Cresswell Industries -64-65-


A Grab-bag of erotic themes in a grand soap opera manner. Not all of the themes and elements checked are in every episode


Cresswell Industries

by Keshara Narme


Chapter Sixty Four


Normal Service Resumed


With the weekend over the morning ritual in the Hive of a return to normality was in full swing.

Joan had made sure Princess was ready and as she excitedly brought her to the main reception hall everyone awaited the arrival of the ever-growing array of Cresswell Prep Schoolgirls.

A couple of days ago the sight of a very effeminate fifteen year old boy eagerly ready for school would have been a complete shock and disgrace to Princess. Yet as Wayne appeared dressed for his return to the local boys school, Princess could only wonder in amazement at how brave the pretty teenager was.

Especially having to endure all the comments that would accompany his return to school from all the other boys.

Just then all attention was taken away from Wayne as his sister Kelly appeared with Rosalind and her very cute looking little sister Danielle.

Kelly and Rosalind were dressed in their school uniform of white blouse, red jacket and matching red pleated knee length skirt, while on their legs they had the customary white knee high socks and black Mary Jane's to finish off their uniform.

Danielle however was wearing a lilac small chequered dress with white lilac laced ankle socks and shoes like her sister's to match.

"Oh Danielle you look so wonderful!" Jean crouched down and hugged her youngest, who despite still having the same length hair, although a little more blonde than before, looked very much like an eight year old girl.

"Thank you mother!" she replied.

Just then the doorbell rang and Joan rushed to welcome Michelle.

Instantly Kelly and Rosalind broke ranks and enthused over Michelle's black pantyhosed legs.

"Auntie told me that I would be wearing these from now on until the weather gets warmer!" Michelle ran her hands over her mesh-encased leg, knowing that Kelly would be really envious of her.


As Ivan drove the girls the long distance to the Cresswell' estate and life got back to normal at the Hive, Grace left Princess in the capable hands of Joan once more.

The next few weeks would still be a lesson for her as she adapted to becoming a full time shemale and considering she still had a wardrobe to fill with clothes of her own, today would be an excellent day to begin her romance with Rubies Shopping Mall.


While across town on another estate, the McKinley's were preparing for their day.

Lydia dried her herself and slipped on her black satin thonged panties over her seamed black stockings and garter belt. Once again her 34b chest hung down as she smoothed her hand over her nylon-clad legs.

Disappointment began to enrage in her mind as she thought about the size of her breasts.

The week she had spent at the health farm had trimmed her body down from ten and half stone to a perfect nine stone, but despite having the figure she had last had since she was an eighteen-year-old, she was just not happy with it.

Brian had been moved out of her bedroom and now slept in one of the rooms downstairs, he had noted the changes in his wife's appearance, but his mind was completely submerged in Hayley Robinson.

He was desperate to see her, his balls ached with a growing passion to have the shaft that stemmed from them sunk deep inside her, however as watched his wife enter the kitchen, he could not help wondering why she had decided to dress so differently for work.

Lydia waltzed into the kitchen on her six-inch stiletto heels.

"You know we should get a full time maid in here!" she snapped at her husband as she played around with her low cut silk white blouse, her black satin push up bra clearly visible beneath as was her moulded cleavage between the gap in her navy jacket.

"Yes dear!" Brian replied casting a glance on the seams of her stockings and the shortness of her skirt. "Are you not going into work today?" he asked, for he had got used to the fact that since she had returned from the Health Farm she had spent every evening frequenting bars and night clubs.

"Brian these past few years I've dressed so dowdy I thought it was time I started wearing more attractive clothes and besides I feel better for it!" she replied in a 'so what's it got to do with you' tone of voice.

Walking out of the kitchen she glanced at herself in the large reception hall mirror and began to play with her jacket and blouse, positioning her shoulders to find out which way her boobs would look more enticing to the world.

Turning around she glanced at her seamed stockings and at her choice of attire, but as she cupped her bottom a slight disappointment crept over her for she began to wonder how appealing she would look if her bottom was a little more rounder. Blowing herself a kiss she grabbed a hold of her bag and car keys and went off to the office.

Driving to work her thoughts turned to her new friend and work colleague Julia Stroud, she would promote her this morning to her personal assistant and with her political connections she would almost secure her job as mayoress.

Arriving at the underground car park of the town authorities building, she stopped at the barrier and waited for the normal face of Mr Baxter to appear and let her in.

However this time a wiry looking young man wearing glasses came out of the hut to lift the barrier wearing the same white overall as the old man used to.

