A Toxic Adventure

This is a MORFS satire that I originally posted in the MORFS forum. It is based on an earlier forum entry (What would you choose http://morfs.19.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=173 ) I used the opportunity to poke fun at some of my fellow authors and even a significant other.

Chronicles of the Virtual Gang:
A Toxic Adventure
A MORFS Satire
by Ray Drouillard

Mistress Gabrielle stared down at her garden and scowled. "Prey! I need prey! I must have new meat!" she said imperiously.

She walked through her garden as she plotted. "I must lure some hapless soul into my clutches," she said with a cackle.

Why is it that evil villains always talk to themselves, anyhow?

She is tall (for a fairy) and slender, with smooth athletic curves. Her body is covered with a symmetric pattern of violet and pink. Her large and deceptively innocent eyes have irises that are purple with pink prismatic dots. Her wings are not like the standard extra wide butterfly wings that are more for show than for flying ability. They are somewhat longer and more slender -- like those of the Postman butterfly. At first glance, they look black; but sufficient light displays their deep cobalt color. The front wings have a jagged violet stripe that almost seems to cut the end of the wing off. The leading edge of the back wings are pink -- the same pink that covers so much of her body. Her hair is pink with violet streaks. Growing from her head is a pair of long antennae with just a hint of a knob on the end -- like those of the Postman butterfly.

As far as evil villains go, the Nefarious Mistress Gabrielle is quite the dish. One look at this diminutive fairy can seduce anyone to smile and dream of what it would be like to have her.

But underestimating her would be a mistake. She is anything but harmless.

She smiled as she walked around her garden. But it wasn't a pleasant smile. It wasn't a radiant smile. No, it was more like the smile on the Grinch's face as he stole the presents from under the tree. It was like the smile of a cat as she contemplates exactly what to do with that mouse that was cowering between her front feet. It was a smile to chill the heart of mortal man.

She walked among her plants, occasionally caressing one possessively. She walked among the nightshades, sniffing the toxic blooms. She gathered some leaves from a hemlock plant for her afternoon tea. She reached her slender hand into the trumpet-like blossom of a jimsonweed, dipped it into the nectar on the bottom, and brought it to her luscious lips.

She walked to a shadier part of her garden. It was her favorite place for brooding; for it contained her mushroom and toadstool collection. She affectionately caressed a death cap, then walked past the stinkhorns. She sat next to one of the most famous mushrooms of legend. This mushroom was orange-yellow with lighter colored bumps. The Amanita Muscaria, also known as the Fly Agaric mushroom, contains two separate toxins. For years, people have floated bits of that fungus in milk or water. The flies, attracted to that treat, would poison themselves and drown. In days of old, people would seek out the hallucinogenic affects and the complete short-circuiting of the fear mechanism. warriors who ate that mushroom would have great courage -- to the death.

She got up and walked to one of her favorites. The false morel isn't much to look at, but it seduces people every year by looking like the tasty morel mushroom. Those who, in their ignorance, eat the mushroom, end up getting sick and puking their guts out.

Traps for the unwary amuse the Nefarious Mistress Gabrielle.

* * * * *

Terry sat in his cubicle and scowled at the monitor as he cranked out line after line of code. There was a time when he loved programming. In a way, he still did. Unfortunately, his boss was an expert at taking the joy out of anything.

He finished up with the block of code he was editing and ran a quick test. The program compiled and ran, but gave him complete garbage. Scowling, he pulled up the debugger and started stepping through the program. As each line of code was executed with the click of his mouse, he thought about his dream girl Bobbi.

He smiled as her image came to his mind. She was of average height, with a slender athletic build. Her violet hair laid gracefully on her shoulders and framed her face. Her eyes were a deep violet, and held a wisdom and kindness that belied her youthful appearance. The sparkle of intelligence and humor balanced the calmness that comes with self-confidence.

Yes, this was his dream girl -- not the girl that he wants to have, but the girl that he wants to be. For years, Terry has longed to escape the restrictions and expectations of his male body. For years, he has embraced his inner girl, and longed for her to come out and play. He longed to wear pretty clothes, go shopping, giggle with the other girls, and be treated like a girl.

He focused back on his work as the variable he had been watching changed. He looked at the suspect line of code, smote his forehead, and made the necessary changes. This time, the program worked perfectly.

