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Title Code Author(s)
A Piece in the Game of Gods part 33 Thu Morpheus
Vantier a Whateley Tale chapter 18: Achtung Baby Thu Shadowsblade
Arabian Nights Chapter 06. Thu Michele Nylons
The Awakening - Chapter 04. Thu Michele Nylons
Nora Midnight Part 13 Thu LadyDragon623
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 59 Thu Teddie S.
To get a Hero Solo Dauphin
Prisms and Periwinkles Solo Amalia Solara
Easy as Falling Off a Bike - Book 1 - on Amazon Kindle Wed Angharad
Princess and the Plague: Erika goes to Hollywood 6 & 7 Wed Anistasia Allread
A Legal Trap - Chapter 8 Wed Rachel M. Moore
Glyph 3: Ink in her Veins part 3 Wed Morpheus
Bian -24- Chicken Club Wed Erin Halfelven
Down to the Last Man Solo Kateri Waters
The Devil's Chamber Part 6 Wed LadyDragon623
Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *21* Awkward Feeling Wed Maddy Bell
Night Fox Chapter 14 Wed LadyDragon623
The seduction: part 5 Wed Monique S
End Transmission Solo Melanie Brown
Wildcats and Wildcats 2 Tue Leslie Moore
Ying-Yang Solo ampws
Blood Moon Part 14 Tue LadyDragon623
There is Nothing like a Dame Chapter 26 Tue Bronwen Welsh
E-Girl: The Gift Chapter 2 Mon Dorothy Colleen
Girl’s Night Out - 5 Dara Speaks for Herself Mon Jessica C
Reversals - Ch15 Mon Rachel Wren Clark
Gun Princess Royale - Book 3 - Ch13. (Part I) Mon simkin452
Ginny's Story Chapter 60 Mon Karen Lockhart
Pea Pod 3: Give Peas a Chance on Kindle; Peapod & Peapod 2... Mon Wholeman
Caroll's Capers Solo Charlotte Dickles
Politics is... a Power Struggle [2.4] Mon Nessa M
A Starlight Summer Part-5 Mon Enemyoffun
The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle Sun Melanie Brown
Penny's World pt 20 Sun Sophie Jones
Stephanie, part 18 Sun Debbie V
Angel Of Justice Chapter 16 Sun LadyDragon623
The Job 59 Sun Cyclist
A Second Chance -- Chapter 50 Sun Dawn Natelle
Summer with Aunt Ashley Solo Bryony Marsh
Tant que c'est toi Solo AuPreviner
You look cute as a girl! Part 1 Sat Sexxxy Amanda
A personal history of Mutation, or how I spent my teen years.... Sat Nagrij
Disco Doll ~ Part 5 Sat Shauna
Masks 3 - Template and Energia published on Kindle Sat Stickmaker
An Irish Tale Solo Joyce Melton
Emily's Strange Life Chapter 5 Sat Polly Adler
The Voyage of the Visund -4- Sat Penny Lane
Naughty Outdoor Adventures Solo Daphne Xu
Alexa Chapter 35: London Calling, Part 1 Fri Kris Traverse
Flight of the Claymore -chapter 3 Fri WolfJess7
Julina of Blackstone - 086 - Say Hello to Haligo Fri Julia Phillips
A Visit To VentureRealm Part 3 Fri efindumb
Forgotten: Chapter 11 Thu TGSparadox
Time on My Hands Chapter 10 - 199-200 CE: The Trip to Alexandria Thu Jennifer Sue
Take Two Girls - Part 5 Thu SamanthaMD
The Last of the Fey Thu Anesidora's Urn
Here, but Forgotten Solo AuPreviner
300 Rains by Heather O'Malley at Amazon Sun poetheather
Happy Gets Squashed Solo Laika
Damsels Solo Bailey Summers
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

Easy As Falling Off A Bike part 10

Easy As Falling Off A Bike.
by Angharad.
part 10.

Stella led me out to the driveway, Simon was loading my broken bicycle into his boot. "Cor this is light isn't it?" he remarked about my bike, "carbon fibre, I suppose."

Mary and Dave -2-

Dave and Mary (part2)

Mary leaned forward and placed the tip of the strap on to Joanna’s ring piece, Joanna twitched , Mary said “ try to relax sweetie it will not hurt as much” easier said than done thought Joanna.

