Angharad and the Genie

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Angharad and the Genie
by Ray Drouillard

Angharad was busy pounding out chapter 1,327 of Bike when, in a puff of smoke, a genie appeared. "I have come to grant thee three wishes," sayeth the genie.

"I don't recall rubbing any bottles, but who am I to argue?"

"That's old news," said the Genie. "We had to switch from oil lamps to bottles when electricity was invented, and now we're experimenting with things like cell phones, MP3 players, and keyboards. So, what'll it be, toots?"

Angharad thought for only a second or two. "The first is a no-brainer. I want to be a real girl with strong legs for biking, and eternal health and beauty."

There was a puff of smoke, and it was done. Angharad stood there, resplendant in her biker's kit, with a long pair of sensuous curvaceous legs that just wouldn't quit.

She walked to the full-length mirror that was set into the door next to her computer, and spent some time inspecting her new body.

"All right, enough of the self appreciation stuff, miss Narcissus," said the genie. "What's your next wish? I haven't got all day! I've got partying to do."

Jarred out her reverie, our dear girl Ang mused for a moment, then said, "Well, this having to go to work every day kind of cramps my style. I'd like a nice portfolio of investments and bank accounts spread around the world that will yield me a couple million pounds a year in dividends."

There was another puff of smoke, and Angharad felt a slight tingling in her head. She suddenly knew dozens of account numbers from various Swiss and other offshore banks, stocks, negotiable bonds, and even the location of some buried treasure.

"That was easy enough, and quite predictable," said the genie. "What'll it be now, babycakes?"

As Angharad was thinking, Bonzi walked up and started rubbing against her new, oh so delicious legs.

"Bonzi has been my faithful companion through thick and thin, and has kept me from loneliness. I wish for him to be turned into my handsome prince, so that we can love each other forever."

"Done!" said the genie, as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. Where Bonzi had been stood a handsome man with jet black hair and green eyes. Ang melted as he wrapped his his muscular arms around her and kissed her deeply.

Bonzi picked her up and laid her upon the couch. He licked her ear, causing her to pant, then said, "Aren't you sorry you had me fixed?"

Yah, I blatantly stole it. I hope you liked it, anyhow.

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