Rating System and Category Complaints

Comments and complaints about audience ratings and categories should be made privately to the author or to one of the admin/moderator/editors here. They shouldn't be attached to the story as open comments.

Why? Because if you have a complaint about labeling either you just want greater accuracy or you are disappointed in that you read what you think of as a mislabeled story. In both cases, private discussions will serve everyone better by avoiding essentially negative comments to disrupt the enjoyment of future readers who will be forewarned by better labeling. If you're not part of the intended audience for the story, then those who are will enjoy the story better without your comments.

Think about it objectively for five minutes before you write something to me about the above paragraph. :)

All of the stories here are or would be on SOMEONE's "I hate this kind of story" list. It's the nature of TG fiction that it is intended to break through barriers of thought, custom and belief. A story that is too raunchy for your taste, or involves ideas you find morally repugnant, or sequences that are unutterably dull--to you--may well be someone else's favorite sort of story.

The rating and categorization system here is imperfect; that's the nature of such systems--to be practical they must be imperfect in an almost direct inverse ratio.

We (meaning basically Sephy and I) will work with authors who need the help to get the best labeling for a story to attract it's chosen audience. But remember, the categories are tools for the authors, not rigid boxes with some bureaucracy controlling what they mean. The audience rating system is a little different, generally I will defer to an author on whether they think their story is M, R or A or whatever but if I think the author is wrong, I will change the audience rating and the author is free to remove the story if they object strenuously.

I'll answer questions on this topic here in this forum or privately.

And yes, a recent misrated story caused a lot of fiery PUBLIC comments leading to re-rating of the story and this post.