He briefly looked at the specification list, then went on to the next task. With the exception of some scattered breaks, the day continued pretty much the same way it had started. When quitting time rolled around, he stood, stretched, yawned expansively, and sauntered out of his place of incarceration.

On the way home, he dropped by the gym. He warmed up by doing some kata exercises, then did three rounds on each machine. He cooled down with more kata, then some stretches, and finally a shower followed by a long swim. After he got out of the pool, he soaked in the hot whirlpool bath. He rinsed, dressed, and went home. For some reason, he felt more tired than normal. Instead of energizing him, his workout had worn him down.

He walked into his empty home and turned on the lights. It was a pleasant place to live, and big enough to share; But he had nobody to share it with. He contemplated watching television, but he was too tired. He wandered to his room, took off his clothes, and collapsed on to the bed.

The ringing of the phone woke him up. Groggily, he picked it up. The voice of his boss was loud and obnoxious in his ear. "Where are you? Why aren't you at work?" He mumbled something about feeling sick, then collapsed back onto his bed. As he was about to close his eyes, the bedroom disappeared. He found himself on a bed in a room full of hospital equipment. He felt a poke as a rather dumpy man with black military glasses inexpertly shoved a needle in his vein. The world faded to black.

He woke up in a pile of soft fluff. Taking quick inventory, he found that he felt better than he had in a long time. Even with the exercise and martial arts training, middle age takes its toll.

As he was testing each part, he found himself moving a part that he had never had before. He opened his eyes and hopped up, almost losing his balance. He held up his hands and looked at them. They were blue and... They were definitely girl's hands. In a frenzy of activity, he inspected himself... herself.

"I'm Bobbi," she said to herself in wonder. "Well, sort of," she amended when she noticed the dragonfly wings on her back, and her slender shape. "I'm Bobbi!" She laughed out loud and jumped high. Rather than falling, she found herself hovering. She was startled for just a fraction of a second. Bobbi is an intelligent girl, and not one to deny the evidence before her eyes. Instead of muttering about how impossible it is, she flew off and landed on the limb of a tree. It was then that she realized that the tree was huge, or she was small. She looked around and noticed a beautiful pink and violet fairy sitting on a fly agaric mushroom.

* * * * *

Mistress Gabrielle stood and called, "Minion!" Nothing happened. She called louder, "Minion! Get your ugly ass over here!"

Grumbling, a nasty little imp emerged from a hole in the ground, walked over to the mushroom, put her hands on her hips, and glared at Mistress Gabrielle. "What is it that you want, Poison Lips?"

Mistress Gabrielle glared back at the little gremlin with dragon-like wings, who somehow managed to look repulsive and sexy at the same time. "What I want," she said with a snarl, "is for you to adjust your attitude."

"Can it, pinkie face! I gotta do what you say, but I ain't gotta like it, and I ain't gotta like you. Now tell me what it is that your poisonous ass requires of her, ahem, humble servant, and I'll get around to it."

Mistress Gabrielle frowned, then said in a sultry, seductive voice, "I require my things, Minion. I am about to seduce a new arrival."

"Right away, Toxic Tongue," The imp said as she somehow managed to turn her low bow into an insult. She flew to her mistress's lair, which was situated high in an abnormally large poison sumac bush -- tree, really. She picked her way through the thorny blaspheme vines that covered the entrance.

Meanwhile, Mistress Gabrielle faced away from the tree and its occupant, bent over, and flatulated. The invisible toxic fumes wafted their way slowly toward her unsuspecting victim.

The imp emerged, using her thumb and middle finger to carry the items her mistress had required. Her posture and the way she she carried the items shouted the fact that she was loath to touch them. With great distaste, she dropped them at Mistress Gabrielle's dainty bare feet and scampered back to her hole.

"Come back here," Mistress Gabrielle shouted imperiously.

"What is it now, your loathsomeness?"

"I require your assistance," replied Mistress Gabrielle with a sniff. "Get your scaly ass up here!"

While her minion hopped up and flew to the mushroom, Mistress Gabrielle picked up a leather corset and started to put it on.

Bobbi, her unsuspecting victim, watched the scene in silence. "What in the world would a fairy want with a corset?" she mused to herself. Still, she had to admit that the fairy was deliciously sexy, even if she did remind her of a toxic butterfly.

