New Feature: Five Star Rating

There's a new feature at BC, a rating system. For logged in users (except Guest Reader) this appears as a set of five stars down near the end of each story.

If you're logged in, you can rate a story by clicking on how many stars you want to give it. The stars will change color when you do to show how many stars you have given it. You can change your vote and you can remove your vote with the little red circle at the left of the stars. Here's what the stars mean:

  • No stars - I have not read this story or have no opinion or am neutral on this story. Votes of no stars are not averaged into totals shown to authors.
  • One star - D - I did not like this story or this story needs major work. Should be rare.
  • Two stars - C - This story had good parts but could use improvement.
  • Three stars - B -I enjoyed this story and would probably recommend it.
  • Four stars - A - I enjoyed this story a lot and would highly recommend it.
  • Five stars - A+ - One of the best stories I've read anywhere. Should be rare.

Only you willl know how you voted and only the poster of a story will see the average of the votes.

Star averages for stories will appear for the poster of the story only (even I can't easily look at them). The top 15 stories by a poster will appear on the front page in one of the lower corners and all of a posters stories can also be reached at a page available only to the poster via the |My Stars| menu item in the left column menu.

I hope this works well for more feedback for authors. :)