The Change

This is a work of fiction. These characters are NOT real. The setting for this fiction is NOT real. This is classified as a What If story and is written soley for amusement. I hope you enjoy the story and are not offended by the content.

The Change


Life as we know goes on. There are more things in nature than can not easily or readily be counted. Every once in a while a parent is asked a question by a young child. Maybe this explains how the answer might have been given...

Part One

I was just sitting in my seat, waiting for the clock to strike, them I'm outta here. Last period of the day, then off for the weekend. Great! Yea, cept that this shit starts again Monday at 7:30. Crap, ya just can't win.

"Mikey, hey Mikey.", was said quietly. I looked around. Nobody. I thought that I heard someone call my name. But not in this class, in fact not in too many other classes. Course the only ones called my name were the teachers. Always want class participation. What a crock. That was why no one called my name, cept to spit at me, steal my books or worse. Man, I can't wait to get outa this school. Whoever said High school was the best years of their life sure didn't go to this pit.

"Mikey, hey Mikey." There I heard it again. What the hell. I looked around. I almost didn't see the guy signal me. He just kinda waved his hand from the wrist as it laid on his desk. "Nice hair, you do something to it?" he asked, then continued, "It looks real pretty today. Uh, um, special like."

Man, I did not like this at all. 'Come on bell. I gotta get outa here. Shit, I'm in trouble now.' was all I could think. I didn't even realize who the guy was, I was so scared. Then I looked back at him and he smiled at me. 'Oh, GOD', I prayed. Not HIM!

Franklin Ralph Journegan. God, no. I couldn't believe it. I still didn't want to believe it. When we were little, we played together. Heck, we even took baths together. His mom used to babysit me. Now, he's had the change, whatever that is. We all hear bout the Change, but the grownups never tell us anything bout it. All we know is that whenever someone has the Change we don't see them any more. So I guess Frank ain't had the Change. Shit, Frank just went from being my freind to picking on me. The crew he hangs with doesn't like me and it shows. I get knocked down, punched, kicked and spit at all the time, and I'm on the receiving end of some pretty rough beatings. I guess all this Change talk is just an excuse to be mean to people. I mean I'm 17 years old and I ain't got the Change. I seen, well, heard bout a person that didn't get the change and if even a little of the shit I heard is true, I may as well bend over and kiss my ass goodbye. Now Franklin Ralph Journegan is looking at me. Shit!

Frank Journegan was staring at me like I was a prize piece of meat. Man, oh, man, I had to get outta here or I would be a piece of meat, HAMBURGER. Just then, the bell rang and I was up and running. I almost made it to the door, cept two jocks headed me off and knocked my books flying and me on my ass. I thought they were gonna start their weekend early by beating on me, but when I looked up, Frank Journegan was standing over me. 'Shit, shit, shit, shit.' I thought. 'here it comes.' Frank just smiled at me then told the other two to get my books. I was half sitting, half lying on the floor. I didn't know if I shoud get up or just take the beating laying down. Logic got the better of me, so I stayed down, better to cover myself up when the kicking started and, oh yea, less distance to fall.

The rest of the class was leaving fast. They all knew what was gonna happen and didn't want to be witnesses. Yea, right, witnesses. Did I tell you that I went to school with them three monkeys, See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil. Yea, well the other kids hustled outa there like there asses were on fire leaving me alone on the floor with Frank J and goons standing over me. SHIT.

Frank looked at the two goons and said, "Give 'em the books. Then scram." 'Oh, Shit, here it comes." I thought. One of the goons put my books on the table by the door and then both snickered as they left the room. Frank was glaring at the door, then turned towards me. 'Shit.' I thought as I closed my eyes.

I musta passed out cause the next thing I knew, I heard someone asking if I was ok. I was holding back the tears cause I was scared and really afraid. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing would come out. "Shit.' I thought, this ain't good. Since I couldn't talk, I just shook my head. I heard a noncomittal grunt then a hand on my arm, pulling me up. 'Man, why me.'

"Let me help you off the floor. You don't look good down there." This was said by Frank, as I stared at him in fear. "It's ok. Relax, nobodys gonna hit ya." He continued to say as I stood up. Then turning away, he picked up my books and handed them to me. It was like my arms didn't want to work, so he placed the books in my arms and then kinda put his hand on my back and eased me towards the door. I hesitated, then feeling his hand at my waist I surged forward to the door.

I made it to the door first and started to run. No running in the halls, my ass. I had to get outa there and fast. Down the stairs, thru the doors and on to the bus. Whew, made it. I huddled in the seat till it got to my stop, then I shot off like a rocket. Man!

The door hadn't even closed good by the time I made it to my room. I tossed my books on the desk and launched myself towards my bed. I was gasping for air as the door to my room flew open and my mom asked, "What's going on?"
I sat up quickly and said, "Nothing."
"Are you ok? Did anything happen to you at school today?" There was a concerned look on her face.
"No, uh, ummm, I, ah, everythings ok." I stammered. "Really."
She still had the look, but it was going away. "Well, if you're sure. I'll leave you alone for a while,then." Turning, she left my room, closing the door behind her. I immediately fell back on the bed and stiffled a laugh. 'Shit, I thought I was a gonner.'

I musta fell asleep. The next thig I knew, my mother was shaking me telling me to get up and come down stairs to dinner. I went into the bathroom, did my business and went to the kitchen.
"So, Mikey, how was your day. Musta been something to cause you to sleep like that when you came home. That's not like you at all. Oh, by the way, who's Frank?" She rattled all this off as she handed me a plate of food. When she said Frank, I just about dropped the plate.
I thought I recovered pretty well and said, "I don't know no Frank." She just looked at me and smiled. Then, God this was a miracle, she changed the subject. We talked about going to see a movie on Saturday night, Just her and me.

