Bobbi's Run ch. 4


Bobbi's story continues at his home. His Mom knows something isn't right with him and learns more than he wanted to tell her. Bobbi too learns more than he wanted to know and what he learns scares him even more.

Bobbi's Run ch. 3


Detective Tara Collins is called to the scene of a grisly and brutal multiple homicide. There were thousands of people around but no witnesses. A poorly positioned security cam shows three teens, who may be her only chance to solve the murders.

Bobbi's Run ch. 1


Bobby is a teenage boy that really wants to be a girl. He likes to video tape girls being girls so he can learn to imitate them. One day the boy Bobby joins two classmates at the mall and things go wrong from there, or is it go right from there.


Novelist and ex-reporter Faith Collins gets a surprise visit from her nephew, Darren. This leads them into an investigation into the depths of corruption. Caution: This story depicts sexual abuse of a teen and the subsequent search for justice.



Julie O.


Edited and with Menus by Amelia R.

Accidental Girl


Synopsis: When a guy dresses like a girl the rest of the world begins debating the right and wrong of it along with the reasons why. Some will argue that it's nature as the cause. Others will tell you it's nurturing as the reason. No one, in either group, is going to agree completely that someone becomes a transsexual simply by accident. Things like that just do not happen that way, and isn't that funny.

A Little Understanding?

A husband and wife learn to understand each others lives a little better by having to live them out as each other.

Revised with a little guidance and editorial help from Aardvark.

Please let me know what you think.


Drew is just an ordinary thirteen year old. Well perhaps not that ordinary. The girls challenge him to wear an anime costume to the Easter dance, however they forgot to mention that he'd be going as a girl! Enter Gaby!

First it was his friends, then it's his family — everyone seems to want Gaby around except Drew. And when perfect strangers think he's a girl, well the lad's got problems! Can he ‘kill' Gaby?

Or will he get dragged ever deeper into girldom?

Exitus Acta Probat - The Outcome Justifies the Deed


Dennis had worked diligently to achieve the best grades possible in college. All of his life it had been his dream and his parents’ dream that he would work for Universal Corporation. It is 2023, and he has an offer of employment in his hands from them. Has his dream come true, or is he entering into his worst nightmare?

The Protector: Assorted Sweets

Federal Agent Ally Burns, a preop TS, is back in her latest
adventure, coping with running an enlarged department, helping a male
agent go deep undercover as a TS, trying to help her friends, and

The Scholarship - Part 1


A transfer student discovers his new high school's scholarship program and its unusual rules. Warning the Explicit Content rating is due a violent sexual assault scene. It is not erotic nor is it intended to be.

Note: This story was originally written and posted in 34 parts over two months in the spring of 2003. This version has been revised, edited, and had substantial additions to the 2003 version.


The Scholarship
By Julie O.

Part 1 of 3


The Bequest Ch 2


Carlton's Uncle always liked him although he lived on the fringe of his extended family. It was at the reading of his Uncle's will that Carlton found out just how much his Uncle cared for him. Carlton begins his transition into Carly.

Izzie Business - 03 - Familiar Forests, New Trails



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Izzie Business
By calei esprit

Chapter 03
Familiar Forests, New Trails

Izzie Business - 01 - Dungeons and Dragonesses



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Izzie Business

by calei esprit

Chapter 01

Dungeons and Dragonesses


Please be aware that this story deals with a number of rather upsetting topics/scenes in varying degrees of detail throughout its chapters. Also, please do not post this story anywhere without asking me first. Insert your other stardard disclaimer stuff here as needed. Just in case: this story is copyright the author (me), calei esprit.

The Deception of Choice -Part 2-

"Girls must strive to develop a personality that could best be characterised as ladylike."

The Deception of Choice

Part 2

by Fleurie

These are Chapters 3, 4 and 5. David's life might be thought by those more concerned with physical rather than mental deprivation to have taken a more promising turn. Perhaps so but David is less than convinced; indeed in his mind the confusion mounts. As indeed it does in the author's.

Apologies if it still seems slow. Maybe after all it is wrong to blame David for it. Other factors could be at work.

The Deception of Choice -Part 1-

Sometimes, life is a game of charades and no one knows the solution to the puzzle...

The Deception of Choice

by Fleurie

These chapters concern an enforced selection, random or otherwise, and its consequences. About hope against sad inevitability. About futility in the face of nameless authority. Neither the author nor the main character know yet how it will end. Doubtless all in tears though. Life usually does.

It is dreadfully slow but possibly may get better. So much depends on David.

Cigarettes Are a Girl's Best Friend -3-

Cigarettes Are A Girl's Best Friend

by slimv

Part 3

His mother was true to her word. As Jimmy's chest recovered from Dr. Brown's scalpel, Carol made some calls. The lawyer referred to her by Dr. Doyle created a new identity for Katie. He even helped Carol forge school transcripts so Katie could start high school at Gilmore in the fall.

A Christmas Diary -12- All Good Things...

"Goodbye, I love you."
Hello, Mrs. Diary, It's Me Again
All Good Things...

Tom's Christmas Diary

By Little Katie

Part Twelve: All Good Things...

When discussing this work, it was designed to go this far. This will be the last installment from me.


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