College Girl : 5

College Girl
By poetheather
Chap 5

The test at the end of the week was fairly rough, on clothing, how to use make up and do my hair and colors. It pretty much told me what I know and don’t know. In fact I am not so sure that too many girls actually know all this stuff themselves but I had to know it. Meredith told me afterwards that she didn’t really know anyone who could answer everything and that enabled me to be graded on a curve. I was actually really thankful for that.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike part 9

Easy As Falling Off A Bike,
by Angharad,
part 9.

Eventually the shenanigans on the floor stopped, Stella helped me to my knees and then to my feet. I felt extremely stupid and embarrassed and was blushing like a stop light. Simon still lay on the floor convulsed with laughter, Stella was also chuckling. She looked at me seriously for a moment and said, "Now you've lain with him you'll have to marry him." This brought a further fit of guffaws from the floor and she dissolved into giggles at her own joke.

Lucky Russo

Lucky Russo knows the tendencies of each of his high-stakes poker opponents. He knows which hands they will play and almost exactly what they will bet on those hands. For him, poker is more about the mathematical calculation of pot odds than it is about having good cards. That’s why it’s so surprising to see him suddenly lose consistently.

Sissy Julian - Chapter V, A Day at the Village

Sissy Julian - Chapter V, A Day at the Village

by: sissystevie

Julian spends a most interesting and eventful first day in Lake Orenda Village.

So, if lots of frilly sissy outfits, super swishy behavior and a little kinky sex - not to mention dominant women - are your thing, please read on. If not, thanks for looking.

It is also a purely fanciful, fantasy fictional work. No references are intended to portray any actual persons, situations, places or events whether past or present. This chapter is rated X just because of the sheer kink of it.

The Tale of Jet and Quartz - Chapter Two: Live Strong

There really isn't a lot to say here. I stew the pot some, some repercussions unfold, and in general, things progress logically. If you don't kill me for this clifhanger, there are a few later that you will kill me over, I'm sure. So let's get to it then, eh?
(Oh, and if you want more of this universe, or for some strange reason want to write in it, the complete universe, and the submission rules, are at: so I hope you have fun)


By: Darian Deamos

Chapter two: Live Strong

Natalie - A Journey Into Womanhood

This story is a work of fiction. Any similarities between any persons, living or dead, and any places, actions, dialogue, things, etc., is purely coincidental. This story is being written to show kindness, love, acceptance, understanding and family values for transsexuals and their families. This story involves a young male-to-female (M2F) transsexual. The medical procedures in this story are what all M2F transsexuals go through, either at the time of the complete operation, or even before. There is no actual violence, or sex involved, drug abuse, or child abuse either.

Spider Man

Spider Man
By Missy Crystal

Some people are born men and others have being a man thrust upon them. Petula Barker was an ordinary research assistant until she accidentally injected herself with spider venom. Three days later, she woke up as Peter Barker. After he is caught dressed in her clothes and carrying her purse, he is arrested and has to convince the police that he is really she or vice versa. A female to male transformation story for the often neglected side of our transgendered community.

The Sentence -5-

Jillian Spears

Well as days go our little Jilly is having what you might call a very interesting one. Seems her major crush now knows of her plight, and as faith would have it. She ends up being the one who is going to take care of Jilly all day at the up coming birthday party. I wonder just how that is going to turn out? So many surprises

The Tale of Jet and Quartz - Chapter One: Changing Faces

This is the story of the privileged sons of the wealthy and very conservative senior senator from California, and what happens to them after they catch MORFS.

For the rest of the story, and the universe, go to

And now, without further adieu, I bring you


By: Darian Deamos

Chapter one: Changing Faces

Easy As Falling Off A Bike part 7

Easy As Falling Off A Bike.
by Angharad.
part 7.

Stella waved me to stay put, while she went out the bedroom door and I heard her call back, "Hi Simon, back already, is it still raining?"

My heart was pounding,I wanted to quieten it in case Simon could hear it downstairs. Compared to this, the pounding in my ears from a hard hillclimb, was nothing. I felt really frightened, who was Simon?