"Excuse me young man where is Mr Baxter?" she asked winding her window down.

"I'm sorry Miss, but he was taken very poorly last week and they hired me as his replacement," the young man replied nervously.

"Oh I see," Lydia replied as her reconditioned mind suddenly made her fingers toy with the edge of her blouse, exposing a nice view of her pushed together 34b breasts.

The young car park attendant could not miss the obvious glimpse of the woman's very visible cleavage.

"What's your name boy?"

"Err... Justin Miss!" he replied as he watched her finger toy with the opening of her blouse.

"How old are you?"

"Twenty-two Miss!"

"Do you know who I am?" she looked up at him slightly pouting her lips.

"Err... No Miss, sorry I don't!"

"I gather you can drive?" she then spoke a little more authoritative.

The young man nodded.

"Well I am the Director General of this place and that means I'm the boss!" she looked deep into his eyes, although his eyes were mesmerised by her cleavage.

"Oh... I'm err... Sorry Miss!" he suddenly turned his gaze away and shifted awkwardly on his feet.

"Open the door for me and you can park my car in my bay!" she then ordered him.

"Err... Yes Miss... Whatever you say," he felt embarrassed that he had spent some time drooling over her exposed skin.

Justin did as he was told and as he opened the door for her, he could not take his eyes off her nylon clad legs as they sexily sprouted from the car.

"Thank you... Justin!" she purposefully pushed her chest out so the young car park attendant got yet another view of her cleavage.


Smoothing her skirt she watched the nervous looking Justin drive her car off to the bay that had the Director General's marker on it. Although he was a bit geeky looking the thought that he was a young man spurred her newfound craving for young men on.

She had tried to seduce a couple of young men last night, but they had made it clear that they where only into girls their age.

The buzz she got from flaunting herself at nights had now quelled over into the day and Lydia could see that this young man was going to be easy to seduce.


Julia was already waiting for Lydia in her office and despite the really odd glances she had got from the other workers in the building, including her own secretary Jill, she found it really amusing.

"What's so funny Lydia?" Julia asked as she watched her rather sexily dressed friend enter the office and close the door behind her.

"Oh it's just the look on their faces as they saw how I was dressed!" she laughed.

Julia could only laugh along as she began to wonder if the conditioning of Lydia McKinley's mind from the very conservative and serious minded future mayoress into the nymphomaniac prostitute she was going to become, had been to early.

Julia accepted the promotion she knew she was going to get anyway and instantly stepped into her new position and began planning the restructure of Lydia's surrounding team.

The job of moulding Lydia's secretary Jill into her secretary was an enticing thought for Julia, for she had already began to fantasise about turning her into a lesbian from the first day she had seen her. Yet the job of replacing the other members of Lydia's team with Lady Cresswell's people would take a little longer for many of the staff under Lydia were still under contract for some time.

Leaving her newly appointed P.A to rework her schedule and basically do all her work, Lydia's mind went back to the young car park attendant and how it would be nice if she had someone who could drive her about permanently.


Justin Baker nodded and mimed in sync to the tune on his headphones, he had done enough studying for one morning and had decided to take it easy. So with his feet up his CD player up full blast and his ears filled with music he went back to 'Chilling Out!'

Suddenly his earphones were yanked from his ears.

"You'll go death if you keep listening to that music!" a voice reverberated around the small hut he was perched in.

"Uh... I... Err... I'm sorry Miss!" he struggled to find a reply as he realised that it was Director General again.

"Mr Baxter usually kept himself busy by sweeping up this car park!" Lydia questioned the young man's abuse of his time alone down in the car park. "And how an earth are you going to hear anyone breaking into our cars either!"

"Err... Yes of course Miss... I'm sorry!" he apologised trying to hide his course work from her.

"What are you studying for?" Lydia grinned, for she had spotted it anyway.

"I go to evening classes Miss... I'm studying to be err... Programmer of computers!" he once again found his eyes going from her face to her pushed together cleavage.

"Well I wouldn't hire you for that," she sneered at the young man looking him up and down, he was at least six foot and very scraggy and nerdy looking, but she began to assess what he could look like with her help. "So tell me Justin, do you have a girlfriend?"

"Err... Well I... Err... I don't have much time to get a girlfriend, I'm too busy with night school and besides I've only just moved into lodgings here," he replied nervously, for he needed his day job to pay for his lodgings.

