Stalking Chelsea


Stalking a celebrity is never a good idea. Stalking Chelsea proves to be a big mistake for one, and a new life for another. This story was written with the permission of the exotic dancer, Chelsea Charms.


Stalking Chelsea
By Wholeman

I couldn't help myself. Chelsea Charm's breasts were hypnotically drawing me to them. Large breasts have always been my greatest fantasy.

I grew up in a family where the females are all hugely busted, so you can imagine my disappointment when coming of age, I discovered that it wasn't normal for all women to have big breasts.

I know it is an obsession but I swear I meant no harm. I just love huge breasts.

One day I discovered Chelsea Charms in a magazine and I couldn't see those lovely, mouth-watering breasts enough.

I filled the hard drive on my computer with her pictures. I bought her movies, magazines, and brassieres and still it wasn't enough.

Soon I was attending every performance and convention she worked. I took pictures of her every chance I could. I tried to keep from being noticed too much, so she wouldn't become concerned and file for a restraining order or something.

I know it was wrong of me, but finally it became so bad that I would hang around her neighborhood just to get candid photos of her whenever she left her home.

Little did I know that Chelsea had noticed me stalking her and had hired a detective to catch me.

One day, while I was covertly waiting to grab some pictures, two large men snuck up behind me, grabbed my arms, and slipped a cloth over my face with ether saturating it, and I was out like a light in a hurry.

Red Handed *************** When I came around, I found myself handcuffed to a chair and in the presence of my goddess, Chelsea. She was flanked on both sides by, what I assume were the fellows that grabbed me.

The two large guys were looking as if they would like to grind me into the rug.

Chelsea's expression was a mix of fright, angst, and concern.

My head felt as if twenty or thirty little men with hammers were busy forging anvils in it. Even so, I was too much in awe to say anything.

Chelsea busied herself with reading through a thick file with pictures of me and photo copies of different documents. Finally she shook her head and said, "I really don't know what to do with you Mr. Brickman. Your stalking me has frightened me something awful, but I really don't want to hand you over to the police. With the evidence I have in this file, I am certain that you would get some jail time and sex offender status on your record. However I gather from all of this that if I let you go, you wouldn't stop stalking me, even knowing that you could go to jail."

Chelsea sighed and shook her head again.

I watched her wonderful chest perform with the motion of her graceful movements and reveled in the experience.

Chelsea easily caught my hypnotized gaze. "Mr. Brickman? What would you give to play with breasts like these any time you wanted?" she asked while indicating her breasts with her graceful hands.

My brain went to mush. I stammered and sputtered my answer, "Anything, everything I have, I would become your slave forever…"

"I'm not sure you really mean that Mr. Brickman," Chelsea stated and then seamed to mull the idea over more. "If I have my lawyers draw up the necessary paperwork, would you really sign over everything to me and become my sex slave?"

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My goddess was offering me everything I had ever hoped and dreamed. I quickly stammered, "Y… Yes, in a heart beat!"

I noticed some rather odd looks on the men's faces but I put that down to simple envy.

"Well, I apologize for the headache you are going to have, but we are going to have you go to sleep for a while so my lawyers can draw up the papers. You, are sure that you want to do this, I hope?" Chelsea asked gazing right into my eyes.

"Oh yes, with all of my heart," I answered, right before my lights went out again.


"Mr. Brickman? Ely, are you awake yet?" Chelsea asked

"Yes," I sleepily mumbled.

"We have the paperwork ready for you to sign. I want you to know that I plan on having some cosmetic surgery done to you if you sign this, so you will be more appealing to me," she informed me, and then went on with, "The paperwork includes some surgical release forms as well as the power of attorney you agreed to sign."

"I can't believe you are going to take me…" I stammered. "If you want to make me attractive to you, so much the better!" I snapped up the proffered pen and hastily signed all of the various documents laid out before me where Chelsea's lawyer indicated that I should.

Chelsea's lawyer stood, shook her hand, and left right away.

"I am going to tell you some of what I have planned for you, but first let's have some tea," Chelsea sweetly offered.

Once the tea was pored, she was sipping hers, and I was sipping mine, she began telling me, "Well Ely, I think you should know that I am having your work done in Bangkok. I know a surgeon there that has agreed to take you and mold you to my desires."

I was becoming very relaxed, almost giddy, all of a sudden.

"I see that your sedative is beginning to kick in. It should keep you quite happy and content while you travel to Bangkok. I don't want you to suffer any anxiety during your journey," Chelsea brightly informed me, "You aren't feeling any anxiety are you Ely?"

"Nope," I blearily answered, and then giggled.

"You go with my aide to the airport. We have a wheelchair all ready for you, so you won't hurt yourself," Chelsea kissed my cheek and whispered, "I can hardly wait. I'll see you when you come back. It will only seem like a few days to you, but it will be quite a bit longer. Therefore, when you get back I should be eagerly awaiting the new you."

I was grinning ear to ear, but for some reason couldn't bring myself to say anything to her in return.

Chelsea's aide took me to the airport, loaded me onto an aircraft and that is where most of my recollections ended. Everything became all blurry, fuzzy, and came in short flashes, in images, which were incomprehensible to me at the time.

Home Again, Home Again ****************************** The next thing I remember is being pushed, from an aircraft, in a wheelchair and then transported back to Chelsea's home. However, even though everything was still hazy, I felt wrong.

As I was pushed into Chelsea's house, still in my wheelchair, I heard her exclaim, "Ooh good, she's here! Take her into the bedroom I had made for her and move her to her bed."

'What?' I thought, 'Just my luck, I finally get to be Chelsea's sex slave and some other girl shows up! Well, I hope she had me made handsome enough to please her… and who knows, maybe she will want to share me with another babe. I always wanted to have two girls at once.'

Chelsea's aide wheeled me into an overtly feminine bedroom. It has pink walls, pink rugs, a big pink canopy bed, a pink dressing table, and a pink chest of drawers in it. Everything in the room is covered in ruffles, lace, and bows.

The aide stopped me by the bed, flipped open the bedding, (Pink satin sheet and pillows were inside.) and easily lifted me onto the bed. I was still quite woozy and passed out before my head hit the pillow.


When next I came to, Chelsea was at my bedside smiling at me, and for the first time in a while my head was clear.

"Shhh… don't speak yet. I want to tell you about yourself and why I had you made this way," Chelsea took a big breath and smiled saying, "I can't believe how well you came out. My doctor friend said that his graduating class this year took a liking to you and decided to make you their class 'project'. It seems that this year he had mostly females graduating and they wanted you to turn out even better than I'd hoped for."

Chelsea leaned in closer to my face, which was lying on the pillow and continued, "It seems that you were in luck, one of the graduating students turned out to be a tissue match with you and she wanted the opportunity to make more money and have more prestige. Females have always been less valued in Asian cultures than are the males, so together with her classmates they devised a plan to fulfill my requirements and make the lucky medical student's dreams come true as well."

"You are going to get a bit of a shock now, so steady yourself," Chelsea told me with a devilish grin as she reached out and slid her hand underneath the covers of my bed.

My eyes flung themselves open when I felt… This just isn't possible… Chelsea caressed my chest… my big soft chest, of which there was much more than I remembered the last time I was aware, and in her home.

"Ugh…" I moaned as her hand swept over the vast expanse jiggling underneath her touch.

"Mmm… these feel great. The doctors did a wonderful job with them," Chelsea crooned to me as I quivered.

"If you think this is nice, you need to feel this," she said, as her hand fell to my stomach and slowly drifted towards my crotch.

"I…" I started to try to say something, but she placed her other hand's index finger across my lips to silence me.

Her hand slowly made it's way to where I expected her to contact my cock, but it passed that point and… and… Oh my god!

"Now you understand! Oh yes, this is your very own pussy. Not an inverted penis, mind you, but a real vulva. You had a complete sexual organ transplant between you and the student doctor while you were in Bangkok," she whispered into my ear while she spread my labia with her lovely finger.

Suddenly I felt like she gave me an electric shock down there, but it felt so good that I moaned in response.

"They weren't kidding when they told me that they had made your new body very responsive and exceptionally easy to sexually stimulate," she informed me as she gently diddled my clitoris and spread my pussy juices around my yearning mound.

"All during your recoveries between surgeries the student doctors took special interest to make you incredibly sensitive to sexual stimulation, they would play with your pussy for hours on end, making you orgasm even though you were unconscious," she instructed as she continued her ministrations to my wet slit.

"They had all been informed that you wished to be my sex slave and what the physical requirements I had given to them were. I asked them to make you short, for one thing. I didn't think about the fact that the average height in Bangkok for women is barely over five foot. They modified your bone structure, shrinking you in all directions except for one, your hips. They spread your hips nice and wide. Apparently, though they had to remove a few of your vertebrae and fuse the ones above and below the ones they removed so your back won't be very flexible but that should make it easier to support your big boobies," she giggled when she said 'boobies'.

My eyebrows jumped up when she said that and she explained, "I had them give you string implants just like mine, although they had to give you more, because you started with much less. You have tits as big as mine now, so you can look at them and play with them anytime you want, just like I promised."

I reached one of my hands up to my chest and wound up with a palm full of nipple. It felt wonderful, but my hand felt strange. I brought my other hand out from under the bedclothes and stared wide eyed at it. My hand was small, slender, and had one inch long pink fingernails.

That must have been the straw that broke the camel's back for me, because I fainted right then.


When next I came around, I found myself alone, which gave me the opportunity to check out what had been done to me.

I slid my hand down my soft, smooth stomach and encountered my rearranged crotch. I found no hair, just a smooth transition from tummy to mons veneris and then over the precipice and there I found… nothing… well not exactly, nothing. I found a cleft between two soft mounds, that when I spread my legs farther on the mattress, pulled apart slightly and suggested the opening of my new vagina.

I had to explore further. When I pressed inwards my finger slipped easily right between my nether lips.

The thought occurred to me, 'This isn't supposed to be this easy. A woman needs to be stimulated before she is lubricated enough to slip into like this.'

I was quite lubricated already I soon discovered. When I my finger stroked back upwards towards my mound, I contacted my clitoris, which sent a huge electric-like shock throughout my being.

'Wait, isn't my clit supposed to be covered by a little hood? Don't I need to be turned-on to be touching this?' I pondered, but still slipped my finger back into my sopping wet pussy, just to feel the wonderful stimulation.

Strangely, I found the more I rubbed my pussy, the more it felt like someone was rubbing my nipples with ice cubes. I had to move my other hand to my closest nipple. I had no choice. It almost moved there by itself.

I began rubbing my huge nipples, stroking my pussy, and moaning increasingly louder as my orgasmic bliss heightened. My legs spread wider and wider, all by themselves and my hips began to undulate on their own.

I was so wet now, I was sure anyone in the house could hear the splish sploosh of my finger banging. My voice began to add to the racket, but far from my old baritone, I now had an almost girlish high pitch to my, "Uh… oh… ooh… uh…"

What happened next freaked me out, but I had no way to stop myself. My finger banging became, fingers banging, then my whole hand was busily working inside my body, and I wanted it farther and farther inside me, as I screamed out my first conscious female orgasm.

My hand was firmly shoved inside my pussy and I was still humping my wrist when I heard, "Ooh, that was a good one, wasn't it Barbie?"

"Uh… ooh… yeth, stho good…" I chirped out in reply, finally opening my eyes to see that Chelsea was sitting in a chair near the head of my canopy bed grinning at me.

"I don't know… Yes, I think that I like the lisp after all," Chelsea announced, seeming to come to the decision as she spoke.

"What Listhp?" I asked.

Chelsea giggled and kissed me on the lips, which shocked and thrilled me all at once.

"You're silly. I like that," she proclaimed as she held my face in her hand. "Are you feeling up to some more answers or would you rather hump your hand a while longer?"

"Why ith my clittie hard?" I managed to squeak out.

"Oh, that's easy. The doctors increased the size of the artery supplying blood to your clit and Bartholin's glands. Your clit remains erect and easily stimulated. The doctors knew that you were to become my sex slave, so they wanted to make sure you would be enthusiastic. They made some more changes that you will discover soon enough," Chelsea informed me. "Now, would you like to get up and learn your way around or are you still too horny?"

"Ith okay, I wanna get up," I lisped in reply.

"Well, I think you should try on your own first," she suggested, "But I might recommend that you take your fist out of your pussy before you do…"

I did as she recommended, eliciting a loud sucking noise, which made me blush and Chelsea giggle.

Once I had my hand free, I scooted over to the side of the bed. My feet barely touched the floor, but it was enough, so I pushed myself up to stand. Well, I tried to stand at least. My huge chest overbalanced my tiny body and I wound up with a face full of soft pink carpet.

"Darn, I was afraid of that," Chelsea declared as she tried to help me to my feet.

As long as she held me up, I was okay. As soon as she let go and I moved even the slightest, over I went.

"I can see we are going to have to do some physical therapy and maybe get you a bra with a brace built into it," Chelsea surmised, "At least we need to get you to the bathroom. You probably need to pee after coming so hard."

Chelsea helped me to the potty and had me hold onto the nearby counter while she dropped the panties on my baby doll, "Okay, sit Barbie. You have to pee sitting down now, like the rest of us girls."

"Whoth Barbie?" I asked as I sat.

"Why, you are, of course, honey. I had your name legally changed while you were away. Your full legal name is now Barbie Charms. Isn't it wonderful?"

"Why Barbie?" I just had to ask.

"Well honey, I wanted you to be my real life Barbie doll. You are going to be my companion, my dress up doll, and my girl Friday," she told me. "Oh come now, honey, unclench your butt muscles and let it flow."

I hadn't even realized that I had tensed up and when I relaxed as she told me to, I heard the distinctive sound of a girl peeing… uh, me peeing.

I made a motion to stand but Chelsea blocked me and reminded me, "You need to wipe now honey. You don't want to get pee all over your nightie, and you don't need vaginitis, so wipe."

She handed me a wad of toilet tissue, which I took and used to wipe my featureless bottom.

"This is so kewl! It's like having a daughter to mentor. You are totally dependant on me now. You are going to need to know so much about being a girl, now that you are one."

"But why did you make me a girl? Don't you like thex with guyth?" I incorrectly concluded.

"Oh, of course, silly! However, I can have sex with guys anytime I want. I have plenty of volunteers for that. It's a lot harder for me to get a chance to play with someone else's huge boobies. Us big boob dancers usually only get together a couple of times a year. The rest of the year we travel all over. Very few venues can afford to have more than one headliner at a time. Now I have my very own huge boob girlfriend/sex slave," Chelsea explained as she once again helped me to my feet.

"Looth like you hath a dependant more than girlfriend," I observed trying to concentrate on walking and not on everything else that was jiggling and wiggling.

"Okay, you sit here on the corner of the bed and I'll pick out your outfit for today," she said as she disappeared into the walk-in closet.

I was still mesmerized by the way, she walks, and how her beautiful boobs sway when she moves. I could feel the baby doll panties moisten as I watched her.

When she returned, (And I got a soaking wet panty from watching her front side.) she had an armload of brightly colored, delicate looking fabrics across her arm, "First thing first, here is your thong and bra. I'll help you into them. Right now, if you tried to bend over and slip your leg into the panties, you would wind up doing another face plant," she giggled at her own silliness.

She slipped off my baby doll and all I could do was stare at the immense acreage of boob in front of me, jiggling and wobbling. Damn, they look even bigger from this angle, and God they feel so… indescribable!

Chelsea saw me staring and reached out, to caress my nipple, which made me shudder, "Feels nice, doesn't it?"

"Uh…" I half moaned in agreement, biting my lip, eyes closed.

"You think that is nice, wait until you feel how those girls feel when they are hugged by this bra."

'Oh my god! I have to wear a bra now… and look at the size of that thing. Actually, it is somewhat pretty… What am I thinking?' I thought to myself in genuine surprise.

"Yes, I know how much you like the pink bra you bought from my website, so I had one made to your measurements," she told me with a grin.

"What if I, don'th want thew be a girl? Whath if I, run away?" I proposed, even though I reveled in being this close to my goddess.

"Well, Barbie Charms has no skills, no money, no idea how to live in that lovely feminine body, and no clothes, not to mention, you can't even walk on your own yet, so what do you think you would run away to?" she asked so logically and sweetly, I felt ashamed that I had suggested it.

"I… I'm thorry… I don'th have… Whath am I going to thew?" I blubbered. I was just sitting there on the corner of the bed with my head hung down and big crocodile tears running down my face onto my huge boobies.

Chelsea quickly came over and hugged my face into her bosom saying, "There, there, Barbie, everything is going to be alright. I'm here and we will get you on your feet and I promise that you are going to just love your new femininity."

"Here I know how to snap you out of this funk. Come on, you and I can have a shower together. Wouldn't you like that?" she asked looking down into my face, which was almost entirely, surrounded with her wonderful boobs.

"Thower?" I repeated with a hopeful sounding lilt to my voice.

"I think it is going to take you some time to get used to the hormones sweetie, so yes, I am giving you a treat. Come on, back to your bathroom," she urged while helping pull me onto my feet.

Chelsea had me sit on the dressing table's stool as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and then asked, "Barbie, would you undo my bra for me?" as she backed towards me.

This was a dream come true for me. My small hands were trembling as I reached out and as gently as I could, began unclasping the hooks on her pretty bra. It took me quite a while, because my hands were not as strong as they used to be and seemed clumsier than before I was changed.

"Taking your time and enjoying yourself, aren't you?" she teased as I finally unclasped the last and hardest hook.

Her bra nearly leapt from my hands as the elastic force was released. I was proud of myself for being able to hang on to it though.

Chelsea took the bra from me, but asked, "You didn't want to keep it did you? After all, you have plenty of your own now. However if you want it, I think I can spare this one for my new girlfriend."

I didn't know what to say. I felt certain that the bra I had bought from her, was now long gone, along with all of my other things, so I decided that I did want it, "Can I hath it? Pwease?"

Chelsea giggled at me and replied, "Sure, that one is yours now. You can put it under your pillow after we finish."

"How'd you knowth?" I asked realizing that she obviously knew where I had kept her other bra.

"I supervised the sale of your things. I know everything about your previous life and about your future life," she affirmed.

By now, I had placed the bra on the makeup table and Chelsea asked, "Now, did you want to pull my panties off, or should I do it?"

"YETH," I quickly replied, reaching for her lacy pink panties. I snatched the waistband and with trembling hands slowly drew them down, past her inviting cleft, and then down as far as I could take them, which was about, to her knees. My huge boobies stopped me from leaning any farther forward.

"I sometimes have that same problem myself dear. Don't worry, I can shimmy out of them the rest of the way on my own."

My cheeks felt as if they were on fire. My breath was coming in short gasping breaths, and it felt as if I had wet my panties.

"Ooh, I am so glad that you still find my body so stimulating Barbie. Your nipples are rock hard and your panties are sopping wet. If you stand up and grab onto the towel bar, with your legs slightly spread, I'll get those drenched, lacy, pink panties off your sexy butt," Chelsea declared as she helped me to my feet and pulled my panties down. (God, it's still strange for me to write about 'my panties.')

I felt my natural lubrication literally oozing down my leg and my knees were shaking so badly that I thought I would fall down and embarrass myself.

"Hmm… maybe a shower wasn't that good an idea after all. Here, sit back down for a moment," she sat me on the makeup table's stool. She then went to the nearby Jacuzzi tub and started running water to fill it.

"This way I won't have to worry about you falling down, and anyway a bath should relax you more," she smiled supportively and began pouring fragrant lilac bath oils into the running water, "and make you smell deliciously in the bargain."

I sat there totally stunned. I had been surgically altered into a woman, given massive string implants, and now I was going to share a bubble bath with the woman of my years long obsession. I wasn't sure if it was a dream come true or an unbelievable nightmare.

It wasn't long and the tub was ready for us.

Chelsea helped me to my feet, sat me on the tub edge, and swung my legs into the warm soapy water, "There, scoot your butt into the water, and I'll meet you in the middle."

The first shock I received was the warm water on my new pussy, the second was my giant tits floating in the deep bathtub.

"How's that feel? Your boobs floating, soft skin all wet and slippery, and big soft butt being caressed by the lilac oils, does it feel nice?" Chelsea was moving closer to me while she asked.

"Sthrange… nithe… yeth, I wike it," I agreed, just beginning to relax.

Chelsea brought her boobies over and squished them into mine, while her hands slipped up underneath my boobies and began to lightly stroke them.

My big nipples went from almost relaxed to clinched up so hard it felt like diamond points way out away from my chest.

"I just love boobies, don't you?" Chelsea crooned, as she increased her attentions to my tits.

"Oooh," was the only reply I could muster.

"I have a pair over here that you could be groping, unless you are still a bit too shy for that," she urged.

I was more than happy to oblige her, I wasn't sure that she would welcome it until she asked. It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate though, Chelsea, really knows how to stimulate huge boobies!

My leg was quivering and I was biting my lips so hard I was afraid they would start bleeding. My little hands were trying their best to mimic what Chelsea was doing to me, but were falling short of that lofty goal. Occasionally she would do something that locked all of my muscles up in ecstasy and it took several seconds to be able to continue my stroking and caressing. I was almost getting as much satisfaction by the feel of Chelsea's beautiful breasts, but the alien feeling of my own breasts being stimulated was all-pervasive.

I was biting my lip and whimpering in no time. I didn't know or care where I was or what was happening, I just wanted it to keep happening.

"It's okay Barbie, just let yourself go. Allow yourself to orgasm. I want you to orgasm really hard. Can you do that for me baby?" she asked while one of her hands had made its way down to my vulva. She started to delicately diddle my molten slit, working my new sexual equipment as a concert violinist plays a Stradivarius.

My eyes rolled up into my head. My toes clenched so tightly that I thought a bone might break, and my back arched so hard my head banged on the rim of the bathtub, with my legs as rigid as steel girders.

I screamed, "Uhgnooof!" in my glass shatteringly high voice.

"That was so much fun!" Chelsea declared. "I like making you come like that! They told me that they had trained your body to respond like a sex- starved nymphomaniac's. I bet I can make you orgasm again almost right away!"

I whimpered weakly in fear that she was right, as well as in submission to her desires.

"I know! Barbie, I want you to diddle yourself to another orgasm right away. You will do that for me, won't you?"

I whimpered again, but knew that my situation was hopeless without her good will, so I started playing with the alien equipment, which had been forced upon me.

I'd started panting and humping my hand, faster and faster.

"Ooh, little Barbie likes that. The doctors wanted to try an experiment so I authorized it. The reason you speak with a lisp is that they had to make your tongue smaller. It will take a while for you to get used to it. It's a little less flexible than you are used to, but it still does its normal job. Isn't that, great?" Chelsea gushed.

I couldn't answer since I was beginning my second orgasm since entering the bathtub.

"I like the idea that you will enjoy being my sex slave. Whew, that looked like a good one," she stated while she leaned over my nearly sunken face and kissed my big soft lips.

"Mmmm hmm," I moaned in reply.

"Okay now, will you do my pussy with your sweet tongue?" Chelsea asked, looking me deeply in the eyes.