Saturday came and went. No movie, mom had to work an extra shift. I waited up for her to get home and pass some time with her. We don't got nobody else. Dad died when I was a kid and there wasn't much insurance money. But we still get by. In the Summer, I work a part time job, but mom wants me to study during school, so no work now. Still, I try to help as I can. I do dishes and wash my own clothes. Mom does her stuff. I used to get embarassed by her frilly stuff, so she does her own now. I even clean up around the place, actually the only rooms I use are the front hallway, kitchen, my bedroom and bathroom. Still, like I said, I try to help.

Sunday and mom had a day off. Instead of the movie, we went to the riverwalk. Mom likes to walk and walk we did darn near 5 miles. I was tired and I know Mom was tired, but it was a lotsa fun. I helped make dinner when we got home. Nothing fancy just soup and sandwiches. Mom suggested that I review my homework berfore going to bed, so off to my room I went.
I musta fell asleep. Man, what a weird dream. Oh no, the Frank guy was chasing me and I woke up yelling as he caught me.
The door flew open and I musta yelled out something, cause the next thing I know mom was beside me on the bed, hugging me close to her. She held me for a few minutes, then asked, "You alright, Honey?"
"Yea, Mom, just a bad dream." I replied. I wasn't gonna tell her about it though.
"Honey, um, er, ...", she began.
"What mom?"
"You know I'm not trying to pry, but, I, ah, heard you call out a name. The same name as you did Friday after school. Well, I was just wondering....Who's Frank?"
I was in kinda shock. Frank, I had called out Frank. Jeeze, I'm doomed. 'Think fast dummy', I thought. "Oh, I, uh, I don't know no body named Frank. Do you?" I lied.
Mom gave me the look again. Only this time she didn't do or say anything else. "Ok, Honey. If you need me I'll be in my room. Now you get some sleep. School tomorrow." All that said and off she went leaving me speechless. I just went to the bathroom, did my business then went to bed. I could use the sleep. Hey, maybe no dreams! Yea! Not! I lay down, yawned a couple of times then drifted off to wherever I go when I'm sleeping.

Sometime in the night, mom came into my room and held me close. She talked softly to me, like I was a little baby. She kept telling me that "IT" would be alright and that "I" should let the "Change" come. She told me that she had her change when she was 14 and I should let go of my past life and accept the change. I was reminded that I was 17 years old and that it would be bad if I waited till I was 18 for the change to happen. She held me close as she continued to whisper this over and over during the night. Her voice was soft and light, like a feather and floating on the wind.
I woke the next morning with my hair flopping across my face. UH, I felt miserable. Oh, yea, I had to pee. Real bad. I threw off the covers and ran to the bathroom. Standing in front of the toilet, I raised the seat and then got ready to aim and fire. It was just that when I looked down at what I was gonna do, I couldn't see anything. Seems that my chest had swelled up in the night and I couldn't see past it. It also hurt kinda when I rubbed at it. Felt really weird. I did the only thing that I could, I screamed.

Mom heard the scream and came running into my room. I was backing out of the bathroom moaning loudly as she grabbed me and spun me around. She put a hand on each of my shoulders and shook me gently, asking, "Are you hurt?" She had to repeat herself several times before I quieted down. Then with all the courage I had, I took my hands away from my chest and looking down, I wailed, "What happened to me?"
Mom smiled and said. "I guess you had the change."
"What, the Change?", I asked. "I don't know what you are talking about."
Again mom smiled and said, "If you can calm down young lady, I'll tell you all I know."
"...and so, sometime during puberty, the body chooses who it wants to be. Course sometimes it needs a little help deciding. That's what happened to you. You needed help. With your Daddy dead and me working all the time, there was no one close to you to help you. I did notice that your hair had started to grow out and your voice is still high. I guess that's what Frank saw too. You were gonna make a beauiful woman and I guess he set his eye on you. Looking at you, I can't say that I blame him. You are a very beautiful girl." This was all said as I stood naked before the bathroom mirror. I was looking at my 'body' and listening to what Momma was saying.
After a few minutes silence, I turned to momma and asked, "Momma, do, uh, erm, I mean, can I wear a dress to school today?"
"Course you can, Honey. I got just the thing." saying that as she ran to her room. She returned with a wrapped gift box and handed it to me. "Open it, you're gonna love it." she exclaimed.
We spent the next hour getting me ready for school. Hair, makup, dress, the works. Momma promised that there would be continuing lessons when I got home and I was looking forward to learning all I could. I hugged her at the door and walked down the steps toward the sidewalk.
No on seemed to notice anything different. I was still called Mikey, but this time I could hear a definite M-i-C-k-e-y as other students called my name. I continued to school and when I stepped on the school grounds, Frank Journegan smiled at me. Before he could say anything, I smiled at him and gave him a peck on the cheek. He turned bright red and had a funny grin on his face, but it didn't matter I had a funny grin on my face too. I took his arm and we walked into our new class where we would learn all about the effects of the Change. The rest of the day passed in a whirl as Frank carried my books, sat near me, or stared at me with worship in his eyes. He walked me home after school and met my mother, with a promise to arrange for his parents to come to our house for Sunday dinner.

The rest is history now. Frank and I are happy since the Change. The Change was an important part of our lives, but now it has a new generation. Our children are lucky, they have both parents to guide them in the change. We don't know which way they will go, boy or girl, but Frank and I now that whatever they decide it will a choice of love.

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