"Hmmm very interesting!" Lydia then bent forward and picked up some of his course work and pretended to look through it, given the petrified young man a very good glimpse of her black satin encased boobs. "So Justin tell me the truth have you ever had a girlfriend?"

Justin was lost for words, in between feeling nervous at loosing his job and finding the sight of female flesh in his face, he seemed content on replying to his boss with honesty.

"Err... No Miss... I err?" he was about to begin his reasons when she cut in.

"Where are the keys for Mayor's limo?" Lydia changed the subject altogether.

"I'm sorry but Mr Hardacre told me that only he is allowed to drive that and he's the Mayor's chauffeur?" Justin replied.

"I am aware of that... But it's just that... Well if you was to ask anyone round here they'll inform you that I'm going to be the next Mayor anyway... and I'm sure that Mr Hardacre would not mind his future boss having a peak at the inside of the car!"

Justin could see reason in the Director General's request and considering her position was only rivalled by that of the Mayor anyway, he guessed that it would not hurt if he showed her the limo.


The black limo was still warm from the drive it had getting here this morning and Lydia knew the schedule of the Mayor and his chauffeur, for it was her position that sanctioned all of the mayor's requests and itineraries for the week.

"Well are'nt you gonna open the door for me?" she prompted the young man.

"Err yes Miss... Sorry!" he replied opening the rear door.

Lydia slipped into the leather interior of the Mayor's limousine and ran her hand over the seats as she crossed her legs.

"Justin come and take a seat it's quite comfortable in here!" she patted the seat next to her.

"But Miss the err?" he worryingly looked over to the far side of the car park where his hut was and the problem of someone else coming down to retrieve their vehicle.

"Don't worry about the barrier people can wait... Here sit!" she ordered him.

Justin did just as she hoped he would, he did not take up the offer of sitting next to her for he chose to sit opposite.

"Isn't this wonderful!" Lydia crossed her legs and kneaded the leather seat with her hands.

"Yes Miss!" he replied finding it hard not to get a glimpse of her stocking tops.

"Do you find me attractive Justin?" Lydia got down to the real reason she had come back down to the car park.

"I err... Well?" he began to stutter as the Director General removed her jacket and began to unbutton her blouse.

"You know you are a lucky young man, I've always dreamed of having sex in the back of limo and you're going to be the one who does it with it me!" she then sat forward and gave the confused Justin a very good glimpse of her pushed together cleavage. "And I'm sure you would love to loose your virginity at some stage?"

He had seen breasts before when he was at school, but he had always been too shy to take any of the girls offers of touching them up, but this was the first time he had had the proposition of ending his virginity.

So moving forward himself and with his cock rearing away in his pants, he grabbed a hold of her satin encased breasts.

"Kiss them!" she commanded opening her legs and pulling the young man into her chest.

Justin slobbered all over her bra and exposed flesh.

"You really are a novice aren't you?" Lydia unhooked her bra and let her breasts fall into his face.

The sight of two erect nipples so near his face was too much and hungrily he sucked and licked them.

"That's better Justin!" Lydia felt pleased as the young man finally did something right. Then pulling him away from her tits, she then began undoing his trousers.

"Well you do have something that could please a lady!" she sighed as her hand pulled out his very wet and erect manhood.

Before Justin could reply the Director General had pushed him back into the chair opposite and had her mouth wrapped around his cock.

Lydia's craving for young men egged her forward, she would have preferred a more muscular young man, but she needed sex and this geeky looking young man was her only chance of a quick fix.

Pulling her thonged panties aside she slid down on the young man's eight inch cock and rode him roughly.

His inexperience annoyed her, but the more he fumbled with her breasts the more she decided that this young man was going to be her servant.

Within seconds Justin was ejaculating deep into his first ever pussy then before he knew what was happening she pushed him down onto the leathered upholstery completely turned around and then sank her soaking cum filled pussy on his face.

The taste of her juices and his was strange and in truth he had never really thought about what it would taste like, but as she began to gyrate over his face he could feel his cock being sucked up into another erection and all his concerns disappeared.

With his cock erect again Lydia removed her skirt moved over to the other seat and stuck her bottom up in the air and called him over.

"Now fuck me from behind!" she ordered him.

Justin did as he was told, he was going to loose his virginity a second time and the thought that she was offering him her seamed stocking and garter ass drove him on.

Lydia helped him drive his cock back into her pussy as her mind reflected on all those wonderful young bucks that had filled her back at the farm. She wanted and expected the young man to play with her back passage liked they had all done and to fuck it too, but she knew that this young man was too inexperienced and she would have to train him into doing everything and anything she wanted.