A Birthday Present

A Birthday Present

by shalimar

“Thank you for calling the Little Kids’ Kamp, Lisa speaking. How may I help you?”

Lisa was in a small call center for the Little Kids’ Kamp that the owners could magically transform those who wished to live life as a child one more time. Some came for only a day or two, while others stayed a week or so, and some stayed for months. A few even arranged to stay that way and finally grow up all over again after they left.

College Girl : 4

College Girl
By poetheather
Chap 4

Somehow I made it through lunch without screaming. I was getting frustrated by the constant correcting. Nadia had whispered something to Gwen, who passed it to Meredith who smiled and nodded. I knew something was up and almost bothered to worry about it, but I had gone beyond caring. They were winning and now I was going along for the ride. After all, the only thing I could do was quit, which I wouldn’t do. I had given my word.

The Time Traveller?

This is actually the first part of a longer story that has long since bitten the dust. I don't know if I will write more about this character or if s/he will appear in other stories. Today whilst browsing through my unfinished work I realised that this actually works as a stand alone story and doesn't need the rest to work.

Spells 'r' Us: The Adaptor

This like many of my stories came to me in a dream, and then was written in a single sitting. I was thinking about the dongle in the story as I need one myself to get my second monitor working, I have one already but a second would be handy.

Some liberties have been taken both with the actual adaptor and with the IT department and it’s network. Mainly as they mean the story works.

Easy As Falling Off A Bike part 6

Easy As Falling Off A Bike.
by Angharad.
Part 6.

Climbing stairs in heels is slightly easier than going down, the heels tilt you forward so there is more chance of falling up than down. However, none of this was going through my mind as my hairdressing hostess dragged me up the stairs.

The Serendipity of Freedom | Part 6: A Quiet Life

He pushed me back on the couch and proved to me that just because a man is gay,
it doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to please a woman..

by Lisa Caitlin Grey

Easy As Falling Off A Bike part 5

Easy As Falling Off A Bike.
by Angharad.
Part 5.

"So where did you do your Yak breeding?" I asked tongue firmly placed in my cheek.

"Oh that?" she almost casually dismissed, "in a yak nursery, we used to have one but swapped it for a microscope."

"For a microscope?" I asked in amazement.

"Yes my fiance used to treat testicular cancer in ants."

"Ants have testicles?" I asked, the conversation was surreal but it was fun.

"Where do you think baby ants come from?" she demanded.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 18: Girls' Night Out

        Nina stood on her tip-toes, stretching to slide a case of paper towels onto the top shelf. She didn't like working in the grocery store during vacations, but working with Christina was another matter entirely. "I wish you were staying longer." Nina said, placing the last case on the shelf. "Why didn't you take the whole week off?"

The Women's Conference

College Girl : 3

College Girl
Chapter 3
by poetheather

We returned to the house and I took my suitcases upstairs with Gwen helping me. The rest of my bags of stuff were already there. We laid out my stuff on the bed and started to go through it. Nadia, the Rush Chair, showed up and helped us, making statements about Meredith’s work throughout.

Very few of my clothes survived the purge, mostly some sweaters and a few of my flannel shirts. All stuff that was deemed too masculine was packed back up and taken down to storage. Even my luggage was sent down. I was left with almost nothing of my old life.

The Chalice and the Wand, Part 3

The Chalice and the Wand
by poetheather
Story ideas by poetheather and Wintermoon3
Beta by Redpiratemel

Chapter Three

Rhonda shifted uneasily in her seat. The chairs at St. Mungo’s were not the most comfortable. People kept staring at her because there was nothing obviously wrong with her. With all the people smoking, bubbling, heads stuck in tea kettles, vanished limbs and the like, she stood out quite easily. She fidgeted some more. How long was it going to take Neville to get down here?

Harriet Porter and the Chamber of Victoria's Secret

Harriet Porter and the Chamber of Victoria's Secret
By Missy Crystal

Harriet Porter was very concerned.

"Herman, do you think the old wizard is in some kind of trouble?" she asked. "He has been acting very oddly, disappearing for days at a time. Perhaps you should use your magic map to see where he is going."

"Really, Harriet, can't you mind your own business. I am sure he can take care of himself. Besides, the map only works inside the school."


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