Tips for Authors - updated slightly

I've finally got a way to PAY authors for contributions! That's right. It's called TipJoy, and it allows readers to send as little as 5 cents to authors whose work they enjoy. Hey, every little bit, right?

Authors who want to participate can go to their |My account| page, hit the |Edit| tab and scroll down to where there are instructions on how to put a tipjar on their stories. It's just a matter of putting a TipJoy account number in a box. If you don't have a TipJoy account number, there's a link to get one. Or you can use mine, erinhalfelven. "bigcloset" (no quotes). Of course, if you use bigcloset, I'll get the tips but they will go to help support the site by buying me books so I can put my book money in the kitty.

If you want the money, and that's great, you need a TipJoy account to collect the money in and when you have more than $5 bucks in your tipjar, you can cash out with an Amazon gift card or a donation to charity. Cash withdrawals will be available from TipJoy sometime later but there's no promised time table.

If any author doesn't want to collect the money for themselves, they can send the money to me by putting bigcloset in the TipJoy username box at |My Account|-|Edit|. I'll buy books from Amazon with it and pay TopShelf back from my pocket. :)

There's also a site wide tipbox in the right hand column of most pages that goes direct to me.

You can donate tips without a TipJoy account. Just provide your email. Once you've donated $5, TipJoy will send you a bill by email and you can pay by credit card or a couple of other ways -- or log on to the site and CANCEL all of your tips, you cheapskate. :)

I'm not sure how well this works for Non-US people, an Amazon gift card might be worthless outside America since Amazon has different divisions overseas. I'll ask them.

Ask me anything else you want to know about this but I think it's very cool. :)