Julia looked at Lydia's face as she returned to the office and wondered how this woman could have returned so completely different from what she was like before her week's holiday.

She smelt of sex and wondered whom the young man was that had fallen so unwittingly into her trap and as she watched Lydia McKinley close her office door she picked up the phone and reported the news to Lady Melissa.


Melissa welcomed the news with a grin, this woman had opposed her on many occasions and held such a strong morality against what she was doing and planning, that Lydia had in fact become a threat to Cresswell's future.

True she was strong politically and had many supporters, but Julia was also renowned in political circles and although a normal thinking Lydia would never have established a friendship with a well known self confessed lesbian, Melissa hoped it would bring about a more unified female vote.

However Melissa had planned for that vote to be for Julia and now with the mayoral elections only six months away, Julia Stroud was in position to becoming the mayor.

Yet as she considered the fate of Lydia and how near she was to initiate her assault on Bernard Falconer, she also revelled in the fact that the very expensive and rich estate that the McKinley's lived on would soon become another 'Hive'.


Chapter Sixty Five


Scent (Revisited)


The next three weeks progressed smoothly.

Lydia had moved Justin from his lodgings and had him permanently on a dog lead, he was nothing but a slave to her and that was how she treated him. He was useless as a housemaid but made up for that by learning to please her sexually in all manners of ways.

Her work as Director General had become an interference to her, whilst the need to fulfil her ever growing sexual appetite was taking centre stage, as new and wild thoughts filled her mind the disappointment in her small breasts and un-curvy bottom grew with a passion.

It had taken her only one week to walk into an unsavoury back street tattooist and piercing parlour and to the surprise of the owner, remove her skirt, hose and panties and demand her glistening shaven pussy to be pierced three times on each lip.

When he was finished where once grew her pubic hair she now sported a large tattoo of a black widow spider.

The following week she ordered Justin to have his rosebud pierced and to match her spider he had a spider's web spread out around his cleanly shaven pubic area.

By the third week Justin was organising Lydia's first client, she no longer viewed herself as the future mayor she had yearned to become, for she now had another and more important career to follow, because she wanted to become a Madame of her own brothel.


Joan began her shemale period and much to the delight of Jerry, who enjoyed watching her cum so often, she could not wait until the next month.

Grace was doubly pleased with Joan too, for the excitement that aided in Joan's shemale period, was the way she eased Wayne into panties, pantyhose and then the same grey maids uniform that she had to wear.

When Wayne returned home from his first day back at school and began helping Joan with the housework, Joan kept asking him questions about his sister's underwear and what colours he would wear if he was a girl.

The next day he returned home from school to the sight of a pair of ivory-laced tanga styled panties lying on his bed.

He found Joan waiting outside his room and with his hand perched femininely on his hip he held them up with his index finger waiting for an answer from her.

Joan explained very unconvincingly with a story that she had absentmindedly left them on his bed and asked if he would return them to Miss Princess's panty draw as they were hers.

The temptation to wear them though was too much so after showering he slipped them on and wore them under his black side zipped slacks. It was not until morning when he opened his draws to grab a pair of his male shorts that his thoughts about Joan's story was confirmed, for she had replaced half of his male shorts with more laced tanga briefs.

Yet it was returning to his room that very afternoon after school that his excitement grew, for this time Joan had 'absentmindedly' left a pair of flesh coloured pantyhose on his bed, with the next day bringing a matching laced camisole top.

By Friday afternoon Wayne was revealed to everyone as Joan's assistant maid.


School for Wayne had become rather boring for him as all he could dream about was what items of female clothing would look good on him and how much he wanted to work full time as a beautician or even as a maid.

The bullying had dwindled for him too, as all the boys who either registered him as a queen, faggot or weirdo all systematically kept their distance from him.

However Kyle Reegan who had instigated most of Wayne's bullying until his parents confronted him and warned him that he would be kicked out of the school if it continued, was far from being able to keep his distance.

Wayne made sure that they always bumped into one another and as the weeks progressed Kyle began to realise that the 'weirdo' actually wanted him to continue the bullying.

Yet Kyle's friends began to see it another way, for as one of them laughingly remarked, 'The queen's got the hots for you!'.

And it was on the third week of the new term that Kyle's stoic mannerism around Wayne came crashing down.

