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Title Code Author(s)
The Job 41 Tue Cyclist
The Devil's Chamber Part 5 Tue LadyDragon623
The boy Solo Otome-chan
The Girl with the Silver Scales - Part 1 Tue Grandia Knight
All for You... Solo Drea DiMaggio
Love & Supernova 23 - Angela Northern Tue Anaimfinity
The Angel of Chicago: Part 12 Tue Stickmaker
TG Techie: Chapter 28: Makeout Tue Eleven
The Princess of Q'fahr now on Amazon Kindle Mon Melanie Brown
A Piece in the Game of Gods part 16 Mon Morpheus
Glyph 3: Ink in her Veins part 1 Mon Morpheus
Interview with a rager Mon New Author, William Starfox
Nora Midnight Part 9 Mon LadyDragon623
Ginny's Story Chapter 56 Mon Karen Lockhart
Princess and the Plague: Erika goes to Hollywood 2 Mon Anistasia Allread
The Unfortunate Experiences of Mike Cross, Parts 13-16 Mon Hikaro
Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 14 Mon LadyDragon623
Tommy - The Trials and Tribulations of a Girl? - Chapter 49 Mon Teddie S.
In Her Father's Footsteps: Chapter 1 Sun Samantha Jenkins
Heir to a Title - Chapter 33 Sun Beverly Taff
Adventures of Kim Possible: the Amazon women 21 Sun Lethaldaza
Girlzilla Part 3 Sun Ricky
Light's Promise - Part 3 Sun Erisian
The Adventure Begins Chapter 12 & 13 Sun LadyDragon623
Gaby Book 16 ~ Sweet Sixteen ~ Chapter *13* Filmed Sun Maddy Bell
Mum's Encouragement Chapter 31 Sun Lucy J
Masks 3 - Template and Energia published on Kindle Sat Stickmaker
School in Hastelan. Sat Nagrij
Portrait, Chapter 8 Sat Leslie Moore
The Petulant Muse Solo Rebecca Jane
Happenstance – Part 2 Sat Light Clark
Fighting the Homm: part 10 Sat Monique S
Tammy:Deathtrap - Part 17 "Coast to Coast" Sat Shiraz
When among Dragons... Chapter 11 Discoveries Sat Machara Stormwing
Caught In Slips - Part 10 Sat Christine Myr
Shakedown Solo Ellie Dauber
The Last of the Fey Fri Anesidora's Urn
Forgotten: Chapter 10 Fri TGSparadox
Parents' Day Fri Debbie V
Summertime for Kelly O'Meara - 7 Fri Drea DiMaggio
Time on My Hands Chapter 6 - A Roman Companion Fri Jennifer Sue
Take Two Girls - Part 1 Fri SamanthaMD
Sanity is... often defined by our actions. [1.9] Fri Nessa M
TG Techie: Chapter 27: Coffee Fri Eleven
Wildcats Fri Leslie Moore
Girl’s Night Out - 2 Come to the Vanity Thu Jessica C
The Reluctant Miss Pink Solo Adonna
Julina of Blackstone - 083 - Filling Stations Thu Julia Phillips
Soul Survivor Solo Erin Halfelven
Mole Hunt Chap. 6 Wed LadyDragon623
The Voyage of the Visund -1- Wed Penny Lane
The Guardians - The Awakening - Chapter 3 Tue Rebecca Jane
Bikini Beach: Falling Towards an Abyss Part I Tue ib12us
A Second Chance -- Chapter 45 Tue Dawn Natelle
Castaways Choice Solo SamanthaMD
300 Rains by Heather O'Malley at Amazon Mon poetheather
Nanos of Change Solo Kateri Waters
The Wardrobe Mistress Solo Monique S
The First Time I Saw Her Face Solo SamanthaMD
S T O R Y    T E A S E R S

The Deception of Choice. Part 16, comprising Chapters 44 & 45.

Wherein can be discovered questions on the identity of a wren and doubts as to its integrity. The varied delights of a formal ball including pink gins as a tool of the unscrupulous. Do not trust them gentle reader! Men, not the gins naturally! Blood and broken bones in the moonlight, anguish both emotional and physical. Plans awry, a stowaway, and Grace de Messembry bids farewell to someone of no account. Or does she?

Quite unusually action packed. I feel quite faint and must lie down. Sal volatile anyone?


Nothing Stranger Than Life, Chapter 16

Sorry for the break in the action. Between work being a real pain in the posterior and a vacation because work was being a real pain the posterior, it has been a while since I could string enough minutes together to finish a chapter... and now... on to the story

Shopping with the spousal unit? Will wonders never cease?

Bait and Switch

Timeout 4- Reel to Real - Chapter 5

Joanie's stow-away reveals herself and explains how they are bonded. We learn Miki has a strange weakness. Dr. Sara and Joanie reconcile. Joanie's match-making between Dr. Sara and the Senator had suceeded, whoa boy! The Smith twins mom meets Joanie. Gin equips Miki for the trip to Iowa. Mel, Eric and Babs meet Miki. Joanie and Eric devise a way to keep their relationship legal but fun. An emergency arises and Joanie must leave for, gulp, Hawaii.

Andy Warhol said,"In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." What if your 15 minutes came late in life, and fame decided to never let you go? Could you survive the circus your life would become?

A Strange Day at Fellows (revised)

A fascination for women's clothes takes Denis out of his comfort zone and into the realms of Strangefellows Day...

Big R-r-r-r-respect to Kris again for proofing and adding some nice touches.

I have added a few lines to make a certain aspect a little more obvious. My fault, I couldn't see the wood for the trees and was being far too subtle!

