case and on top to find yourself quite suddenly turned into a woman, have fallen deeply in love and, as if that was not enough, responsible to deal with everybody's emotional problems. Anything I can do to help?"
"Be there for me, darling, I need you! If you could do more depends on this morning's meeting. But then, the two of us might be completely out of it already and not know it."

Woodcrest #3: Finding Audrey Chapter 8

“How do the Garrons even have a million dollars to donate to Woodcrest?” Tiffany asked me as I took exit 78 onto the freeway. I’d brought her with me for emotional support, and for directions. Mostly emotional support; I could have used my GPS to get to Derringer Inc., this place where I was supposedly going to be landing a new job.

Model Makers 15: One down part one

Model makers BCTS cover.jpg


There wasn't one single company capable of matching the quality of work Karen and Henry were doing. Most of them tried to duplicate her work by ordering a model and disassembling it to find out how she accomplished it. Piece by piece, their lab technicians would dissect her models. At the end they experienced the same results as the medical research laboratories. Except for being polymer instead of skin and bone, it was an exact duplicate of the entire human anatomy. The programming she was running to complete one model had to be horrendous and yet she never made two models alike. The bytes of data Karen was using was incomprehensible to most model makers. They weren't programmers though, most of them were chemical engineers designing the plastics used in their manufacturing. Karen was a computer engineer who worked on the design of the models from a graphics equation perspective. Henry helped research the plastics used to build the models. Same problem to all the companies competing in the model market. Different approach by the engineers.

Weeping Willow - Part 4

Weeping Willow
Part 4

... When We First Practice to Deceive

by **Sigh**
Copyright© 2019 plaintivesigh
All Rights Reserved.

No problem. I’ll just flush the pills down the john daily. It’ll look like I’m taking them, and I’ll be one of those trannies that the estrogen just doesn’t seem to work on. There are trannies like that, right?

Pushing the Limits- Part 2

Chapter 2: The Struggle is Real

Two hours into his first day, and Evan found himself in heaven. Well…almost. He couldn’t help it. He was surrounded by all of his favorite things. The sexiest, and laciest bra’s and corsets. The cutest fishnets in colors and designs he hadn’t even seen before. Not to mention the panties…. It wasn’t as if Evan was exactly a stranger to dressing up in women’s undergarments…quite the opposite actually. But God if only he could be the woman he wished he was sometimes….

Off the Books - Part 1

[At a second floor flat in Chelsea around 21:00 on a Monday evening.]


“I’m sorry, there is no Roy Meier on this number. I’ve only just moved here so he might be a previous occupant.”

“Yes, I am sure that he does not live here.”

“No, I won’t give you my name. I don’t know who the hell you are. You could be a serial rapist for all I know.”


I put the phone down. I was shaking like a leaf. I had been named this Roy Meier but in a previous life. If the caller really had put 2 and 2 together then I was well and truly up shit creek big time.

Woodcrest #3: Finding Audrey Chapter 7

“Okay, sit down,” I indicated the toilet. Audrey obediently plopped down on the seat while I grabbed my makeup wipes. I briefly wondered how hard I would have to scrub her face to get this crap off. Really depended on how they’d sealed it on. If it was just a setting powder yeah, okay, but if they’d gotten carried away? I might have to take a belt sander to her face. I leaned in and readied the makeup wipe. “We’ll have you home in just a bit.”

“Um, Aleah?” She said. She looked up at me, her eyes wide and tear stained. Pleading.

Foreign influence: part 9

Foreign influence cover BCTS.jpg


So far, we agreed as we sat around our small kitchen table, we had been mostly successful. Therefore I had earned myself the treat I was now in for, Angela said. I should try on the underwear and dress while she would prepare an evening meal, so I undressed and then Biggi started to dress me. I soon understood, why the women at the time had had maids, it seemed almost impossible to tie the corset and put on the dress without help. It was a marvellous experience, though, to be dressed in those clothes. Once I had put on the silk stockings and the underpants as well as the chemise, Biggi laid the corset around my waist and then tightened it almost to the full. My waist became very narrow indeed and when she then helped me into the underskirts my hips looked a lot wider. The feeling of being shaped like that by the corset was, contrary to my expectations, very pleasant. I had thought I would feel restricted but instead I felt supported in a very straight and proud posture.


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