"Yeth, thure," I replied. Before I had been altered that would have been a fantasy beyond belief, to be able to lick Chelsea to orgasm, now I wasn't quite as sure. I guess I want to… especially because I still love the way she looks and her wonderful breasts.

Chelsea presented her beautiful vulva up for my ministrations and we soon discovered that about the only way I could do it was to have her sit on my boobies. God, that feels great.

Chelsea started stroking and twiddling her nipples while I dived in for the Promised Land.

"Ooh, your lips and tongue are nice… Oh baby…" she coached while I tried my best to satisfy her. Her moans and actions were telling me how well I was doing. I found that if I concentrated on solely licking her clit, she wouldn't enjoy it as much as if I would graze by it occasionally.

"That's it Barbie… oh… ooh… good… uh," she was twitching from time to time, squishing my boobies, which she would reach down to caress from time to time.

Right then I remembered something I had read once about spelling out the alphabet on a woman's pussy, letter after letter. I tried this technique and found that she responded to it quite well.

I began to orgasm again, eyes rolling, legs stiffening, toes clenching, but I tried to keep up my rhythm for Chelsea while I effectively screamed out my orgasm into her vagina. Chelsea sure knows how to work boobies, and I hadn't fully lost my sexual high, so it was easier to push me over the orgasm precipice.

She seemed to find that a turn-on, so when I went right back with 'n' she seemed to be nearing her own ecstasy, "Oh! Faster Barbie… Harder… Oh god… Oh God… OH God… OH GOD!" she screamed out as she flooded my face with her orgasmic juices.

When she recovered her breath she declared, "Barbie, you are a good cunnilinctrice. I can hardly imagine how good you will be once you get more practice. I love it when you orgasm while eating me. It's such a turn on knowing you're enjoying yourself while you tongue fuck me!"

"I lovfth eating you, Thelsea!" I declared.

"We are going to have such fun together Barbie. Let's you and I finish our bath and I can go get you dressed, shall we?" she suggested, rubbing my head of long platinum blonde hair.

"Thure," I agreed, as she began to use a washcloth over my boobies.

When we had gotten each other cleaned up, Chelsea stood up, (Her boobs swung so sexily.) reached out for a big fluffy towel she wrapped around herself, and then helped me to my feet and wrapped a towel around me just like hers. She grabbed another towel for her hair and one for mine, which she wrapped around her and my heads like turbans, and we stepped out of the bathtub together. (Yes, she had to help me keep from falling.)

Chelsea blow dried our hair, splashed body moisturizer all over our bodies, and worked lotion into our boobies. (That was sooo much fun!)

"Whyth tha lothtion?" I asked, being new to the rituals of femininity.

"Well sweet Barbie, since we both have string implants, our boobs are still growing so we need to keep the skin moist and supple to reduce the stretch marks and keep our skin soft. You are going to have to learn an awful lot of ways to stay beautiful, which men never have to think about. You are in a special situation, which no man will ever understand fully. You have to start doing all the things other women do. You will even have to learn to deal with your menstrual cycle," she giggled brightly as she thought of the poetic justice of a man finally having to endure a period.

"Menths-thrugh-ate-thion?" I squeaked.

"Aw, but just think Barbie, you will still get to orgasm. A good vibrator guarantees that and I have some special ones for you, so even when I won't be available, I'll make sure you have plenty of opportunities to cum as often as you can. I have lots of friends who would love to help you with your needs," she brightly assured me, as she began to put makeup on my face, which shocked the hell out of me, but I submitted to without complaint.

"You really don't need makeup, but I still want you to wear some. The medical students knew that you might not be willing to wear makeup, or would forget to put it on, or maybe you might not be adept at applying it, so they had makeup tattooed on your face. Wasn't that thoughtful of them?" she inquired, obviously meaning what she had said.

"Yeth…" I replied, only because she was making such an effort to make me feel as if what was done to me was a good thing. I knew that she has a big heart and wanted me to enjoy what I had gotten myself into.

"I'm glad you like it. I am somewhat envious of one thing they did for you though. The ladies didn't want you to be anything but soft and cuddly, so they had all of the hair on your body lasered off you. Everything but the hair on top of your head and your eyebrows… well some of your eyebrows that is. You only have the high arched little eyebrows that fashionable ladies have," she smiled at me and stroked my smooth hairless leg to emphasize what she had said.

"Tho, I can'th be anything buth beautiful?" I tried to ascertain.

"Yes, even in bed after you have slept all night, after hours of wild sex, you will always be a beauty," she squeezed my cheeks, making my lips pucker and then applied a bright pink lipstick to them.

"Okay now go like this…" she told me, as she pinched her lips together, rocking them to even out the lipstick, "good that will do for now. We can apply over-gloss some other time. We're only going to be hanging around the house today, getting to know each other so you won't need it."

"Whuth over-gloth?" I queried in my ignorance.

"It's lipstick that goes over the lipstick I just put on you, to make your lips look glossy and wet. They will look very kissable," she smiled, enjoying her role as mentor.

"You stay here and hang onto the bathroom counter and I'll go get your lingerie," she patted me on my naked butt, which seems simply huge to me since I woke up.

I just had to look at myself in the mirror finally. I was trying to avoid it, knowing just what I might see when I looked. I was staring at a short girl with platinum blonde hair, big eyes, oval face, slightly cleft chin, tall forehead, small cute nose, large plump pink lips on a wide mouth, and little ears, which when I looked closer I discovered were pierced. The shocking thing was that I looked strangely similar to Chelsea, in a familial way. My teeth even looked different and now I even have green eyes too.

The more I looked, the more I wanted to fuck me. Damn I'm hot.

"Oh, I forgot that you hadn't seen yourself yet Barbie. Is she hot enough for you?" Chelsea asked with a teasing lilt to her soft voice.

"Sheth awthum!" I panted, barely recognizing that her lips, (The hottie in the mirror's.) move in time to my words.

"You bet she is, and check out this fine ass here," Chelsea remarked as she help me stand, while turning me nearly around so I could see my butt. She stroked my ass gently so that I knew the butt I was seeing was my own heart- shaped womanly ass.

My knees went weak and Chelsea could only moderate my express trip to the tile floor. I nearly pulled her to the floor with me.

"What's the matter? Don't get all weird on me girl. Why did you drop to the floor?" she inquired, partly annoyed, partly concerned.

"I doth know. My kneeth went wobbly," I admitted, just as surprised as she was.

Chelsea giggled at me, "You're silly girl. It sounds like you have the hots for yourself. A girl's knees usually go wobbly when she is with someone who really turns her on."

"I muth sthay away from mirrors then," I surmised, trying desperately to get back to my feet on my own.

Chelsea grabbed my little hand and easily yanked me back onto my feet.

"Thorry, I'm tho weak thince I woke up," I admitted, blushingly.

"I don't doubt it Barbie. You were kept unconscious for over a year while they worked on you. Your little muscles have atrophied and you are much smaller than you used to be."

"Now that you are back on your feet, hold onto the countertop and lift up one of your feet so I can slip your panties on you," Chelsea directed, as she stooped over and slipped a pair of pale-pink, satin, French-cut panties onto my leg.

She didn't have to tell me what my next move should be. I lifted the other foot all on my own. I couldn't help but shiver all over when she slipped them up my legs and over my hips. The cool fabric of the panties hugged my vulva like nothing I had ever experienced before and it was making me pant.

"Sexy lingerie is so stimulating, don't you think?" she teased as she spun me towards the mirror again.

She reached around behind me and passed one end of the bra straps to her other hand across the front of me, "Slip your arms through the straps so I can help you with your bra."

'Oh my god! I'm wearing a bra!' I thought to myself, but kept my cool and was able to help her shrug the bra up my arms while she fastened all five hooks on the back of the band.

Chelsea expertly adjusted all of the straps in mere moments.

I looked into the mirror and saw my huge boobies ensconced in pink, lacy satin with a pink satin triangle between my legs. I was in near shock seeing myself like this.

"Get used to it Barbie. You are going to look like this everyday. I won't have you dressed in anything but sexy lingerie and alluring dresses. You will be pampered and pretty all of the time," she smiled and hugged me from behind, lifting me up from underneath my boobs.

"Oof," was all I could answer until she let me go.

"Sit on the stool and I'll help you with your nylons and garter," she ordered while she picked up the matching garter belt and slipped it up my legs. I pulled my butt up off the seat for a moment so she could continue up to my waist.

"Youth work around youth boobieth real well," I complimented her, watching her bunch the stocking and slide it over my painted toenails.

"Thank you sweetheart. I have had plenty of practice though. You will get better at all of this, soon enough on your own. Until then, either I or one of my friends will help you," she reached mid thigh with the stocking and stopped. She snatched one of the dangly things from the garter, popped it open expertly, and clipped it onto the stocking.

After repeating the process on the other stocking and three dangly things, she had me stand back up. (Yes, braced on the countertop again.)

"You are going to have to lean back into the counter top to steady yourself for what we are doing next dear," she helped me around and leaned me precariously up against the counter, "Now stick your arms up into the air…"

After I complied, she dropped a light pink shimmering silk slip over me. I shivered all over as the spaghetti straps nestled onto my shoulders. I couldn't help but run my hands lightly over the slip, up and down my flanks. It feels so… so… cool and slick and the gossamer look of it was a real thrill.

"Nice, huh?" she asked, smoothing and stroking the slip over my body.

"Oh yeath," I agreed.

"Now we need to slip your dress on," she declared and I found myself, arms over my head and being sheathed in a little, black, silk, fuck-me dress, which hugged every curve, swell, and jiggle of my body.

Chelsea zipped up the invisible black zipper in the back and it looked as if the dress was painted on me.

"Now, Barbie, would you try to stand up away from the counter, on your own for me? Don't worry, I'll catch you before you can fall," Chelsea asked, while she positioned herself for a quick catch if I couldn't manage.

"Here gothes nuthin…" I announced and pushed off from the counter. I wobbled a bit and I had to lean back, but I actually did it.

Chelsea clapped her hands and bounced up and down happily, "See I knew you could do it! Why don't you try a few steps and see if you can walk."

I soon discovered that taking small steps and allowing the rhythm of my boob's bouncing determine my pace I could walk well enough, but it was slow going.

"That was great hon.. I'm going to put some boots on you and we can try it again," she declared. Chelsea went just outside the door and returned with a pair of silver boots that were like the ones she wore in the photoset where she was wearing a ruffled white mini skirt and a tiny ruffled top, also a photoset where she wore a white sheath dress posing on a red leather sofa. I had always loved the look of those boots. Smooth and supple with no seam between the sole and boot and they clung to her legs like hosiery. The only thing that scared me was the fact that they have platforms and three-inch heels on them.

I didn't really have much of a choice, if she wanted me to try to wear them. I had better try and wear them.

Chelsea kneeled in front of me, tugged, and rolled the boots up on my hairless legs. They cling to me almost like a second skin. If there was a pocket in them, I wouldn't be able to hide a paperclip without it showing through them.

"There, you're a fully dressed lady. Now stand up and we can see if you are able to move around in them."

I was scared to death. I knew I was barely able to walk without them, and with them, I was trying to walk nearly on my tiptoes. The one good thing about them is, now I am nearly as tall as Chelsea is, when she isn't wearing shoes.

I carefully walked about two feet forwards and stopped. It wasn't too bad. I just have to take baby steps and keep my toes pointed down, "Thee, I can walkth."

"That's terrific Barbie. This sure has been more fun than dressing up dolls. Come here and give me a hug hon.," she offered with her arms outstretched, as any mother would, who is encouraging her daughter to take her first steps.

I wobbled over to her arms and got a great big hug, "Good girl Barbie. You will get better at it. Just remember to hold your arms out away from you farther or walk with them bent at the elbow, or you will wear out the hips of your dresses." She giggled at the mental image.

It is always very exciting for me to hug Chelsea. Her boobies are higher up than mine are so when we hug my boobies dive under hers so my face winds up buried in her cleavage. Heaven isn't even this good…

"I'm going to need to wear a drool bib on my titties. Every time I hug you my cleavage gets soaked," she snickered and rubbed my hair good-naturedly.

"Come with me honey. I want to take some pictures of my sex slave," she informed me as she held my hand and I jiggled, wobbled, and perambulated into the bedroom with her.

"Up on the bed spread honey. I want you to look sexy for me," she coached.

"Ith hard to crawl. My boobth are thoo big," I complained. It felt weird to drag my nipples along the comforter as I crawled to the center. My arms are barely long enough to keep me up off the bed.

"You are shorter than I am, so I guess someday I may have that same problem. Ah, you're right in the middle now. Stay sideways to me, but twist your butt this way and try to look horny," Chelsea coached while she snapped off a couple of shots with the digital camera she had snagged from the dresser.

"Now, grab your right boob, look this way, and lick your lips… great! Work around so your body is inline with the bed, head this way, and bend your arms so your boobs are solidly setting on the bed… Darn, Barbie, you don't have to bend your elbows much for that shot. Oh well, turn sideways again and lay down on your side so that your boobs are stacked on one another," Chelsea took shot after shot for almost twenty minutes and through out it all, I stayed completely dressed.

"No sthripped sthots?" I inquired, not that I wanted to, but with my job title, I rather expected it.

"Not right now. I think you have worked enough for this morning. Would you like to grab a bite of breakfast?" she offered.

"I'm stharved," I declared, letting my body flop to the comforter from the kneeling position she had me in before deciding she had enough pictures.

"I'm sorry Barbie. I forgot that you haven't been, fed yet today. Come with me, right now young lady, and let's get your hunger sated," she almost dragged me off the bed with that and marched me into the kitchen table. "Sit here hon.. Now, what kind of fruit would you like? Bananas, apples, peaches, pairs, grapes, I have them all in the fridge and they will be good for you. You have to keep that sexy figure if you are going to be a sex slave, you know," she snickered as she opened the door and waited for my response.

"Nectharines? Bananas maybe, I don'th like peacthes, the fthuzzy feelths weird," I declared, beginning to really hate my new speech impediment.

I suppose my annoyance with it showed on my face since Chelsea informed me, "Don't get frustrated Barbie, the doctors say your lisp will go away as soon as you get used to the way your tongue feels in your new mouth."

"That's a reliethf," I declared. I stuck my tongue out and tried feeling it with my little fingers, but it just felt like a normal tongue, though slightly numb near the end.

"Careful with that Barbie, it not healed yet," she teased, as she snagged a nectarine and banana both. "To tell the truth, I like smooth skinned fruit too. That's why you are hairless down there… I actually don't have peaches, just the nectarines."

She pulled out a bowl and started slicing up the fruit into very small pieces, "Here you go sweetie," she placed the bowl in front of me and handed me a fork.

I started shoveling it into my face as I would have done before, but Chelsea sat down and grasped my wrist, "Slow down Barbie. No one is going to take it from you. You need to learn to eat like a lady. Here, I'll show you." She carefully speared a piece of nectarine and delicately placed it in her mouth.

"You thaid no one wouldth thake it…" I accused, wide-eyed and trying to look hurt.

"Goof, if you are still hungry after you finish that, I promise to cut up another one for you. Feel better now?" she smiled and pinched my cheek.

"Yeth, I wath only teathing," I confessed, while trying hard not to wolf my food and mimic the way Chelsea ate.

I finished my bowl of fruit, well I almost finished it… it seems that my stomach, along with everything else but my boobs has shrunken.

"Do you feel up to having a visitor? One of my friends is keeping herself amused in my study, chatting with the guys on my website. She honestly wants to meet you and she is one of my sweetest girlfriends…" Chelsea was selling this almost urgently.

"Thure, your friendth are my friendths," I wasn't sure whether to be, 'wetting my panties frightened,' or 'creaming my panties excited, so I opted for creaming my panties. (I don't really have much choice in that anyway, I'm always creaming my panties.)

"Come on then. You'll have to stay outside for a minute. I had better make sure she isn't using the web cam first. We don't want my fans demanding to chat with you, at least not quite yet anyway," she laughed at me when my face went pale, "Don't worry sweetie, I'm not into humiliating anyone. I really meant it when I said I want you to enjoy your new life."

"I don'th think I can handleth anyone stheeing me yet, if ever…" I confessed. "Thankth for being thoughtfulth."

She smiled and ducked into the study, while I steadied myself on the nearby wall.

When she popped her head out, she invited me in to meet her friend. I recognized her right away, "This is Vixen LaMoore. She is one of the sweetest girls I know. Vixen, this it Barbie Charms, my 'girl Friday."

"Ooh, she's so pretty," Vixen shrieked and dove at me for a friendly hug, "Nice to meet you Barbie. I don't often meet girls who are both bigger and shorter than me."

"Nicth to meeth you tooth, Vithen," answered and hugged her back.

"Would you mind if I... touch them?" she asked, wide-eyed and eager.

"Sthure," I answered, trying to use as few words as I can.

"Poor Barbie had a bad tongue piercing that's still healing up. Don't worry though, her lisp should pretty much go away in a few days," Chelsea told her, trying to keep her questions to a minimum and allow me to keep some dignity.

Vixen had already started groping my boobies and had me moaning like a slut, "Wow Barbie, you're like driving a Ferrari… very responsive at the controls."

My knees were becoming like warm Jell-O when Chelsea rescued me, "Careful Vixen, she can go off like a howitzer if you keep that up."

"You're so lucky, Chelsea. I wish I had my own 'girl Friday' that is as boob crazy as we are. Does this mean that we can't… 'you know', anymore?"

"Oh my no, Vixen. Barbie will ask to join us of course, but we can 'you know' as much as you like, and Barbie can probably 'you know' more than that even," Chelsea giggled and hugged Vixen and me both.

"Wow, then she can, 'you know' one hell of a lot!" Vixen exclaimed and rubbed my nipples, eliciting a loud moan from me.

"One day we may find her limits, but we will have to bring friends… lots and lots of friends," Chelsea assured her.

This was all news to me. I had only 'you knowed' a couple of times so far.

Vixen released me and craned her neck to have a peek at my butt, and then declared, "Mighty fine ass you have there girl, I wish mine looked that hot. Wait… it does!" she spoofed.

"You are definitely a vixen, Vixen. What fun things should we do while Barbie recovers from all the hot sex we had this morning? I know, let's go shopping," Chelsea suggested, with a wink at me.

I knew that I must look like a deer in the headlights, but I couldn't do anything about that, what she suggested just scared the shit out of me.

"Don't tell me you don't like to shop Barbie," Vixen declared, holding me at arm's length.

Chelsea to the rescue, "Barbie is a little shy about her lisp right now. Don't fret honey, I only meant we three girls could do some online shopping for pretty clothes and lingerie together. We don't have to go out and brave the public just yet. Come over here and sit down in the middle, Vixen and I will protect you in Victoria's Secret-land, where the lingerie is so hot you'll need SPF90."

"I've been dying to see what their new summer line up is…" Vixen declared as she snatch the mouse by the scruffies and flew to the 'Victoria's Secret' quick link.

"Wow, Barbie would look hot in that. Don't you think so Chelsea?" Vixen appraised, displaying the blue halter-top bikini on the opening page, the one with the pink hearts all over it.

"Oh my, yes. It wouldn't even fully cover her nipples…"

"Stop Chelsea, you know I meant one made for us," Vixen defended her choice.

"They, hath any brath?" I asked in my ignorance.

"In our sizes? Hell no, no one does. They don't even have any for big girls that we can buy and have tailored down to fit us. But it is nice to get fashion ideas for stuff we can have made to fit us, here," Chelsea informed me, getting a strangely quizzical expression from Vixen.

Chelsea whispered loudly to Vixen, (So we all heard, but we could pretend was a secret.) "Barbie just got much bigger implants and isn't used to shopping in 'porn star' sizes yet."

Vixen nodded, taking that as an explanation and went back to displaying more sexy girl clothes.

We were at it for a couple hours of squealing and giggling, imagining ourselves in all sorts of outfits and how we would look to different types of people.

I actually had fun doing it, which scared me, and at the same time made me feel like one of the girls. It's hard to say what frightens me more, being accepted as a girl, or how much I was beginning to like it…

"Time for dinner girls," Chelsea declared, and then she stood up and beckoned me to follow her.

As I stood up and turned, Vixen groped my butt, which made me pause so she could do a good job of it, while moaning loudly.

"Gosh, Barbie, I expected that you would screech and jump… but this is even better," she stated, finishing her grope and placing a big kiss on my padded derriere. "I just love overstuffed little black dresses."

"It looks like Barbie appreciates a friendly grope when she can get one too Vixen. Hey, why not put off dinner for a bit and take a swim in my pool?" Chelsea suggested, winking at Vixen.

"Great, I have a bikini in my luggage, I'll go put it on. Would you like to come help Barbie," Vixen asked with a titter.

"I…" I began, but Chelsea jumped in.

"Barbie needs to get her new suit on and it may take a while, even if I help, and if we both help, we'll never make it to the pool," she wisely declared, taking my pink nailed hand and starting to drag me away.

"Okay, I can stand a little more foreplay, but I will be VERY horny after dinner," Vixen declared, heading down the hallway in the opposite direction.

"Nithe asth!" I declared after her, trying for some payback.

Vixen turned and replied, "It's yours for the taking baby… anytime." She winked and turned back to the guest room door and entered through it giggling.

"You aren't going to shock lil' Vixen, Barbie. The only thing you'll wind up doing is making her hotter for you and bringing an orgy upon yourself," Chelsea assured me, while she brought me to the canopy bed again and had me plop down onto it.

"Now let's take your boots off. I'll do this one, and you do that one the same way, okay hon.?"

I nodded and mimicked what she did and was able to doff my boot shortly after she relieved me of the other one.

"Okay Barbie, I'm going to get undressed and you do what you can towards the same end, and I'll help when you need it."

I stood up and tried to bend my arms around behind me to unzip my dress, only to elicit laughter from Chelsea, "Sorry hon., I should have unzipped you first," whereupon she did just that.

I undid the garters and rolled my stockings off. Then I squirmed out of my garter belt and began thrashing about trying to undo my bra.

"Barbie? Take it off like this," she informed me. Chelsea shrugged her straps off and then pealed one of her gorgeous breasts out of the right cup, followed by the left cup. She then slipped the band around her waist until the clasp was in front of her, and easily unhooked all five clasps, "Viola, no more bra." Chelsea did a little strip tease dance move while tossing her bra onto my head. I had to lift up the side of the cup to see out from under it.

"Oh, godth that maktyhes me horny…" I complained while scooting my butt around on the comforter, trying for some relief.

"Calm down girl. I'm sorry I got your motor running, but if you concentrate on getting your bikini on, I promise that Vixen and I will make your waiting worth while."

"Oh thay," I lisped, while removing the bra, however, not before inhaling Chelsea's lovely scent and rubbing the soft fabric on my cheek.

"Oh, stop that you horny girl. Now you have me hot and bothered," she charitably offered, crossing her legs and bending at the knees.

By this time, I had my own bra off me, but was hesitating before, finishing the job.

Chelsea didn't say a word. She just shucked her panties and tossed them into a laundry basket.

I decided that I should do the same, but when I tossed mine into the hamper, they made a loud splat noise before falling into it.

"Damn, you are horny, girl. Here, I'll hold your bottoms while you step into them."

I put my feet into the pink bottoms with the white polka dots, while she slipped them up my hairless, smooth legs.