It was by chance that the two of them ended up in a classroom all by themselves and Wayne knowing that Kyle was now slowly getting all the abuse that he used to get, showed him the pantyhose and laced tanga briefs he was wearing under his trousers.

Kyle stood petrified as the blatant transvestite showed him the feminine garments he was wearing and he found himself desperately fighting the urge to beat the crap out of him.

Yet Kyle knew that he thrived on any physical abuse and more frightening was the prospect of further ridicule from his friends. For they would have contrived Wayne showing him his panties and hose as another example of the tranny's crush on him.

Yet more worrying for Kyle was the fact that if any of the other boys knew what Wayne had disclosed to him, it would confirm all their suspicions and the horrifying fact that Wayne did have a crush on him.

Although Wayne himself only did it to embarrass him, it would be a little time after his sixteenth birthday that he too would come realise the same thing.


Princess could not wait until her next shemale period for this would mean the end of her transformation, meanwhile Grace made sure her day time schedule was busy with shopping chores and making sure that she spent at least four hours a day making herself look beautiful.

The workers on the building site enjoyed their daily banter with the increasingly sexy looking Princess too, for every morning she rigorously took Tootsie for her walks.

Night time was more enjoyable as the days passed by for Grace continued to help her improve on her bedtime skills by playing and toying with her, showing her exactly how to pleasure a man and how to grip and hold a man's cock inside her.

Although Princess had now become a natural with her own collection of dildos, Grace still managed to keep her concubine's ass a virgin from even her own small cockette, she wanted to keep that moment for another more special day.


Jean had fallen pregnant rather quickly and was desperate for her bump to show as each and every conversation she had about her impregnation inevitably ended up with her telling them how excited and naughty she was at falling pregnant to Ivan's impressive manhood.


Annabelle threw herself into her job, she wanted to be nothing other than a hairstylist and had even began to find the confidence to cut and style on her own. Yet she always seemed to run into an awkward question from not only her co-workers, namely Carmine, but also from the regular customers who came into the salon. The question being that of a suitor and this always brought her mind back to the dilemma Madame Grace had given her and the year she had to decide as to what sex she wanted between her legs.

Wendy enjoyed all the attention her eldest daughter was getting and every now and again dropped hints on how wonderful it was for a woman to have something that little bit extra between their legs.


Meanwhile Hayley was still secretly yearning for Mr McKinley, however on this particular day the strange feeling she had hidden so well from her Mistress and from the ever-watchful eyes of Madame Grace's camera's, finally surfaced.

Hayley had been lucky for the last two nights, for Wendy had been so wrapped up in negotiations concerning the future of the salon that any wifely duties required of her in the bedroom on those nights had been put on hold.

When she awoke on the first of those two days, she found that her tiny penis-clit was erect and after a several hours of secretive stimulating she managed to quash any wanton feelings that she had that day.

However the next morning her penis-clit was erect again and to make things worse she could feel her shemale love hole puckering along with every little throb of her tiny sex.

Getting dressed she decided to wear a pair of very tight black slacks that bit into her crotch and considering she was wearing pantyhose and a tight panty girdle, she hoped it would reduce her need to touch it as she had done yesterday whilst wearing a skirt.

In fact Wendy had no idea that Hayley was secretly redressing into a skirt whenever she left for work, for every time she left for work or returned Hayley was wearing the attire she now demanded her to wear.

Of course Grace and Gabby knew what Hayley was doing and decided that Wendy's treatment in this case was a little harsh.


Hayley tried all manners of ways to get the idea of how she felt out of head and put it down the way she was feeling due to Wendy not having sex with her for two days.

As the day moved into the afternoon Hayley felt confident that she had got over her sexual urge to touch herself, however just as she was about to hang out the washing the door bell chimed.

Opening the door she came face to face with two men wearing navy boiler suits, one was obviously in his early forties and the other was mid twenties.

"Excuse me Ma'am!" the older began.

Hayley's little penis-clit became the hardest it had ever become since her transformation.

"Yes Jeremy!" Hayley sighed as she looked at the man's name badge 'Jeremy Hall'.

"Oh I see you're very observant Ma'am!" Jeremy returned finding the small woman somewhat alluring.

"They've had a problem on the building site across the street," Jeremy began to explain that her electricity would be out for a few hours due to the fact that the main supply was configured with hers and that they had to separate it.

Hayley just looked dreamily eyed into the man's eyes as he continued to tell her that they would have to pull up some of her driveway, for the connection was unfortunately situated there.

