The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (8)

The steaks I’d brought from Sunflower turned out to be perfect and my sister had seasoned and charbroiled them to perfection. We rarely ate steak, but tonight my sister wanted to celebrate. Celebrate what I have no idea, I did know she been working around the clock this week. Some crops where coming in on the farm and that required the hiring of extra field hands. Those crops where in now and had already been sold and a check for them deposited into the farm account. That much I knew from the small bits and pieces from over hearing my sister talking to some of her friends.

To be different is a choice? Not for me!

To be different is a choice? Not for me!

This had a temporary possible title: such as 'Aren't you / they stupid? I’m not gay!' which could have grown a series of 'Aren’t they angry … '; Aren’t they wrong ...'; 'Aren't they nasty ...'; even 'Aren't they accepting … '. Another possible set of titles began How stupid are you? I'm not gay'.
Then the story veered away and the title had to change!

Rhysling's Rue - Part 22

Rhysling’s Rue - Chapter 22

“Clyde, get your ass over here and help with this thing!” Roy glared over at his brother who was finishing a cut with his usual careful slowness.

“Then grow a fuckin brain cell and put it down till I’m done! I’m not gonna rush just cause you want to go moon over a woman who doesn’t even know you exist!” Clyde carefully inspected the edges of his finished cut, taking a trimmer and making a minute adjustment before nodding to himself in approval.

“She does too, I saw her lookin at me just yesterday!”

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (7)

The next day was Monday, that meant a few thing. One it meant that my sister had a fresh list of chores that needed to be done by the end of the week. Beside each chore there stood a little dollar sign followed by a number. It also meant I was one more day closer to starting school. Soon those endless days of exploring would come to a end, and once more I’ll find myself chained to a desk.

Roy And The Road To Renee - Chapter 12 - Conclusion

I had another counseling session, this time with my parents. I wanted to resolve the growing hostility they had to my dressing as a female. Naturally, my modeling was a big part of it.

After the usual bringing Dr. Devlin up to date, I said, “I get the feeling that my parents want me to totally stop dressing as a girl.”

“Is that true?” she asked my parents.

“Absolutely!” my father asserted and then added, “We think that this has gone on way too far.”

“In what way,” Dr. Devlin asked.

“He’s our son, not our daughter,” my mother answered.

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (6)

The nave of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church was half full I’ll say with around sixty people sitting spread out in the wooden pews. Small puffs of gray smoke hung above our heads and the air was scented with the smell of burning charcoal and incense pellets. The flicking orange and yellow light of the twelve burning candles divided into two groups of six. Six to the left and six to the right of the high altar.

The seduction: part 26

after Lauren.jpg
A new chapter, sorry for the delay but I tried my best to fiish a ew story on NaNoWriMo and did well there. Now it is down to iroing out all the typos and other errors, then it s going to appear as a book here, before it goes on sale.

So here is a new chapter of the seduction, just one, but an extra long one, enjoy!

Dancing to a New Beat 55

There was no real reason to spend any more time with Elaine, and despite the fact that the Barracloughs had followed Annie’s lead in setting up a raft of tents in the back garden, the house was absolutely groaning at the seams. Blake and I still had our responsibilities to paid employment to fulfil, and to be honest, the more I watched Elaine and Siân locking soppy eyes with their children, the more I missed my own boy.

Godmother Chp. 3

I opened the mansion's front doors wide, and got the attention of my guests. "My apologies for the wait, everyone! Please, let me introduce a friend that is staying with me." The Godmother stepped into view, and bowed for everyone. "My name is Elena, and Hailey is giving me a place to stay in exchange for some legal help with the inheritance. Please follow us to the ballroom."

Who I Am Chapters 6 & 7


It had been a few weeks since Prom and for some reason KA was still with Michael or maybe that was the other way around. They spent a lot of time talking about things. They even included me in some of their discussions and--as much as I wanted to feel great for my friend, I felt like I was slowly getting cut off.
I mean, I felt less like a friend and more like the girl in the movies that was a little crazy but also had an unrequited love to the guy who saw her as a friend.
“Maybe we should double date sometime.”

To Be a Different Someone Chapters 8 & 9


Chapter 8:
Whatever You Do, Don’t

We drove home after cheer practice with Krys talking a mile a minute.
“You were great out there, really. You were.”
I really wasn’t too bad. I knew the cheers but never actually performed the motions so I was a few steps behind.
“Thank you, I—”
“Now there are a few on the team who are going to be put off by—”

Mother - and daughter too.

Mother – and daughter too.

Auntie owned a dress-shop. Yes, I know now that’s the introduction to a whole sub-section of transvestite literature. I didn’t know it then. All I knew was that my mum had a sister in faraway Leeds and they rarely met, rarely spoke to each other and in fact mum rarely spoke of Aunt Lily. Perhaps Mum knew that working in a dress shop would be the right thing for me.

An AP-500 starter-story.

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (5)

eather’s House Party was the bread and butter of PBS the American cousin of the BBC. Each week Heather Ford would welcome guest from all walks of life onto her show and for whole duration of the two hour block they would be toasted and welcome. Toward the end of the show somebody, be it a guest from one of the segments or a member of the audience would be put into the fabled “The Gunge Booth” a phone book looking box that was trimmed in faux gold and copper.

The Adventures of Madeline Brewer (4)

It was already a hour into my shift. When I was informed by Lily that somebody else wanted a go. A friend of hers, a girl by the name of Robin. That being said my shift had been cut from three hours down to just two. Which in all honesty was fine with me. It was pushing ten and the smell of fresh fried chicken from the deli across the street was making me hungry.

“Just one more hour girl.” Lilly called out to me. “Then you can go and enjoy the rest of the day.” She said taking a deep breath. “Man, you can smell that chicken frying. And it's really making my mouth water too.”


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