"Spread your legs hon., so I can slip these up your butt," she ordered.

I found myself wearing a thong bikini bottom, which flossed my butt cheeks and barely covered my wet slit.

Chelsea pulled on her own pink bikini bottoms and then started to tie my bikini top onto me, "This sure is easier from this side. Okay, lift your boobs up a little so I can slip this string up under them. Good, there you go, you are wearing your very first bikini."

Chelsea positioned her top just right, turned and asked me to tie it.

My hands were shaking, but I managed to do it.

"Barbie, don't be afraid to touch me girl. If you keep trembling every time you're near me, it is sure going to be difficult doing the job of sex slave. You're supposed to touch me, you were made to touch me, and I need you to touch me, so relax baby," she urged, my little hands held in hers.

She gave me a quick hug and then pulled me over in front of the full length mirror, "I just wanted to you to see the sexy girl in the mirror, so you will know exactly what you are doing to poor Vixen, strutting around in your bikini.'

Damn, I would have given my right nut to fuck me… Uh, never mind, I guess I already did…

"I can see you like it, so let's grab Vixen and hit the pool," she declared, grabbed my hand and tugged me away from my staring.

"Hey, snap out of it. Stare at my boobs for a while. That should take your mind off yours."

I was glad to stare at her boobs anytime, but especially when her nipples and just a triangle below them were covered in pink fabric. Her boobs were bouncing and jostling around inside of the strings of the bikini enough to keep any boob man in a trance-like state.

We traveled down a hallway I hadn't been down before, and out through a sliding glass door to the pool area where Vixen was waiting for us in her own white bikini with black stylized flowers all over it. Her bottoms were high French cut with the same pattern on them. All in all, she was wearing far more fabric than either, Chelsea or I were.

"Well come on girls, let's jump in and do some breast stroking…" Vixen declared as she dove into the shallow end, leaving her high heel deck shoes behind on the poolside.

"Don't fret Barbie, we will slowly work our way in from the stairs. You have had enough shocks for today I think," Chelsea informed me as we held hands and took it one stair at a time. Even so, I know she noticed the look on my face when my crotch hit the water, and again when my boobies did a short while later.

When I finally submerged my big tits into the pool, Vixen came swimming through my legs and up underneath my chest. She surfaced right in front of the seam my tits formed between them, "Hi gorgeous."

"Hi Vixthen. You hathing fun?" I asked her.

"Yep. Hey watch this… booby bubbles," she claimed and swirled air underneath my cleavage with her hand.

There was nothing but a string between my boobs to stop the air from collecting underneath my hooters, so my chest floated higher and allowed some of the air to slip up through my pressed together boobs, making a foop, fop, sound.

"That feelth weird," I declared, trying to stop the escaping air by sticking my hand into my cleavage to plug the airflow. I only succeeded in making all of the air escape in one big foop.

"Goodness, Barbie, you sure aren't used to your chest being that big. If I did that when any guys were in the water… look out, Vixen would have more company than she could handle," she declared and hugged me close, so I would know she was only trying to look out for me.

I wouldn't have had any trouble if Chelsea hadn't come up from behind and hugged me from there. I was in a Vixen-Chelsea sandwich and it was heaven. I had boobs all over me.

"Come on Barbie, loosen up. We're all girlfriends here. We touch, hug, and grab each other, so don't be so stiff girl," Vixen chastised, all the while, she was pulling me farther and farther towards the deep end.

Six feet deep wasn't far when you are a fair sized guy, but when you are a short girl, as I am now, it is way over my head. Mind you I could swim, but with the added drag of my boobs, I wasn't sure how well anymore.

Vixen, who wasn't nearly as big as me up on top, wasn't having any problems.

"Are you doingth the breasth sthroke Vixthen?" I asked her, sincerely wanting to know.

"What a great idea, Barbie," Vixen decided. She began groping my floatation devices and I became almost helpless in her hands.

I felt a hand come up between my thighs from behind and grasp my vulva.

"I thought I would help keep you afloat little one," Chelsea told me.

However, I think she had alternative motives in mind, since her hand didn't just hold me up. She worked her way around my thong, into my love box, slowly diddling me, while Vixen tweaked my nipples.

My head jerked backwards all by itself, my legs spread open uncontrollably, and my back arched. Luckily, Chelsea's boobies were behind my head and kept me afloat.

Poor Vixen wasn't able to stay in front of me, since now I was floating on my back with my boobs thrust prominently into the air.

"Let's swim her back to where we can stand up. I want to show you something Vixen."

Once we were where they could stand, Chelsea went on to say, "Okay Vixen, I want you to French kiss Barbie and tickle her nipples."

Vixen looked a little puzzled but dove in for the kiss.

I was frightened, since I knew what the results would be, but I was already so hot from what Chelsea was doing to me, I couldn't bring myself to protest.

Vixen was tickling the end of my nipples. Chelsea was working my pussy and clit as only another woman could, and I was groping her big girls in ecstasy.

Vixen moaned into my mouth while never missing a beat with her tongue, which put me over the top. I orgasmed in the warm pool, muscles locked, and toes clenched, while somewhere far off I heard a girl scream in bliss.

"Wow, and I thought I was easy. Barbie is so quick to cum, and so helpless… I want one of my own Chelsea!"

"Sorry, Barbie is a one of a kind girl. Nevertheless, you can borrow her whenever you come to visit, or if we run into each other on the road. Barbie will be my full-time companion."

"You're so lucky. Will she be a feature dancer too? I don't know if I can stand the competition…" Vixen groused with a mock pout.

"No, Barbie won't be in the public eye, not officially at least. One day we may publish a photo pictorial of her but I'm thinking of doing it and claiming it's a hoax. You know, like those latex and foam girls?" she recalled.

"Yes, I've seen them. I think Barbie is back with us. How was it honey?" Vixen asked, gazing deeply into my green eyes.

"Ith wonderfulth," I declared, clinging to her for support. "I think I came in my pantieth…"

"I think you came in your bikini bottoms honey, but it's okay, they were already wet," Vixen comforted.

"Do you two want to relax in the hot tub a while? I have a full wet bar we can raid for drinks to take with us," Chelsea offered, while she reorganized my thong so it covered most of what it was supposed to.

"Something fruity for me dahling…" Vixen said in a mock Zsa Zsa Gabor voice. She began climbing up the pool stairs and adjusted her bikini bottoms.

Chelsea, her grip still affixed to my derriere, helped me out of the pool, while I leaned into her wonderful boobs for support.

"Vixen, give Barbie a hand to the hot tub, dear. She's still a little wobbly from her climax," Chelsea urged, covering for my difficulty walking.

"My pleasure, Chelsea. Come along Barbie," she declared and took hold of my ample ass with one hand and my hand with her other.

"Be there in a minute girls," Chelsea called after us, "and Vixen, don't make Barbie orgasm so much she passes out… at least until I get there..."

Vixen laughed wickedly.

Once there, Vixen gave me a hand balancing while I climbed into the warm water and then she climbed in after me, sitting very close. She lifted my right leg onto her legs, and then my left and I soon found myself in her lap, and hugged tightly.

I was becoming very warm and relaxed in her arms when Chelsea joined us, drinks on a serving tray, "My, you two look comfy. I hope Mai Tais are all right with everyone. I'll put them in the holders by where you're lounging."

"I'm just cuddling with Barbie after her orgasm. A girl likes to be held after sex yah know!"

"I'm so thoughtless…" Chelsea declared as she entered the tub, "I'll have to make up for it." With that, she came over and held me from the side and behind.

I didn't think she would try anything and was so relaxed when I felt a hand snake up underneath my huge boobs and tickle my under cleavage.

When I jumped a little Vixen asked, "What is it Barbie? Did I jingle your nerves with a boob or something?"

"Chelthea is thickling me," I declared, still squirming.

"I just love to rub my finger gently up and down between boobies, it feels so delicious," she admitted. "I hope you don't mind hon.."

"Justh sthartled a little. It feeths so good," I admitted, relaxing and enjoying her strokes.

"Aw, Chelsea, she's purring," she declared a short time later.


"Yes, she moans almost like she's purring. Listen close to her," Vixen claimed.

I barely heard her, lost in relaxation and comfort.

"It does sound like purring doesn't it… Here, let me hold her while you take a break for a bit to grab your drink."

I was passed back to Chelsea, and held so my head was laying on top of her wonderful breasts, if anything would make me purr, those will. The warm bubbling water, her strokes, and my generally tired state added up to Barbie taking a nap in her happy place…


When they roused me, it was by taking turns tonguing my tonsils. I like it better than waking up to a huge need to pee behind an even bigger boner and I'll take it any day.

"You sure were tired, Barbie. You have been asleep for fifteen minutes. We should get out of the tub now. It's not good to stay in here more than twenty minutes at a time," Chelsea whispered in my ear, which means that the face stuck to mine belongs to Vixen.

"Back to the pool or dress for dinner?" Vixen inquired, once she came up for breath. (With the size of her lungs, she can kiss for a long time…)

"Dress for dinner I think. Do you want to help me dress Barbie?" Chelsea asked, as she started from the tub, helping me as she went.

"Can I pick what she wears?"

"Of course you can hon.. Why do you think she's called Barbie? She's my very own living Barbie Doll. I can dress her any way I want and she loves to do it for me, don't you sweetie?"

"Yeth, I loveth it," I agreed, concerned with what might happen should I contradict her.

"Goody! I'll grab my stuff and meet you in the Barbie Playhouse."

"Playhouthe?" I asked, wondering how much Vixen really knew.

"That's a perfect name for Barbie's room. I'll have a sign made for her door. Thanks Vixen."

"Barbie was fun to play with when we were little, but this Barbie I like better…" she declared and then jetted off to grab her own clothes.

We made our way slowly to my room. I was so relaxed my muscles didn't want to work right, so by the time we made the door, Vixen was right on our heels.

When we entered, I was sent to my canopy bed and Chelsea quickly whispered into Vixen's ear. What, I don't know, but Vixen disappeared into my walk-in closet.

"What?" I asked, knowing she knew what I meant.

"I was just giving her a plausible explanation for your ignorance about feminine clothing. We don't want her to come out with something sexy that virtually all girls know how to wear, but with which you will have trouble. So she thinks you were brought-up in the wilds of Alaska now, with nothing but brothers and a father. She thinks you didn't have a mother to teach you feminine ways," Chelsea explained and further added, "Now she will be more maternal and want to help you be sexy and feminine."

When Vixen popped out again she said, "Damn girl, don't you have any pants?"

"Barbie had such a deprived childhood, she wants to make up for it now. She isn't to wear pants or jeans, unless they are hot pants, or maybe Daisy Mae Cutoffs."

"Suits me just fine. I love lipstick lesbians. Here is her outerwear. Can I get some lingerie to accompany these?"

"Be our guest Vix. Just keep in mind what I told you…" Chelsea grinned expectantly.

When Vixen came back she was carrying bright blue panties and a matching bra, "I love these. If I tried them on though it would be like a guy trying to wear my bra…" she giggled. "This living bra would starve without Barbies big girls to feed it."

"Why don't you put it on her, while I help her with the panties?"

"Sure. Stand up Barbie, we'll get you dressed and then we can do ourselves," Vixen told me, and then the two girls worked diligently to enfold me in luxurious femininity.

Once they were finished with my and their dressing, both ladies started in on my makeup. I sat still while they discussed the pros and cons of each type and what would suit my clothes and our activities. I never knew how many parameters had to be met, just for me to get dressed and put on makeup. This is going to be a lot tougher to learn than I had thought.

Both ladies had already done their own makeup, so once they had finished mine, we were ready to eat. However, they had to stop and show me how I looked in the mirror before we left my room.

I was looking at a small busty angel, dressed all in blue taffeta, showing nearly a yard of cleavage, and even wearing heels, with the two other stunning ladies who were taller than me.

Once we walked outside the room, I was led down a corridor that I discovered only too late, led to the garage.

"Thith isn'th the kitchen…" I blurted out in my fright.

"No, Vixen has offered to take us both out for dinner," Chelsea calmly answered, then unlocked the doors on her SUV with the remote.

Chelsea wheeled us onto the highway and eventually after quite a long drive we came to a very large building and you can imagine my surprise when we pulled into the parking lot area designated for the local Hooters Restaurant.

"I love coming to theses," Vixen declared, "It gives the waitresses an inferiority complex." Then she giggled loudly.

I knew that we would be the objects of much attention, but steeled myself for the experience.

Once we had entered the door, the hostess, who was wearing the usual satin shorts, nylons, and silk tank top, greeted us. But not however, before her eyes nearly bugged out of her head and she stammered, "G… G… Good evening ladies, a table for three?"

"Yes please," Chelsea answered, "and can you tell Vic that Chelsea is here?"

"Oh… yes… Chelsea. I'll tell Vic you're here," she replied and then spun and escorted us to an out of the way booth.

As we progressed through the restaurant, people were gawking, stunned, intrigued, amused, and even uncouth and nasty. Some would point and elbow their neighbor. Others would whisper and titter to each other and still others dropped their utensils and just stared, open mouth and trying to resist drooling.

Chelsea whispered in my ear, "Now you know a little of what being me is like."

I had very mixed emotions. I wasn't sure whether to be flattered, angry, or defiant. I just tried to keep my head up and walk to the booth behind the busty little hottie in front of me. (Well, little to most people. She is still taller than I am.)

Chelsea slipped easily into the booth ahead of me and beckoned to me to follow her.

I wish that I had slid into the booth as easily as Chelsea and Vixen had. I had trouble with my boobies, if they tried to go under the table, I was hunched over, above the table, they were in my face, so I had to ask for a booster seat, which embarrassed me no end.

To top it all off, the booster seat was a little too narrow for my ample asset, so they wound up using two phone books for me. Talk about blushing! I thought I would melt into the floor until Chelsea stood up, and allowed me to slip into the corner and relative obscurity.

One guy who was watching with obvious mirth, snorted out his amusement and Chelsea shot him a look that must have made his blood run cold, since he quickly turned his attention to the food on his plate.

Vic showed up quickly after we were seated, saying, "Chelsea! It's so good to see you again. I see you have friends with you this evening, and lovely ladies they both are too. As always, if you have any complaints about the service, or if unruly patrons bother you, don't hesitate to call me. Barry over at the bar knows the deal. He will be watching out for you."

"Thanks so much, Vic. I love your place and really appreciate how you look out for me. Hey, you wouldn't have any more of those tank tops my friends could wear to help advertise your place, would you?" Chelsea asked him brazenly.

"Are you kidding? I can't buy that kind of advertising! What size ladies?" Vic asked eager to publicize the restaurant.

I was clueless, so Chelsea answered for me, "Barbie takes a double Extra Large, the same as me."

Vixen piped in with, "I only need an Extra Large."

"Can I ask if you'll sign T-Shirts for us again for a while tonight?" Vic pleaded eagerly. "I know Vixen LaMoore through her career, but I haven't seen your lovely blonde companion anywhere…" Vic subtly asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry Vic. This is Barbie Charms. She is my new traveling companion and girl Friday. You will probably be seeing her a lot more. Barbie, this is Victor Damien, the manager and owner of the restaurant," Chelsea introduced.

I held out my hand, wrist up, limply, as I had seen Chelsea do, and that fink actually kissed it!

"So grand to meet you Miss Barbie," Vic then turned to Vixen, who also proffered her hand and said, "I'm so glad to meet you in person Miss LaMoore. Any friend of Chelsea's is an honored patron in this restaurant."

Vixen tittered and said, "Call me Vixen, Vic."

I haven't seen a man so pleased that he was almost goofy looking before, but Vic must look as I did whenever I had met a stunning lady.

"I'll be right back," he declared.

Vixen and Chelsea shared a little giggle, though I was still in the dark as to why until Chelsea shared, "Guys are so silly around us sometimes. It's sweet though. He's a really great guy and his wife is terrific too."

Vic slipped up with almost astonishing speed, a tray in one hand, and some shirts under his arm, "I picked up three Mai Tais on the way by the bar. Barry had them all ready made and waiting for me." He placed the drinks in front of each of us and then started handing out tank tops, "One for Chelsea, one for Vixen, and one for Miss Barbie."

"Pleathe, call me Barbie, Vic," I asked, following Vixen's example.

"Bad tongue piercing," Chelsea, announced before Vic could coagulate the question onto his face.

"Barbie it is then, gorgeous," Vic agreed, blushing up a storm himself.

I noticed that Vic still had tank tops and t-shirts under his arm, and when my gaze went to them, Vic said, "Would you ladies please sign this tank top for the restaurant?"

He handed each of us a 'Hooters' pen to sign with and then carried on with, "Barry asked if you would sign his t-shirt too?"

Chelsea had finished the first one and passed it to me. I signed the name he knew me by, 'Barbie Charms'. It weirded me out that my penmanship was now much more fluid and feminine, but I didn't say anything and passed the shirt to Vixen.

"A… A… And could you sign this one for me?" Vic was blushing up a storm, but I could see he really was, honored to get our signatures on a t-shirt.

Chelsea signed that one, 'To Victor and Vicki, I love you both, Chelsea Charms'.

I didn't know Vicki, so I signed, 'To Victor, All my love, Barbie Charms'. That should be appropriate I guess.

I signed the same thing to Barry's t-shirt, and the one tank top for the restaurant, however that one was, handed to a waitress who grabbed a short stepladder and pinned it to the wall in a prominent place.

Vic worked up his courage and asked me, "Are you in the 'business', or are you…" he let the statement fade into the distance.

"Barbie isn't a feature Vic, she's just my companion. You want your tank top back?" she tittered.

"Dear god no! Chelsea what a thing to ask honey, I have Barbie Charm's autograph, something very few have I'll bet, and how many people have all three of your autographs?" Vic quickly defended. "I'm most honored to have your autograph Barbie. If you ever need work, you can be a Hooters waitress any time your heart desires… I'd even let a girl go if you offered!"

"I could never leave Chelthea…" I declared. (For more than one reason.)

"I know what you mean. Ah, there go my dreams of mega wealth…" Vic sighed.

"Oh stop it Vic. You'll frighten Barbie," Chelsea teased.

"That would never be my intention. My, my, look at me. I've kept you ladies from ordering for far too long. As always Chelsea, please allow me to cover the tab," Vic finished with a slight bow as he backed away and ushered a waitress to our table.

"Thank you Vic. Give my love to Vicki," Chelsea said to his retreating form. "Vic is such good people. Barbie, if you want to moonlight…" she let it fade into a snicker at the terrified look on my face.

"Darn, sometimes it's just tough to buy your girlfriends dinner," pouted Vixen, in an exaggeratedly poor act.

Chelsea and Vixen cracked up laughing.

When she'd calmed down, Vixen explained, "Barbie honey, this happens to us all of the time, and not just in 'Hooters' either."

"Yes, if not the manager, or owner, or head waiter, then quite often we are recognized by patrons who want to show their appreciation," Chelsea finished for her. "The only way to avoid it is to wear big sweatshirts or moo moos to disguise ourselves."

"Moo mooths?" I questioned.

"Big loose straight dresses, which hide a girl's figure hon., usually affected by extremely overweight women," Chelsea explained.

Vixen was looking a little suspicious but held her piece.

The buxom waitress was standing expressionless, waiting for us to acknowledge her. (Buxom compared to average women. Compared to us, she's built like twiggy.)

I made indications with my eyes to Chelsea that we weren't alone and needed to quit wasting the poor girl's time.

We all ordered, so she could get to other patrons. (I had to say everything I wanted two times or more… damn lisp.)

We had a great meal and no other problems, other than when Vixen slipped her shoeless foot up under my skirt to get a rise out of me. (It worked too!)

When we got up to leave, some drunken loud mouth yelled out, "Yah! Strippers! How about a table dance honey?" He snagged me by the waist and put me on his lap.

The stench of his alcohol-laden breath was pretty bad, and his rough handling of me was frightful. I tried to wriggle free. I tried to slap him, or punch him, but I wasn't strong enough.

Chelsea was about to dive in when a large well-built guy hopped the bar top and ran to my aide, "Let go of the lady, friend," was all he said. It must have been in the way he said it, because the guy instantly let go of me and I was out of his lap in a shot.

Vic ran out from the back and told the guy, "Please, leave my restaurant and never come back."

The guy looked defiant for a moment, but even as drunken as he was, the sheer size of Barry told him to shut up and leave while he could.

Vic turned to us and quickly apologized directly to me, "I am so sorry Barbie. We usually attract a much better clientele. Please don't hold it against us."

"Thankths Vic, You didn'th do ith and Sthuperman here resthcued me quick enoughth he didn'th even hath a chanth at a good grope," I acknowledged. I hugged him to show my appreciation and thank him, and of course, I had to hug Barry's thighs to thank him too.

"My pleasure lil' lady," Barry's deep voice thanked me from far above. "I hope to see you in here again real soon."

I was blushing like a schoolgirl when Chelsea dragged me out to the car, "I think Barbie likes Barry."

Vixen started to tease with the children's ditty, "Barbie and Barry sitting in a tree…"

Chelsea snickered but had Vixen stop. She knew that I had only consciously been a girl for one day and didn't want to scar my delicate psyche.

The trip back to Chelsea's house was fairly quiet, much to my chagrin. I would have rather had plenty of chatting to take my mind off what had happened to me. The drunk hadn't bothered me nearly as much as Barry had and that frightened the hell out of me.

Luckily it didn't take Vixen long to get bored with the silence, "Dinner was great, the entertainment was a hunk, I have an idea what we can do for an encore…"

"Play Parcheesi?" Chelsea suggested.

"Ah… No."

"Go sthwimming again?" I suggested.


"Play disco records and dance all night?" Chelsea teased further.

"Hmm… I hadn't thought of that one… But it wasn't what I had in mind."

"Whath then?" I asked impatiently.

"Pajama Party!" she declared.

"I like it Vixen. However, we must all wear our sexiest nighties," determined Chelsea as we pulled into her garage.

"I have a better idea," declared Vixen, "we look through each other's nighties and decide what we think their sexiest nightie is and she wears the one the others pick for her, fair enough?"

"When you're right Vixen, you're right. I stand corrected. Much better we turn each other on, than just ourselves."

"Who's room should we use?" Vixen asked out hostess.

"Barbie's room, of course. That is what it was made for and why it has the biggest bed and all of the other things specially built into it," Chelsea informed her. (As it turns out, informed me too.)

"Can I move my things in there too then?" Vixen asked hopefully.

"You bet. Don't let Barbie try your blouses on though, or they'll never fit you right after that," Chelsea teased as she locked the SUV and the garage door behind us.

Vixen took off at a trot to get her stuff, mesmerizing me with the bounding of her breasts as she ran…

"They look nice, don't they, Barbie?" Chelsea whispered in my little feminine ear.

"Am I supposed to drool this much?" I complained, however never taking my eyes off Vixen for a moment.

"I sure like the fact that you do, don't you?" Chelsea answered my question with a question.

"Thure, but ith I don'th swallow quick I'll wet my cleavageth," I declared.

"That's okay with me sugar. If you didn't do it, I will have to do it myself sooner or later…" she declared and punctuated it with a delicate butt grope.

I wasn't surprise when Chelsea and I entered Barbie's Playhouse and discovered Vixen already there and beginning to disrobe herself.