Hayley just smiled at the two men, her thoughts hardly on the work they informed her that they were going to do, for all she could think of was what it would be like to be sandwiched between two such manly bodies.

"Ma'am are you ok?" the younger of the two enquired seeing that the lady was somewhat mesmerised by the two of them.

"Oh yes... Colin... I'm very much ok!" Hayley glimpsed at his name badge. "My name is Hayley Anne Robinson... Miss!" she held out her hand for the two men to shake.

Jeremy was finding it hard to concentrate on his clipboard as the lines he knew off by heart disappeared as he accepted the woman's very small and feminine handshake.

"Yer welcome Ma'am!" Jeremy shook her hand.

"Yes you're welcome!" Colin Brown did the same as his colleague.

"Please boys... Call me Hayley!" she replied her head spinning with visions of lust.

The two men both repeated her name as if under a spell of some kind. They both found the petite woman very attractive and as their minds contemplated on how they could turn this encounter into a more gratifying one.

Hayley then told both of the men to do what they must, for she some how knew that they were now both under her command.


Hayley watched the two men working on the driveway, her mind was continually playing scenes of her stuck between both of them with their hands all over her body and hers pulling on their cocks.

Desperately her fingers gnawed away at her crotch and before she knew what she was doing she had gone upstairs to her Mistress's bedroom had taken out her thickest vibrator, removed her slacks girdle and hose and was ramming the phallus deeply into her quivering shemale love hole.

After an hour or so of masturbating her tiny but very erect penis-clit to another orgasm, she cleaned herself up got dressed and tried to get back to her work.


The rest of the day passed by slowly for the two workers as they pulled up the cement and tarmac and found the connections they had been told to correct.

Both of them constantly finding themselves looking up at the house, desperate to catch a glimpse of the woman that they could not shake loose from their minds. Occasionally they would both see her image pass by the glass partition of the front door and like clockwork both of them would stop and hope that she would open the door and call them over.

Wendy paid the two men no attention as she passed them, she had already been informed by Grace that some contractors would have to pull up the ground to get at some electrical supply. Furthermore she also did not find anything peculiar in the way Hayley seemed rather desperate to go to bed early that night or the eagerness in her need for sex.


Hayley thought that finally having her Mistress's gooey cum filling her would help rid her of the way she was feeling, however when she awoke the next morning the urge was still their and much stronger than before.


Jeremy Hall went home that evening to his wife and three children as he usually did, however today Jackie his wife would find her husband continually going to the toilet and concerned as any wife would be, she wondered if she should call a doctor.

However that night she kept hearing him call out some woman's name in his sleep and putting it down to him being delirious she tried to go back to sleep, yet when he started to quake and shiver she thought that it was time she called the doctor.

The shock that met her eyes when she pulled back the dampened sheets, changed her concern to anger for Jeremy was not shaking from illness he was masturbating himself heavily besides her.

That morning Jackie grilled her husband on who his latest floozy was, warning the two timing 'son of a bitch' that her warning from Christmas still applied. Jeremy could not understand what she was fussing over, although he was somewhat surprised to hear that he had been calling out a Hayley's name while he rather rampantly brought himself off.

Jeremy just told Jackie to shut it, got dressed and with her screaming behind him, slammed the door and got into his van and nonchalantly went to pick his colleague.

Despite Jeremy not being able to register any problem in his actions last night, he still could not understand that this woman his wife was going on about was permanently etched into his subconscious.

Driving the short distance to retrieve his co-worker and friend Colin, Jeremy's mind suddenly reverted back to fantasising over the petite woman and his hand was once again pawing away at his groin.


Fortunately for Colin Brown his girlfriend was out of town and his unusual behaviour that night passed by unnoticed. Even his downstairs neighbour and landlord took his moaning and groaning as another score he had made for the forth night running in his girlfriends absence.


Hayley spent the morning trying to disguise her wanton feelings from Wendy and luckily her Mistress was too busy going over the details of her revamp of the salon to recognise the difference in her behaviour.

Hayley could not wait for her Mistress and Annabelle to leave for work, she knew those two men would be back and her fully erect penis-clit was edging her on.

Half an hour later the van pulled up, both men went about preparing their work while consciously keeping an eye out for the petite woman who had become a fantasy figure in both dreams and imagination.

Hayley felt like a spider luring her prey as she took off her black slacks and chose a beige skirt that fell to just above her knees. Her mind was set she was going to seduce both of them and as she checked her white see through blouse, straightened out her skirt, hair and makeup she went into the kitchen and prepared two coffees for the men.


