Rude and unfriendly comments as 'Visitor"

Here's a lesson in how the internet works. When you make a comment, even an anonymous comment, on a board like this, it leaves behind a trace. That trace contains, at minimum, your IP address at the time of the hookup. It works this way because it must since actually sending a comment is not instantaneous, your computer and my server have to know where each other are so they can communicate until the transaction is done.

So, if you make a rude or unfriendly comment as visitor here on BC, I will unpub the comment, look up the trace and ban that IP address from accessing BC. If over a period of time, I get more than one rude comment that seems to be coming from one ISP in one area (IP addresses have patterns you can read if you know how), I will suspect dynamic addressing. Then I will do a database search for similar IPs in the comment database and see if there are other unfriendly comments by this joker that I may have missed.

And if while doing that I find that this IP address is also used by a BC member, I'll examine writing styles and posting patterns and if I determine that the 'Visitor' was indeed a BC member posting anonymously... well, then I'm going to write this note and post it on the site.

Consider this a second warning. Nobody gets three.

Hugs to everyone else,