The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 10

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark
The saga of Tyra, the warrior turned serum girl continues.

Tyra tells the Borodins about Batuk and is punished. The contents of the cylinder are revealed and a daring plot is hatched. The assassinations begin. The investigation gets too close. A life-changing event for Drago. The Lady of the castle visits Ketrick.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 13: Fireworks

        Nina was the first one awake, and she shook Christina by the shoulder.

        "Come on, we have to get ready," Nina scurried towards the door.

        Christina sat up in bed, "Get ready for what?"

        "It's Sunday," Nina shouted as she rounded the corner. "We have to get ready for church."

        "Church?" Christina repeated to herself. She couldn't think of a time she'd been in a church that wasn't for a wedding or a funeral. She jumped out of bed and chased after Nina. "What do you mean church?"

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 9

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

A girl is unhappy, or Angel turns jealous. A meeting with Marco and Drago Giovanni in the tavern. Wanda uncovers a secret. Drago takes a girl home to Paolo's castle. An unpleasant encounter with Alanna Borodin. Drago sends Tyra to the guards, or a spear is bent. Plans are made, or hanging cats by the tails. A lesson on Batuk for the new aristocracy.

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 8

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

The ruse is successful, but at what cost? A difficult night wrapped in pelts. Tyra is finally free to reveal herself. A meeting with Angel and Wanda, or welcome to the stable. A girl learns the attitudes and positions. They arrive in Tulem, but all is not well. A struggle to clear Ketrick's name becomes a test to prove her warrior's heart.

Same Blouse

Same Blouse

by shalimar

There are times when Gabriel and I go out to those dance clubs that we score with the girls, other times one of us gets the action while the other gets to see the girl leave alone, or with another guy. Sometimes neither of us gets the brass ring. Tonight was one of those losing nights. What I don't understand about him is that he is so good looking that all the girls should be falling all over him. As for me, I would be considered an excellent consolation prize.

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 7

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Tyra confides in her sister. Tyra learns a few lessons about herself during her stay at the slave camp for serum girls. Tyra learns a dance. When a girl goes too far and must be rebuked. Tisa's plan for Tyra, or a brand from a woman's hand makes all the difference. What could happen when a 300 year-old man brols a virgin. A bitter lesson learned.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter XII

While getting ready to meet with two girls from school who've been invited to Cori's sleep-over, Bobby gets a call from the hospital, talk to her mom, and learns a bit about both her parents as well as her part in their divorce. Worried about being accepted, Bobby braces herself to meet Rhianna and Tess, and discovers what kinds of friends they can be.

Bobby's Rainy Day Adventure - Chapter XII

Copyright 2007 by Heather Rose Brown

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 6

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

A successful experiment in The Slave's Dream leads to dreams of a normal life as a freewoman. Tyra tests the final bonds to her former warriors. Ketrick goes too far. The challenge of a foe returns. Tyra's loyalty and warrior honor are tested. A long day as a siolat girl is just a prelude of things to come in the fight to defend her city.

The Deception of Choice. The Epilogue

A night at the opera for Grace and Helen and Francesca. And, as is appropriate, and traditional, and altogether in keeping with the reverence for the eternal verities that has so marked the telling of this tale, the end is signalled when the fat lady sings..

Not that anyone would ever call that epitome of svelte elegance, Grace de Messembry, fat! Even if she were surely no-one would dare? No I speak metaphorically only of course..

So no more secrets as we, you and I dear reader, eavesdrop from our privileged position in the back of the Royal Box at Covent Garden on the three guiding lights of the Venumar Foundation. The plain unvarnished, well relatively so, truth that no-one except you and I ........... .

But hush .... Listen .... Look .... The auditorium is stilled in expectancy. The baton raised, twice tapped, raised again. Poised .... Ssshhhhh ....

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 12: Girl Time

        Bleary-eyed, Christina looked groggily out of the bus window. Her back was a little stiff from sleeping in the bus seat, but not much more than it would have from sleeping in her own bed. Only the bus' air conditioning system, something Christina's apartment lacked, made the overnight trip more than bearable than it would been had she spent it at home.

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 5

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Tyra talks to Ketrick and discovers that he has plans for her. A unfortunate meeting brings the urges. How not to sell slaves. Tyra fights back. A encounter in the Institute brings her hope. A close call in the western market. Rani's inspiration provides a needed clue. The final test at the slave club brings out her deepest needs -- will it be salvation or disaster?

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 4

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Tyra meets her former love-slave and makes a decision. Frightened at her changes, and appalled at her sister's plans for her, Tyra forms a daring strategy to stay free at the cost of part of herself. Tyra's changes become complete, and she discovers what a being a sister means. Still, can a woman with the slave gene ever truly adjust to the world around her?

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapter 3

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Tyr wakes up a very different person. Tyra is forced to renounce her past, abandon her place as her father's son and heir, and remake herself as her mother's daughter. Old friends become strangers. A new bond is forged with her sister, Tisa, but is it enough to save her?

The Warrior From Batuk: Chapters 1 and 2

The Warrior from Batuk
by Aardvark

Zhor is a planet where the mysterious Overlords rule, where men and women live for centuries and are permitted to be themselves. There, a young warrior's love and dreams are shattered when he wakes up one morning as a serum girl, a beautiful woman with the DNA of one of Zhor's finest slaves. Her old life destroyed, she must not only fight to hold onto her identity as she is forced to make a new life as a woman, but also to keep her freedom, not easy when her body insists that she would be happiest branded and collared.

