Terry walks into a bar...

Terry walks into a bar and orders a glass of Leibfraumorgen.

Hey, with a name like Volkirch, it makes sense that he would order a German wine.

Anyhow, a pretty young girl catches his eye. He isn't one to think evil thoughts, but this girl is really, really hot.

As he's undressing her with his eyes and absent-mindedly (he does lots of things absent-mindedly, being a genius) rubbing the stem of his wine glass, a genie appears.

"Yah, yah, I know. You expected an oil lamp or a bottle or something, but we're starting to branch out, ya know," sayeth the genie. "I've already set up the billions of bucks and the eternal health (you humans are so predictable,) so what's your third wish?"

A slightly inebriated Terry points at the girl and says, "I want her body."

Allright, this is a TG fiction site. Do I really need to finish this?

Tell ya what. The unofficial Ray Drouillard challenge is to finish this story.

Ray Drouillard

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