Jeremy and Colin worked quietly both of them unaware that they were in some strange hypnotic trance and as if it had all been planned the sight of the petite woman they knew as Hayley caused both of them to down their tools and walk up to the door.


"Good morning gentlemen... I thought you could do with some refreshment?" Hayley stood in the doorway the cold breeze causing her nipples to poke through her laced half-cupped bra.

"Hello Miss Hayley!" they both answered in unison.

"I've got two hot drinks waiting for you inside!" she stood aside to let the two men go through, smiling wickedly to herself as she finally realised that the way she was feeling was down to the fact that she needed a real man to pleasure her.

Jeremy moved into the kitchen followed by Colin as Hayley closed the front door behind them.

Both men stood by the kitchen work surface and picked up their drinks.

"I took a guess that you both had sugar?" Hayley pulled out one of the high chairs by the huge breakfast bar that was hardly ever used.

"Yes Ma'am!" they both nodded in unison.

"I see your married?" Hayley looked directly at the older one.

"Yes Ma'am!" Jeremy watched as the woman perched herself on the high chair and very seductively crossed her legs.

Many times Hayley had enjoyed the feeling of a being dressed as a woman and looking like one too, but until today she had never truly felt complete. Her genetically modified sex was oozing excitement and as she crossed her legs she could feel the warm dampness in her pantyhose and panty girdle.

"Come here let's have a look at your wedding ring!" she held out her red painted nail.

Like a puppy on a lead Jeremy Hall went to her.

Once again her touch stimulated his groin and as she sensuously rubbed the wedding ring his cock became rigid beneath his boiler suit.

"Colin are you married?" she looked over to the younger one as she caressed Jeremy's wedding finger.

"No Ma'am!" he replied eagerly.

"A good looking young man like you must at least have a girlfriend?"

"Yes Ma'am!" he stood eagerly besides his colleague.

"Hmmm... Jeremy you have such rough hands!" she ran her small soft hands over his. "Colin let me feel yours!"

Colin did as he was asked and just like Jeremy his cock solidified in his shorts.

"Hmmm... Now what are we going to do?" Hayley sighed sexily, her thoughts now centred upon the two men's bulging groins. "Take off your boiler suits I wanna see what you got!"


Both men where under her spell and were quickly down to their shorts.

Hayley then summoned them over with her finger and instantly grabbed a hold of both of their bulges and as she pawed at them her body shivered as her erect penis-clit seeped excitement.

Jeremy had had enough playing and wanted more than just his cock being fondled, with Colin also having the same idea so he pulled her from the chair leant down and rammed his tongue in her mouth.

Jeremy moved around behind her and found the zip to her skirt.

Hayley sighed pleasingly as she felt her skirt slip from her hips and a pair of rough hands slide up her blouse and envelope her laced covered breast while the other hand began to rub her crotch very crudely.

Colin broke from their kiss and saw his colleague's hand groping her small breast so pulling back slightly he tore open Hayley's blouse leant down further un-cupped her tiny right breast and sucked it in.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmmm!" she sighed with pleasure as her erect nipple came into contact with its first-ever male mouth.

Jeremy moved his hand from her breast and then knelt on the floor her scent driving him mad with lust as he groped her girdle encased ass and bit it. Then he moved his hands up to her hips grabbed hold of her panty girdle and rolled it down her legs.

Hayley was in complete ecstasy as she unclipped her bra and allowed the younger of the two, free access to both of her nubbins of womanly flesh, which he gratefully accepted.

Jeremy then sank his teeth into her pantyhosed ass and pushed his face into the meshed covering dip in her bottom.

Hayley eased out her bottom and slipped her pantyhose down to her thighs so the other man could sink his face into her fleshy exposed bottom, something the man did with pleasure.

Instantly he parted her cheeks and ran his tongue over her rosebud.

A normal thinking Jeremy Hall would have ran away if his tongue had come into contact with a rosebud that his tongue came into contact with today, for as he licked it, it appeared to pucker and invite him in further. But this woman's ass was screaming out for him to fuck it, so taking out his cock he stood up and pushed it into the puckering hole.

Hayley gasped as the male appendage slipped into her and as she felt his balls rub up against her crotch, she elicited a very loud moan.

Jeremy's mind was completely embroiled on his task, the only thoughts rushing through his mind were nothing but animal instincts to mate with the petite female, he had no idea that she was not a hundred percent female and cared not.

