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A New Years Tale

With the current spate of stories highlighting somewhat the tragedy that many find at this time of year (all well written) I hope this lighter tale will be just as well received.
I had planned a slightly different plot during this stories inception whereby the protagonist had been a war hero but ultimately it added too much detail most unneeded. However that left me with no title. It was however written on New Years Day and thus is:...

The Bestest Christmas Ever!

The Bestest Christmas Ever
Copyright  © 2009 Carla Ann, All Rights Reserved

Mistakes can happen at the North Pole too. Damn computers!

This is a work of fiction. Any and all references to names, products, toys, persons, etc. are entirely the work of my demented imagination. This is also set in the same plane (universe) as Bobby and Bethany. For lack of a better term, I'll call it the CarlaVerse for now

No toys were injured or kept up past their bedtimes in the making of this story.

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College Hazing Goes Wrong

Part 1 "indoctrination"

Joseph looked down as they began to work his legs into the rubber suit that would encase his body for the next week.

"Could you explain again," he couldn't finish his sentence as one of the frat boys put a small toy into his mouth.

"Swallow," He did.

"Well her voice will be so high pitched she'll sound like Betty Boop." said Jeff. Jeff was Joseph's best friend and he would escort the "frat tramp" during her week of being a sexual toy for the upperclassmen.

Mirror Karma - A Mirror on the Door Story

Mirror Karma
A Mirror on the Door Story

by Kristine Roland

Claire's good friend Jeffrey went through a mirror in the door, what effect did that have on Claire's life?

Netherworlds - Chapter 12

As the demon charged again, I took a grab at its ear after I dodged. It didn’t do anything to STOP the hippo, of course, but I think I got it angry. Probably not helpful - it’s not like it can stun itself any harder, right?
I took my booty as it charged, (not my ass, you sick pervs. The shard.) and hit the hippo in the eye, which started oozing. Yay!


Chapter 12

By Taveena

Blonde Joke-22

Blonde Joke
Chapter Twenty-Two
by Jeffrey M. Mahr


Can you name some of the inventions blondes have developed?
1. Tricycle kickstand.
2. Solar flashlight.
3. Fire proof matches.
4. Inflatable dartboard.
5. Glass hammer.
6. Black light bulb.
7. Boomerang grenade.

Netherworlds - Chapter 11

Netherworlds had a lot of different races, as well as the ability to decide on a dungeons-and-dragons type alignment, which determined what quests were available and who you could group with. Liara, Taur’othen, Gorokka, Brynhilda, and the rest of Dyslexics Untied (our guild) were Neutral Good, which as far as I can tell is basically obeying the law but only if people are watching, and trying to help people as much as possible. Chaotic evil guilds were so common that it tended to make world Player vs. Player combat really imbalanced, because Chaotic Evil is going around slaughtering stuff not paying attention to what people THINK, and because you’re chaotic you’re allowed to kill pretty much anyone that you don’t have loyalties to, and sometimes people that you do.


Chapter 11

By Taveena

Blonde Joke-07

Blonde Joke
Chapter Seven
by Jeffrey M. Mahr


Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, a dumb blonde,
and a smart blonde are walking down the street
when they spot a $10 bill. Who picks it up?

The dumb blonde. There’s no such thing as
Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, or a smart blonde.

Blonde Joke-05

Blonde Joke
Chapter Five
by Jeffrey M. Mahr


How many blondes does it take to make chocolate chip cookies?
Three. One to mix the dough and two to sort the M&Ms to remove the “W”s, “E”s and “3”s.

Project Phoenix Part 1

Project Phoenix Part 1

By Meg

Kevin Barnett, a renowned investigative reporter, has been pursuing conspiracies since the beginning of his career. One evening he accidentally stumbles upon one so big, he needs to enlist the help of an FBI agent, Hannah Fox, to attempt to crack it. Together they set off to investigate a secret installation, one of many being built all over the country. What they find inside will change Kevin's life. Just not in the way he expected.