"Vixen, shame on you. You of all people know the importance of stripping slowly and alluringly!" chastised Chelsea.

"Where is my head?" Vixen exclaimed, "I'm rushing into this as if I was a guy or something!"

"Ith okay Vixthen…" I tried to console her, however she cut me off, saying, "No it's not okay. I know how much I want to watch you strip to some sexy music, so you should get the same consideration."

Then she quickly put her clothes back on and opened all of her suitcases proclaiming, "Ready for your inspection girls."

We dug through her things and finally decided on a sexy little red negligee with wispy red feathers across the bust and feather pom-poms on the lace ties dangling from the center bust.

Next, we went through Chelsea's drawers, (Not literally! You have a dirty mind!), and agreed on a long smoke colored nightgown with an open back.

They dug through 'my dresser drawer', (At this point I hadn't even looked in it either.) to retrieve a snow-white baby doll with lacing over the boobs and the tiniest thong panty to go with it.

"All right, now we each in turn do a strip tease for the other two, and when we're all naked, we dress each other. Are you two game for that?" Vixen asked with a devilish grin.

"I'm game for that, but remember, Barbie isn't a professional dancer so we may need to give her pointers when it's her turn," Chelsea reminded Vixen, to my great relief.

"Oh, I guarantee when it's Barbie's turn, anything she does will make me horny," Vixen declared and then sensuously licked her glistening lips. (Over gloss?)

Chelsea started up some music and asked, "So any volunteers for first strip tease?"

When no one answered, Chelsea began to use the bedpost as a dance pole and striped exactly as I had seen her do in several clubs across the country. It didn't take her more than a few minutes to have me drooling in lust for her.

When she was entirely naked, I was doing my best to keep from crawling over to her and begging her to let me kiss her…

It was Vixen's turn and she decided to use me as her main audience, by tossing her clothes onto me, tickling me with things and nearly rubbing up against me as she undulated about in time to the music. When she made it down to her panties, she danced and thrust her hips towards my face with her thighs spread and then turned around so her bottom was right in my face and slowly slipped her panties to her knees, wagging her pussy in front of me.

I was salivating like one of Pavlov's dogs and had unconsciously started to flick my nipples, which was making me hotter than Hell's asphalt.

"Your turn Barbie, now don't be nervous and just try to take off your pretty clothes in time to the music. We aren't expecting you to have a polished act as we have. Just try to be graceful and tease us with your hot body," Chelsea instructed, as she helped me to my feet.

I wasn't sure exactly what to do and I was embarrassed about stripping, since I knew they would notice how sopping wet I had become watching them, but I had to do it so I reached behind me hard and got lucky grabbing the zipper on my first try. I swayed to the music as best as I could and turned to show them the zipper as I opened my dress all the way down past my hips. I turned back around, holding the bodice of my dress to my bosom and swayed some more. With a shy look on my face and a bit of a blush, I slowly revealed my big lacy shelf bra to their gaze.

Vixen's eyes were wide with anticipation.

Chelsea's face showed desire and a touch of the proud momma.

Encouraged, I started shimming my hips loose from the dress and as it floated towards the floor I snagged one of the shoulder straps and held it while stepping from the middle of the taffeta prison my body just escaped from. With the dress in hand, I wiggled over to my goddess and drew it across her face and lovely naked breasts, watching her nipples scrunch up excitedly.

I left the dress with her and swayed back away while a reached into my right cup to, slowly, teasingly, release my huge boob from it. Just as it was about to pop loose past my nipple, I ducked her back into the confines of her lacy prison, so I could tease them once again. When my nipple was just about to pop loose, I finished the motion with a high-pitched, "Oops!"

Slowly I worked the top of the cup down underneath my boob, readying the release of my other one, however before I started to pull her loose. I turned and bent over at the waist, so when I finished my full turn they could see my boob dangling from the cup, while I teased the nipple, using the hope chest at the end of the bed for support.

Vixen was licking her lips and Chelsea was watching with intent interest now.

I decided to see how much desire I could generate, so I grabbed the big girl and drew it to my painted lips and began licking and sucking on it, blowing a couple of times to bring it to full erection.

Now that my right boob was stiff and excited, I reached in to extract my udder side, and slowly, teasingly, I lifted it free. (It hung up on my hard nipple and took more effort than had my right breast.) I pulled her up to my mouth and worked her into a tight hard ball of electric pleasure for me before pulling my bra band down towards my tummy and spinning it to release the hooks.

Once free, I shook both boobs left and right just to feel them jiggle… and watch Vixen's tongue sweat. I took my bra and slipped one of the cups onto Vixen's head, almost obscuring her head entirely.

The next step was to waggle my hips and turn while slowly pulling my slip down towards my ankles. Once freed I lifted the cool shimmering material up to my face and with closed eyes, gently rubbed my cheek with it. When I opened my eyes, I saw both girls looking hungrily at me.

I tossed the slip onto Chelsea's head and undulated around facing away from them. Squatting down I ran my hands up and down my inner thighs while waggling my hips at them.

Just then, I recalled how hot Vixen made me while slipping down her panties, so I stood back up, bent over to show my butt… and promptly fell onto my face.

I had been doing so well getting around today, I had forgotten how easily I can over balance leaning forward.

Chelsea and Vixen both let out concerned squeaks and dove to make sure I wasn't hurt.

"Oh, poor Barbie, I'm sorry sweetheart. You were doing an astonishing job too," Chelsea praised.

"Gosh Barbie, I guess you really aren't used to your new boobies yet," Vixen sweetly remarked while trying to help me to my feet. She really is a vixen because the way she went about it was to slip her hands underneath my boobies and lift their weight off my chest to make it easier for me to regain my feet.

Chelsea helped by pantsing me as I stood.

They both hugged me closely when I was on my feet. The feeling of their soft sensuous bodies against mine was indescribable.

Chelsea looked at Vix and asked, "Rubber sheets?"

"Great idea Chelsea!"

They left me holding onto the bedpost while they scampered into the closet, returning with a huge rubber sheet they draped across the bed.

Chelsea lifted me up and Vixen grabbed my feet as they placed me on top of the bed and crawled over to flank me on both sides.

"Didth I do thomething wrong?" I lisped.

There was no answer forthcoming I guessed when I felt Vixen squirt baby oil onto my back, side, butt, and then out to my right boob, which was on top, as I was lying on my left side.

They both expertly rubbed the oil around, adding more when needed, pushing me onto my back and then right side, until I was covered head to toe in a thin sheen of baby oil.

"My turn!" Vix squealed as she squirmed overtop of me, proffering her ample breasts to me for oiling.

Chelsea squirted a large amount onto Vixen's breasts for me to spread, while she added oil to Vixen's tight butt, and then to her inner thighs.

I figured that Chelsea was doing more than just mere oiling when Vixen moaned with closed eyes, clutching at my slick boobies and getting as much purchase as a two year old does on a beach ball.

However, the sensations were making me hornier than a Triceratops.

Chelsea flipped Vixen over and tossed me the oil to finish Vix's other side, as she spread the oil I squirted onto every surface Vixen has.

It was Chelsea's turn for oiling so she dove over Vixen and bisected us with her back turned to me.

We smeared Chelsea up and when we finally finished, she slipped her hand between my thighs and started urgently diddling the hell out of my permanently erect clit.

I twitched as if overcome by an epileptic fit.

Vixen saw what happened and dove overtop to attack my nipples and embed my face between her soft boobies. Every time I thought, I could reach out and return the favor by caressing one of them, Chelsea, would hit my electric clit and have me flailing about once again.

"Wow, I love how you can do that Chelsea. Would you show me how?" Vixen pleaded.

Chelsea grabbed Vix's little hand, drew it between my thighs, and placed her finger onto my engorged clittie. When properly situated, Chelsea pressed Vix's finger into my clit and I spasmed as before.

"Kewl! Barbie's clit is so easy to find and so sensitive too," Vix exclaimed as she spasmed me again.

"The best part, Vixen, is that Barbies Clit is always erect…" Chelsea shared my vulnerability with her.

"So I can just have her orgasming any time I want whether she likes it or not?" Vixen tried to clarify the situation.

"Shh… It's a secret. Only you, Barbie, her surgeon, and I know about it," Chelsea affirmed. "It's like having superman's kryptonite."

"And how! I think Barbie's going to cum…" Vixen declared, renewing her efforts toward that end.

"Uh… Uh… UHH… UHHHHHHHHHH," I screamed through my first orgasm since the pool.

"Nice… She cums so hard," Vix gushed.

I finally could focus my eyes again and forced my head between Vixens thighs, diving in for tongue duty on her sweet pussy.

Of course, every time I licked her, it was like licking me since she was in a position to return the favor, which made me want to lick her even more. I orgasmed before she did, but kept on eating Vixen until she clutched desperately to me screaming out her own.

I couldn't stop though. It feels too good. After I came eight times and Vixen came five, she was begging me to stop.

She was barely moving after bringing Chelsea to three orgasms while I worked her over. I still couldn't quit eating her. Vixen had twitched through two orgasms while unconscious when I was finally able to stop my assault on her lovely pussy.

"Tongue fucked her into unconsciousness did you?" Chelsea giggled at me when I came up for air.

"Thorry… I didn'th mean to…" I sheepishly replied to her.

"God, don't apologize honey. Vixen will wake up tomorrow completely in love with you," she assured me with a big booby-to-booby hug.

"Ohthay, but I am sthill your sthlave," I promised, nearly drowning in spittle.

"Don't try to talk much until the swelling in your tongue goes down," she told me, still holding me closely.

I dragged Vixens limp form up to cuddle with us, even though she wasn't conscious, and Chelsea pulled a sheet overtop of us to keep us from being chilled while we slept.


I awakened to find Vixen waiting for me to open my eyes so she could plant kisses all over my face.

"Umph?" I said, as she acted like a puppy when you first come awake.

"I've never had my lights fuck out before! Thank you so much Barbie," she declared squirming all over.

"Barbie even made you cum twice after you passed out Vix," Chelsea informed her.

"You can, do that?" Vixen asked Chelsea, not quite believing a girl can orgasm while unconscious.

"I don't know if I can, but honey, I sure know that you can," Chelsea teased, planting a big wet kiss on Vixen's lips.

Vixen started in realization, "Oh my god… Will I ever be able to top this? Can I go back to sex with men? Oh… well sure I can have sex with men, but would it ever be this good?"

Chelsea let her fret a little more before interjecting, "I guess you will just have to stay friends and keep cumming back for more…" she punctuated that with a friendly laugh.

"God if she can suck cock as good as she eats pussy… I would feel so inadequate…" Vixen declared.

"You will be relieved to know then Vix, Barbie hasn't ever sucked a cock."

"Really Barbie? Maybe I can give you some pointers…"

The very thought of sucking some guys dick made me feel sick, and I guess it showed on my face.

"Never mind Vix, Barbie isn't interested in penis," Chelsea informed her, knowing my evident mental aversion.

"Actually, that's probably a good thing. I won't have to worry about you running off with some swinging dick and leaving me without your fantastic tongue."

"That's sweet of you to say Vixen," I declared, shocking both myself and the two other girls at the same time.

"Your lisp is gone, Barbie!" Vixen squealed and hugged me as if she was a fellow cheerleader.

"I think if I talk slowly and let my voice go higher, it goes away," I carefully declared.

"I love your voice. It's so sweet," Vixen praised wiggling all over whilst still hugging.

However, it wasn't really, what I wanted to hear. Everything about the new me screamed girl, and I was torn about how I felt about it. Who could deny it, when you are wearing a snow-white baby doll, which tightly hugs your huge breasts and with a thong spreading your labia, that you are a girl, a damn sexy, girl. I decided that my best response would be a sweet smile and wiggling hugging her back.

"Come on Chelsea, let's clean off all the baby oil in a hot soapy bath. I want to have some clean fun with Chelsea's and Barbie's boobies. We can all fit in the tub I saw last night. Chelsea, thank you so much for letting me share your girl Friday," Vixen gushed excitedly.

The two ladies helped me stand up and get balanced before, chasing me into the bathroom, threatening to stick their fingers into my vulva if I didn't hurry. I wiggled, jiggled, and undulated my way into the bathroom where they insisted on undressing me.

"It is much safer this way, Barbie. We don't want you getting a black eye if you fall down again," Chelsea assured me while lifting the baby doll uppers over my head.

"Yah, it's safer for us too. I almost hit myself in the face with my own boobs, getting up so fast to see if you were okay," Vixen giggled as she slipped the thong from between my labia and down my legs, to splat on the tile floor. "Wow, Barbie, you sure are juicy."

I blushed so hard that it felt like I had sunburn.

"Sorry honey, I meant it as a compliment. I wish I was as wet as you get."

"I like her wet too," Chelsea proclaimed, "I like it so much, it's as if I had Barbie made to order." She slyly winked at me.

"Well, Chelsea, what scent of bath oils should we indulge in today?"

"Rose and Lavender I think… is that okay with you Barbie? It will make you smell so feminine."

"Whatever will get me naked into a tub of soapy water with two gorgeous women and four outstanding boobies, is okay with me," I declared, knowing that I had little choice in the matter in any case.

While I stood shivering, the beauties squirted oil into the water and divested themselves of their own sexy nightclothes. Luckily, before my teeth started to chatter, the girls insisted that I let them help me into the warm slick water.

It was so warm and pretty smelling that I relaxed and unconsciously started worrying the tip of my nipple. It was astounding how fast that aromatic bath water was heating me up…

I was feeling so good that I heard a moan come out of my own mouth, even though I hadn't consciously intended to moan.

"My god Chelsea, you were right. Barbie could out screw both of us and still be ready for more," Vixen whispered to her.

"She is my lil' treasure…" Chelsea affirmed."

"Do you want us to play too Barbie, or are you flying solo this time?" Vixen asked me.

I had no idea what she was on about, "You can always play Vixen." I figured that since Chelsea owned me that she didn't need an invite.

"I guess I have to sit this one out…" Chelsea pouted.

"No… oh… ah… Chelsea I thought you… I mean… It goes without saying…" I was all clichéd out, felt like crying, and would have, if I weren't so near to orgasming.

"Please?" I begged, finally realizing that I had been working myself to a sexual frenzy.

"I bet you would cum if I just waggled a nipple in your mouth and Vixen tried to stuff her little hand into your pussy, while you diddle yourself," she surmised and then, began to do.

It wasn't immediate, but it was damn close. I came like gangbusters and when I finally came back to myself, Vixen still had her whole hand inside me. I could feel my pussy muscles gripping her wrist, spasming, and then releasing. It was so strange to feel it, but it felt so good being impaled on her arm like this, and I was becoming so horny again, it was unreal.

Vixen began opening and closing her hand inside of me, "Oooooooh that's soooo… uh…"

She made a fist and began pumping her arm in and out of my vagina, which had me beating my little fists on the side of the tub.

"Barbie? Hold your boobies up for me," Chelsea ordered, and I did. She then commenced to tickle my udders with one of her wonderful nipples, which had me orgasming out of my mind. However, those minxes didn't stop there, they kept it up for almost half an hour… at least I think it was half an hour. I remember Vixen adding hot water to the tub three times.

They played with my huge boobs, tickled my erogenous zones, and Vixen went to work seriously on my clittie.

The only thing I vaguely remembered next was a soft patting off with a big fluffy towel and the next thing I knew I was in bed alone.

I moved my hands about as I had a couple of times before and affirmed that it wasn't a dream, she had actually turned me into a huge breasted horny little girl. I also discovered that I was wearing a silky see-through pink teddy, with a note pinned to the strap over my left breast.


You were so lost in, orgasms that we decided to let you nap while we did some work on the web. If you wake up before we are back, put on the outfit I laid out for you on your hope chest, raid the kitchen, (I left you some of your favorite fruits cut up in a bowl in the fridge.) and then knock on the office door.

Love Chelsea

I looked at the clothes she had laid out for me and shouldn't have been surprised at her choices. She put a short plaid skirt, a peasant blouse, panties, garter, and hose with high heel saddle shoes for me to wear with them. I also found a note pinned to them:


Once you have these on, don't forget to put on your makeup.

I love this. It's like being your mom and lover at the same time.

Vixen says she can't wait to see you in this, so do a good job and we'll see you soon.

Love Chelsea

I started putting on the essentials first and had my panties, hose and garter all on when I realized that Chelsea hadn't laid out a bra for me.

'Not, a problem, I'll get one myself,' I thought. I went to my dresser, found an innocuous looking full cup black bra, and slipped it on, just as she had shown me.

I proceeded to put on the peasant blouse and figured out all on my own that the long hanging pieces in front were to be tied-up underneath my bosom.

Something struck me as a little off, but I wasn't going to let it worry me. Into the bathroom, I went and it only took me forty-five minutes to put on my makeup.

When I finally got the Raccoon eyes to go away and begin looking, as a lady should, off I went to the kitchen, proud of my accomplishment.

I pulled out my bowl of fruit, sat down at the table, and fearing I would make a mess of myself, I tucked a napkin in my cleavage and overtop of my blouse to keep from being, stained.

I ate slowly and daintily as Chelsea had taught me, washed the bowl in the sink, put the napkin in the laundry, and with head held high, marched to the office door and knocked.

"Come in!" Vixen shouted.

I grabbed the handle and barged right in… just as I heard Chelsea cry out, "No Vixen! We're on the web cam!"

I froze as if Medusa herself had turned me to stone.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the chat winds ablaze with questions, comments, and saw windows with guys' faces, which Chelsea and Vixen could see as well, go blank, their jaws drop open, and rivers of drool flow down their chins.

I could even hear a couple of voices exclaim, "Damn! Who is THAT?" and, "I'm in love!"

I finally began to be able to move again, but it was towards the hallway I progressed, as if in slow motion. I had gotten to a point where I could swing the girls out of the way and bolt down the corridor when Chelsea called out, "No you don't young lady. The damage is, done. Just get you lovely soft ass back here and face the music."

"Bu… Bu… But… I… I… I…" I stammered while slowly moving back towards Chelsea.

"Well, everyone was bound to find out sooner or later I guess. Everyone? This is my kissing cousin, Barbie Charms. You can tell we share a gene pool, can't you?" she tittered musically at the web cam.

An avalanche of written and spoken responses deluged us, but they all seemed to buy that tale.

"Barbie isn't a public kind of girl. Therefore, everyone be sweet to her. Barbie? Wave at your fans and then take Vixen out and spank her for me will you?" Chelsea asked, quite obviously playing up to the camera and all the horny guys at the other end.

Chelsea whispered in Vixen's ear, and then went back to playing with her boobs for her fans.

Vixen jumped up, buck-naked and snagged my hand to drag me from the office.

Once out the door she asked, "Where did you get that bra?"

"From my dresser…" I meekly replied.

"You act as if you're a guy sometime Barbie! Nobody, but nobody, wears a bra with a peasant blouse girl!"

I quietly and timidly said, "I… I just thought you two forgot…"

Vixen's eyes rolled around as if she thought I was nuts and helped to show me how to wear the peasant blouse.

I quickly discovered that it didn't restrain my boobs nearly as well as my bra did, but when I complained, Vixen replied, "Jesus Barbie, that's why you wear them! It's to bring attention to your tits and arouse everyone who sees them dance around."

"Do they arouse you like this?" I asked in confusion.

"Do my boobs arouse me when I wear a peasant blouse, or do your boobs arouse me when you wear one?" Vixen asked, needing clarification.

I blushed realizing I was mining for a compliment, but I knew better than to try to mislead her, "I wanted to… uh… know if my…"

Vixen was way ahead of me and held her finger to my lips to stop me, "Very, very much Barbie. However, I enjoy your breasts in many different types of garb. This look is very hot… well at least without the bra, it is."

"If the bra wasn't hot looking, why did those guys slobber all over themselves?"

"Shit Barbie! You could wear a trash bag and make those guys slobber with boobs like those!"

"That might be an interesting experiment…" I trailed off in thought.

"Well, we might just get the chance to do that yet…" she declared and then took my hand, leading me back to the office.

Vixen didn't knock, was still naked, and still had me in tow, "She's ready, Chelsea."

"Welcome back cousin Barbie! Give me a kiss honey!"

Chelsea sucked onto my face like a Plecostomus. She slipped me her tongue and groped my boobies. I loved it, but it was weird knowing we were being watched by who knows how many guys. My body betrayed me by creaming my panties, embarrassed, yet turned-on and lubricating myself like mad.

My whole world shrunk down until the only thing in it was Chelsea and what she was doing to my breasts and lips.

She whispered in my ear, "Sorry baby, I had to promise them something," and she scooped one of my boobs out of the peasant blouse, exposing it for the entire world to see. She began to lightly tickle my nipple, while still sucked onto my face.

My nipple was scrunching up and I was helpless to stop what was happening.

Chelsea twiddled, teased, and tweaked my nipple until it became nothing but a diamond-like white-hot pleasure center softening my brain. My panties were soaked and I stayed tight to Chelsea's face, so the people on the other side of the web cams couldn't see me clearly.

I briefly opened my eyes and saw Chelsea signal Vixen to come and join us, and the next thing I knew, she was boldly and openly licking my nipple, so that her face wasn't blocking my boob from the cameras.

"Mmmm Barbie has such tasty nipples," Vixen moaned, putting on a show for the camera.

"Come on Barbie, say something for the viewers," Chelsea urged.

"Gahh! Ooh!" I blurted, while squirming on Chelsea's lap.

"Okay, this is Chelsea and…" Chelsea prompted.

"This is Vixen," Vixen added.

"Signing off for now. We have to finish this poor girl off now, so you guys will just have to fantasize about what we are going to do to Barbie… Bye, bye," Chelsea told her viewers, waved, and turned off the incoherent babbling from the many guys who had seen me pleasured.

"Y… Y… You said you wouldn't…" I accused, still squirming since Vixen had gone right back to work on my boob.

"Yes, I said I wouldn't humiliate you. Do you feel humiliated?" Chelsea asked, having slipped her hand up my skirt to cup my vulva.

"I… Uh… Actually, no…" I rambled, "Soooo gooood…"

"She's so cute when she's horny," Vixen laughed and tenderly bit my nipple.

"I think it's time for Barbie to have a pony ride, while you and I watch from the hot tub," Chelsea suggested.

"I'll make the drinks…" Vixen offered.

"Barbie, you are just going to love this!" Chelsea promised as she stood up, setting me on my low heels.

Vixen supported my wobbly little body on the other side as they brought me back to my room.

The girls quickly striped themselves and then helped to strip me. (I'm still not too used to dressing as a woman.) When we were ready, they slipped on bathing suits, however this time they gave me a bikini to wear.

The one-piece was bad enough, but at least it had curtailed some of the shifting of my chest, which was throwing me off balance as we walked back to the hot tub area.

"So, you have a sea horse for me to ride, while you two relax in the tub?" I tried to suggest, hoping it wasn't something worse.

"No such luck honey. Ah, we're here. Take off your bottoms and come over here," Chelsea ordered.

I did as she urged, sporting my hairless crotch, feeling exposed and vulnerable.