As soon as Minion landed on the mushroom, Mistress Gabrielle turned her back to her. Minion grabbed the corset's laces and pulled hard, planting her gnarled foot in the middle of Mistress Gabrielle's delectable ass.

Mistress Gabrielle grunted in a most ladylike fashion as she felt the corset tighten. She let out a sigh of relief when Minion tied the laces and scampered away. She seductively picked up her spider silk stockings, slid them up her long sexy legs, and clipped them to the corset's built-in garter straps. She licked her lips while looking at Bobbi, and adjusted her perky breasts in the half cups that make up the top of her corset.

Bobbi, meanwhile, was wondering where she got all that stuff. She desperately wanted to go shopping, but had no money, and no place to shop.

Mistress Gabrielle stepped into her six inch stiletto heels and struck a seductive pose.

Actually, the stilettos are only about half an inch tall, but they would be six inch heels if Mistress Gabrielle was a full-sized person and not a fairy.

Bobbi watched the scene with interest. Suddenly, her level of interest rose through the roof. If she had still possessed her male parts, they would have risen, too. Without thinking, she hopped up and flew over to Mistress Gabrielle.

"My trap has been sprung," said Mistress Gabrielle with an evil smile. "Come to me, my sweet little morsel!"

Bobbi landed right in front of Mistress Gabrielle. She was about to stammer something, but held her tongue and took a deep breath instead. As the toxins soaked into her body, she stood there, transfixed.

"You may address me as Mistress Gabrielle."

"Yes, Mistress," Bobbi replied. She knew that something was wrong -- that she was under some kind of a spell-- but she couldn't do anything about it. She couldn't concentrate. All she could think about was how much she desired her mistress, and how much she wished to please her and obey her every whim.

Mistress Gabrielle put her finger under Bobbi's chin and looked deeply into her eyes. "Yes, you are a pretty one. You will do nicely." She ran her hands over Bobbi's new curves, pausing at the more sensitive spots. Bobbi started panting, barely able to control herself. Her mistress hadn't given her permission to move, however. "Get down on your hands and knees!" Mistress Gabrielle barked imperiously. Bobbi hastened to obey. Mistress Gabrielle lifted her foot and placed one stiletto heeled shoe in the small of Bobbi's back. Bobbi twitched and panted excitedly. Mistress Gabrielle moved her foot to the base of Bobbi's neck and pushed her to the ground... or mushroom, actually. "Bathe my toes with your tongue, my pretty little pet!"

Bobbi hastened to comply, but was stopped by a thunderous voice that yelled, "That will be enough of that!"

They both looked up. "Goddess Britney!" Gabrielle said in awe.

"I will not have you turning my universe into a place of smut!" she said sternly. She waved her hands, and Bobbi felt the toxins drain away from her body. She looked up and saw a giant woman with raven hair, perky cat ears, and charcoal gray fur on her forearms and paw-like hands.

Goddess Britney looked down at her kindly and said, "Who brought you here? Who did this to you?"

"I... I don't know, Goddess," she replied. "I was minding my own business when I suddenly got sick. I was in my room, but then I was in a hospital room. Then this really dumpy ugly guy with black military glasses jabbed me in the vein and knocked me out. When I woke up, I was resting delicately on a bed of thistle down."

Goddess Britney's face started to turn red. "That man has messed up my universe for the last time," she screamed. Bobbi cowered, and Mistress Gabrielle tried really hard not to show her fear.

"Do not worry, my little pets. I'm not mad at you." She glared at Mistress Gabrielle. "Not very much, anyhow."

Mistress Gabrielle, bold as always, said, "Why don't you morf him into an imp like you did the other universe wrecker? I wouldn't mind having another minion."

"No, no," sighed Goddess Britney, "That fate would be way too good for him. Besides," she grinned evilly, "I have other plans for him once he outgrows his usefulness."

The Evil Doctor Ray chuckled as he watched the scene unfold on his monitor.

* * * * *

Guessing correctly that she had fallen under the nefarious influence of the poison fairy, Bobbi flew far away. After assuring herself that Mistress Gabrielle was nowhere to be seen, and that her toxic lair was far away, she settled on a tree branch to think. The first thought that crossed her mind was that she was hungry. Realizing that small avians tended to eat a large fraction of their body mass in food each day, she correctly deduced that she would, too. The trouble was that she had no idea what pixies eat. She ruminated on this for a while, then noticed a bush full of berries. She flew down and plucked one. It seemed as big as a grapefruit to the tiny girl. She looked at it and somehow knew that it was good. She took a bite. It wasn't just good; It was delicious!

