Storys Not Finished

HI I have been reading storys on this site and othere for a while now I love a lot of them and have really gotten into some only to find they ended well not ended just stopped if anyone can help me find the endings to this list of storys it would help me. First one is called "Making Lemonade" by L. Rochelle I have read all 16 chapters there is a note that more would be coming but now to date. Two is Andrew Soccer Queen by Andrew it's a cute story about a boy from Scotland then ends up in a dress in the US 21 chapters so far but again stopped. Last is a story by Katie Dale, it's kind of black but got into it and found it nice, Game Boy 18 Chapters, there are more you see like Angel, Giggle sweet thing, she leave a lot undone too. If you can help thanks if not that is ok too i have been on evey site I can find to see about this even emailed them still nothing. Thanks for the help Melissa Ann Kelly