"Okay Vixen, let's boost her to the saddle," Chelsea declared as she lifted me onto a vinyl-clad, half-round, barrel-like structure, with a flesh colored rounded ridge along the top, and centered upon this is a vertical dildo.

I was immediately scared out of my wits.

"Don't be frightened Barbie. It's okay. Vix and I both ride the pony from time to time," soothed Chelsea, however she neither stopped, nor slowed my unavoidable decent onto the dildo.

When I hadn't been looking apparently, Vixen had lubed up the dildo with K-Y Jelly, so they easily slipped me onto the protrusion.

"Oof! Hey, my feet don't reach the ground," I complained, legs dangling on both sides of the unit.

Chelsea brought up a center post in front of me, which angled at about 45 degrees and she had me lay against the padding with my boobs straddling both sides of it. Next, they belted me to it with four different belts and it was obvious that I couldn't even fall off the thing.

"Just lie there and enjoy, Barbie," Vixen suggested, "We are going to take the control to the hot tub with us and supervise your ride from there."

They scurried off to the Hot tub, Vixen hurriedly making drinks and splashing in after Chelsea.

The girls started counting down together, "Five, four, three, two, one…!"

Immediately after hearing, "one," I felt a low vibration start up in the 'pony', "Wha…"

"What you are riding on sweet Barbie, is called a Sybian, and you are in for a wild ride girl," Chelsea declared as I heard and felt the vibrations increase.

"Uuuh!" I squealed in and even higher tones than, I have almost, gotten used to.

Dimly off in the distance I heard Chelsea and Vixen chatting, laughing, and necking, while I screamed through orgasm after orgasm. Only after having orgasmed so much that I couldn't even scream, let alone sit up, they turned of the infernal machine and gently lifted me off the probe. Random electric pulses fired muscles all over my body, totally beyond my ability to control them, twitching and jerking as the two women carried me back to bed, where they cuddled me until I fell asleep.


Chelsea and Vixen were in bed with me when I came around and it seems they had dressed me in a pink nightie, before donning their own bedclothes.

"Morning Barbie," Vixen declared with a stretch.

"Oh is my pussy sore…" I answered right back.

"I don't doubt it," Chelsea added from behind me.

"I didn't think a girl could cum that much," I returned in disbelief.

"You did last longer than anyone I ever saw ride the wild Sybian," Vixen informed me, "We should get you a rodeo buckle or something…"

"Maybe we could get that Superman guy from TV and have Guinness validate the record next time…" Chelsea giggled.

I quickly dove under the pillows and covers trying to hide.

"Damn, I wish I didn't have to leave town tonight," Vixen exclaimed while rubbing the large bump sticking up nearest her… my butt.

"Yah, that sucks. We better get up and make the most of the day we have though," Chelsea declared as she dragged me towards the edge of the bed.

"Eep!" I squawked as I slid, finally winding up with my knees dangling over the edge of the bed.

"Let's see how well you are walking today Barbie," she insisted as she led the way to the bathroom.

"Okay…" I planted my feet on the floor, raised myself up, wobbled, and Vixen steadied me before I could topple onto my boobs.

"Still getting your balance, eh Barbie?" she asked, and swatted my big soft bottom playfully.

"I guess so. Thanks Vixen, I would have gotten sore boobs if you hadn't caught me," I hugged her in thanks. It is an amazing feeling squishing our big breasts together… especially for me, since mine are so much bigger than hers are… and since hers are huge by any standard, that's saying a lot.

Vixen escorted me to the shower and all three of us climbed in together. That was some experience too, all of the boobage in that shower made turning around, or bending over one hell of a lot of fun.

"Hey Barbie, while you're down there, could you get the underside of my boobs for me?" Chelsea asked.

"Sure. My pleasure, ma'am," I busied myself with sudsing and caressing her wonderful tits and then of course Vixen asked me to do hers as well.

"Barbie, while you are at it, could you use the wash cloth on my pussy…" Vixen added for good measure.

After finishing off Vixen, and without her asking, I began work on Chelsea's lovely labia, cleaning and teasing as much as she would allow…

"Okay, your turn Barbie," Vixen declared, lifting me up so Chelsea could do me without bending over. I must have been extra dirty too, cause she really went to town on my crotch.

"God, she can even cum when you wash her pussy!" Vixen declared shaking her head in amazement.

"Well let's get dressed and ready, before we wind up blowing a couple of hours screwing Barbie's brains out," Chelsea laughed as she exited the shower, handing towels to Vixen and me.

I started to rub the towel over myself as I used to, "Ouch…"

"Barbie, you need to pat yourself dry. Your skin is too sensitive for rubbing that towel over yourself," Chelsea instructed.

I started to pat myself dry as she had told me when I heard, "That's it! Now, are you two going to let me in on this? There is no way a girl doesn't know to pat her skin dry. What the hell is going on?"

I must have blushed all the way down to my toes.

"Can I tell her Barbie?"

I nodded. I couldn't see any way around it now.

"Vixen, what I am going to tell you, you must promise to keep secret. Barbie's life would be in total turmoil if the word got out," Chelsea began, "Do you promise?"

"Uh… sure… do I have to cross my heart and spit or something?"

"If it makes you feel better…" Chelsea replied and laughed with Vixen in answer.

With all of us wrapped in towels, bottom and top, we went in and sat on the bed while Chelsea told Vixen my story.

"That's unbelievable Barbie. I wouldn't have ever know you are a guy," Vixen declared.

"Barbie isn't a guy, Vixen. Barbie is a woman. She has a uterus and ovaries, with all of the plumbing that goes with them. She had her genitals transplanted in exchange with a lady doctor in Bangkok. So I don't want you referring to her as male in any way," Chelsea admonished.

"Sorry… But, isn't that impossible?"

"Nope, it just hadn't been done until Barbie here."

"She must have been one heck of a short guy then," Vixen surmised.

"Not really… Barbie is over a foot shorter than she started out."

"How did that happen? You can't make bones shrink," Vixen inquired suspiciously.

"Actually they did it arthroscopically. They inserted two hollow tubes until they were on opposite sides of the bones, then they pushed a loop through one side, and a flexible saw blade, which has a knot on the end. The knot is caught by the loop, which is tightened, pulled through the loop's tube a ways, drawing the saw blade out and around the bone, allowing the doctors to saw through the bone. The procedure is then repeated down the limb a ways, releasing the bone segment, which is pulverized by an ultrasound probe they insert through the small cut. Irrigation is provided allowing the bone dust and water mix to exit the body. Once that is complete, they use a small amount of autogenous paste to speed healing of the bones together."

"The really cool thing is that autogenous paste was also used to widen Barbie's hips. The doctors used the arthroscopic procedure to separate the hipbone and filled in the void with the paste. The bones were speed healed with an electrical bone growth stimulator. The whole thing was cutting edge surgery. It was a good thing that Barbie owned a house and a couple of cars, or she couldn't have afforded the surgery, even though the medical students all volunteered their time."

"The special surgeries that came later were due to a fluke of timing. Barbie was there during the time the tsunami hit the area and a young girl died in the hospital. It turned out that she was a perfect donor match with Barbie, so the Doctors wanted to do something special for Barbie. They gave Barbie the girl's ovaries in addition to the ones they had already transplanted from the doctor. They knew that Barbie was to be a lesbian love slave. Her high voice is from the same donor, which is why it sounds so childlike. That about covers it, other than the fact that I am rehabilitating Barbie, by mentoring her in the ways of femininity. Any questions?" Chelsea took a big breath after such a long dissertation.

"Wow. So little Barbie was really a man and you made her one of us? I like it," Vixen determined. She walked over to me and drew me into a big hug, "Barbie, your secret is safe with me. Not that anybody would believe me if I told them. If I can help with girl lessons please ask. I would love to help you become as sweet a girl as Chelsea is."

"Th… thanks Vixen. Aren't you grossed out or put-off, now that you know?" I asked uncertainly, worried that she wouldn't like me anymore, or worse yet, would think me a pervert for stalking Chelsea in the first place.

"I think that if Chelsea believes you can be reformed that you must be a good girl inside. I don't know why I would be upset with you, since you are one of us girls now. My knowing how you got this way, doesn't change what we shared the past couple of days," she rubbed my platinum blonde head and then asked, "You aren't put-off me, because I still like you, are you?"

I shook my head, hair flying all over, and started to blubber into Vixen's terry cloth towel, "Damn hormones!"

Vixen and Chelsea laughed and comforted me.

"New lesson for today Barbie, 'Dressing to minimize the attention you will draw when out in public: 101'. Today you get to start out with the bra you showed up wearing underneath your peasant blouse. Dark pantyhose, navy pumps and skirt, and a big, loose-fitting, lace-covered, white blouse with three quarter length sleeves that buttons up so only six inches of your cleavage shows. Accent that with the low inch and a half pumps in your closet, two bracelets, and a tight string of pearls necklace around your neck and you should be very understated. Well… understated for a girl built like us that is," she blushed and winked at me.

I busied myself dressing, which means that Chelsea and Vixen finished before I had my pantyhose on. They helped me with the rest of it and we adjourned to the dressing table to put on our makeup.

The girls insisted that I do my own makeup the best I could and only after I made a mess of my face did they help.

"Less is more, Barbie, just a touch of color and shading here and there. You are going to be outside and in well-lit places today. If you were going to go dance at a club, then you would need to put it on heavier, with slightly different colors, here we'll show you," Chelsea said, finally taking pity on me.

Once they finished, I had to ask, "So just where are we going today?"

"To the Mall," they answered excitedly in stereo.

My makeup wasn't adequate to hide the fact that all of the blood had drained out of my face so Vixen reassured me, "Barbie, don't worry. Chelsea and I will be there to protect you. We know how to handle ourselves in public, and you need to start learning now too."

I knew she was right, but stage fright is stage fright, even when you know you have it, "I'll be alright. It will just take a while to work myself up to it, I guess."

"Good girl," Chelsea praised, "Now, here's your purse. Let's go."

We all gracefully made our way to the SUV. Well, Chelsea and Vixen were graceful at least.

The drive was long, through Minneapolis and St Paul, but we chatted and I answered as many questions as Vixen could think up.

As we approached our destination, I was alarmed at the size of the place. I had been by the Mall before, when I was taller, during the daylight hours, and it seemed big. Now, to the smaller me, it looks really big. When we came to Hooters, it was dark so I didn't see how big it was. Perhaps I, was distracted? ('Hooters' is on the fourth floor, Upper East Side near Bloomingdales.)

"Remind me Barbie, we need to stop by the 'Sunglass Hut' first to pick you up some sunglasses."

"It won't be that bright in the Mall, Chelsea, I won't need them, I think."

Chelsea and Vixen both had theirs on, but we were outdoors and Chelsea was driving.

Vixen snorted a laugh, "Barbie, it's not to shade your eyes honey, it's to hide your identity."


"It also helps you look around and see who's staring and who might be trouble, without them knowing you saw them," Chelsea added. "We'll show you how."

We parked, and entered the mall from the east parking lot and turned left at the main corridor, up one level, where the girls quickly hustled me to the Sunglass Hut and we picked me up some cheap Ray-Bans. It was weird shopping in the women's sunglasses section for me, but they looked much better on me than the men's sunglasses I accidentally put on. (They fell off my face anyway.)

After we left the hut, I had come to an embarrassing conclusion when Chelsea paid for the sunglasses, "Chelsea? Um… thanks for the sunglasses. Can I ask you something?"

"Sure Barbie, any time," she smiled as we strolled.

"What can I do for a living now? Uh, how can I pay my way without a job, in this body?" I feared the answer I might get.

"You work for me Barbie. You don't get a salary as such though. I plan to have you help with my online store and a few other things. If you are able to, I will have you schedule my out of town jobs and help promote me to clubs, you know, generally manage the details for me. At least when you aren't screwing my brains out."

Vixen tittered at that.

"Oh, okay… I was worried there for a bit. I realized that I didn't even have the twenty five bucks for the sunglasses and I couldn't have paid for them."

"Now you know how it is for some housewives, Barbie. Their husbands don't give them any money so they have to rely on him to buy everything for them. That makes me think…" Chelsea stopped over by the wall out of the way and opened her purse, "Here honey, keep this in your purse for emergencies. God, I didn't even think…" she reached back into the purse, "Here put this business card in your purse too. It has our home number and my cell phone number. Shit I hadn't even thought we might get separated and you wouldn't know your own phone number."

"Thanks…" I replied, stunned. I hadn't thought of that either. It finally dawned on me how completely dependant on Chelsea I am.

"Shoot, I didn't even tell you," she began, "Open your purse and look in your wallet."

I did as she said and found my identification, a copy of my 'Birth Certificate', a social security card, library card, and a photo ID card, "No drivers license?"

"You weren't available to take the driver's test, or pose for the id picture," she reminded me.


"Now we need to go shopping…" she smiled reassuringly.

"God, Barbie, I never thought about all that stuff… You really were a…" she let it trail off without finishing it.

"We are getting Barbie a Cell phone first thing. A girl shouldn't be without one."

We wandered up to the third level and around to the west end of the mall. Chelsea escorted me into the 'Verison Wireless' store and right up to the counter, "Hi, I'm here to pick up a cell phone I ordered."

After the guy stuffed his eyeballs back into his head, he forced them up to Chelsea's face, "Eh, hem… ah… Oh, you are picking up a phone. Uh yah, what name is that under?"

"The billing name is Chelsea Charms. The listed phone number is for Barbie Charms."

"Oh, heh… I remember someone speaking of this. Good choice, I'll go and get it," he spun on his heels and slipped into the back room.

When he returned, carrying a box, a couple of male faces peeked out from the back area, and boy did they act stupid. One guy's eyes rolled up and he slapped his face really hard. Another was pounding his forehead on the doorpost. Shortly, they both started tittering at each other like eight-year-old schoolgirls.

"I took the liberty of installing the optional covers you ordered Ms. Charms. You know that these have been a very hot item since their release. The boss had to hide this one in his desk to keep it from being sold out from under you, even after he made everyone swear to keep their hands off this one. I understand why now," he informed us with a huge shit-eating grin on his face.

"Just call the number stuck on the phone to activate it when you're ready, and thank you for your business," he finished, having already proffered the credit card receipt to Chelsea for her signature.

As he headed back towards where the other guys were, all three of them made as if they were little girls gossiping excitedly.

I just shook my head as we made our way towards the door.

We sat down outside on one of the Mall's benches once clear of the store.

Chelsea took out the box and handed me the contents.

She had gotten me a Nokia, 'Barbie' Cell phone! I wasn't sure if I should be upset, or grateful, I just stared at it in my pink fingernailed hands.

"Don't you like it? I think it's cute!" Vixen declared snatching it up and looking it over.

"If you don't like it, I can take it back…" Chelsea offered.

I considered for a moment and realized that she had gone to a hell of a lot of trouble to make sure I could get one of these special phones. 'Oh, what the hell,' I thought, 'so what if Barbie Charms has a 'Barbie' phone. She wanted me to have one, and she thought it would make me happy. I already knew she was working hard to make me happy, and that girls like their 'Mattel Barbies', so I sighed, "It took my dimly male brain a minute to get out of the way. I really like it Chelsea, thank you."

"Aw, you get all the pretty stuff!" Vixen mock pouted as she handed the phone back to me.

"Yah, but most of it wouldn't fit you anyway," I declared.

Both ladies chuckled and I put the phone away into my purse. 'God, did I just refer to, 'my purse'?' I thought.

"Well now that that problem is solved, follow along to our next shopping adventure," Chelsea teased as she stood and dragged us both with her.

Down two levels, and all the way over to the East side again.

I saw ahead of time, what our destination would be. I wanted to balk at going in, but neither of the ladies even hesitated.

The whole time we made our way to the store, I had noticed how strangely people were acting whenever we passed by. One guy even walked into a post.

When we entered the store, two clerks started looking down their noses at us, and were obviously being very catty.

Chelsea and Vixen acted as if they didn't see them and immediately started diving into panties, garter belts, and slips, comparing their finds and discussing the possible combinations and how we would look in them.

The clerks seemed to become braver and louder as we browsed, as if they didn't care if we heard them and were offended. Right about the time they would have become loud enough we couldn't pretend we didn't hear them, a woman slipped out from the back and marched right over to us, "Chelsea! So nice to see you in here again."

She shook hands with Chelsea and turned to us, "I see you have brought some new customers with you this time. Hi, I'm Mary."

I held out my hand for her to take, "Hi, I'm Barbie."

The clerks tittered loudly and I heard one say to the other, "Of course she is."

"Very nice to meet you Barbie…?" she prompted for my last name.

"Charms, I'm Barbie Charms," I confirmed.

"Are you related?" she looked at Chelsea and me back and forth.

Chelsea confirmed, "Yes, Barbie is my cousin."

The clerks were becoming nasty and my head was cocked such that Mary knew they were bothering me, "Excuse me for a moment Barbie."

She turned and approached the clerks, who appeared to take interest in rearranging the checkout counter, "If you girls care to keep your jobs, you will go over and apologize to my friends, otherwise pick up your purses and start looking for work."

Both girls turned pale and came over to us, "We're sorry, we were mean and immature…" the loudest girl told us, sounding like she didn't mean a word of it.

"Mandy, get your purse. You just lost your job," Mary informed her.

When she turned towards the remaining clerk, the girls blurted quickly, "I'm really, really sorry. I hope you will forgive me," and promptly bust into tears.

Mary hugged her and said, "You just might make assistant manager, Julie. I want you to meet my friends. This is Chelsea Charms and her cousin, Barbie Charms. Unfortunately I haven't been introduce to this beauty yet…"

"Vixen LaMoore, bosom buddy, no relation," she laughed at herself as she proffered her hand for shaking.

"Lovely to meet you Vixen. Now can I show you girls something in a panty?"

Vixen was feeling frisky I guess, she replied, "Barbie would be my choice."

Mary laughed at the obvious joke and Julie seemed to relax a little.

"Well, unfortunately we don't allow fitting of panties. Or I wouldn't mind seeing her in a few pairs myself," Mary confirmed, much to Julie's shock. "Will you be wanting quantity discounts this time Chelsea? I think we can make you a good deal."

"How well you know me, Mary. Yes, I think maybe two or three cases," Chelsea confirmed.

Julie's eyes were bugging out of her head, "Two or three cases…"

"Yes Julie, Chelsea is one of my best customers. She doesn't usually come into the store unless she is looking for something special," Mary informed the younger woman, "I thinks she only gets to wear them once, she goes through so many." Marry laughed, "Julie, Chelsea resells the panties. She's a sorceress in Internet lingerie sales."

"Oh…" Julie's eyes were big and round, even though she was being, misled.

Mary winked at Chelsea knowingly. She knew that Chelsea was selling them used, and how much she could get for them even. The younger girl didn't need that information until she matured a bit.

Chelsea held up a half dozen of the ones we had picked out and handed them to Mary, "I want a half case of each in my size, and now that I think of it, give me half a case more of each for Barbie."

"Very good, they will be arriving in about two weeks Chelsea," Mary promised.

"Now could you show me something in a padded bra…"

Mary cracked up laughing, "Sure, Julie and me are the only qualifiers here."

Julie caught on a bit slower but finally smiled when she understood the joke.

"I really wish we carried something in sizes that could be tailored for you Chelsea, especially now that I know your cousin would be a customer too."

"We might have something that would fit Vixen though," she posed hopefully.

"Sorry Mary, 34 GG cups," Vixen declared.

"Jesus!" Julie burst out, blushing immediately.

Vixen laughed and said, "Julie, these aren't anything when I stand next to my breast friends here," having pointed to her boobs.

"What… What size are you Barbie, if I may ask?" Julie pried.

Chelsea jumped in to answer, "She is somewhere between, 'Holy shit!' and 'Oh my God!' Actually Julie, there is no size for us. If you were to assume a direct progression I would guess about a double V cup for both of us."

"Sorry… I just had to ask," she blushed self-consciously.

"Don't worry about it Julie. Many people are curious, and many are prejudiced, I don't hold it against anyone unless they're rude, and even let them feel the weight of them if they're nice. Are you curious enough for that?" she tempted.

"Go ahead Julie. She let me do it once too," Mary smiled at the younger girl's trepidation.

"Can I? I'm not a lesbian or anything… I'm just curious…"

"Hey, it's okay Julie. Why don't you try Barbie's girls, she won't mind," Chelsea offered, as I was standing closer to Julie.

Julie gently reached out, as if my tits would bite her, and hefted both from underneath, "Wow, they're heavy."

"Yes, a little over twenty-six pounds each," Chelsea, confirmed.

"Thanks for letting me feel, Barbie," Julie gave me a big hug. Lucky for me I'm only boob high on her. (So what, they may be small, but they're still boobs!)

"You're welcome anytime Julie," I answered, into her breast.

"Careful Julie, you might not be a lesbian, however…" Chelsea warned.

"Oh!" Julie let go of me as if I was on fire.

Chelsea laughed, "Barbie is spoken for, though."

"Now, now, Chelsea I think Julie has been open-minded, she doesn't need to be traumatized," Mary told her.

"Just teasing Julie, sometimes we goof around too much. Barbie is harmless. She is just an entertainment agent. She makes sure my actress career stays on course."

"You're an actress? That's so cool," Julie gushed.

"Now you know more of why Chelsea is such a good customer, and why she doesn't often come into the store. Look out front and you will probably find a dozen or so guys staring in here, afraid to be seen amongst the lingerie," Mary tittered.

"Speaking of lingerie, do you have anything in a bustier for Barbie?" Chelsea asked.

"Nope, not unless Julie is wearing one… and interested. Seriously, though, everything in our bustier line has demi-cups so we can't accommodate her. I doubt we could even find one for pretty Miss Vixen either. We do however have some very nice skirts on sale. I think that Barbie would look great in a black pencil skirt, or a rose-print mini skirt," Mary suggested, beckoning us over to look.

"Oh, I know the perfect thing…" she declared scurrying off. When she returned she held up a plum colored silk charmeuse skirt and promptly held it to my waist, "What do you think?"

I placed my hand on the skirt and it felt wonderful, so smooth, and cool.

"Sold, the look on Barbie's face is enough to decide that," Chelsea declared, noticing my infatuation.

"Great, and oh, we have this lovely Camel colored leather skirt on sale too…" she held it up to me, so Chelsea could see it.

"I like it too. Why don't you try those on and model for us Barbie? We'll wait for you out here while you slip into them for size."

This would be a first for me, actually going into a ladies dressing room and trying on clothes. Mary carried the skirts back with her and hung them in the dressing room, "Would you like me to give you a hand getting these on?"

I shook my head no, and began to slip out of my skirt. After she left, I expertly donned the leather skirt first, made sure my fly wasn't open… (Got you! Skirts don't have flies.), and stepped out to model for Chelsea and Vixen.

"Shit! Now I'm really sorry I have to fly out of here tonight," she grumbled.

"We'll take that one. Go try the other one on, Barbie," Chelsea told me.

She liked that one even better and Vixen was strangely quiet throughout my modeling it.

I slipped out wearing my skirt and handed the two others to Mary to ring up.

"That should do it for us Mary. Would you mind bringing those and the panties by, when they come in?" Chelsea sweetly asked.

"Not one bit," Mary smiled and then, "I'll see you when I drop off the panties," she whispered to me and winked.