After devouring the berry, she flew around looking for more dinner. She saw some berries that she instinctively knew were toxic. She found some leaves that were tasty. She found a variety of veggies that she somehow knew made for a balanced pixie diet. She flew to a plant that was growing high in a Brazil nut tree. She looked at the pool of dark water that can be found in most bromiliads.

Her face was lovely -- soft and fine-featured. She could see the remnants of her old face, but she definitely liked her new fine feminine and elven... or pixie-like features. Like the rest of her body, her face was sky blue with streaks of ocean blue that accented all her curves just right. Her eyes were dark violet with streaks of ocean blue, and her hair was light violet streaked with sky blue.

As she was sitting high in a tree and allowing her food to digest, she started to think of her girlfriend Rhona. While she loved being a girl, and reveled in the freedom of flight, part of her regretted that she was no longer a man. She could no longer share the relationship with Rhona that she had before she was kidnapped and morfed.

Suddenly, she started to feel a bit strange. She felt her body shifting and moving. Her breasts deflated, and her other parts changed. Soon, she stood to inspect herself. She... he was now a male pixie. He had the same variegated blue coloring, but the streaking emphasized a masculine, if elven build. He looked down into the bromiliad's pool again and noted that his hair was blue, and neatly trimmed in a brush cut. Still, there was no hint of facial or body hair. He was quite pleased with the effect.

Terry flew around and looked at the world again. He smiled at the thought that he could still enjoy his relationship with Rhona -- if he grew or she shrunk. Sighing, he landed and thought again of his Bobbi body. That body had felt much more comfortable. In a flash, Bobbi was standing where Terry had been a second before. She shifted back and forth a couple times, but it became tiring. Smiling, Bobbi flew around and gathered another meal for herself. She had to feed her powers.

Bobbi looked down at the ground and saw a squirrel munching on a Brazil nut. She pulled a large spherical object from the tree, opened it, and pulled out one of the wedge-shaped Brazil nuts. Taking careful aim, she dropped it. The squirrel chattered and scolded her when the nut landed on its head. Bobbi smiled, a twinkle in her eyes. She wondered if the she had somehow been endowed with the mischievous nature of a pixie, or if it had been there all along. After some thought, she concluded that it had always been there. It may have been covered by her former coarse male exterior, but it had been there all along.

The squirrel was still chattering at her, so she swooped down and dropped another nut. The squirrel dodged, but wasn't able to dodge when she dropped the rest of the nuts on it in a single barrage. The squirrel chattered more, stuck its tongue out at her, gathered up all of the nuts, and stored them in a hole in the tree. It was then that Bobbi realized that she had just given the squirrel a free meal. She remembered how the squirrels at home used to tease the dogs, staying just out of reach. The little snot had gotten the best of her! She pouted and flew off.

But it takes a lot more than a sneaky squirrel to ruin Bobbi's mood -- or her sense of fun. She flew around, soaking in the calm peace of the tropical forest. Surrounded by beauty, she had to visit, inspect, and touch each tree and vine. She found a trumpet vine, and reached her slender hand into the bloom. She dipped her finger in the sweet nectar and brought it to her lips. A hummingbird scolded her.

Hummingbirds are small and dainty, but they have the personality of a small yipping dog. Most people, charmed by their diminutive flitting nature, are quite surprised when they get nasty with each other.

Bobbi felt a sharp pain as the hummingbird bumped into her. "You snot!" she yelled as she took a swipe. The bird dodged easily. She chased the bird and felt another poke. They were ganging up on her. She flew straight up and away from the flowers. The hummingbirds fed calmly, but Bobbi imagined that she could see a smirk on their little beaks. She grabbed a thick (to her) stick, flew down, and swatted one of the birds. They scattered briefly. She plucked two of the blossoms and was zoomed away before the birds could remount their attack.

Still a little grumpy about having to sneak and duck to get the flowers, Bobbi landed on a tree limb and thought. She thought so hard that her head started to glow. Soon, she found herself floating in the air. She was startled out of her thoughts by the realization that she wasn't moving her wings. She was levitating.