Colin was forced to move away from Hayley's tits as they began to wobble back and forth, his co-worker and colleague was fucking her and as much as he wanted to fuck her too he suddenly found the petite woman grabbing for his shorts.

Hayley groaned and moaned as the older man pumped hard into her and the sight of the younger man standing before was too much so with sexual desperation she lurched forward and yanked his shorts down.

However she could not get at the younger man's cock.

Jeremy was quick to see the dilemma and grabbed a hold of her waist and lifted her into him and then positioned her on a nearby chair where both he and Colin could fuck her more comfortably.

Hayley was used to having her Mistress Wendy's cock thrust in her mouth and found the young man's cock easy to take in and as his hardened shafted rubbed against her tonsils she orgasmed once again.

Jeremy now had his hands on her unusual sex and despite finding it odd that this woman had no vagina rather than stopping him it hastened his need to cum.


Not far away Grace switched on her monitor of the Robinson's house, Princess had told her that two very good looking men had entered the house.

Grace knew that the men were contractual electricians belonging to an engineering firm in the city and had expected them to start work as soon as they got there.

She had strictly and implicitly told the engineering people that she would only allow them three days on her property to pacify the power supply company in their wishes for the mains supply to be brought up to spec, especially considering the voltage the new complex was going to require.

Yet something had obviously escaped her plans.

"Gabby quick look at this!" she called her over to view the scene that was unfolding before her very eyes.

"My goodness Grace... She's seducing both of them!" Gabby responded equally as shocked. "But how... She's not programmed to do that is she?"

"No she is not!" Grace tried to fathom out what she was witnessing. "I took her away her trigger too, so Wendy could never make her behave like this.

"Grace you'd better call the Farm and get them in involved!" Gabby raised her eyebrow with concern. "You narrowly avoided an incident a few weeks back with Michelle suddenly doing something out of character!"

Grace was worried, not because of the problem these two outsiders posed, but from the fact that she had gone against Cresswell's protocol and had programmed the Robinson family with her own ideas and not those of Lady Melissa's.

Hurriedly she called Joan to help her.


Jeremy's balls were slapping hard against the auburn haired minx's ass as her moaning and groaning spurned him on. Colin could not believe how such a conservative looking middle aged woman could take a cock from behind and in her mouth so fervently.

However just as he was about to explode in her mouth, the door opened and caused him to jump way from the woman's mouth.

Jeremy was totally oblivious to the two women standing in the doorway.

"Hayley Robinson what do you think you're doing?" Grace questioned ignoring the grunts of the man fucking her from behind.

"Ohhhh Madame... I... Ahhhhhh... Mmmmm... Oh please don't stop... FUCK ME!" she screamed in reply as the older man now stepped up a gear with his thrusts.

Joan could only stare in amazement at her shopping friend as her shemale pussy took one of the most ferocious poundings she had ever seen.

Just then Gabby appeared behind them.

"My goodness should we throw a bucket of water over them?" Gabby responded to the sight of Hayley being fucked so hard by the electrician.

"You... What's going on here?" Grace turned her attention to the young man standing with his shorts by his ankles, his cock still erect and covered in Hayley's saliva.

"I err... Don't know... What came over me?" he answered bemused.

Gabby take the young man back to mine and give him a cold shower!" Grace ordered.

"Yes Grace my pleasure!" Gabby looked at the young man's very masculine features.

Yet before Grace could tell Joan what to do, the man pounding away behind her suddenly groaned his release.

Hayley orgasmed yet again, however before the man's sperm could fill her bowels a very sharp electric shock rendered her lover unconscious.


"Hayley what is the meaning of this?" Grace stood with her hands on her hips.

"I'm... Ohhh... I err... I'm so sorry Madame, but I just could not stop it!" Hayley continued to move her ass from side to side hoping that the man's cock would be inserted once again.

However the man was lying flat out on the floor behind her.

"Your Mistress will be most upset with this performance... What am I going to say to her?" Grace mused over the situation further, making sure her electronic zapping gun was not charged..

"Well her Ladyship will have to find out how these two men became so taken by you?" Grace tried to move the naked and slumped older man from his position.

Grace had witnessed the way the man had reacted, even when she had entered the room and confronted them, but instead of being angry she realised that something was definitely not right. Especially the insatiable appetite and arousal the older man had had by just being in the vicinity of Hayley.


After a brief interrogation of the younger man Grace decided it was time to tell Lady Melissa of the entire incident, showing her just how vehemently both the men had been in supplying Hayley the sex she desperately craved for.



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