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Title Code Author(s)
The Guardians - The Awakening - Chapter 4 Wed Rebecca Jane
A Piece in the Game of Gods part 17 Wed Morpheus
Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 17: Tunnel time! Wed Shadowsblade
School Life Chp. 6 Wed LadyDragon623
Finishing School For Young Ladies Ch8 Wed Michele Nylons
Fighting the Homm: part 11 Wed Monique S
Wildcats Wed Leslie Moore
Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *14* Romance Isn’t Dead Wed Maddy Bell
A Second Chance -- Chapter 46 Wed Dawn Natelle
The Job 41 Tue Cyclist
The Devil's Chamber Part 5 Tue LadyDragon623
The boy Solo Otome-chan
The Girl with the Silver Scales - Part 1 Tue Grandia Knight
All for You... Solo Drea DiMaggio
Love & Supernova 23 - Angela Northern Tue Anaimfinity
The Angel of Chicago: Part 12 Tue Stickmaker
TG Techie: Chapter 28: Makeout Tue Eleven
The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle Mon Melanie Brown
Glyph 3: Ink in her Veins part 1 Mon Morpheus
Interview with a rager Mon New Author, William Starfox
Nora Midnight Part 9 Mon LadyDragon623
Ginny's Story Chapter 56 Mon Karen Lockhart
Princess and the Plague: Erika goes to Hollywood 2 Mon Anistasia Allread
The Unfortunate Experiences of Mike Cross, Parts 13-16 Mon Hikaro
Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 14 Mon LadyDragon623
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 49 Mon Teddie S.
In Her Father's Footsteps: Chapter 1 Sun Samantha Jenkins
Heir to a Title - Chapter 33 Sun Beverly Taff
Adventures of Kim Possible: the Amazon women 21 Sun Lethaldaza
Girlzilla Part 3 Sun Ricky
Light's Promise - Part 3 Sun Erisian
The Adventure Begins Chapter 12 & 13 Sun LadyDragon623
Mum's Encouragement Chapter 31 Sun Lucy J
Masks 3 - Template and Energia published on Kindle Sat Stickmaker
School in Hastelan. Sat Nagrij
Portrait, Chapter 8 Sat Leslie Moore
The Petulant Muse Solo Rebecca Jane
Happenstance – Part 2 Sat Light Clark
Tammy:Deathtrap - Part 17 "Coast to Coast" Sat Shiraz
When among Dragons... Chapter 11 Discoveries Sat Machara Stormwing
Caught In Slips - Part 10 Sat Christine Myr
Shakedown Solo Ellie Dauber
The Last of the Fey Fri Anesidora's Urn
Forgotten: Chapter 10 Fri TGSparadox
Parents' Day Solo Debbie V
Summertime for Kelly O'Meara - 7 Fri Drea DiMaggio
Time on My Hands Chapter 6 - A Roman Companion Fri Jennifer Sue
Take Two Girls - Part 1 Fri SamanthaMD
Sanity is... often defined by our actions. [1.9] Fri Nessa M
Girl’s Night Out - 2 Come to the Vanity Thu Jessica C
The Reluctant Miss Pink Solo Adonna
Julina of Blackstone - 083 - Filling Stations Thu Julia Phillips
Castaways Choice Solo SamanthaMD
300 Rains by Heather O'Malley at Amazon Mon poetheather
Nanos of Change Solo Kateri Waters
The Wardrobe Mistress Solo Monique S
The First Time I Saw Her Face Solo SamanthaMD
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 46

The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl?

A Novel By Teddie S.

Copyright © 2018 Teddie S.
All Rights Reserved.

Chapter 46
A home away from home?

On the first Thursday of August early in the morning, just like the first time we went to New Mexico, Amy and I were on a plane heading back there. Amy’s parents had picked up my parents, Amy, and I, in their van and taken us to the airport. We said a long so long. Promised to be safe and to take care of ourselves. And we told them that we’d see them in a few weeks. Amy and I slept all the way to Dallas and then endured our one-hour layover.

