Call of the Groan

A few odd occurrences in the city of Weaselton lead four friends on a journey to survive a zombie invasion.

Call of the Groan

The Living VS The Dead Chapter 2

The Living VS The Dead: Chapter 2
By: Sandy Riedel

“Stephanie…” Lisa said, almost weak-sounding. “You don’t need to save me. Save yourself. We may both die if we try going inside.”

I shook my head. “You’re not going to convince me to not try to save you, Lisa. We will figure out a way to get in there. You just have to trust me.”

The Living VS The Dead Chapter 1

The Living VS. The Dead: Chapter 1
By: Sandy Riedel

I grabbed Lisa’s hand and pulled her into the mansion, gasping for air, and slammed the door behind us. I looked back at her; a mixture of pool water and sweat dripped down her face. She was shivering and I wasn’t sure if it was from being cold or from being scared.

“What’s going on out there, Steph?!” she demanded, holding back tears. “What were those things?!”

For Your Consideration, in a time and place ...

The following came to me as I pondered the life of a person who had been modified to control aircraft or spacecraft as in the “Skin Horse” series seen at the end of the blog section.

Swimming Pool - 2 - Betty's Story

Preface: The swimming pool water was found to have a chemical compound that would interact with the Y chromosome in males and change their bodies to be XX from XY. It also change bone structure and other physical characteristics of the body from being built like a male to be that of a female and other features, including reproductive organs. Only male children that had swam in the pool were effected, none of the females who swam were effected. The water from the pool was collected and stored in a safe and secure place by some government agency. It was then completely cleaned of all traces and fresh water installed. Monitors were install at a number of locations so that this would not happen again. Military and civilian investigations are being made. Overseas known perpetrators have been 'taken care of' and the lab that most likely made this was destroyed just to be safe. This incident was then classified top secrete on a need to know basis. Help is being given to the children effected. This case is otherwise closed.

Swimming Pool — Betty's Story

Abby Normal

Marty Feldman as Eye-gor
Abby Normal

by Jennifer Brock

In the movie Young Frankenstein, there's a scene where Igor (that's "Eye-gor") makes an error and the brain that Dr. Frankenstein (that's "Fronkensteen") uses in the monster is not the one Igor had been sent to collect. Instead of the brain of brilliant scientist Hans Delbruck, he says he brought the brain that had been labeled "Abby Normal." This story takes the premise "What if Igor wasn't lying?" This is the story of Abby Normal, and what happened to her brain. (Note that although inspired by a comic take on Frankenstein, this story uses elements from several adaptations, and is a more serious take on the subject matter.)

Too Good to be True

Too Good to be True
by Maeryn Lamonte

Michael’s new apartment is too good to be true. Immense, beautifully furnished and cheaper than his last place.

Sometimes when fortune smiles you smile back and accept what it offers you. Other times, with Halloween just round the corner and a killer on the loose, it might have been as well to ask a few questions first…

A Miracle Lost - A Miracle Regained



A Miracle Lost — A Miracle regained recounts the events Of Halloween Night 2010, when a young girl, who had formerly been a boy, reverts to his old self, because of horrifying events, and then through a new miracle and the assistance of an ancient hero who is commanded back into existence regains her lost femininity.

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 40- Helluva Rap

The girl has a BIG smile, full of teeth and hellfire!

The Demon (Inspired by "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe)


Once upon a midnight dreary, while I brooded weak and weary
Some demonic cloud the likes of which I’d never seen before
All at once took shape before me, making all my soul implore me
“Flee this evil dark and stormy, quit the room, go out the door!”
Yet it moved so that I could not leave the room, or reach the door
I could but stare and nothing more

Body and Soul

Body and Soul

by Terry Volkirch

A chronically ill boy is visited by the ghost of his cousin who offers him a new chance at life. He just needs to learn how to appreciate the very special gift that he's given.

Authors note: This is mild horror with a happy ending. The story gets less and less horrific as it goes on and if you can make it through the opening scene, I think you'll like the story.

Acknowledgment: Many thanks go out to Puddin' for her wise and wonderful editing of this story. She helped me expand my story from an anemic version of five thousand words to this much better version that tops out at a little over sixteen thousand words.

Demon of the Fallen Angels

Demon of the Fallen Angels
by Charlotte Dickles

Copyright  © 2010 Charlotte Dickles
All Rights Reserved.

Why did most people stay away from Great-Aunt Selma's funeral? Was she a witch - or worse? Could her soul have taken over the virginal Hayley? Of course not - such things don't happen in real life. Unless it's Halloween!


Fangs Ain’t What They Used To Be

‘Paul…oh Paulie, come in here, sweetie.’

It was Ellie, sounding a bit weird, all sort of enticing and come and get me...

Fangs Ain’t What They Used To Be

By Susan Brown

Sangria: This is Where the Rubber Meets the Road (Part 3)

Sangria: This is Where the Rubber Meets the Road (Part 3)
Lilith Langtree

"You really should tell me what the heck it is I'm sensing. You know, just in case it goes into overdrive and you're about to get your soul sucked into oblivion or something."


Why Did I Ever Agree To Do THAT?


Ever agree to do something, or make a promise only to regret it later?
Or maybe regret for only a little while!

Why Did I Ever Agree To Do THAT?

By Billiebob

Copyright  © 2010 Billiebob
All Rights Reserved.

Lilim Tales - Part 4 (Conclusion)

Lilim Tales - Part 4 (Conclusion)
by Armond

In the conclusion to the tale, Cassandra's friends gather to try to rescue her from Luna, while Cassie learns what her fate will be as the lilim's Second Turn Srryn.