"I can't wait. See you Mary," Chelsea waved as we left her store.

"Did a girl just get fired for disrespecting us?" I asked.

"Yup, it happens sometimes. Some people are too narrow minded or just down right rotten. Don't worry though, she can probably get her job at the Dairy Queen back…" Chelsea confirmed.

Vixen found that to be hilarious, and laughed up a storm, all the way to Bloomingdales. She dove into a sale rack and found a lovely Silk Charmeuse Wrap Blouse in Claret.

It looked absolutely huge to me.

She handed it to Chelsea who held it up in front of me and stated, "This will tailor up very nicely for you Barbie. Hmm, size 22, perfect. Come on, you have to try it on, I want to see you in it."

We went into the dressing rooms, she helped strip the blouse off me, and slipped me into the Silk one, "That will look great with the leather skirt we picked up." She lifted the front of the blouse up underneath my boobs and pulled it in tightly to my sides, "Here, have a look in the mirror hon.."

I looked and was amazed to find that size 22 does fit… my boobs that is. Once the darts were in, the seams re-cut, and the whole thing shortened, it would look fabulous on me, "Chelsea? Uh, I have to look away. I'm turning myself on too much."

Vixen giggled, "Your turning me on too much too." She slipped up behind me and stroked my derriá¨re.

"Stop it Vixen, you don't want her to grab you and bang your brains out in the dressing room do you?"

"It wouldn't be the first time…" she laughed, "but Bloomingdales might be too busy for us to get away with it."

They stripped the new blouse from me and then helped put me re-dress.

We shopped there a while longer but not much caught our eye. We wandered the mall… well we wandered in quickstep, "Chelsea, why are we walking so fast?"

"Here, let me show you what happens when we stroll," she slowed way down to an almost granny speed walk.

Within a few minutes a guy walked up to Chelsea and asked, "Excuse me, but may I get your autograph Miss Charms?"

Quickly followed by another guy, "I'm your biggest fan Miss Charms, would you autograph my shirt?"

Behind me I heard, "Vixen LaMoore! You're great. I loved your layout in Score Magazine. Would you autograph this?"

We were trapped there, for ten minutes, signing autographs… yah even me. I heard a guy behind me say, "Oh my god! I saw you on Chelsea's website. You're Barbie Charms aren't you? Would you sign this for me?"

Once other guys heard that, they deluged me just like the other two. Most of them had no idea who I was, but I fit the description and they didn't want to miss out in case I was somebody.

The crowd pressed in around us so much I didn't know if they were groping me or if guys were being, pushed into me. There seemed to be an inordinate amount of collisions with my breasts in any case.

Finally, the commotion became so huge the Mall Security Guards had to come break it up and escorted us to the Mall offices.

When we walked in the doors I heard, "Oh, it's you again Chelsea. What happened, did you slow down too much again?"

"Sorry Steve, we were trapped. Thanks for the rescue," Chelsea replied.

"I haven't met your two companions…" he remarked.

"Steve, this is Barbie Charms and Vixen LaMoore. Vixen, Barbie, this is Steve."

We all shook hands, and then Steve went on, "Chelsea, we just can't have riots in the Mall. It doesn't play well with the bosses you know. I'll have a guard follow you around for the rest of your stay if you don't mind. Then I'm only one man down, instead of having to send half my men in," he chucked good-naturedly.

"My disguise wasn't very good today I'm afraid," she added, removing her sunglasses.

"Right… Especially with your entourage and figure, you are almost wearing a neon sign when you visit. Ah well, I can honestly tell the bosses that no one was hurt, many of the patrons were given 'celebrity autographs' for free, and nobody is pressing charges."

"If you think this was bad, you should see me at the beach on a sunny day."

"I would… Ah, never mind. Just don't put images in my head like that," he reigned himself in at the last minute, "Now take off, before I violate the vows I made to my wife."

We all giggled at his response and found ourselves tailed by a brick-wall sized mall guard.

Once we had started out of the mall offices, Chelsea stopped, turned toward our protector and said, "Hi, I'm Chelsea. What's your name?"

"Ah, Billy… it's Billy," he answered, seemingly uncomfortable being talked to.

"He's shy. I like him," Vixen declared.

"Steve told you we're celebrities?"

"He didn't have to," Billy replied, blushing.

"Are you a fan?"

"Yes, ma'am," he answered politely.

"Would you like an autograph or anything…? I figure we might as well be friends if you have to follow us around anyway."

"I'd like that Ms. Charms," he answered, with an aw-shucks look at his shoes.

Chelsea popped open her purse and pulled out an autographed picture of herself. Vixen followed suit and handed one to him as well.

"I'd really like, ah… her autograph…" he managed to get out, indicating me.

Chelsea smiled and chuckled, "Good thing I took those shots of you the other day." She pulled out a photo from when I had posed on the bed for her the other day and handed it and a pen to me.

I found a countertop handy and signed, 'To Billie, All My Love, Barbie Charms', to it.

He lit up like a one armed bandit during a jackpot, "Thank you so much, Chelsea, Vixen and especially, thank you Barbie." He gently shook our hands and tucked the photos away in his light jacket.

We all started again heading for Nordstrom's, and anytime someone looked as though he were about to approach us, Billy gave him a menacing look, which sent him on his way.

We could take our time and stroll leisurely, finally, which I appreciated as my back was beginning to bother me and my feet weren't doing much better.

"You getting tired hon.?" Chelsea asked, seemingly reading my mind.

"Yes, I guess I'm not used to being in high heels this long," I answered, and quite honestly, since I hadn't worn high heels more than a couple of hours before in my life.

Vixen stifled a laugh.

"Do you want Billy to carry you, or do you think you can keep going until we reach Cinnabon?" she teased.

"She wouldn't weigh more than some of the kids I've had to carry out of here before…" Billy informed us.

"I think I'll last," I quickly answered before Billy decided I needed a lift.

We picked up some cinnamon buns and invited Billy to sit with us. He would have been too conspicuous standing over us while we had a bite.

I had about one quarter of a bun, Chelsea had half of one, Vixen had the other quarter and we forced Billy to eat one, which left Vixen a snack for her flight later.

"Feel strong enough for the hike over to Nordy's now?"

I stood up and started walking with them towards Nordstrom's and Chelsea leaned over and whispered, "Barbie, you shouldn't use the tables to hold up your boobs when we eat. People stare…"


After walking the almost quarter mile to Nordstrom's I was becoming fatigued again, but wasn't about to show it for fear of being carried around by Billy.

Vixen turned off the walkway onto the carpet, headed for some of the racks of clothes.

I turned off the carpet to follow and that's when everything went black.


When I came to, three worried faces were looking down on me and someone was patting my hand.

"Barbie? Barbie? Are you alright hon.?" Chelsea's voice came to me.

"My nose hurts…" I blearily answered.

"You fainted," Vixen informed me.

"Paramedics are on their way," Billy announced with his radio up to his ear.

"I'm alright… I just fell down…" I declared, not wanting to cause a ruckus.

"Falling down people don't land on their noses dear," Chelsea informed me, "I've seen enough drunken people pass out on their feet to know that much. Now you just lay still and wait for your chariot."

"Damn, she was doing so well too…" Vixen declared, "Don't worry honey. We'll take care of you."

The paramedics arrived, checked my blood pressure, pulse, and general awareness, "Can you tell me your name, Miss?"

"Barbie Charms," I replied.

"No middle name?" he asked, looking at my social security card.

"Barbie Doll Charms," I answered, slightly annoyed at his need for detail, and remembering what Chelsea had given me for a middle name from reading the ID she handed me earlier.

"Any numbness in your extremities?" he asked squeezing my big toe and then my finger.

"Nope, I felt that fine…"

"One other question. Have you had any recent surgeries?"

"Uh, Yah," I told him.

"Okay, that explains everything. This happens all the time here. Miss, you shouldn't try walking a marathon right after surgery. You need to work up to this much hiking, even if it's been a month or more since your surgery. I don't think you need transportation to the hospital, just transported back to your car. The security guard has a wheelchair all ready, but I want you to breath some oxygen for a while once you're in it," he instructed, "Unless you haven't told me something, or feel you need a hospital?"

"No, I'll just rest and suck down some oxygen," I answered as Billy hoisted me up as if I were an 8 year old and deposited me in the wheelchair.

"You, rest there and no back talk," he ordered with a smile.

I couldn't talk back. The paramedic had already clamped a mask over my face.

That's about the time Steve showed up and declared, "You can't even keep from making a commotion with a security guard following you around can you Chelsea?"

"It's a talent," she acknowledged.

"Technically, Chelsea didn't cause this one… Barbie did," Vixen defended her friend.

"Guilt by association," Chelsea explained.

Steve hugged Chelsea briefly, "Just kidding girl. You know I enjoy seeing you when you're here. Just promise to check in first next time?"

"I promise, and so does Barbie."

I nodded in agreement, since I couldn't do anything else intelligible.

Steve had a package with him and self-consciously brought it out, "Since I have the opportunity, and you are going to be here for a couple of minutes… could I get you ladies to sign my t-shirt?"

Vixen guffawed and Chelsea smiled, "It would be my pleasure, as long as your wife won't be after me for doing it."

"I'll just tell her that the mall was giving away free t-shirt with your signature as a promotion…"

We laughed at his intended subterfuge.

"Hey boss, look what they gave me," bragged Billy, fishing out his photos.

"Nice son… good thing you're single. I'd never be able to explain the pictures to your mother. I'd have to keep them hidden in my office."

"So that's how Billy pulled this assignment," we laughed, of course I was muffled by the mask.

They attached the oxygen tank to the wheelchair and the paramedics told Billy to just drop it off with them after he safely deposited me at the car.

"Who better to look after you than somebody I can trust. Not to mention if he screwed up, he would never hear the end of it," Steve declared, while Billy's eyes rolled upward.

The paramedic butted in and said, "I think we'll loan you this blanket too. Wheelchairs aren't built for short skirts," he reminded everyone.

'Damn,' I thought, 'I forgot to keep my knees together.'

Therefore, that's how I wound up pushed through 'The Mall of America' in a wheelchair, by a security guard.

Back at Chelsea's SUV Billy deposited me easily in the vehicle after taking off the oxygen mask, "Are you feeling better now, Barbie?"

"Just embarrassed down to my toes," I answered.

"Don't be, you were just a little frail. It's not your fault," he assured me.

"We shouldn't have pushed you so hard yet Barbie, but you know how us girls get in a shopping frenzy," Chelsea reassured me.

"Boy do I know that," Billy exclaimed, "You wouldn't believe some of the things I've seen go one in this place over shopping…"

"Well, thanks for taking such good care of me Billy," I offered him my hand to shake, which he took and kissed… the bum.

Chelsea offered him a business card and said, "Here's her phone number if you want to call and check up on her."

He snapped it up quickly and thanked her, while I stared daggers at her.

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed over to the airport, which is quite close to the mall, so it didn't take very long.

"My flight doesn't leave until 5:02," Vixen informed us.

"Well then we can hang out in a lounge and dance until it's time for you to leave…" Chelsea suggested.

"I could pay for the flight…" Vixen suggested, "With you, Barbie, and me in sexy lesbian dancing we could buy a plane…"

We snickered at the thought of us leaving an airport lounge with our pockets full of money. (More likely, we'd be arrested.)

I went to get out of the vehicle, and Chelsea stopped me. Vixen took off with purpose while Chelsea kept me in my seat.

Vixen returned with a wheelchair and blanket, which they insisted I use.

I wound up being the luggage cart as well, with Chelsea pushing me, bags stacked in my lap, and Vixen walking her wheeled bag beside me.

We checked her bags right away, which allowed me to see my way around. The girls were having fun pushing me all over the place, especially places I didn't want to go. We avoided going through security right away, staying in the common areas at first.

When Chelsea and Vixen were recognized, we were forced to escape through the metal detectors.

"Uh, the lady in the wheelchair will have to…" the security guard began.

"It's okay. She can walk for short distances. You can inspect the chair if you want, but it's one of yours," Chelsea informed the guys at the X-Ray machine.

"I'll need your purse ma'am," he informed me.

I handed him the purse and stood up… well, almost stood up. I started towards the floor, once again over-balanced by my bosom.

The security guard had to catch me before I fell through the metal detector, "Whoa there Miss. Maybe we should…"

"Just set her upright. It sometimes takes her a minute to balance at first," Chelsea declared, as she handed over her purse for inspection.

He did as suggested and I was able to steady up and stroll through the detector.

The guards still didn't trust me, because the guard on the other side was there to catch me if I fell. He even held onto me until the chair could be brought around for me to be deposited in again.

I looked behind us in line and saw many men who seemed to still be following us, but I figured Chelsea and Vixen knew what to do and it was probably my imagination.

Once through the security checkpoint, we headed to the terminal area and straight to the Lake Line Pub for a sit down refreshment and to talk.

Once we had our drinks and had started to discuss our shopping adventure, it didn't take long and another round of drinks appeared… and then another. Each time the waitress would tell us one gentleman or another sent them. We had to make the waitress stop bringing them finally, if we had consumed them, all three of us would be three sheets to the wind.

Eventually, we had guys stopping by the table wanting to get autographs, or to date one of us. They even hit on me, even though I figured the wheelchair would put guys off.

The wait Hostess finally came over and offered us a private booth out of sight so we wouldn't be bothered as much.

"Thank you so much. I appreciate your thoughtfulness," Chelsea told her.

"It was a hard decision. We haven't been SRO for a long time. There's even a line-up outside waiting to get in. Does this happen to you often?" she inquired hesitantly.

"Yes, it's the price of fame. You should have seen it at the mall earlier today…" Chelsea told her with a grin.

"Will it be on the news tonight?" she laughed.

"Not the incident in the hallway, but the one in Nordstrom's might. I think I saw some cameras taking video when Barbie fainted," she replied, grinning at the other girl's stunned reaction.

"That explains the wheelchair…" she rightfully determined.

"Hi, I'm Chelsea Charms, this is Barbie Charms and Vixen LaMoore," she introduced.

"I'm Bethany. I just have to ask… are those heavy?" she wondered.

Chelsea grabbed the girl's hand and placed it underneath one of her breasts, "See for your self."

"Wow, they're heavy… and, oh my god… it's all you, under there," she remarked having felt the warmth of the flesh through Chelsea's bra.

"Yes, I'm not wearing a big pillow under my blouse, these are all me," she confirmed with a grin. "And those are all her, too," Chelsea added, pointing to me.

I blushed at the look the hostess gave me. Lucky me, she didn't want to heft my girls too, I've been getting hornier all day and she just might trigger something more embarrassing than her wide eyed look at me did.

I must have been squirming in my chair, because Chelsea spoke up, "Well, it's been nice chatting Bethany. I have to push Barbie into the ladies room. We'll be right back."

'Wow this is weird,' I thought, 'I'm participating in the ritual of the bathroom gaggle.'

Once inside, Chelsea wheeled me over to the 'handicapped' stall and finally let me stand up on my own, only long enough to hike my skirt, down my pantyhose, panties, and park my big soft bottom onto the 'ass gasket'.

'Damn, peeing from my butt is strange,' I sat and thought, while tinkling.

I heard Chelsea from over at the sink call back to me, "Don't forget to wipe, Barbie."

For some reason Vixen thought that was insanely funny and had to sit down on the lounge before she fell down laughing.

I was just glad we were the only ones in the ladies room at the time. (This is so weird, talking about being in the ladies room… and actually belonging in there.)

I went to stand up and nearly overbalanced again, sitting back down hard on the seat with a clang.

Vixen stopped laughing and came running, "Damn, pulling up your pantyhose is going to be tough. If you bend over to pull up on them, you fall on your face. Here, pull them up past your knees before you stand up and…" she helped do as she suggested and I was able to pull up my panties and pantyhose up by bending at the knee instead of the waist.

"Now park yourself back in your chariot my dear and we'll go back out and help keep the place packed until Vixen can fly out of here."

We were back at the booth, (Me at the end in my own chair.) and since we were on the aisle to the bathrooms, there seemed to be many people flying today with weak bladders.

I leaned over to Chelsea after leaving the ladies room and arriving back at our table and whispered, "There has to be a way to make money from all this attention…"

Vixen overheard and suggested, "Pay toilets?"

We all laughed and I said, "I meant for US to make money…"

"That's what I meant. You sit by the door to the men's room and collect the money…"

"I think Vixen would do better collecting the money. If Barbie does it, the guys would be drooling so badly that we'd have to hose her off before I could take her home, not even considering the fact that she doesn't know how to handle guys. We don't want her knocked up. At least not yet," Chelsea reasoned with a smile.

I could feel all the blood drain from my face.

"Wow, Barbie just went pale," Vixen, declared, "What's the matter girl?"

"Pregnant?" I restated.

"Sure, Chelsea said that you were a fertile woman now. That's what fertile means girl," she explained, holding my hand in hers.

"Don't scare the poor woman to death Vixen. She has a Norplant under her skin. She can't be knocked-up for quite some time to come. It would have been irresponsible to have released the poor girl without allowing her time to adjust to being a woman, before she had to adjust to being a mommy."

"That reminds me Barbie, we are going to have to set up house duties when we get home. There won't be many, so don't worry about that. I want us to do them together. Work that's shared isn't work at all," she proposed, "I've always wanted someone to do little things with, it's so much more rewarding."

"I've always liked working better, when I can work with someone else too," I admitted, realizing now how much I liked to spend that kind of time with someone.

"If only my boss could do without me for a while longer," sighed Vixen, "I really want you two to come visit me on the coast. I know how big a welcome I could arrange for you there. I just can't promise you your usual 'Feature Performer' rates at the bosses club, sorry. I can drive you through a redwood though…" she giggled and smiled hopefully.

"I think we can find a way to come visit you, even if we don't get a chance to work your club, hon.," Chelsea promised, "I think that Barbie wants another shot at your fine body."

"I just hate good-byes," Vixen remarked.

Bethany returned carrying small chocolate sundaes, which she deposited in front of us and declared, "The manager sent these with his compliments, and his thanks."

She turned, and I thought she was going to walk away, but she raised a remote control to a TV overhead, turned it on, and made sure it was on the right channel, "I saw them announce on the news that they were running a 'what happened at the mall' report and thought you might like to see it."

"Oh, no…" I lamented.

"Earlier today…" the reporter began, "a crowd formed in the Nordstrom's department store, concerned for the health of one of the shoppers who had fainted. Paramedics were called," here the scene cut to an inserted video behind the reporter, which was obviously filmed with a personal camcorder, "The woman had fallen after having shopped till she dropped," a close up of me lying on my side right after having fallen. "We have it on good authority that the woman was recovering after surgery and had taken to the Mall too hard and too soon after her operation."

More scenes of me being rolled onto my back, huge boobs thrust high above me. "It is unknown what surgical procedure she was recovering from." The reporter gets a knowing grin on his smarmy face. "When paramedics finally roused the woman, she was given oxygen and escorted from the mall by security." Cut to a scene where Billy was pushing me down the hallway in my wheelchair. "There has been some speculation that this was all a publicity stunt arranged to debut a new big busted Exotic Dancer. The presence of Chelsea Charms and Vixen LaMoore, along with the reported name of the fallen woman, Barbie Charms, would seem to lend support to this speculation. This reporter pledges to get to the bottom of this allegation and bring his findings back to you, the viewers."

"Thank You, Gerald… And now a look at the weather…"

"That did it! That son of a…" Chelsea stopped before finishing the thought.

"Isn't that the guy…?" Vixen suggested.

"Yes, that's the jerk that had me hiring the P.I.s that caught… well you know," Chelsea informed us, having indicated me with the nod of her head, "When we found out that guy was a piss-ant reporter, a friendly word from the guys and he backed off… we thought he had backed off anyway."

"He's going to be all over Barbie as if she was covered in honey," Vixen predicted, fretting her hair.

"So much for keeping her to myself. Damn him."

"Does this mean something?" I asked about the broadcast, waving my hand toward the set.

"It means that you are going to have to become part of the business. At least to a minor extent."

"Why should it mean that?"

"You are out in the public eye now. I can't just show you on the web site to members only. Now we are going to have to respond to inquiries. Since you are an unknown, uh… were an unknown, a couple of dozen magazines, producers, agents, and club owners are going to hound us until you will do a layout or two, and maybe some appearances. After the advertisement that news report represents, we are going to be hard-pressed proving it wasn't a preplanned stunt. We can rely on Billy and Steve to support us, behind the scenes, but their employer will order them to stay away from the press and off camera. We can prove it in court if it comes to that. But the court of public opinion will have already made up its mind."

"As an entertainer, you will have a hell of a time getting a restraining order against 'the press' too," Vixen confirmed.

"But I'm not…" I started to insist.

"With that body, and today's video in the court's hands how are you going to prove it? They will assume the only reason for tits that big, is to make money with them. Just as they are assuming you are, a publicity-hound. The reporter we can handle I think. He agreed to stay off my case, due to some things we had on him. He surely thinks that he can go after you and he's not breaking the agreement. He will be made aware however that he is mistaken," Chelsea threatened.

I knew she would do it… I just wondered if I would have a sister in another year…

"I saw that."

"Saw what?" I asked innocently.

"No Barbie, I wouldn't offer to make him like you, an eunuch maybe, but not a woman. I knew that you were a good person at heart, why else would you be so, trusting?"

I was blushing to my toes. 'I have to start wearing a tin foil hat,' I thought, 'Maybe I can screen her from reading my mind.'

"She's not reading your mind Barbie. She only has to read your face. You show on your face what you are thinking. My advice to you is, don't ever take up poker," Vixen advised, "Unless it's strip poker and you want to loose…"

"The voice of experience," Chelsea teased, "You loose all of the time too. I didn't know it was on purpose until now though."

"Okay, you caught me. I'm just an exhibitionist at heart."

One brave fellow came up to our table and asked, "Ah, would you mind telling me where you are dancing Miss Charms?"

I would have thought he was referring to Chelsea, if it weren't for the fact that he was staring at me.

"Ahhhh…" I replied, trying to think fast.

"Barbie is only appearing at (link is external) for now. She will post an itinerary as soon as her bookings are firm. Such as, yourself," Chelsea replied with a glance at his crotch, saving him from my rapier-like witty reply. (Yah, right…)

He flushed and escaped while his manhood was still intact.

Bethany was doing a quick march to our table and told us, "You guys might want to slip out the back," she pointed towards someone outside, but on his way in with a camera crew.

"Quick Barbie, hand me my laptop," Vixen insisted.

While the reporter was talking to patrons and trying to figure out where we were, Vixen's laptop booted, when it was up, she opened her 'My Pictures' folder and double clicked on a picture.

The reporter had finally spied us and was moving in for the kill… when he noticed the image on the laptop, pointed towards the camera. He skidded to a halt, and bustled the camera crew out of the restaurant. When he returned, sans-camera, he was madder than a hornet in a hurricane, "You told me no one would ever see those pictures!"

"Yes, I did. You told me you would stay away from me," Chelsea accused back.

"I wasn't even going to talk to you," he returned.

"My image would have been on your newscast, I felt it only fair that yours was too," she stared him down with a squinty-eyed 'Clint Eastwood' glare.