Bobbi, being a smart and very curious kind of a girl, experimented. After much flitting around and harassing squirrels, she came to the conclusion that she levitates by blocking gravity or with some kind of a specialized telekinesis, and that her wings are just for locomotion. With an evil grin, she flew to the base of the trumpet vines. She folded her wings back and levitated herself, hauling herself up within the tangle of vines hand over hand. Soon, she was floating up to the level of the blossoms. She drank the nectar from flower after flower. She smirked at the hummingbirds as they flew around looking for a way to get at her through the tangle of vines. After being out-witted by a squirrel, she felt inordinately please to have gotten the better of a bunch of little birds.

Bobbi pushed through the vines to the trunk of the tree, kicked off, spread her wings, and flew away. Her bell-like laughter rang through the forest. The hummingbirds, being pragmatic sorts, didn't bother chasing her. They were satisfied that she was gone from their flowers.

Bobbi flew through the canopy and broke into the open air. The forest spread about her like a sea of green punctuated by colorful blooms in the top of some of the trees. She spotted some birds circling high and decided to have some fun. After all, being a pixie is all about having fun and causing mischief.

She was thinking about riding the hawk's back when it spotted her and dove. A diving hawk can reach speeds of well over a hundred miles per hour. Some species excel at catching birds on the wing. This was one such hawk.

Bobbi panicked and dove, too. Unfortunately, she could not out dive the hawk. Just as the hawk was spreading its talons, she reversed her direction, then hovered. Since no regular bird (except for a hummingbird, which is too smart to be flying out in the open above the canopy) can hover, this confused the hawk enough for Bobbi to make her getaway.

Alas, the hawk converted its speed into altitude, took aim, and dove again. Bobbi tried the same trick, but felt the sharp talons as they rent her butt and legs. She curled up in a ball and fell through the canopy, hitting several branches and landing with a thud on the forest floor.

Fortunately for our hero, pixies are sturdy, and the terminal speed of a falling pixie is considerably less than the 120 miles per hour of a falling human. Still, she lay crumpled on the forest floor unable to move. Soon, she passed out from the pain.

After some unknown period of time, she woke up. She tried taking inventory of all her limbs, only to find that everything was broken and that her legs and butt were a bloody mess. Even her wings were broken. Trying to move resulted in nothing but extreme pain.

But Bobbi is a smart girl. She concentrated, expended the last of her energy, and shifted. Soon, Terry was standing the forest floor, exhaulting in the lack of pain. He flew around and gorged himself on the various types of pixie food available about the forest. Once his gut was full, he landed on a very large tree limb and pondered his predicament. His Terry body was sleek and strong, but he really wanted to be Bobbi again. Will shifting to his Bobbi body put him in the broken-down mess that he had gotten himself into, or will it be fixed. If it is still broken, can he wait a few weeks for it to repair itself, or will he have to be wearing it through the long repair process? Terry found some thistle down and carried several arm loads to a crotch in the tree. He laid down in the thistle down and shifted.

To her delight, Bobbi found herself to be healthy and pain-free. She laughed and flew straight up into the canopy -- but not through it. She sped along, dodging limbs and carefully staying below the very top of the canopy.

Suddenly, she came to a screeching halt. She felt something like a muscular snake, except that it managed to be slimy and sticky at the same time, wrap itself around her oh so delectable torso. The next thing she knew, she was face-to-face with a huge tree frog. The frog was trying to stuff her into its mouth, but she was way too big for that.

"Yuck!" she yelled as she punched the frog right between the eyes. When the frog let its mouth go slack, she grabbed the offending (and offensive) frog tongue and unwrapped herself. Dripping sticky slime, she dove down through the canopy and looked for a place to wash herself. She landed next to a still pool in an otherwise swift stream and waded in. Suddenly, with a flash of orange, a large fish grabbed her leg and tried to pull her out into the deeper and swifter water. She reacted instantly and, with a well-practiced martial arts blow, landed a kick right on the oscar's nose. The fish, quite startled to find its prey fighting back, opened its mouth briefly. Taking her cue, Bobbi flew straight up. She landed several steps from the bank of the river and started panting. Her leg hurt like mad, and sported several puncture wounds.

Bobbi changed herself into Terry, then back again. She was pleased to find that she was not only healthy again, but was no longer coated in slime. Smiling, she walked toward the pixberry bush she had spotted on her way down.