Lilim Tales - Part 3

FotoFlexer_Photo4.jpg Cassandra has at last learned who transformed her: mythical demons called lilim; the incubi and succubi of horror stories. Luna now promises to change her back to Cody if Cassandra helps save Jayden. Cassandra doesn't know if she can trust Luna, but since she figures her 'condition' can't get any worse, she has nothing to lose. She couldn't be more mistaken.

The Lilim Tales - Part 3
by Armond

Lilim Tales - Part 2

FotoFlexer_Photo4.jpgLilim Tales - Part 2
by Armond
Cody, now Cassandra, tries to make sense of her change into an exotic creature with dark gold skin. As she struggles to cope, and searches for answers, she also begins to suspect she is far from 'normal.' The lilims Luna and Jayden continue debating whether to fully ignite Cassandra and take her as their srryn for the next hundred year Turn. And a storm looms on the horizon that may tip the balance.

Lilim Tales - Part 1

lilim_tales_part_3_0.jpgLilim Tales - Part 1
by Armond
The lilim. They were First Born, and ruled the earth with fabulous biotechnologies, at a time when Cro-Magnon man painted crude figures on cave walls and grunted around campfires. They live among us today in secret, these winged creatures men fear as demons. Aspiring artist Cody Elias is about to learn of their existence in an up close and personal way, when he is recruited by the lilim for a ...hmm ..."special attribute" ...of his DNA. Part 1 of 4.

Stories of The Relic: The Book of Keilari - Part 3 -The Boy Nobody Wante

Stories of The Relic: The Book of Keilari - Part 3 - The Boy Nobody Wanted

Gia's short trip through Christopher's mind yields a few things she didn't expect. Could it be she was be wrong about him?

Stories of The Relic: The Book of Keilari - Part 2 - The Gift of a name

Stories of The Relic: The Book of Keilari - Part 2 - The Gift of a name

Christopher Kagawa aka Chris Tome is a 23 year old Award winning best selling novelist with a problem, he has lost his passion for his craft. He lives a lonely and reclusive existence with a growing disdain for the outside world and humanity in general. Magically dropped into his lap is a Keliari, a seemingly female vampire who is now bonded to him via a curse.

Quillian in COLOR! -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 3-

This is a pretty gory picture with the color. Has a lot of impact. The simple visual jokes we included helped soften things. See if you can spot all four of them. :)

Stories of The Relic: The Book of Keilari - Part 1- Prologue

Stories of The Relic: The Book of Keilari

Christopher Kagawa aka Chris Tome is a 23 year old Award winning best selling novelist with a problem, he has lost his passion for his craft. He lives a lonely and reclusive existence with a growing disdain for the outside world and humanity in general. His only companions are the rare old books he collects

After buying rare leather bound book in an online auction He finds a out very quickly that it's no ordinary book. Despite being careful, he cut his finger on a page causing a single drop of his blood to drop the book. In a blinding flash of magic, he finds a half nude girl with jet black hair, chalk white skin and fangs appearing out of seemingly nowhere in his living room.

She is a Keilari, an exotic offshoot of the vampire species, neither male nor female but a mix of both. She has had many owners over the many generations the book has existed. All of them tortured and abused her, seeing her as nothing but a pet or toy. Submissive and quiet as she might be, she holds no love for any member of the human species. Still she must obey and comply with her master's desires.

But she has never had a master like Christopher who honestly wants no part of this crazy situation, much less be anyone's master. But he may not have a choice in the matter and to make matters worse, every owner has died very shortly after coming into possession of the book...

Choices Chapter 13

A story about a family with two boys aged 10 and 13, in which choice is a delusion and gender, an illusion. It’s a familiar theme in the TG literature, but this time with an unfamiliar twist. Blair is feeling blue after his first public appearance as a female Na’vi. Kirk’s best friend Cody, however, believes he has found his Cinderella in the strange girl from Rose Villa.

Choices, Chapter 13 Kirk’s choice

The Stocking Dead

It started in Tokyo. From there, the virus spread across Japan, to Korea, to Hong Kong, and beyond. Within weeks no city had escaped the infection, humanity was devastated. But some had escaped, though they were slowly being hunted to extinction by the stocking dead.

A strange tale of saccharin horror.

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 9- Morning Becomes Her?

Something you don’t see every day -- a carnivorous eggplant doing a Homer Simpson impression.


Book 1 - Teenager from Hell

Page 10 - A Tail to Tell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 8- Breathless Escape

That monster is really falling for her.


Teenager from Hell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 5- Duck, Duck, Goose

There's a tale to tell...


Duck, Duck, Goose

Teenager from Hell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell -Page 3- Midnight Cram Session



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Some nights, it doesn't pay to stay up late to study...


Teenager from Hell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

An Historic Annulment

An Historic Annulment
In part conceived by Dreammaker

Fifty years, fifty years ago I had proposed to her and next month we would repeat our vows in the same church in which we had said “I do”, as the our minister led us to union. I wanted to repeat all the steps that had led to a life time with my soul mate and lover. Age brings wisdom but at other times it is not a blessing and, neither she nor I could hike Max Patch Bald, the North Carolina Mountain on which I had proposed, but I had an idea on how I could do it all over again.

A Life Changing Experience!

A Life Changing Experience!
by mittfh
Copyright © 2010 Ben Norwood.
Creative Commons License.

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