The Fall of Condor

Cassia (EXPLICIT!)

Author's Note: Due to the heavily explicit content of this early work, I have removed it from this site where I feel it does not benefit the spirit of the community here. If you wish to read this story anyway, it is available on TGStorytime under the author name, Ryker. Thank you for your interest in my work and sorry for any inconvenience.

Twice Foiled Thrice Lustful

Twice Foiled, Thrice Lustful

By Paul Calhoun

It's Halloween season, so I thought I'd bring back one of my most popular casts, though not in the way requested. Filip/Rachelle and Rob meeting is a romantic story, and Halloween is the season for tricky stories! So we have Delmore and Lerman once again trying to prank a friend with a girl disguise.

With the score so heavily weighted against Delmore, one can only wonder what the third installment will do to him...

Scarlet - Part 12


Jessica Drew

Part 12

Sam has been discovered infiltrating the study of René Gerard, the head of Scarlet. Separated from Rivers, will he have the strength of will to see the mission through?

* * * * * * * * * *

Two's A Wolf

Two’s a Wolf
By Paul Calhoun

A commission.

A wolf takes a rabbit home for supper and his friends go to rescue him with the help of a suspicious hare and a sexy bitch suit.

I had a lot of fun with this because I thought I wouldn't get any more really original 2-person suit ideas, then I was given a toony feral comm and realized I'd never done anything like it!

Teenage Robot Stories

Two stories based on My Life As a Teenage Robot

1: Sheldon house sits for the Wakeman's and finds Jenny's spare outer casing. Sexiness, hilarity, mistaken identity and attempts of superheroics ensue. Includes a brief reference to:

A commission to do Sheldon in an XJ-9 disguise again, this time using a test version of her adult body

The Maiden, the Vixen, and the Amazon

My memories of life before the island keep slipping away from me. I think I had an office job of some kind and was good at making money but bad at relationships. I took a cruise to get over the last woman who'd dumped me for being so distant, and I was thrown overboard in a storm. I'd been wearing my swim trunks when it hit, and I washed ashore naked.

A pair of themed pairs

A pair of Themed Pairs
By Paul Calhoun

I felt like riffing on a couple of ideas without making a big series out of them. Two love doll stories and two prehensile limbed alien stories. Sweet doll, stuck doll, exploited alien, opportunistic alien.

Adult for when you work out what the words 'venerate' and 'gratify' mean. Oh, and sex dolls. But really those two words are a hell of a lot dirtier in context.

Allie Sequel 3: Crossroads

Scarlet - Part 11


Jessica Drew

Part 11

With his computer skills gone, Sam finds himself faced with the daunting task of exploring Gerard's mansion in place of Rivers.

* * * * * * * * * *

I, Vera

Scarlet - Part 10

Scarlet - Part 9




Julie O




Features characters from The Julieverse

Normally the nightmare ends when you wake up. For Rob, he was about to discover that it was just the beginning

Scarlet - Part 8


Jessica Drew

Part 8

Now reunited with Rivers, Sam learns more about the Agency's deceitful plan. But can he really trust his partner again after all that has happened?

* * * * * * * * * *

Scarlet - Part 7


Jessica Drew

Part 7

Sam continues onwards to Rome to find Antoinette, only to have his world come crashing down when he uncovers more information about the swap.

* * * * * * * * * *

Scarlet - Part 6

Scarlet - Part 5


Jessica Drew

Part 5

As Rivers discovers what has happened at the secret bunker in Italy, Sam finally makes his move, bringing events aboard the yacht to a thrilling climax.

* * * * * * * * * *

Scarlet - Part 4


Jessica Drew

Part 4

It is the morning after the night before for Agent Sam Fields, as he struggles with his role aboard Ramirez's yacht. Meanwhile, Rivers receives startling news that may just change everything.

* * * * * * * * * *

Scarlet - Part 2

SCARLET by Jessica Drew

Part 2

Agent Sam Fields finds himself trapped. Not only in the body of the beautiful Antoinette, but aboard the luxury yacht of drug baron Carlos Ramirez.

* * * * * * * * * *

Allie Sequel 1: Roads Traveled Again

Roads Traveled Again
By Paul Calhoun

After an Event which will for the time being be only eluded to, the boys retire Allie and even block her from their memories for five years. Then an unwise comment starts the whole thing up again only this time Allie can bend over without coming to pieces and is a whole hell of a lot more interested in sex than in trouble. Well, sometimes. Sometimes she's interested in clothes and sometimes in just being an older female. It really depends because now the gestalt Allie has broken into her component boys' personalities.

An Androgynephilic Daydream

Never one to be attracted to women who were all girly-girl, he dreamed of tomboys. Then one day he saw her, Adonis redefined in the form a masculine woman. His mind drifted as his fantasies took on a new direction that challenged his wildest dreams.