She suddenly felt uneasy. She felt a prickling on the back of her neck -- as if she were being watched. The feeling grew stronger, until she couldn't help but to jump up and start flying. The jungle cat screamed in frustration as it landed on the exact spot that Bobbi had just vacated.

For a fun-loving pixie, Bobbi sure wasn't having a good day. On the other hand, it could be worse.

* * * * *

Rhona had barely made it through the last few hours of her work day. Sighing, she stumbled on to the red double-decker bus and collapsed into the first empty seat she saw. She almost fell asleep on the way home. The ride seemed to go on forever. Finally, she staggered through the door of her semi-detached home. She threw some left-overs into the microwave as she checked her mail. "Where is Terry?" she muttered out loud. She hadn't gotten any email from Terry in a couple days. That's not like him at all. Dejected, she ate her dinner and collapsed on to her bed. Just as she was about to pass out, the lights got brighter. Startled, she sat up. She was no longer in her room. A dumpy ugly guy with military glasses approached her with a hypodermic. She tried to get away, but she didn't have the strength. She fell to the bed as he pushed the plunger on the needle.

She woke up in a pile of fluff that had been put into the crotch of a huge tree. She stood and stretched luxuriantly -- feeling better than she had in years. She felt strange, though. She looked down and noticed that she was nude. She was slender, and felt light as a feather. Her skin was a beautiful golden color, and her red hair fell past her shoulders. Her finger and toe nails were a vibrant violet, almost as if they were painted. The color went all the way through, though. Nothing hurt. Nothing was wrinkled. Nothing sagged. She smiled, briefly forgetting her troubles.

A light breeze blew the fluff around. She felt something stirring on her back. She looked over her shoulder and was startled to see two dragonfly wings emerging from just below her shoulder blades.

* * * * *

"I never get to have any fun," Mistress Gabrielle sulked as she stripped off her now useless costume. She ordered Minion to properly stow her things, then walked around with a big pout on her face. She gave her magic mushroom a lick, then wandered aimlessly around her toxic garden. After sampling a dozen or more plants, she was as high as a kite. She hopped up and tried to fly to her lair, but ended up crashing in a patch of poison ivy. After giggling and rubbing the toxic plant all over herself, Mistress Gabrielle stumbled up and tried to walk over to her water hemlock plant. She tripped over one of the vines, and started to glow as her levitation abilities automatically came into play. She somersaulted end over end as she gained altitude. After some effort, she made her way to the entrance of her lair. She pulled herself inside, collapsed upon her king sized water bed that was filled with used nuclear reactor coolant. The room was soon filled with the sound of her ladylike snores.

* * * * *

Bobbi screamed as she flew as fast as she could; two very angry swallows hot on her tail. Playing with the barn swallow's babies had seemed like a good idea at the time, but their parents had no sense of humor. She felt a sharp pain where her butt meets her thigh, and tried to dodge. The swallows, known for their speed and agility in flight, had no problem keeping up with her. Bleeding from several places, she finally flew into a tangle of vines. She stuck her tongue out as the swallows as they scolded her, then finally flew off.

* * * * *

Mistress Gabrielle arose from her slumber with a fierce headache. She used her powers to dispel the headache, drank several mugs of hemlock tea. Suddenly, her pretty eyes lit up. "Someone has come into my territory," she said with a voice that was sultry and nefarious all at the same time. "Minion!" she called. "Come attend me. I need to attire myself again."

* * * * *

Rhona heard a crashing noise and jumped. Instead of falling, she found herself hovering. Having already burned out her disbelief, she simply accepted the evidence. Smiling, Rhona flew around a bit, then landed higher in the tree. Soon, a nasty little imp appeared and told her, "The Mistress wishes to see you." Shrugging, she followed the imp, who seemed to be flying rather slowly. Soon, a beautiful fairy with butterfly wings and pink and violet coloring came into view. She was wearing stilletto heels, fishnet stockings, and a leather corset. She stood regally upon the cap of a fly agaric mushroom. That was when Rhona realized how tiny she had become. She cautiously approached, not knowing if she should trust this 'Mistress' or not. She was startled when the Mistress mooned her.

But that's not all she did. Rhona noted with disgust that the Mistress didn't just moon her; she farted at her. She wrinkled her nose with disgust as the Mistress's toxic fumes enveloped her. She could almost see the cloud of toxic gas as it swirled around her. She changed course and flew out of the cloud. Against her better judgment, she flew down and landed on the mushroom.

