Into The Light - Part 6 (complete)

Into The Light

Into The Light (Part 6 of 6)

by Erisian

Chapter 20 - Power

Saturday and Sunday were a blur. True to her word, Jenna escorted me to each meal plus all the exams they kept throwing at me. In addition to the ones on Friday, they assigned World History, U.S. History (yeah, they made them separate tests), Chemistry (ugh), Biology (double ugh), Physics, Theology, and even Computer Science. Yes, they added a few to the original list Rabbi Kirov had previously rattled off.

By the time I finished the last one I was readily convinced I was an ignorant idiot. Whoever was organizing these damn things was expecting college graduate level knowledge as far as I could tell. And theology, really? Why bother giving me that one? Other than general knowledge (yeah, I had read the Bible in high school) and whatever myths I had enjoyed in my role-playing game years (alright, so at least I had some passing familiarities with a few pantheons), I was fairly lost when it came to the finer questions regarding various sects and their unique interpretations of whatever scriptures their groups had declared to be holy. My paper was entirely blank across vast sections other than a comment I wedged in the middle of a question about Sodom and Gomorrah where I wrote, ‘Angels are real. I met one. She was nice’.

Let’s see them grade that, ha!

Into The Light - Part 5

Into The Light

Into The Light (Part 5 of 6)

by Erisian

Chapter 17 - Manifestation

Impenetrable fog surrounds everything, deafening all sound, all sensation; walking yet going nowhere, for within the clouds there is no path.

A distant voice’s call; a response choking upon the barrier of thickening mist that threatens to suffocate all…

Branded Chapter 3

Branded Chapter 3


I swam in a blissful blackness for a while.

But sadly, I was not allowed to stay there.

The real world slowly resolved itself around me, and I realized I was on a bed in Doyle.

“Oh good, you’re awake” a nurse said.

“I’m not sure about that.” I replied, trying to pull things into focus.

“Well, you better get awake, boy. You got work to do and only two hours to do it.” said another voice, one I recognized as one of the self-defence instructors for the school.

Finishing School For Young Ladies Ch3

Saint Trinians.jpg
Finishing School For Young Ladies


Michele Nylons

Chapter Three – The Interview

“So Valerie Swindon? Are you ready” Sally asked.

Sally was still dressed in her bathrobe sitting at the coffee table in Valerie’s expensive hotel room, sipping coffee and smoking.

Into The Light - Part 4

Into The Light

Into The Light (Part 4 of 6)

by Erisian

Chapter 14 - Patterns

A nurse lent me a spare t-shirt she kept on hand ‘for emergencies’. The wreckage of my outfit qualified, and as I really didn’t want to streak across campus I quickly agreed and thanked her. Speaking of clothes, Jenna and I both needed to get back to the gym before we could fulfill her ice cream desires. She needed to change out of her gi, and I needed my shoes and socks.

Arriving back at Laird Hall we discovered that Brendan had put my things aside - I think he had been hoping to use my footwear as an excuse to come visit me later. After thanking him, he again reminded me about the movie event at Emerson tomorrow night - but this time Jenna heard and declared that of course we both would attend. Brendan awkwardly affirmed that, sure, she could come too - which made her all kinds of happy.

After changing clothes, Jenna spent our entire walk to the cafeteria teasing me about how she had never seen him have such puppy eyes for anyone before. She thought he was being ‘adorable’.

The more flustered I got, the more she poured it on in an attempt to outdo the rain cascading upon us both. I’m sure my face matched the color of my hair by the time we got to the entrance.

Finishing School For Young Ladies Ch2

Saint Trinians.jpg
Finishing School For Young Ladies


Michele Nylons

Chapter Two – The Butterfly Emerges

“So why Valerie Swindon?” Sally asked, sipping a gin and tonic with her stocking feet up on the coffee table.

TG Techie: Chapter 24: Period



I woke up Saturday morning feeling even worse than the day before. And I woke up so wet I could feel it on my thighs. I reached down to touch and found I’d dried flaky. Wait that wasn’t what was supposed to happen, was it. In growing alarm I reached down to touch and brought my fingers to my eyes. There was dried blook flaked on my fingers.

Ohhhhhhhhhhshit! “Mom!”

Into The Light - Part 3

Into The Light

Into The Light (Part 3 of 6)

by Erisian

Chapter 10 - Transit

I was in the back seat of yet another SUV. This time it was a green one being driven by Colin Forsyth, the Lieutenant from the phone conference between Director Goodman and Mrs. Carson. Mrs. Shugendo, a tall Asian woman, sat up front. Poor Khan was stuck once more in his travel cage and I had to admit I did feel grateful to Soren for the scope of the scholarship I was sure he had arranged for me. It had included paying for all sorts of details, as one would expect from a scholarship: books, school supplies, tuition (including room and board), and uniforms. To my (and the Director’s) surprise it also covered all related expenses for bi-annual transport to and from the school via chartered plane out of the closest airport to the school.