The Princess's New Gown

This is a fairy tale about a beautiful kitten princess who, unlike most princesses, loved exploring the forest, climbing to the tippy-top of the highest trees, tumbling through wild fields, digging in mudholes and other very messy things. Unfortunately, this runs in direct conflict with her parents wish to have a quiet, well behaved, and most importantly, tidy daughter.

Meanwhile, in a nearby duchy, a young puppy is having the opposite problem with his own parents. What will happen when the Puppy and Princess meet? And most importantly, will the Princess be able to keep her promise to her parents? Read on and find out!

Turnabout Time

When Kate and Rob wake up in each others bodies they have no idea why, how, or even who they are now. To make matters worse they have very little time to sort it all out.

Join them for a roller coaster ride around the seedier parts of London, and a visit to the Home of English Rugby, and pray that Kate does not have to play rugby, because that would be a disaster.

With thanks to Hope and BOUSER for the editing.

The Crossgender Misadventures of Alex

A little while before I had started writing Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure, I started creating this comic. I eventually got frustrated with it because creating the pictures felt like it was holding up the story I wanted to tell. When I started writing Bobby's story, most of the ideas from Alex's story went into it. I may eventually start on the comic again, but I thought I'd present what I had so people could see the seeds of Bobby's story. Enjoy!


Being Christina Chase | Chapter 6: Pajamas and Ice Cream

        As they entered the grocery, Christina suddenly realized that she and Andrei were still holding hands. She tried to let go of her older cousin's hand without it being too obvious, and said, "Thanks."

And That is the Way it Happened -6-

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Janice talks to the student body. JD’s Productions shows their project. Janice gets to have some fun as Vanessa finds herself targeted for an improvement in her wardrobe.

And That
is the Way it Happened

Part 6

by Paula Dillon

Copyright © 2007 Paula Dillon
All Rights Reserved.

Peanut Butter Fog -1-

Thick enough to spread...
Peanut Butter Fog

Peanut Butter Fog

by Erin Halfelven

There's something surreal about traveling at night on the freeway. The bubble of light around you, the white lights come toward you and red lights convoy alongside. The multicolor lights of cities and towns pass quickly with the hot yellow roadlights of exits and overpasses standing like sentries.

Passing Tones, Chapter 13

Once we got back to our apartment following the trip to see both sets of parents I started in on an interesting project. It occurred to me that the biggest problem I had in preparing for the Mozart was that I wasn’t as familiar with the accompaniment as I felt like I should be. With that in mind I decided that I needed to make sure that wasn’t the case with any future concerti I performed.
Passing Tones
Chapter 13

by Jillian Marie

For Girls Only

For girls only

Just thought we could chat. To get the ball rolling. Let me tell you a little bit about me. I'm 35, single, 5'8", 122lbs, Long Dark Brown hair with a slight reddish tint, live alone just North of Santa Fe on a small Ranch, about 350 acres,
small for New Mexico. Along with the house and barn, I have a horse and two dogs.

Fertilizer Becomes Her

I wrote this for a 250 words or less on-line contest. The attached picture, "Endless Hours" was given as the inspiration for the stories; there was no TG requirement. If anyone is interested, IM me and I will provide the URL.

by Jezzi Belle Stewart  ©2007TRP

Timeout 4- Reel to Real - Chapter 4

Joanie finishes prepping for her trip. Suzy teases Joanie using powers copied from Pinky. Joanie and the smilodons meet Miki. That gets complicated after Joanie repeats a phrase three times. Joanie learns more about sorceresses and their familiars the hard way. She runs into a recovering Anna and May Lee. Joanie stops by Leeann and her cycle mechanic dad and flies to Madison to unite the Smiths. Dr Sara reads Joanie the riot act about Eric. A big rat scares the nurses then speaks to Joanie.

Andy Warhol said,"In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes." What if your 15 minutes came late in life, and fame decided to never let you go? Could you survive the circus your life would become?


What do shoes have to do with a teenage boy understanding some major life changes his younger sibling is going through? Read on and find out. :)

Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

Passing Tones, Chapter 12

We spent a couple of days after Christmas at my folks, with Cindy and my mom getting to know each other better.
I on the other hand spent most of my time practicing.
Passing Tones
Chapter 12

by Jillian Marie

Thanks to my friends Karen J Taylor, Angharad Apgwilym, PB, Angel O’Hare, and Dimelza Cassidy for their support and assistance in preparing this and all of my writings. You are all present in these words.

Heaven Can Wait -Part 1- Decisions

Heaven can wait.

A TG story by Allie Elle

This story is structured around a song I consider to be one of my anthems. Meatloaf’s ballad Heaven can wait. The song holds meaning different things for many people but this story covers what it means to me.

Part one: Decisions

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 5: The Lost Suitcase

        Christina woke just as the first rays of sun hit the mountain. Rolling over, she pulled the blankets over her eyes to block the light. She savored the warm, comfortable feeling of being cocooned in her luxurious bed, remembering that her bed at home wasn't remotely this comfortable. Eventually she pulled the blanket off of her head and looked around, realizing that everything that happened yesterday was real. She didn't want to get up, not only because the bed was so inviting, but also she knew that if she looked in the mirror, she would see a girl looking back.

The Document

John is brought a strange document to examine. As a board certified document examiner, he has seen more than his share of strange documents but none like this one.

And That is the Way it Happened -5-

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Janice faces her first day at school.

And That
is the Way it Happened

Part 5

by Paula Dillon

Copyright © 2007 Paula Dillon
All Rights Reserved.


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