"You may address me as Mistress Gabrielle."

Rhona, taken aback by Mistress Gabrielle's arrogance, said nothing.

Mistress Gabrielle put her finger under Rhona's chin and looked deeply into her eyes. "Yes, you are a pretty one. You will do nicely." She ran her hands over Rhona's curves, pausing at the more sensitive spots.

Rhona, having had enough of that treatment, slapped Mistress Gabrielle in the face. "You little toe rag!" she growled as she flew off of the mushroom. She felt something build up inside her as she looked about at the garden that seemed to consist of weeds that she would have aggressively pulled out of her own. That something left her and flew to the pernicious weeds, which withered and died under the onslaught. Mistress Gabrielle screamed in outrage, then collapsed to the ground and started weeping over her wilted and scorched weeds.

"Sodding wench," Rhona muttered as she flew off into the forest.

* * * * *

Bobbi flew around, taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the forest. Her attempts at interacting with the local wildlife may have gotten her into trouble, but it didn't discourage her; not even a little bit. She was too busy enjoying her new body and the freedom of flight to let little details like broken limbs and painful injuries ruin her mood. She did, however, decide to be a bit more cautious.

Like most rain forests, the dense canopy blocks most of the sunlight, leaving too little near the ground to support more than a few scrawny plants. While one may see an impenetrable wall of green from a clearing or the banks of a river, most of the understory is more like a cathedral supported by thousands of pillars. Bobbi enjoyed flying between the tree trunks, dodging left and right like the characters of that old Star Wars movie.

As she was flying through the woods, she came upon a shelter. Under the roof, she saw a familiar blue glow. While she was thoroughly enjoying the life of a pixie, her nerdy side couldn't resist the temptation. She landed just outside the shelter, walked under the roof, and sat in a miniature office chair. A note was stuck to the monitor.

Username: PixieBobbi
Password: DoctorRayIsTheGreatest

She was too busy trying to navigate around a distro of Linux she had never seen to notice that the entire pagoda was slowly being lowered into the ground.

"Well, my pretty little pet; it seems as if you have stumbled into my trap," Doctor Ray said as he rubbed his hands together and chuckled evilly.

Bobbi giggled. "Is this where you tell me all about your schemes for world domination?"

The Evil Doctor Ray fixed her in his baleful gaze. "No, that world domination stuff is for losers. Who wants to spend your time guarding against every little up-start that wants to steal your hard-earned work when you can spend your time doing mad scientist stuff and sending your minions out to do your bidding?"

Bobbi put her hands on her deliciously rounded hips. "So, what are you planning on doing?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"It's in the Evil Scientist Code," replied Bobbi. "First, you capture your hapless victim. Then, you bore the person to death by expounding at length on how clever your plans are."

He laughed evilly. "Well, my pretty little pet, surely you have already guessed. I am capturing all of my rivals and morfing them into whatever tickles my fancy at the moment. How do you like your new form, my diminutive little flower?"

Bobbi flew up, did some complex aerobatics, and kissed the Evil Doctor Ray on the end of his bulbous nose. "I love it! How can I ever thank you enough?"

He gave a dreamy little smile, then remembered who he was and forced a stern look on his face. "Impertinent insect!" he said. Bobbi giggled. "You should be begging me to free you," he said sternly.

"You had me and let me go before. Why should it be any different this time?"

"Because..." he began. He couldn't think of a good answer, though.

"So, who else have you brought to your Evil Island, oh great Mad Scientist?"

The Evil Doctor Ray gave an ominous chuckle. "Oh, a few. I think you met some of them. Gabrielle, Jorey, Silverdyne, and a few others are already running around." He stared at her as an evil smile came to his lips. "I also managed to morf your friend Rhona. She's a pixie just like you; and quite a dish, if I do say so myself. She even managed to escape Gabrielle's nefarious clutches with no trouble at all."

Bobbi flew up and kissed him on the end of the nose again. "Oh thank you!" she giggled as she flew to the roof and out through a vent. Doctor Ray watched her go with a faint smile on his face, then sighed and pushed a Big Red Button. The shelter slowly moved back up into position.