Don’t get me wrong, though - Soren still deserved a boot to the head for what he’d done. I’d thank him for the money after.

Into The Light - Part 2

Into The Light

Into The Light (Part 2 of 6)

by Erisian

Chapter 4 - Homeward

As Danielle and I seemed physically fine, Mark pushed to get us released from the hospital the next day. Dr. Kirov kept trying to make excuses for us both to stay longer. Apparently Danielle’s blood would simply dissipate after a few minutes once collected, and my own blood was described as ‘exceptionally and unusually clean’ - without any proper explanation of what they meant by that.

His argument had mostly to do with the potential risks of burnout after manifestations, but neither of us exhibited any symptoms so the doctor had a hard time making it sound persuasive. Especially seeing how they weren’t finding any mutation markers in my DNA which meant I was a meta-human of some kind, and Danielle had originally manifested her mutation ten years ago.

Still, he did force us each into an ‘enhanced’ MRI scanner which not only was loud and uncomfortable, but had these weird multi-colored ‘magical energy’ crystals adorning that were supposed to do some kind of resonance scan. The damn thing made me nauseous - I was told that was normal after I got out. Whatever the results of it all had been, they weren’t anything medical that would prevent us from traveling to a different facility. Mark even tried to reassure Dr. Kirov that the DPA facility had a full medical staff and emergency equipment in case anything happened.

It wasn’t until the afternoon that I’d finally had enough and carried through on my threat to call a lawyer. They may have thought I was bluffing earlier when I had mentioned it but Isaiah, my best friend of many years, was an attorney and I had planned on calling him soon anyway.

Into The Light - Part 1

Into The Light

Into The Light (Part 1 of 6)

by Erisian

Chapter 1 - Emergence

When most people think of Los Angeles they think of traffic. Lots of traffic, with cars jammed onto the numerous freeways all creeping along like ants stuck in molasses trying to get every which way at speeds that cause everyone’s gas mileage to suffer horrible degradations. When just one of the main routes from the ‘westside’ to ‘the valley’ underwent construction that required its closing, the news media dubbed those weekends of closures ‘Carmageddon’.

Tonight’s traffic was infinitely more deserving of that name.

Nanos of Change

Terry Mason spent the last 12 years designing nanobots with his long time friend Dave Pembrek. When the nanobots find a way to evolve out of their control, infecting Terry in the process, will he survive? And what are the nanobots doing to his body?

When among Dragons... Chapter 9 Compensation

When among Dragons... Chapter 9 Compensation

by Machara and Chryos Stormwing

Special thanks to
my love Chryos who creates this with me,
Gabe as my editor and friend
as well as Sammi for ideas

Sitting up now, perched on top of his bed Garrus smiled at Drew, his head tilted slightly. Once Drew noticed Garrus, he lept up, dashing towards him until Garrus’ nose was pressed right up against his.


TG Techie: Chapter 23: The Synopsis

The Synopsis

┏━┓ ︵ /(^.^/)

“Alright,” Susan started the meeting, “ “Muslin,” she pointed, “Glue. Troughs. Someone run downsair and start filling some five gallon buckets with water. The rest of you get that tarp down, and start setting up.”

Fighting the Homm: part 4

Chapter seven: lessons in leadership.

LaSaDa was awed by what she experienced. She had thought herself ready when she had flown off Pa’an in the fighter, but looking at her action in the light of what she experienced now she understood that she had acted as a proud and possibly arrogant individual. Odyssa, on the other hand, was taking charge of an army, breaking any resistance but trying to make friends rather than enemies. Captain Ara was the best example. The way she had treated Rai and Catan another. And what she was doing to Mimi was just short of a miracle. If she had had any success with Muel would have to be seen. When they had a moment by themselves on the flight deck, examining the completely unhurt ship of the Homm she decided to ask Odyssa.

TG Techie: Chapter 22: Cramps


┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

I woke up feeling like death. My head ached, my body was sore, my boobs felt tender to the touch. I could feel them stretch as I got out of bed, stretching my skin from the clavical down to my shoulder blades. It felt like a wire brush had raked my insides.

A shower helped a little bit. I stayed under the water too long, and crinkled my fingers. Washed my hair, and winced when it came time to wash my boobs. I remembered how to tie a towel, realized I was just going to my room, and went naked.

Fighting the Homm: part 3

Chapter five: a battle of wits.

They found more than one base of the pirates, but one seemed to be the most frequented. Odyssa decided to drop the ship off there. But she also decided to erase all traces she might have left in it of herself, Circe or Helena. The next thing was to sort out the tracing problem, as a frustrated Circe and an angry LaSaDa came back. They had not achieved anything, something was completely blocking whatever camouflage magic they tried to apply. Circe was at her wits end. Short of taking LaSaDa back to earth and to ask Washington for an MRI scan Odyssa could only think of one other solution. She took LaSaDa to a secluded room Ara showed her and told Circe to make that complete room vanish with her spell. Like before with her bedroom that worked. Odyssa had LaSaDa undress completely and had Ara take the clothes away.