After we left Dallas, Amy started talking about the last Friday of her clinicals. And she finally said, “The ...

Light's Promise - Part 1

Light's Promise

Light's Promise (Part 1 of 6)

by Erisian

Chapter 1 - Brotherhood

A cool breeze hinted at Autumn’s approach being only weeks away, although the direct sun had yet to relinquish its warm grip on Summer. The campus had been busy with the rush of vans and cars signaling the arrival of students both new and returning in a frenetic dance of luggage, computers, personal accessories, and even a few fancy stereo systems. By now almost all had moved into their respective cottages and gone through the required orientations for the upcoming school year. I say ‘almost’ because we were missing one very important student.

My niece, Danielle, had yet to arrive.

Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *11* What Dad Does

*Chapter 11*
What Dad Does

“I’ll be back Thursday afternoon,” Dave advised the assembled masses, well Jen and his youngest.
“George picking you up?” Jen enquired.
“In about,” he checked his watch, “ten minutes.”

Penny's World pt 18

Penny wakes from her coma to find her world has changed

Penny’s World
Part Eighteen
Sophie Jones
© 2018

This is the story of Penny. A closet Transwoman thrust into the outside world 24-7 when she would rather go and hide away. Perhaps the title should be Welcome to Penny’s Paranoid World…

The Job 33

That was a phrase that had lived in my mind ever since two men had visited me in a hospital bed. I thought it through for a while, looking at Elaine. She didn’t let me down, and I knew then, if I hadn’t before, that she never would. The hint was taken.


“Yes, Elaine?”

“We do have another way into this one, one I am keen to follow rather than the usual way”

“You mean?”

Finishing School For Young Ladies Ch6

Saint Trinians_0.jpg
Finishing School For Young Ladies


Michele Nylons

Chapter Six – Unintended Consequences

“So what were you doing in the rose garden?” Emily teased.

“None of your business,” Valerie smirked.

Leigh Anne - Chapter 28

Leigh Anne – Chapter 28
By Barbara Lynn Terry

Part 1 – The Lady Tigers discuss the tournament.

There was a lunch break at noon. The Lady Tigers went to a restaurant to eat. The hostess asked how many and Mrs. Madison told her there were eleven. Bill Laughton came along. The hostess told a bus boy to put two tables together for this party of eleven. As they all sat down, Leigh asked to speak.

Emily's Strange Life Chapter Two

A few hours later and I'm seeing my boyfriend off on another potentially fatal trip. Naturally, I concentrate on being perky. However worried I feel the last thing Michael needs is me bringing him down ahead of a mission.

“Be careful while I'm away,” Michael warns me “I worry about you.” He does too. He's off to the wastes of northern Canada where literally everyone will want to kill him and he's busy worrying about me.

“Do you have your pistol handy?” He asks me

Stormwall: Chapter 3

Again, it's been a fair while since I've posted anything new for this story. That darn muse keeps throwing other ideas at me, blame her!


After we were allowed to continue on our way, dad and I headed for our departure gate at a brisk walk.

We still had most of an hour before the plane would be there, so we relaxed in a cafe for a while over two hot coffees and fresh doughnuts.

It's a Matter of Death and Life: Part 2

It’s a Matter of Death and Life: Part 2

By Camospam

Sequel to: A Matter of Fact

Tuesday, September 25, 2007. Whateley Academy: Schuster Hall

The Angel of Chicago: Part 7

The Angel of Chicago

Part Seven: Contusions


Rodford Edmiston

The dark figure emerged silently from one of the deeper shadows and quickly stepped into the open space his informant's diagram had revealed. The following ambush was sudden and thorough, but not unexpected.

The Job 32

I looked at him, and there were no indications as to which way he was jumping. Police, professional, woman.