* * * * *

As Rhona was flying away from Mistress Gabrielle's ruined garden, she realized that she was hungry. She also realized that she was a newly minted bio elemental. Encouraged by that, she looked around with her new senses. It didn't take long to figure out what she should and shouldn't eat.

Refreshed and comfortably full, she flew to a stream that she had seen earlier. She sensed some carnivorous fish, so she flew downstream until she found an area that was too shallow for the fish. She landed lightly on a rock and daintily sipped the clear water. Then, she found a shallow pool and swam around a bit. She was about done with her swim when she heard a high screaming noise. Startled, she jumped up and flew in the direction of the noise. It didn't take too long for her to find the source of the racket. A blue pixie with violet hair was flying just as fast as her little wings would take her. Hot on her tail, an owl dived down and grabbed her with its wicked talons. The pixie screamed, then went limp.

She again felt the pressure building within herself. Forewarned, she aimed it straight at the owl's head and let it loose. The owl went limp and fell to the ground. Rhona followed the owl to the ground and tugged mightily at the wicked talons. Soon, the owl's victim was laying on the ground in a pool of her own blood.

Rhona put her hands on the victim, using her instincts. Soon, even though she was still gravely wounded, the little pixie's eyes fluttered and opened. In no time at all, a perfectly healthy male pixie was laying there. His face looked very familiar.


"In the flesh," he replied.

Rhona watched in amazement as Terry melted and changed, shifting to the cute little female pixie that she had just rescued.

"Hi, I'm Bobbi," she giggled. "The Evil Doctor Ray turned me into a shape shifter, so I can get the best of both worlds," she said as she wrapped Rhona in a hug and planted a big kiss on her pouty lips. "Thank you for rescuing me!" Rhona struggled a bit, then realized that she didn't mind hugging her girlfriend.

Bobbi broke the embrace. "All this shifting makes me hungry! Let's go get something to eat." She giggled. "I'll buy." She led Rhona into the canopy and to a thicket of branches. She flew off, quickly gathered up a bunch of berries, leaves, and veggies, and set them down in front of Rhona. Together, they replenished the energy that they had used earlier.

Rhona fixed Bobbi with a lavicious smile. "You're cute in your Bobbi form, but I can think of a few things that I would like to do with Terry."

Bobbi looked at her with an equally lavicious smile and replied, "Wait here. I'll be back in a few."

Soon, she came back and led Rhona to a horizontal branch. After landing on the branch, Bobbi became Terry, took Rhona by the hand, and led her to a pile of fluff in the crotch of the tree.

* * * * *

The Evil Doctor Ray was chuckling and dry washing his hands as he looked at the monitor. On it was a picture of Shrike, along with his genetic code. "What shall I do to this one?"

"Nothing!" he heard from behind him. He turned around just in time to see a diminutive cat hybrid step out of a black disk that was suspended in the air.

"Goddess Britney! To what do I owe the honor of this visit?"

"You will stop messing with my universe, or pay the consequences," she said in a low, dangerous voice. At least, she tried to pitch her soprano voice so that it sounded low and dangerous.

"I'm not ruining it. I'm improving it," he said with a shrug.

"I'll be the judge of that," she replied with some heat.

"I can think for myself, thank you very much," he tossed off with a smirk.

She pointed at him, the claw on her index finger extended; and fixed him with a stare. "You will follow the rules, or pay the consequences."

"Oh? And what would that be? It's not as if I'm under your omnipotent power or something. After all, I wasn't created as a part of your universe," he said with a complacent smile.

"You will behave yourself, or you will leave!"

For the first time, Doctor Ray lost his confident air; but only for a second. "You can't do that! My fans..."

"My fans like the universe as it is. Behave, or leave!"

"I can write my own..."

"But you haven't! At least, I haven't seen any."

He slumped. "But, but..."

"Look," she said more kindly, "You're one of only five authors who actually finishes his work. I don't want to lose you, but I can't let you take away the characteristics that attract people to my universe."

Doctor Ray sighed. "Yes ma'am. I'll try to behave." He brightened a bit. "Can I still torture the other authors and call it satire?"

"I can't stop you there," she admitted. "Satire is protected speech."

Doctor Ray grinned evilly as Goddess Britney walked through the black hole and pulled it behind herself.

The entire MORFS Universe can be found at http://morfs.nowhere2go.org/
More writing and photography by Ray Drouillard at http://members.quixnet.net/cosmic/

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