Alternative story download format

Hello everyone,

I love reading the stories posted on this site, but unfortunately my E-reader does not really get along well with plain HTML format documents, and copying them into a RTF/plaintext manually would be a big pain in the butt and probably butcher the formatting. I was thinking of creating something for my personal use to convert stories (given their URL) to an epub document to make it easier to view on portable devices.

I could create a script for myself, but if there is wider interest I might be able to make something that others can easily use. If there is interest, I've got some ideas in mind - but before starting I guess it would be important to establish if I could go about doing thing in a way that would avoid stepping on any toes/breaking any policy/upsetting any authors. My biggest concern is respecting the authors and site so, doing things link including links back to the original content and full author credits would be a no brainer, but for now I'm just looking for any feedback, comments, or ideas as to whether this would be useful and/or possible with regards to policies.