"I'm just trying to make a living."

"Next time, the images go public. The panties and corset go quite well with your eyes, don't, you girls agree?"

Vixen and I nodded in agreement, huge dopey smiles pasted on our faces.

"That's dirty pool!"

"If you don't like the water, don't swim over your head," Chelsea advised, knowing she had him by the testes.

He harrumphed, spun and fled before we switched pictures to even worse ones…

Vixen cleared her screen and powered down her system.

"I think I need a PDA with those on it…" I quipped, trying to break the gloomy mood.

Vixen pretended to have one in her hand, hiding her face, saying, "NO PICTURES, NO INTERVIEWS."

"Yah and the image of him being boned from behind on the PDA…" I added.

"I should have asked him where he found that corset while I had him, it's beautiful," Chelsea added.

We busted up laughing like teenage girls with a secret.

It wasn't long and we had to leave. The manager wouldn't let us pay, so we left Bethany a great tip. If she hadn't warned us, I would have been six O'clock news fodder.

We tearfully said our goodbyes to Vixen and promised to stay in touch. I felt so empty when her plane took off, I cried and had to have Chelsea comfort me. (Damn hormones.)

I was heading towards the exit and back to the SUV, Chelsea at the handles, and pushing me through the crowded airport chatting happily, "I've got you all to myself finally."

We went through the terminal into the parking garage and I heard my cell phone ringing. I reached into my purse, (That feels weird to type…) picked out my Barbie phone, and said, "Hello, Barbie's phone."

"Guess who?" the voice on the other end asked.

"Is this Billy?"

"Why, Yes it is Billy. Do you want to go out and have hot unprotected sex with me," Vixen asked in as deep a voice as she could muster.

"You can't be in San Francisco yet… where are you, calling from?"

"I'm calling you from the air-phone in the airplane's lounge. I've been entertaining the passengers by stripping, and making a hell of a lot of money. I was calling to ask if you want in on, this gig?"

"I don't think they want to watch a pair of boobs fall down a lot," I sighed.

"Are you kidding? They'd pay big money to see that and you know it," Vixen laughed calculatingly.

"I suppose I do, but my nipples are sore enough from a lady I won't mention's extended gnawing upon them, thank you," I declared mock-snootily.

"Oooh, stop teasing me like that… I'm sitting on this boring flight next to a priest no less," she groaned.

"Maybe you should confess to him. It would be interesting to see his face after you told him what you have been doing for the last couple of days," I laughed, knowing the poor guy would have probably heard it all before.

"Ooh, you're mean. Trapped on a plane trying to hide the bulge in his pants while I confess my sins in all their gory detail… That's just plain mean," she giggled.

"Is that Vixen?"

"Yes, she's doing a lap dance with a priest on the airliner," I told Chelsea, purposely leaving the microphone to the phone open.

"Hallelujah at least she isn't bored."

"I think she's safe. She isn't a teenage boy, so he won't be interested…" I giggled.

I got in stereo, "Ooh that's so bad…"

"But it makes you feel better doesn't it?" I inquired.

"Actually, I'd rather be sitting next to a well-hung stud who's drooling down my cleavage for the whole flight. At least it wouldn't be boring," Vixen informed me, "I know you would rather it be Chelsea or some other hot girl, and even though I like girls too, I prefer a stiff rod when I can get one."

"Well, I can understand, intellectually if not erotically. I just wonder if the ticketing agent set you up with the priest to keep from having to hose you down during the flight," I teased her.

"It's a conspiracy. Those…" Vixen seemed to be getting ready to go on a rant, "Ah, the world is against a girl just wanting to have a good time."

"I'll have to take your word for that. I just don't have any experience yet. So far I have been kept really busy," I informed her.

"Lucky girl."

"I suppose so. You have a fun flight and don't do anything I wouldn't do," I told her, but then had to pull the phone away from my ear a little.

"What did she say?" Chelsea urged, having stopped us at her SUV.

"She told me that she sure as hell was going to do plenty of what I won't do, and…" I motioned her to lean over close. When she did, I pulled her even closer and placed a lip-lock on her.

We kissed passionately for a while when I heard somewhere off behind me a female voice say, "Eww gross!"

Chelsea's grin broke our kiss and she said, "Another closed minded prude heard from."

"Yes, can't a girl show open affection to her owner in public, even these days?" I replied with a smile.

Chelsea helped me up into the vehicle and took the wheelchair back.

I must have dozed off, because, when I came around we were on 35W headed north towards home.

"Have a nice nap Barbie?"

"I had a funny dream though."

"Funny ha, ha, or funny strange?" Chelsea asked.

"Funny strange. I'm really weirded out by it," I told her, still reviewing it in my head.

"Well, tell me about it," Chelsea prompted as she drove through traffic.

"I'm kind of uncomfortable talking about this one," I admitted shyly.

"After all we have shared and all I have done for you, you won't trust me with a dream?" Chelsea said, looking hurt.

I heard what she said and I had to think about it very hard. All she had done for me, and what we shared… I reviewed it in my head repeatedly, but I couldn't reach a resolution yet. I did however decide that I might as well talk to Chelsea about it and maybe she could make heads or tails of it.

"I ah… was dreaming about being with… um… Barry, the bartender from Hooters," I admitted, blushing a bright crimson.

"What's wrong with that? He is an attractive looking man, after all," she agreed.

"I'm a guy…" I told her, "It's just… making it with another man… and I just woke up with soaking wet panties. I'm still horny even after waking up."

"Oh, I've had that happen to me too. I love how it feels waking up like that… as long as there's someone there to bang my brains out," she happily shared with me. "I wish I could be there for you now, but I think we would crash if I were."

"It's okay, I understand. It's no more frustrating than waking up with a boner," I informed her casually.

"I have always wondered how that felt for a man," Chelsea admitted, "I guess you are the only one in the world who can really answer that. I think it's really special. You probably just dreamt what you did, due to your chat with Vixen at the airport, don't you think?"

"I guess. What bothers me the most is I have never had a dream about another man in my life…"

"You haven't had a uterus before in your life either Barbie. It's only natural for you to feel differently now. You have a completely different chemistry in your body now. Is there anything wrong with you feeling horny for a man?"

"I'm going to have to think on that one for a while," I admitted.

"No pressure honey. If you never like men, that's okay with me. You might wind up sleeping alone when I have a man over, but you can have dates over too."

The idea of sharing Chelsea with a man was a new one to me. She had been slowly opening up new things for me to think about all day. I was somewhat pensive for the rest of the ride home and I think Chelsea knew I needed some time to work in my head alone so she didn't try to chat with me much.

We made it home and I had resolved to show Chelsea how much I appreciated her.

She opened the door to help me step out and I clamped onto her as if for my very life.

"Whoa! What's all this for?" she asked, trying to hang on, since I had my legs around her waist and arms around her neck.

"Thank you for being so nice to me," I told her, tears streaming down my face. (Damn hormones.)

"You're welcome. Now can I put you down? Between my boobs, your boobs, and your weight off the front of me, I'm not sure my back can handle much more," she informed me as she groped my butt.

I let go and she placed me steadily on my feet, "Do you think you can make it in on your own, or do I need to hire in a wheelchair for you?" she teased.

"Nah, I don't need the wheelchair. Could you carry me though?" I proposed, groping her delicious bottom back.

"I don't mind carrying you… piggy back," she laughed, "Then you offset my boobs."

We played grab ass all the way from the garage to my bedroom. She'd grab my bottom and I'd grab whatever was closest, while trying to dance away from her.

Once in the room Chelsea said, "Get out of those clothes now and put this on." Chelsea handed me a scarlet satin negligee to wear.

I took it and remembered in time when I went to drop my panties and hose, and did it by squatting and not by bending at the waist. It was much easier to pull the negligee over my head. I luxuriated in the feel of the shimmering fabric as it shimmied down my body.

"All ready?"

"Yes," I answered, figuring on our having a hot time in bed.

"Good, come on," she led me to the office and turned on the computer and web cam.

"Time to go to work," she remarked.

"Work?" I asked.

"Yes Barbie, you are going to be an internet sensation, no matter what you do now, so we have to get you on the net and have you tell your story of today's events. This way, you have supporters other than your brassiere. You get to have people out there who expound your point of view for you, and all it costs you is being seen in your negligee."

"You're amazing. I wouldn't have thought of this," I shook my platinum blonde head, watching the long hair float about, realizing that I hadn't thought of my long hair once today.

A flood of, "Hi Chelsea," and, "Evening Chelsea," voice and text messages both.

"Hi guys," Chelsea waved, "You remember my cousin, Barbie Charms, don't you?"

A flood of yes and no came through, so she went on, "Barbie was accidentally on the web-cam yesterday, and some of you got a look at her in private. Well today, something happened and she wants to set the record straight. I'm going to let her tell you about it. Go ahead Barbie."

"I'm nervous about this. I haven't done anything like this before…" I began.

There was a plethora of encouragements sent in to me on both media.

"Okay… Chelsea, Vixen, and I went to The Mall of America today…" I went on to tell the story of what happened at the mall and how someone shot a video of the whole thing. Nothing was wrong with that. Where the trouble came in was when a sleaze of a reporter got hold of the video and made an on- air report, accusing me of pulling a publicity stunt, using my name as evidence of this, and the presence of Chelsea and Vixen when I fainted. I included the fact that he told the public that security had to escort me from the mall, when it was just Billy being nice and pushing my wheelchair for me.

There was immediately an inquiry for the name of the reporter, which Chelsea supplied. There were questions of what TV station the guy worked for and what time the piece aired. After a whole slew of questions, Chelsea stopped them and stated, "Now, I don't want anyone to do anything to the reporter, I believe I have handled that, but just in case, we wanted to tell everyone the true story tonight in order to set the record straight."

The replies were very encouraging concerning the reporter trouble, however, after that calmed down I was being hit on by all of the guys. I played along with the men and even let Chelsea expose my boobs for the members of her website.

Chelsea signed off with at statement that I wasn't scheduled to appear anywhere and for the time being, I would be appearing exclusively on her website.

We signed off and I said, "Whew… this is tough work. Do you do this everyday?"

"Yes Barbie, we need to keep up the website and appear regularly for the subscribers, and we have a photo shoot tomorrow so we will have to be beautiful. Come on I'll show you how to keep your face beautiful and you can help me with mine."

"That sounds like fun," I told her.

"Well, after a while it's like shaving is for men. It can get to be kind of a drag," she admitted.

"Even when someone helps?" I asked, batting my eyelashes at her.

"Let's find out," she spirited me into the bathroom and we cleansed each other's faces, becoming quite giggly in the process.

When we were finally done, Chelsea told me, "I knew that it would be more fun this way!"

We bounced into my canopy bed together and fell right to sleep. I wish I could describe us having hot and heavy sex, but we were both bushed after our long day.


Learning the Ropes ************************ Waking up next to Chelsea was such an incredible experience all I could do was stare at the even rise and fall of her chest. Knowing what a genuinely nice person was inside there was even more amazing. I lay there watching her for over twenty minutes before she asked, with her eyes still closed, "Seen enough, or would you rather start the day orgasming?

"Oh, I'm horny as hell, but it's nice lying here just watching you sleep too," I admitted, "I would have started nibbling your nipples half an hour ago, but I thought you could use the sleep."

"Oh, but my nipples so desperately need nibbling…" she confirmed.

I needed no more encouragement than that. I used my tongue to stimulate her nipples, and my lips to tease them. It wasn't quite immediately but it was close, when my pussy started drooling as if I had sprung a leak. Her teasing and playing with my nipples sent me into quivering ecstasy.

We moved on to tongue wrestling and fingering each other to squirming, yearning, edge of orgasmic, desire. After a couple of quick minor orgasms, Chelsea jumped from bed and disappeared into my closet. When she returned she had something behind her back and simply told me to get on my hands and knees, while she came up from behind me.

Imagine my surprise when she invaded me with a large jelly dildo, affixed to the harness she was wearing. I was so wet, and since she had lubed up the dildo, it slipped inside me with very little resistance. I was shocked, then I began relaxing and enjoying the delicious sensation of being filled.

Of course, this wasn't the first time I had a dildo in me, but it was the first time that my lover's hips were driving the dildo. The feeling was altogether different. Chelsea was slamming into my wide backside, clasping tightly to my hips, my huge boobs swinging back and forth while she fucked me from behind.

The thought as much as the act was driving me over the precipice of my orgasm, "Ah... oh… ah… ooh… oh god… ah… oh god… oof… ah god… uuuuuuuuhhhhh!"

I went as limp as a rag doll, but Chelsea didn't stop. She kept a hold of my butt and even though my upper body was resting on my boobs, the steady rhythm of her banging continued.

"Oh, don't stop… oooh… uh… oh… uh… uh… uh…" I was once again riding the orgasmic surf. However, this wave was feeling more like a tsunami. Chelsea changed up her rhythm to keep me from going over the crest. Holding me right at the top of the wave, as it built ever higher. I was squealing and groaning, biting my own hand and twiddling my nipples as if they were a short wave radio and I wanted to reach anyone who would talk.

"I'm going to fuck you straight into heaven Barbie," Chelsea declared as she began her drive for the finish line.

"Uhnghelhouhoofanah!" I screamed, in the well know language of the country of Orgasmia, as Chelsea drove my head into the pillow and my hips nearly flat on the bed.

Chelsea snuggled with me as my mind floated off in bliss.

When I was able to speak again, I told her, "I don't believe that just happened. I never thought I could cum that hard!"

"Mmmm, good… I think you can orgasm like that all of the time honey, now that you're one of the fairer sex," she hugged me, kissing me lightly on the ear.

I stealthily removed her strap-on and put it on. I knew that she was feeling tense and needed a good banging as much as I had. Especially since, she made no objection to my borrowing her cock.

She was so hot I didn't have to play with her steaming pussy long to have her positively drooling for me. I pulled her to a kneeling position as she had me, however I stuffed a couple of pillows under her hips and one under my knees. (I'm shorter than she is. I needed the height to line up right.)

Once I'd slipped my 'manhood' into her, I began to slap my hips to her delicious bottom, leaning into the job ever more until my boobs were resting firmly on her back.

I can't tell you how much it turned me on to have my boobies jiggling on her soft back while my hips pleasured her, her feminine juices covering my mons veneris and running down my thighs to mix with my own. Chelsea's little moans and utterances were making me almost as hot as my latex cock was making her.

She screamed through her first orgasm, going limp only briefly as I continued my onslaught of her luscious butt. Once she was back up on her knees and actively thrusting back, I let go of her on one side and chanced playing with my own nipple.

When Chelsea's yelps of pleasure neared their peak, I was too. In the end, when she screamed out her appreciation, I was her chorus.

We fell upon each other hugging and cuddling each other happily.

After we had smooched and hugged enough, she put us in the bathtub for more soapy fun. What a way to start the day!

We dried off and when I went to put on some sexy lingerie, she stopped me, saying, "Not this morning honey, I've gone without exorcising too many days now, being distracted with you. Now, you too, need to workout everyday with me. Your back and legs need to be stronger, so here, put this on." She handed me a weird looking sports bra, probably custom made for my unique dimensions, granny panties, and leotard, adding, "Your tennis shoes are in the closet. Do you think you can put them on by yourself or would you like help?"

"I always need your help, Chelsea, but I'll try to do as much as I can, on my own," I replied confidently. I put my arms through the straps and noticed that it was a front closing type bra. Looking at the label it said, 'The Enell Sports Bra.' The sales tag that I'd ripped off claimed, 'the Sports Bra worn by Oprah!'

I reefed on the front, squishing my boobs together as hard as I could, but couldn't make the hooks catch. I dove onto the bed, lying on my back, hoping my boobs would flatten out some so that I would be able to make them hook, but to no avail, all the while Chelsea laughed herself into a case of the hiccups.

When Chelsea could finally catch her breath she declared, "I'm coming Barbie. Chelsea to the rescue!"

She sat me up on the bed, slipped the straps off my arms, pulled the band down to my waist, and easily made up the lowest few half dozen hooks. Chelsea shimmied the garment up my torso, until it stopped at the crease under my boobs, and then helped me lift each of the girls into their respective cups, one at a time. Once settled in, she started reefing my tits together and making up each hook individually.

"There you go sweets, you're ensconced in your satin booby prison," Chelsea giggled and stroked one satiny cup.

"God, it's so stimulating being a woman all the time, even though it is so much more work," I confessed, with an overheated blush.

"That's one of the things I like about you, Barbie, you see and feel things that I have grown inured to, having always been a girl," Chelsea tussled my locks good naturedly. "It's fun seeing things the first time again through your eyes. However, now we need to get back to one of those 'much more work things'. Come along my pretty… hehehehe…" she cackled.

She led me to a small exercise room with some weights and a stationary bicycle, "First we stretch, so park your lovely bottom on the floor and follow along." She clicked on the bookshelf stereo and exercise music began playing.

I couldn't believe how flexible I had become. Chelsea had me hook one leg behind my head. However, once I was helpless she copped a feel of my exposed womanhood. I can't complain though, the added stimulation and incentive kept things from being boring.

Once we were, limbered up, Chelsea took to the bike while I was directed to pump pink iron. She had some pink barbells and a chart to show which exercises I needed to do. I was concentrating on lifting the little, but surprisingly heavy weights, and circumnavigating my tits while doing so, when I saw the first flash. I ignored it, since I was in the middle of a set and kept going, when again there was another flash.

"What are you doing?" I asked, not missing a beat.

"Well, sweets, we are going to have to fatten up your portfolio of images on the website, so while I peddle my butt off, I'm going to get some glam shots of you sweating. That's alright isn't it?"

"Hey, I'm just the sex slave here. You don't mind if it turns me on to model for you, and to soak through the crotch of this lovely leotard with my wanton juicy pussy, do you?" I teased back.

"Ooh, good idea… I'll get some close ups of your soaked crotch. You'll have guys spurting their loads as if they were lawn sprinklers," out of the corner of my eye I saw her zoom the camera tightly in on my juicy twat.

The image of her taking the picture and licking her lips only exacerbated my drooling. I started to squirm my bottom end around in an effort to scratch the itch, which although ever-present, had diminished to the back of my mind for the short while I had been exercising.

"I love the squirmy dance, Barbie. These are going to be hot."

I finished-up my rep, was putting back the dumbbells, and Chelsea instructed, "Barbie, slip the leotard underneath your bra while you do the next exercise."

I did as she bade me. The strain of the leotard on my shoulders was evident, while the top of the neckline was trying to shove my boobs into my face. It only became worse when I lay down on the bench to do leg pushes. You have no idea what it feels like to have your inflated chest pushing up until it almost reaches your jaw. It was distracting to say the least.

Things became a little more comfortable when she directed me to, "Pull your leotard down to your tiny waist. Just leave the straps hanging down behind you while you do a few jumping jacks for me."

I only did two when the ripple effect of my girls made me loose my balance and crash to the floor mat.

"Forget the jumping jacks. We can't have you blacken your eyes or skin your knees, therefore, go on to the girl push-ups. You will have to use the bench over there I had made. When you can't bend your elbows before your tits hit the floor, you don't get much push-up in," she informed me.

I looked at it, noticing that the side handlebars would allow me to do push-ups while dangling my tits between them. Of course, it was made so that you did them on your knees and at about a 45 degree angle, which made it less impossible for me.

The flashing kept up and after doing five or six pushups, she directed, "Pop open your bra honey, and let the girls jiggle while you do that."

I unhooked all twelve hooks, all the while, she was still shooting pictures, and once my tits were freed, I started back up with the push-ups, while my chest jiggled and swayed below me. It was so damn distracting and sexy to see boobs dancing all about in front of me, even if they were my own, that my thighs were becoming wet with my desire.

"Ooh, that is going to have the guys filling their jeans with jizzum! Now I want you to stay leaning forwards a bit and taking both hands, massage your diamond hard nipples for me."

Flashes and cooing were abundant while I pleasured myself. I was soaking the vinyl seat underneath me.

"My god, I'm soaking the bicycle seat. You are doing a fine job dear. Now I want you to start your bicycle ride while I do my pink iron pumping," Chelsea informed me as she dismounted the stationary bike.

What she did next astounded me. Chelsea removed the bicycle seat and replaced it with a seat that had a small dildo sticking up.

"You aren't going to make me…" I sheepishly began.

"You bet your sweet vulva I am," she insisted, "I am going to take pictures while you lower yourself down on the seat and then while you ride yourself to a screaming orgasm. Won't you do that for me, please?"

I couldn't deny Chelsea anything before my change, how could I now? I pulled the leotard to one side in my crotch, freeing my dripping wet love lips. I positioned myself above the dildo and took the plunge, ever so slowly.

Chelsea took long shots, close-ups, and even macro-shots, as the probe opened up my love lips.

"Pull up and off again, please. I want to get close-ups. Stop over the top of it for a minute, too. Great, your cunt is drooling down the dildo and coating it with your love juices. This is definitely hot!"

I was trembling with desire by then. I wanted that thing inside me so bad, but I waited until she had the shots she wanted, "Oh, poor Barbie. You really want to ride this bike, don't you dear?"

'Y… Y… Yes, please."

"Well, I want you to barely touch the tip with your lips, and smear yourself open with it slowly. Very nice… now slowly… ever so slowly, move down on it."

I was going crazy with yearning, while she stepped back and took shots of my face, with me biting my lip trying not to scream, and concentrating on the sensations as my nether lips were spread open.

Chelsea took shots of my vulva spread around the seat where I was humping my womanhood against it. She shot my ass as it saddled the seat and it spread me so definitively.

Of course, I couldn't see the pictures until later, I was busy pumping my legs on the pedals and humping my hips against the seat. I felt my unrestrained boobs swaying back and forth wildly as I pedaled and all the while kept my eyes closed, savoring the sensations. My world became the electric arcing of luscious lightning firing throughout my being.

"Wow, your cum is dripping off the seat in rivulets…" she exclaimed, though I barely heard her.

It didn't take long and I was spasming in bliss, while the flashes from the camera went off all around me. It was impossible to distinguish which were from the camera, and which were plasmatic fire dancing through my vision, while I screamed, "Ahh, ooh… ooh… eeh…"

I was turning into a rag doll when I heard, "Keep pedaling Barbie, you have another mile to go."

"But, I have only gone five hundred feet or so…" I whimpered.

"In that case I figure you have nine more orgasms to go…"

I weakly began pedaling, but it took very little time before I was enthusiastically pedaling, screaming, and cumming again.

Chelsea made me go the full mile, even though she had long since gotten enough pictures and gone back to her exercising.

Once I made the mile, and finished off all ten orgasms, Chelsea had me doing back strengthening exercises with her.

I was soaked with girl sweat and cum when we finally called it quits. Chelsea took me by the hand and led me to a hot bathtub full of lilac smelling bubbles.

Once inside the tub, I must have fell asleep, because the next thing I knew, Chelsea was awakening me as she stood outside the tub, (She had been bathing with me.) fully dressed and holding a big fluffy towel.

"Now that you are rested and smelling like a lovely girl, instead of a mare in heat, we need to get you dressed and start the rest of our day," she urged, holding out the towel for me to step into.

She dressed me in a sweet pink cotton mini skirt, white stockings, pink silk blouse, buttoned up the front, slightly over half way, and pink three-inch heels.