“I can personally tell you more about him than I would like to know, sir, but I can’t break confidence on what my team are doing”

“Not even on my direct order?”

Breathe, Calm. "No sir. Not even on your direct order, not without the authority of the people who may or may not own the information”

Fighting the Homm: part 8

Chapter fifteen: more clean up.

The freed slaves had already been prepared for what was to come by Odyssa’s teams and the first batch was sent over to the Deara with the captured transport and its team of Amazons. But before Odyssa started on the healing she set more things in motion for her psychological warfare. She asked Sori to find out where the next pirate base was and then communicated with Kasu through Circe, telling her what she had in mind. The two destroyers should stay here as kind of show of force, in case the pirates came to find out why their base was silent.

When among Dragons... Chapter 10 Time well spent

When among Dragons... Chapter 10 Time well spent

by Machara and Chryos Stormwing

Special thanks to
my love Chryos who creates this with me,
Gabe as my editor and friend

Garrus deadpanned.

“… right. Dem waffles.“

He couldn’t keep a straight face however and started grinning, his mouth watering.

All hard feelings then seemed forgotten and so they went to the table and ate.

Happenstance – Part 1

Happenstance – Part One
By: Light Clark

Synopsis: To Reggie Fullerton, nothing was wrong with his life. Sure, he wasn’t the most handsome of men, and it wasn’t as if his job was going to make him rich, but that didn’t mean he felt there was any need for a change. However, one doesn’t always need intent for such things, just a little happenstance.

Gene or Jean? - Part 7 - Conclusions

Classes were over, and I maintained a respectable grade point. The girls had gone their separate ways and I had moved into their apartment for the summer. I found out that Frank had pulled himself out of academic probation and was eligible to play football. Sylvia had a summer job at her Dad’s company, which meant that she had to work on Monday and Tuesday, the only days I had off. I would really miss her.

Before we all went our ways for the summer, Sylvia had an astute observation, “You’re going to be dressed for five of the seven evenings of the week, so why not make if full time until college starts in the fall?”

“That’s a good idea,” I responded, “that way I can have my hair done in a really feminine style, and maybe have some highlights. That way I won’t have to change the style all summer.”

“So you’ll be Jean the whole summer?” Sylvia wanted to know.

Finishing School For Young Ladies Ch5

The Job 31

I looked down at his hand, and then at his eyes, trying to hold my courage close and tight so that it couldn’t escape. Blake just nodded, and turned to my parents.

“Baby steps at the moment, Mark, Dot. Di’s the one in the driving seat”

That gave me something else to talk about, which I urgently needed.

Sanity is... hard to maintain sometimes [1.8]


Moving house can be a hassle,
Moving house with magic is, presumably, meant to be a bit easier?

Moving house with John’s help would likely be...
...Yeah, not the best idea in the world, is it?...

Events unfold including but not limited to:
The sun being discussed,
Taxi rides being (relatively) skipped over in silence,
and explanations of events are exchanged, much to both sides confused frustration.

TG Techie: Chapter 25: Little Cans

Time on My Hands Chapter 5 - 195 CE: Tending to Romans

Time on My Hands
Chapter 5: 195 CE: Tending to Romans

A few minutes later the centurion led Raben into a two story stone home. The moans of his wife could be heard as soon as they entered. Without hesitating he ran up the stairs and into the room where the moaning woman lay on a bed. The midwife and the healer were ineffectively tending to the woman.

“Have you given her anything?” Raben asked as he moved to the woman’s side and began to gently palpitate her swollen tummy.

“Who are you?” The healer asked indignantly as he tried to maintain control.

“I’m an Ianuarian,” Raben declared. “Now answer my question! What have you given her?”

“Get out,” The healer demanded. “You’re too young to know what to do.”

“The baby is turned,” Raben declared as he glared at the healer. “It’s too late to try to properly realign it. That should have been done when labor began. It will never come out naturally.”


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