Dentistry for Gifted Equines

Do What You Wanna Do

The moon is in its seventh house, but Greg is in his very first high. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius came late to Bellington College. Greg finds love, but will he risk all to keep it?

Into Tales Untold

Well, there were these two strange fellows, see; and they...

I always have trouble with synopses - self-promotion makes me a bit uncomfortable, I guess. Also, just because I wrote something, doesn't really mean I can talk about it. So just go read it, and see for yourself. Erin says it is too long, and I can't disagree, but it's only 22,499 words. OK, that is kind of long, but still it can't hurt - much.

I will warn you that, although this is a fantasy site, this is not really a fantasy. It is, however, very much about fantasies. (And that includes some of my own, like the one where I'm a writer.)


By Jan S

Copyright © 2007 by Jan S

I owe all the gratitude I can express, and more, to Kristina L.S. for multiple beta-reads, much excellent advice (not all heeded, but that's my fault.), and a great deal of encouragement (and handholding.); and to Amelia R, who proofread this on too short notice. (My list of credits may grow, but the blame remains all mine.)

Rhod`s Trip To America ch 37 Getting Paranoid

What is with Sandy? Sandy seems none too thrilled with Em at the moment. Is it justified? Will Em survive what is happening between them?

Rhod/Em is trying hard to keep from being found out by Rachael, the ballet dance instructor. Rachael is still wondering why Em can't do the moves most women can easly do. Will she find out about Em?

Em is also worried about her date with a boy later in the day. How will she cope with that? She didn't want to go out on this date in the first place, which Mary is pushing her to be beautiful and sexy for.


Being Christina Chase | Chapter 11: Finding Christina Chase

        Chris now realized that it was going to take more than just a casual effort to resurrect Christina Chase. It had been foolish to think he could just throw on some old clothes and hop on a bus. It was going to take planned and determined effort. He was going to work on being Christina every day until the end result was flawless. He decided on a few steps early on. First, he was going on a diet. Chris had always been tall and thin, but he wasn't going to take any chances. From now on, it was salad for lunch. Secondly, he was going to change his workouts. He hadn't spent much time exercising, but after his experience in Oak Grove, he'd tried some weight lifting. That was over. He was switching to aerobics or Yoga.

Feeling Blue

"Feeling Blue" was posted some time ago written in third person. This revised version changed it to first person. For some reason it helped me understand the main characters better. I've always wondered if the title scares people away. There is nothing blue about this story, neither in a foul-mouthed way nor anything that might depress you. Remember -- "Moby Dick" is about the compulsive hunting of a whale.

Heaven Can Wait -Part 3- Jacob's Heart

Jacob’s Heart

A story by Allie Elle

It’s about time I got to the heart of the matter to explain about Jacob and his father and some of the reasons why the man is such a pain in the backside. For this I am going to use an old technique and a bit of a mouldy one (giggles)

Part 3

When Jacob woke the following morning he looked around the strange bedroom and remembered the day before. He was still suffering from the blow to his head and he groaned as he also remembered what he had said to the adults.

At Least It Could Have Been Worse

At Least It Could Have Been Worse

by shalimar

When this started, it was late August 2005 and I was Barry Nardella, a stockbroker living alone on Long Island, NY in my co-op bachelor pad. I was making tons of money, but not satisfied with my life.

Being Christina Chase | Chapter 10: Back to Normal

        Chris' transition back to his old life hadn't been easy. After only a week in Oak Grove, he'd become accustomed to a slower, more relaxed way of life. Though he didn't know many people in the small town, it hadn't taken him long to recognize the familiar cast of characters on Main Street. His days had been filled with the company of his family or the friendly human interaction of working in the grocery store.

Working Girl 13

Working Girl 13

Susan Brown


I woke up gradually, coming out of a fog of discordant dreams. Dreams that I was a boy masquerading as a girl just so that I could get a job! It was obviously a dream because reality wasn’t that stupid.

I could hear voices in the distance.

Nothing Stranger Than Life, Chapter 22

I wrote this chapter quickly before work this morning, but I wanted to keep my hand in play.

It is short but might be important later, depending on my muse. I hope you enjoy!


Pre-editor version - The Making of Nibs-Volume1:The Beginnings - Chapters 1 to 4

For all those lovers of the original The Making of Nibs, here the latest and very definetly the best edit so far. I think most of you will agree this is tighter and the world truly lives.


Chapter 1

Sitting in the living room of Damien Cameron’s home in Suraban, were Timaus, Damien and K Dog.
Timaus placed his mug of coffee down asking, “Do you think I should put Nicholas Calton forward for selection to the Academy?”

Carrie's Journey to Femininity Chpts 1 and 2

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Carrie’s Journey to Femininity

Chapter 1 The Encounter

Her tale is not a new one. The idea that she would grow up loving makeup and dresses instead football and jerseys is as much a mystery to her as to you the reader. It wasn't an accident that she was drawn satin and bows but a gradual evolution.

The girl inside

The Girl Inside

 © Nick B May 2007

Here's a little ditty I put together over the last couple of days I thought may interest some. It's only short so there's no excuse for passing it by. If nothing else it'll hopefully make you smile and I'm sure there are some out there who would be interested if it really did exist...

Trans Pride Day, May 20, 2007

Trans Pride Day, May 20, 2007

by shalimar

I used to be afraid that others would know my secret, that I am male between my legs, but female between my ears. What would happen if it got out? Would others still like me? Would I be hurt? In truth, questions like that were on my mind.


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