Netherworlds - Chapter 10

We walked through an area that wouldn’t have looked out of place at the Berlin Wall during WWII, through another area that had HOLOGRAPHIC LANDMINES (I was so freaked out when I saw that explosion hit Mike) before passing through another place with HOLOGRAPHIC MISSILES. They were really having a field day with the holograms, as the holographic guards with holographic AK-47s shooting holographic bullets at holographic escapees showed. It… just… I mean, when did they even develop this kind of thing? It was so bloody over the top that I wouldn’t be surprised if they released ARMOURED TYRANNOSAURUSES with LASER CANNONS.


Chapter 10

By Taveena

Elan Owen 2: Watch Out Here I Come - Chapter 0

There comes a time in every story when it must begin... so, in the immortal words of Rhino the Hamster "LET IT BEGIN!"


Chapter Zero: Enter the Duction

Netherworlds - Chapter 9

The place was surrounded with security cameras, barbed wire, there were a couple of armed guards, and it looked more like a prison than a school.
Stupid goddamn foreshadowing. I wish I hadn’t been right.


Chapter 9

By Taveena

To Shape One's Life - 2

Part 2 of 4

by Jeffrey M. Mahr

A tree cannot grow in the sky,
nor clouds be in the sea, nor fish live in the fields,
nor can blood be in sticks nor sap in rocks.

-- Titus Lucretius Carus<

From Fire, From Ice

From Fire, From Ice


By Jaye Michael

Be thou chaste as ice, pure as snow,
thou shalt not escape calumny.
– William Shakespeare
Hamlet, III, i, 142


Day One

    Desolate but breathtaking, that’s how Charlie Dawson always described the Alaskan tundra. After completing his residency in General Medicine, he had fled joyously back to the land of his youth. Others had twisted and fought like salmon at the end of a hook only to be slowly reeled back into the bosom of the state that had covered the huge loans incurred by eight or more years of study and training. For some reason, the State of Alaska expected them to practice in the “Land of the Midnight Sun” or immediately reimburse the state for its costs–with interest and stiff penalties.

Netherworlds - Chapter 7

This wasn’t actually the first time nanites had been a terrorist threat - some Islam terrorist group had been trying to release a variation of GDD.
All it did was convert people into corpses. By eating their brains. Nanozombies. Urgh…

They wiped out the threat with massive a massive EMP - electro-magnetic pulse. Huge success. Nanobots all wiped out. No deaths. Pretty much a first for the US. *giggle*

After GDD, they tried the EMP solution.

It… didn’t work.


Chapter 7

By Taveena

The Book

As the awesome Klontarfian Empire prepares to conquer Earth, their terrifyingly new techo-weapon slips into the hands of a six year old girl who simply wants to turn her brothers into fairy tale heroines ...

Netherworlds Chapter 3

And it started again. Nikolosandwhichev looked on in alarm as I spasm’d about. Sarah jumped up, looking alarmed. Alarm, I thought. That’s a word. Like Clock. And Peanut. Peanut clock. Peanut butter jelly time.

My brain had gone kinda insane trying to deal with the pain. While contemplating on whether Hitler’s moustache was actually the barcode for a brand of chinese razor, my bones ground against each other. I was insanely hungry too - it felt like my stomach was boiling. A couple of bits of stomach acid went up my throat. My balls felt like they’d been kicked in. My penis felt like it was being used for a slingshot. And my chest just plain felt weird. The spasm kept going, even as Nikefootwearmanchev went and got another… nurse… or doctor…


Chapter 3

By Taveena

The BIGMAMA Project

After a long barrage of interviews and tests, a very special employee is about to be invited to join The Mystery Team, and will soon discover first hand the details of the project they've been keeping so secret.

The BIGMAMA Project
Copyright 2009 by Heather Rose Brown

Heavenly Joint

Heavenly Joint

“Come on Lucifer, your falling behind. We have to finish creating these souls. It’s almost time for them to be born.”

“I’m hurrying as fast as I can Mike. The soul O’matic is just not as fast as it used to be. It’s been acting up lately so I put in a call to Heavenly Maintenance.”

“Give me a break, Lucifer. You’d get more work done if you didn't take a break every 5 minutes.”


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