Twice As Mice

Twice As Mice
By Paul Calhoun

A pair of mice have to infiltrate a cat party and find out that this week's glamour girl cat wasn't going. You can guess what happens given this season's theme.

The Dress Shop. Part Two


We started Saturday with another failed attempt at lovemaking. Within about 30 seconds of Beth playing with my penis, I gave in and came. I wasn't even erect, but just the sight of my beautiful, stunning girlfriend playing with me was enough to tip me over the edge.

Once again, like last night, there was no evident frustration from Beth. Only embarrassment from me. In fact, she seemed amused.

"Aw. Such a pretty penis!” Beth remarked, grinning and playing with it in its flaccid state. "It's perfectly formed in every way, only slightly... petite."

The Dress Shop. Part One.


"Aw. Don't worry Rich. It doesn't matter."

It had happened again. I'd been seeing Beth for a whole year. And we'd been trying to have sex for a month. In all that time we'd not once actually managed it.

Beth is so understanding. And beautiful.

How I became Clarisse

All started by a nigth event organized by a couple of friends for a costumed party with " you and its opposite".

being a male with some fantoms, I choose to transform me in femme while my wife, who's quite discrete choose to fake a Lady Gaga style.

The Amy Series: Prequel: A Girl's First Jockstrap

A Girl's First Jockstrap By Kozmik Alaska

Amy wins a prize at a big swimming competition. But that's not the only gift she comes home with. This story is a prelude to the rest of the series and is meant to serve as a character introduction for Amy and the adventures that lay ahead for her.

In many ways this is Slush Pile material, and quite a load of rubbish, but it is literally was the first piece of FTM crossdressing fiction I ever wrote, and certainly the first in The Amy Series. It was written in 1999. I struggled with including it in the canon of the series, but decided to after viewing it from the point of view that Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd didn't look like the later character presentation in classic Warner Brothers cartoons, and the Simpsons as presented on the Tracy Ullman show barely resembled the series characters. Heck, even Spock had emotions in the pilot for Star Trek, yet was still a Vulcan! It does however tie to some references later in the series.

Permission is hereby granted by Kozmik Alaska for the publication of this story on his behalf here at Big Closet Top Shelf only.

Butchytown 1 - Life Can Be Hard, But That's Not a Bad Thing

bike.gifTucked away in a typical heartland, you'll find the not so typical community of Butchytown. Butchytown grew out of various experiments conducted by various secret agencies in the late 1960s during the Cold War. Given the hysteria of the time, it was felt that something needed to be done to toughen up society, a society that these agencies saw as going all soft with things like flower power and peace and love.

Werewomen - Sensate

werewomen_0.jpg Werewomen - Sensate
Tim is a loser and computer addict. No woman would ever want him and he knows it. But one night he's dragged to a club by some of his remaining friends where he meets a mysterious woman. To his surprise she's actually interested in him and he can't let such an opportunity go to waste. The aftermath of this encounter will change his life forever - maybe for the better...
This story will introduce you into the new Werewomen Universe.

Copyright by Beyogi - 2012
thanks to Janet Miles for editing.

Her Crewcut Humiliation and Masculinization

Her Crewcut Humiliation and Masculinization byTrapper_Jock_Mcintyre ©

It had to stop. She was spending far too much money on her hair with frosting and tints. The bill for her nails was ridiculous. It was as if she picked the most expensive place in town. And lingerie! For what she spent, we could have bought an entire Victoria's Secret. It was always spend spend spend, yet, she never once lifted a pretty finger to even try to get a job of her own.

The Tryst

The Tryst

A lifelong dream and desire to bring to life my alter ego, Sarah, is realised in this autobiographical story. All events herein happened very recently, and has resulted in a different type of story for me. This story is complete.

Dedicated to Lucy, a lifesaver xx

The Tryst
by Pyrite

Part 1. Dressing Up

Absinthe, Opium and Honor...Chapters 23 & 24.

Absinthe, Honor and Opium…Chapters 23&24

Chapter 23

I take my drink upstairs with me sipping on the hard yet smooth scotch. I’m not that well versed in alcohols of any kind but I’m getting there. I’d actually love to know good stuff from bad even as far as maybe cigars and stuff like that too. Not that I’d smoke them, heck I don’t really smoke anything besides really smelly and not good for you. But I’d like to know it in case of conversations or to know what to buy as gifts

It’s be a nice skill set to have.

Rilly Kay

Detective Sergent John Wilks Looked out the slimy window of the cubical office he had inhabited for the last 4 years working on this case. It was one of the worst Homicide case in the departments history. The trail of murders seen to go back almost a decade but only the last 4 years worth could be contributed to Ms. Kay.

The plethora of copycats was yet another mystery. The court jails were full of almost identical people claiming they are Rilly Kay. It took the brain doctors months of therapy to even get the victims to realize who they were in the past.


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