Suggestions for dissemination of new 360,000 tg novel

I've just finished a 360,000-page tg novel. It should be available soon via an Amazon subsidiary. How and where should I publicize it? Would it be appropriate to put excerpts here in BigCloset? Below I've pasted a part of the back-cover blurb--it gives a pretty good idea of the plot.

Napoleon said that women are only baby machines.

George disagrees: They are also very good machines for cooking and cleaning.

Would he still hold that opinion if he found himself renamed “Pansy-Ann” and filling out a dress?


George is a bastard. That's the only possible explanation for the way he treats his girlfriends. After Celia got pregnant, he abandoned her and ran off to Honduras, where he repeated with Suzi. He was working on Petunia when the roof fell in. Suzi's father runs a project designed to reform people by re-forming them into someone else entirely, body and soul. He needs a guinea pig for his grand demonstration–the most thoroughgoing metamorphosis ever attempted. And of course Suzi needs a maid to care for the baby (and also to do her laundry, wash her dishes, and clean her house) while she pursues a career. Therefore: A team of doctors will attempt to transform George into sweet little Pansy-Ann, a typical Honduran peasant girl, who will freely ask to work as Suzi's personal maid.

If the project succeeds, then for the remainder of his life, George will be a living demonstration of his own (and Napoleon's) opinion of a woman's rá´le in society.

Of course, that really IS a woman's proper rá´le!

Isn't it?