The Angel of Chicago: Part 1

This is a test of the waters for a new project. It is not part of the Masks series, but inspired by the tabletop RPG I'm currently in. The next post will give some background information.

The Angel of Chicago

Part One: A Model of Civil Disobedience


Rodford Edmiston

When among Dragons... Chapter 8 Bonds

When among Dragons... Chapter 8 Bonds

by Machara and Chryos Stormwing

Special thanks to
my love Chryos who creates this with me,
Gabe as my editor and friend
as well as Sammi for ideas

Garrus’ words broke the spell Drew seemed to have been in, and at first, he considered just saying something non-committal. But then everything in him broke and he huddled himself against Garrus, half leaning against, half holding onto him, and he started crying.

The Many Faces Go To War 2

“The Many Faces Go To War: Chapter 2”
By = Fayanora

Chapter Two: The Return of Magic

Notes: This is the second chapter of the sequel to “The Many Faces of Har---er, Adira Potter.” If you haven't read that series yet, this one isn't going to make much sense.

Also, a reminder for anyone who forgot: the person formerly known as Harry still exists, she's just transgender in this one, her new name is Adira.

Text in 'Italics and British quotes' is Parseltongue.

A very hard choice. Part 5

"I said that I ..."

"I heard what you said!" I put the back of my hand to my forehead. It was less dirty.

"Look in case you have forgotten I have issues." well it wasn't like I could come out and say I was a guy. Though why nobody seemed to see that was a puzzle. Then again I do look a little too much like Ari in the face. But I do have a guy's body.. mostly... Okay so the stick on breasts would fool most guys.


by: Ellie Dauber © 1998

When Dorian complains about his neighbor’s music, the neighbor finds a new way to solve the problem.

This is the first story in a set of stories about Stavros and his family. I’ll be posting them all in the next few days.

by Ellie Dauber © 1998

In my Mother’s family, the custom has always been that the first son was named for the father’s father, and the second son, named for the mother’s father.

TG Techie: Chapter 21: Ethiopian



“I’ve never had Ethiopian before,” Autumn climbed out of the back seat of our Outback. We had sat together in the back, holding hands all the way, while my mom asked questions.

“Eet-hio-pian,” I corrected her before my mom could. “It’s good. You’re okay with spicy, right?”

“It’s not my favorite. I’m not a frat boy with something to prove.”


Brooke was annoyed with her younger brother Kaleb. He had been annoying her and getting her into trouble all the time. So one day she wished she had a little sister who wouldn't annoy her as much and who she would have more control over so she ordered some kind of powder off some website a friend of hers told her would help. So when it came she slipped it in his soda he left on the table. So when he came back...

"Hey Brookiee." He said walking in grabbing the drink and guzzling it down. "What are you up to?" He asked.

Caught in the Filter

TG Techie: Chapter 20: [XXX] Heavy Petting

Heavy Petting

( . ) ( . )

“Hey mom, I’m home!” I called as I opened the front door, knowing she wasn't there.

Autumn let go of my hand to take off her backpack. She had held it all the way from Exposition station, cigarette in her other hand. She had only released it to catch a Magicarp (we both got that one).

Fem Bug Virus

Janice who used to be John rambles a bit of the last twenty years on how she finally became the woman she always wanted to be.

My midnight muse hit after reading a few of Morpheus's "Bug" stories.

When among Dragons... Chapter 7 Family history

When among Dragons... Chapter 7 Family history

by Machara and Chryos Stormwing

Special thanks to
my love Chryos who creates this with me,
Gabe as my editor and friend
as well as Sammi for ideas

Instinctively, Garrus let out a low growl the likes of which none around had ever heard before coming from… anyone. With his eyes wide open, Garrus looked at the creature.

“The fuck?”

From The Past To The Future Part 5

Lupita checks on their guest before she goes back outside to chop some more wood. Black Wolf had left earlier to go see Fighting Hawk and his wife Running Brook. She bundles up as she grabs the ax and head outside. She starts splitting the logs as she wonders where the child came from. She knew from the memories of the elf’s mind she now inhabited. That it wasn’t uncommon for teenagers the child age to go in the world. However, normally, they have someone watching over them.

Finding Julia - Chapter 8

Finding Julia - Chapter 8
by Julie D Cole

This was turning out to be a very friendly hotel after all and the guests and the staff were kind. I doubted they’d be so kind if they realised I wasn’t exactly the person they thought I was so it was getting more and more awkward to suddenly revert to male mode. I hoped to find a way out before it was too late.

The Guardians - The Awakening - Chapter 2

Steven had suffered the loss of his two best friends in the last month, and was plotting the revenge of the person he blamed as his final act in this world. Then a mysterious woman enters into his life and offers him a chance for redemption and salvation for those that he lost.

The Guardians – The Awakening
Chapter 2

By Rebecca Jane
Copyright© 2017 Rebecca Jane
All Rights Reserved.


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