New Design of TopShelf

I've enabled two new things that will affect the look and functioning of BigCloset.

First, stories (including story, wysiwyg, fiction, and book and title page types) and polls will now float to the top of the front page while forums, blogs, links and other sorts of posts will now by default float to the bottom of the front page.

This will mean I will have to do periodical policing to remove stories from the front page so there are a few slots at the bottom for other sorts of posts, so if I take a vacation like I did the past month, things may get "sticky". That's a joke, the software calls the float up flag, "sticky". :)


The second is that I have included the capability for authors to upload their stories or artwork rather than input them. The upload capabilities are up to 2meg in size per post of files of .jpeg, .jpg, .gif, and .png images and .txt, .pdf and .rtf text files. Html and .doc files are not allowed since I would have to design a filter to be sure none such had hidden malware that the uploader might not even know about.

This will allow authors to upload their stories in exactly the form they want readers to see them. Most word processors, including MS Word and WordPerfect can save files in .rtf format and it is the native format of most of the open source word processors like Star and OpenOffice. Anyone with most modern PCs or Macs can also create .pdf easily.

Each author has up to 2meg per post, big enough for most novels or large graphics, and up to 64 meg total uploads allotted. If you really need more, I can double limits on request. Posts bigger than 4meg are probably not going to be downloaded very often. :)

Hope this works, I've been trying it out all summer.