Chelsea was wearing a pantsuit, which highlighted her stunning curves and tantalized my senses, distracting me as she sprayed cologne in all the feminine places, cleavage, wrists, knees, and my neck.

"If it's only going to be you and I here today, why the cologne?"

"You are not just getting dressed dear, you are receiving girl training as we speak. Putting on your scent, doing your makeup, learning to dress, do your hair, and how to act."

"You're a great teacher… I didn't feel a thing," I praised her. I have always felt that the absolute best teachers are the ones who teach so well that, you are entertained and barely know that you should be learning, even as you are. You leave class, although you would rather stay, it feels as if you just got there and can't wait until your next class.

"Thank you sweetie, now I think we could use some breakfast," she declared as we entered the kitchen.

We both cut up fruit, shared pieces between us, and when we finished eating, we chatted happily and washed our dishes.

Back to the office area we went. Chelsea had me stuffing videos, picture collections, garments, and many other things that she sells on her site, into packages, which we gave to the UPS guy, when he came and drooled down my cleavage, as I handed him the shipments.

I watched him go to his truck and beat his head on the side, thinking, 'What the hell is he doing?'

Chelsea laughed when I told her, "Barbie, he was just trying to get his mind back on the job after you melted his heart."


"I think you should answer some of your fan e-mail right now," she recommended.

"I have fan e-mail?" I asked incredulous.

"Yes, I had the webmaster set up your e-mail and prepare some special web material for you in advance. I figured that there would be a lot of interest in my cousin."

"Wow, there seems to be a lot to this business."

"You'll get the hang of it," she encouraged, "Look at this. Our subscribers have gone up thirty percent in the last couple of days."

"Wow, did you make the cover of Gent Magazine or something?" I asked.

"Nah, that was some time ago. The only thing I can attribute it to is you, dear Barbie. Your photo sets are selling well. Your panties and bras are back ordered, and the exercise video I hinted to the subscribers would soon be available, has scads of inquires already."

"Oh…" was all I could answer.

"I'm planning on, working with you this afternoon. I want to put together a couple of dance routines for you to learn, so the videos of me teaching you to dance should be plenty popular, don't you think?"

"How are you getting videos? I've seen your still camera when you take my picture, but I haven't seen a camcorder," I inquired, now embarrassed that guys wanted videos of me naked so badly.

"I have them setup throughout the house. They second as a security system, but I can have them manned by operators over the Internet, so they can pan and zoom them. It makes it less intrusive, and we can get so much more filming done. Nice huh?" she urged with a friendly hug.

"So we, are being spied on even now?" I surmised with a slight scowl.

"No, silly. I control when they are active for use by the camera operators. The rest of the time, they are stationary and simply record without anyone operating them. Either way, only a couple other people have the password to access the video, the Webmaster, my video producer, and my security provider, all whom are trustworthy and friends. I'll let you have the password too. Maybe you can help put together teasers. You should also access the security vids sometimes to catch any interlopers or thieves. That's where I first saw you…" she blushed, but still looked squarely at me.

(Gulp) "You, knew I broke in?" I asked embarrassed that this was the first I knew of being, caught.

"Yes, it is in the files we had on you. I guess you might have a better use for stolen panties now," she sheepishly smiled at me.

"God, why didn't you have me arrested?" I queried, "I could have been in jail for a while, but the sexual predator stigma would have ruined my life."

"Yes, I took that into consideration when we caught you," she admitted, nodding, though her eyes had a faraway look.

I didn't want to push any farther. I was embarrassed and unnerved enough.

"I'll do anything you ask to the best of my ability. I don't have many abilities though. I was mostly a manual laborer before…" I let the statement trail off into nothingness.

"I know, but you're learning," she squeezed my knee sending electric shivers through my feminized body. "Here, you can review the video at this website by inputting this username and password," she showed me on the computer. "I made your username, '1HornyBarbie', and your password, '************', so it will be easy to remember. (Bet you thought I was gonna tell you the real password eh? Not a chance, silly.) Here is where you can make a copy of the video to save on this computer. I know that you can use some of the video type software, since you made yourself some GIFs and MPGs of me. I believe the software you are familiar with, is already installed on this system, so you won't have a long learning curve."

I was following along with great interest. I knew that I would have to earn my keep in other ways than to just sexually pleasure my owner.

"Have you figured out how much money I will have to bring in to compensate you for my upkeep? I want to make you happy if I can," I requested humbly.

"Oh my! You, still think you're my slave, don't you?" Chelsea declared with her hand above her heart.

"Yes… Unless you sold me…" I pouted uncertainly.

"Slavery is against the law sweetie. You are a free person, honey. I'm just giving you a place to stay and offering you a job," she informed me, "You can come and go as you please. If you hate me for what I did to you, you could take all your stuff and leave. I want you to be happy and since you aren't really, built for manual labor anymore, I'm teaching you a trade, so I don't recommend that you leave. At least not yet."

I started to blubber and hugged her to me, my head on her incredible bosom.

"What's wrong, Barbie?"

"I don't deserve a friend like you," I whispered between tears.

"We are going to have to work on your self-esteem Barbie. Of course having fans might help that out. The guys on my site are very eager to chat with you, why don't you log on and entertain them. You don't have to strip or anything. Just chat with them while I take care of a few things," she suggested, and then stood up, hugged me, and left the room.

I sighed and turned to the computer, typed in my password, and brought the system up with the web cam on. I looked into the camera and said, "Hi, I'm Barbie. Chelsea is busy and she wanted me to fill in for a while today. Is that alright with everybody?"

I was immediately, inundated with affirmative responses.

"I know I'm not Chelsea, but I'll try to keep everyone entertained. Does anyone have a question about me, or about Chelsea that I might be able to answer?" I ventured, putting on my friendliest smile.

'How tall are, you?' came across my screen.

"The question was, 'How tall am I? I'm four foot ten and a half inches tall, just a few inches shorter than Chelsea," I told them, after reading which question I was answering aloud.

"'How old am I?' That is just one question you never ask, and a Lady needn't answer," I reproached the questioner, but I did tell them, "I'm over twenty one and young enough to make silly mistakes." I giggled at that answer, knowing it would frustrate the guys.

"'What size bra do I wear?' I don't know actually. They are custom made and the lady who makes them just measures me and later hands me a bra in the style I asked for."

"'What are my measurements?' Let's see…" I said, and then looked around the room and finally spying the cloth tape, Chelsea had. I held the tape around my chest underneath my boobies and announced, "Twenty nine inches," I measured my hips, "Thirty nine inches," and then the measurement that they really wanted, "sixty three inches. However, Chelsea tells me I will be bigger next week."

That brought on plenty of excited remarks from the guys.

"But then, so will Chelsea," I added laughing.

There was a virtual roar over that.

"It's alright for you guys, but I need help keeping these girls up. They keep making me fall on my face!"

You'll never believe how many volunteers there were to help me hold them up, or hold me up in a variety of ways. It was flattering, but I knew the only thing these hounds wanted was to get into my panties. (No, not wear them goofy! I can hardly believe that I'm in them.)

"'Will I show them to you?' They're right here, under my silk blouse," I acted dumb, however I knew what they wanted.

"'Naked?' I'll think about it," what am I saying? I'm actually thinking of showing these horn dogs my boobies?

"'What do I like to do?' Mostly, I like to do Chelsea," I answered with a quick flush.

"'You want to know what color panties I'm wearing?'" I wasn't thinking I just lifted my skirt to look. Honestly, I forgot what color they were, "Pink."

The virtual cheer that resulted hit me both aurally and visually and I blushed up a storm. Only then did I realize that everyone could see my crotch.

"You'd think you guys had never seen a pair of panties before," I rejoindered. "'You, want to know if I'm shaved?' No, I'm not, shaved. I don't have any hair growing down there."

"'Prove it?'" I don't know what came over me, but impishly I pulled my panties over to one side and said, "Is that proof enough?"

There I sat with my vulva bared and not one response came back from the computer.

"What happened? Did you guys faint or did I loose my Internet connection?"

A flood of responses washed over me then.

"Barbie, you're so beautiful." and "Barbie, will you marry me?" and "Oh my God!" and "I'm in love!" etc.

"Wow, you, don't waste any time do you sweetie?" Chelsea softly said in my ear.

I hadn't even heard her come into the room.

"Oh! I'm so embarrassed! I… I… I don't know what came over me Chelsea," I stammered.

She laughed so hard she almost fell down into her chair, rather than just plain sat in it, "Barbie, no need to apologize darling. These guys will be jerking off looking at your lovely smooth slit in their fantasies for months!"

She turned towards the web cam and asked, "Hey guys? Who would be willing to say, pay half again more subscription fees to see Barbies pussy more often? You know she has to make a living to be able to stay in shape and buy pretty lingerie to take off for you. If enough of you say yes, I bet I could convince her to live with me and be on the web cam daily for you."

There was a huge response of affirmatives, although not as great as the one when I showed my pussy.

"All right, I'll even throw in," Chelsea went on in her best 'Ron Popeil from Ronco' sales girl imitation, "Lesbian session with Barbie and Chelsea as an added incentive. But wait, that's not all, we'll throw in free panties for the first one hundred subscribers. Now what would you pay for it?"

I started laughing hysterically, "Gag me with a Ginsu."

"Sorry, the Ginsu promotion is over, no Ginsu knives, no Pocket Fisherman, and no Veg-O-Matics, just boobies and pussies. What am I offered for this sweet pussy right here?" Chelsea lifted my skirt and pulled my panties to the side, again showing my smooth slit to the viewers.

The web site had no typed messages coming in from it.

Chelsea also took notice of this and said, "My, my, it looks like you have all of the guys taking things in hand now Barbie. You have all of your fans masturbating. Good girl!"

She grabbed my head and pulled me into a passionate kiss that had me soaking my panties. She slipped her tongue to me and had me panting like the bitch I now am. She began caressing my boobs and soon I was quivering with desire.

"Too bad they aren't here with us. They could do this," she declared as she slipped her hand into my brassiere.

After making my nipples into diamond hard points, she flipped the girls out of my top, exposing them to the camera.

"I bet every one of them would want to be me right now," she teased as she tongued my nipples in front of them, while I had my back arched, my eyes closed and my tongue licking my swollen lips in rapture.

"Ooh, look at how hard they get when I blow on them!"

"Ughn," I moaned in response.

Chelsea kept stimulating me until I didn't even know my own name.

"I want everyone who wants to watch Barbie orgasm to type in their request, and there had better be enough or I'm going to steal this minx away to her bedroom and finish her off there."

I have no idea how many responses she received, all I know is her hand fell to my vulva, and her finger quickly invaded my labia to increase her stimulation of my clit.

I was mewing like a kitten by then and her ministrations to my sex were making the most interesting splooshing sound as she slipped in and out of me.

I clutched to her yipping and moaning as I soaked my pink skirt and filled the vinyl seat with my juices.

"She's almost there guys," Chelsea declared, increasing the frequency of her diddling.

"Ooh baby, ooh baby…" I chanted.

She finished me off with her tongue stuck down my throat while I spasmed in orgasm, twitching, clutching, and jerking all around the chair and her.

The next thing I was aware of was a lovely, soft nipple presented to my eager mouth. I took it into my puffy lips, sucking and tonguing it for all I'm worth.

Chelsea started to moan softly, so I took more initiative, zipped her pantsuit down all the way between her legs, and began working her sweet snatch with my fingers.

I knew I was doing well when she began to hump my hand. I was too busy trying to keep hold of her big beauties and working her clit that I couldn't do anything to disrobe her further.

Luckily, she wasn't beyond control, so she shrugged the shoulders of her pantsuit from her and squirmed it down past her waist. When her hands were free, she pushed it off her hips and past her butt, snagging her panties as she went.

I now had free and easy access to her sex, since she had kicked her legs free from the garment and became the tigress in bed I have experienced several times before. I was hanging on for dear life as she hugged me to her bosom. She had begun stroking me and playing with my huge nipples in response to the stimulation, I was providing.

I squirmed my face between her boobies, slipping to the outsides to attack each nipple as I came across it.

I was ready to send her over the edge so I squirmed down towards the floor, dragging my tongue down her tummy until I reached her sweet pussy. I started, off at the last letter I had used on her earlier and went on from there. I fingered her love tunnel with my left hand while using my right to spread her vulva as wide as I could.

She reacted as if her hips had springs in them. Her thighs spread wide, inviting me in for close quarter combat.

I decided on a full frontal assault, and using every weapon at my command, I sent her into a screaming out of control orgasm.

I of course, wound up looking like a drowned rat.

Chelsea could only mew softly with her eyes closed.

This was my chance to shine and I took it. While Chelsea was unable to defend her cooze, I went back to stimulating her with intense determination. I was resolute to send her to new levels of bliss, while her fans stared on in incredulous silence.

Chelsea made little moans of protest at first but took only a minute to change her mind about being tongue fucked.

"Oh! My god! Oh! Oh! Oh! My god!" she cried out.

I wrapped my lips around the top of her pussy and sucked on her clit, before going back to my alphabet.

"Aaaah! Oh my god! OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod! OhmyGod!" she screamed through her intense, uncontrolled, orgasmic bliss.

Even though she was barely able to move, she snagged my arm and pulled me up to her face for a squirmy tonsillectomy.

Chelsea whispered in my ear, so that the web cam couldn't hear, "You minx! But, oh, god that was good. Screw the web cam, I need to hold onto something for a bit, and you're it. Plus, I don't want to leave my sex unguarded, with you waiting at the door."

I began to hear things coming from the computer. The guys were talking amongst themselves, "Lord, did you see that?", "Like, duh! That has to have been a real orgasm!", "As if a girl could fake cumming like that!", "My wife never cums like that…", after that last there was an extended silence and then the same voice said, "Do you think she's been faking it?"

Immediately after there was a huge roar of laughter from all of the other guys and Chelsea whispered to me, "Yah think?"

I stifled a giggle and she squeezed me tight to make sure it didn't leak out, "Shh, we don't want to make him impotent. A guy needs to feel like a stud, or he won't be worth a damn in bed."

"Don't I know it…" I admitted.

"I'm sorry Barbie. I didn't mean…" she started to apologize.

"Now you shush. I know how you meant it and I am going to need pieces of girl advice like that from now on, so don't be too cautious with me."

"I knew this was the right path to handle you," she stated quietly.

I was curious about what she meant by that, but I knew this wasn't the time or place for it.

"Let's find out from the guys how you did," she finally announced.

Chelsea sat up and pulled me up with her, "Well guys, what do you think of Barbie?"

My ego received a huge boost by the tumult of praise, which washed in from the Internet.

"They still like you best Chelsea," I told her, giving her a hug.

"They better, or I won't let you make love sick puppies out of them anymore," she threatened, while grinning ear to ear.

Chelsea sat up, finally recovered enough and said right to the camera, "Now what would you pay?" and then laughed good-naturedly.

"Now that I have everybody thinking that I'm going to raise my subscription fees, I can put everyone's mind back at ease. No fee increases for the foreseeable future. Barbie will be supported by horny guys buying her, pictures, videos, and undies. Tell all of your friends what a great value you get on our site. The more of you lovely men who subscribe, the sexier Barbie and I can be for you. Barbie and I have to leave and do our delicate washables now, so we'll see everyone later tonight," Chelsea shut down the web cam and checked the online orders to make certain that they were caught up for today.

Chelsea had us bathe again and then we went about the jobs around the house to clean up after ourselves. We wiped down the chairs and seats which were covered in cum, changed sheets, scrubbed the bathroom, washed the dishes, took out the garbage, polished a half dozen high-heel shoes, put away laundry, washed our delicates, (Bet you thought she was just fooling.) vacuumed the rug, and cleaned the pool and hot tub.

After all of that we were both bushed so we felt a nap was in order.


The doorbell awakened me. Chelsea and I slipped out of bed together, donned our housecoats and fuzzy slippers, and trudged to the front door.

Chelsea looked at the video intercom and keyed the speaker, "Hang tough, I'll be right there."

She opened the door and squealed, "Crystal! Will you be staying for a while or are you just passing through?" She put the taller lady in a booby bear hug.

"Just a layover for tonight hon.." Crystal remarked, hugging her back. She finally caught a glimpse of me and declared, "Holy shit Chelsea! Who is this?"

I was thinking that I would have to offer her a drool towel, but she recovered quickly from her startled reaction, "She's gorgeous!"

"Well, I know you're Crystal Gunns," I replied, moving in for a greeting hug.

"Damn, competition is getting rough out there!" Crystal said as she hugged me back.

"Never fear Crystal. Barbie isn't an exotic dancer… yet. I hired her to be my 'girl Friday'," Chelsea interjected.


"Yup," I affirmed, "Barbie Doll Charms, nice to meet you." I offered my hand, which she took.

"Well, let's not leave her on the stoop all day," Chelsea urged and snagged one of her bags.

I tried to lift one but it was too heavy for me, so I settled for carrying her makeup kit.

She lifted the bag that I couldn't and followed along to the room Vixen had occupied.

"What would you like to do now Crystal, eat lunch or take a quick dip in the pool?"

"The pool sounds delicious. Do you have any more of those fruity drinks we can suck on while we swim?" Crystal asked as she began stripping off her clothes.

"No problem. Come on Barbie, let's get our bikinis on," Chelsea stated as we sped our way to my room for our suits.

"What the hell for?" Crystal asked, standing there, buck-naked.

We stopped and I looked to Chelsea for her take on it.

"Good point!" she shucked her clothing right there and the two of them helped be out of mine. (Give me a break! Girl's clothes are complicated and I fall over a lot.)

"Holy shit girl! You shave your pussy close!" Crystal remarked, since she was finishing the job of pulling my panties down and off, which put her face right in front of my slit.

"Nope, I don't shave at all," I declared proudly.

"Okay Chelsea, what have you gotten me into? Is she underage and am I going to wind up on charges if I fuck her until she can't fuck no more?"

Chelsea laughed but saw a chance for some fun, "I'll give you two hundred bucks if you can!"

"That sounds like a challenge to me! Let's get started," Crystal urged as she headed towards the pool as if she owned the place.

Chelsea and I bounced, jiggled, and undulated along after her.

Luckily I'm the slowest so I got to watch the whole show, Crystal's self- assured glide, keeping her bounce to a minimum, and Chelsea's graceful slither, which kept the swing and sway of her chest to a manageable level. The waggle of those two naked butts is best left for angels to describe.

I nearly drowned in my own drool. For some reason I figured that, Crystal and Chelsea were going to try to fuck me until I couldn't walk.

When I caught up, Crystal scooped me up and slowly carried me into the pool with her, "I sure hope you're prepared because I'm about as horny a I have ever been!"

"Eep," I replied.

"Don't let me down Barbie, fuck her into the ground. If you make her say uncle I'll buy you some Booby movies…" Chelsea tempted, "Even one of Crystal's"

"Hell, you make me say uncle and I'll give you a copy of every one of my videos."

"Crystal, I'll give you three hundred if you can out screw Barbie. With incentives like that, you don't have a prayer girl!"

"Oh yah?" she defiantly replied. "Come here little pussy…" Crystal parked my big butt on the side of the pool, shoved her face between my thighs and asked over her shoulder, "Chelsea be a dear and grab some Mai Tais for us? I'm bound to be thirsty after she faints."

Chelsea strolled over to the bar laughing softly to herself.

Crystal wasn't quite the cunnilinctrice that Chelsea is, but she made up for it with enthusiasm. I was left to twiddle my own nipples as she chowed down on my love lips.

It wasn't long and I was spasming on the pool deck, "Uh, that was good… Would you hold me Crystal?"

"Sure, I'll even rock you to sleep hon.," she answered confidently.

Once she had me in her arms facing her, she was mine! I began working her nipples over with my best technique, then I slowly, teasingly slid my nails down her tummy toward her yearning lady lips.

Crystal began making her way towards the shallow end and the stairs, with me pasted to her nipple like a baby Koala. Her progress was interrupted by a minor weakness in her knees when I slipped my little finger inside her.

She made it to the top step and planted her butt on it, leaning back and trying not to dislodge me, while I slithered down her tight tummy to her cooze and began my first grade lessons on her clit.

Every so often, she would spasm her arms out and roll her head back and forth on the deck near the stairs. I had to steady her hips on the stair or she would have dragged us both under.

I kept her on the edge of orgasm for five minutes before driving her into a slam-dunk, torrent of an orgasm, buy fisting her with one hand and popping one finger up her bottom, while writing Z on her engorged clit.

While Crystal panted trying to recover, I kept up my alphabet on into the double letters, AA, BB, and working my little fist for all it was worth.

"No… don't. Don't… No… Don't! Stop!" soon became, "Don't stop! God, don't stop!"

As I brought her back up to bliss plateau, where the orgasms crash over you like a tsunami, and kept her there for a couple of minutes before Chelsea came over and started tonguing her ear.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" she kept chanting while holding tightly onto my platinum blonde head.

She came all over my naked boobies and went limp on me. Chelsea handed me my drink, which I gulped at twice, before diving back to tormenting my newest victim.

Chelsea took a big mouthful of her drink and fed it to Crystal slowly while she clung to Chelsea for stability.

"Noooo not again… I can't…" she moaned. Her words may have said no, but the way she clamped her legs around me said yes, yes, yes.

I dove fucked her for a while before going back to squirming my tongue around her love mound.

Chelsea was working on Crystal's nipples and reached over to get my attention, handing me a vibrating butt plug, already lubed and ready. I put it to use right away and felt Crystal's pussy muscles spasm around my wrist as it passed the widest point.

"Holy shit! Oh god! No… Uh… oh baby… oooooooh," Crystal was thrashing around like a psycho trying to free herself from a straight jacket. She reached out to play with my tremendous girls and I moaned into her love lips.

That did it. Crystal's eyes rolled up into her head and she orgasmed herself into unconsciousness.

"My heroine," Chelsea hugged me and groped my big soft naked ass.

"Yah sure, but if you don't race me on the wild Sybian, I'm going to sit right here and finger fuck myself. Damn, making other girls orgasm make me horny!"

"Peanut butter makes you horny, sweetie," Chelsea declared, "Come on, let's get you fucked and happy!"

This time I climbed aboard the Sybian voluntarily, and enthusiastically. When I lowered myself onto the pink plastic cock, it felt oh-so-good to be, stuffed once again.

Chelsea still wouldn't let me have the control box, so I was at her mercy once again, "I'm going to masturbate, while you ride Barbie. It makes me so hot watching you cum so much!"

Now I was toast! I'll watch Chelsea fuck herself silly, while she watches me fuck myself silly on the Sybian.

"Ooh, fuck that pony Barbie! Go girl, orgasm yourself into new heights while you watch my steaming hot pussy being stuffed with this rubber cock!"

You have no idea how crazed I was over watching her and being entrapped on the latex cock inside me. I started bouncing up and down on the barrel shaped machine with cowgirl-like zest.

Chelsea gave me a break this time. I only rode the Sybian for twenty minutes before she allowed me to dismount, right into the open arms of the now recovered Crystal, "Holy Hanna! You still fucked yourself like that after you finished me off? That's just not… I mean you can't…" Crystal trailed off, completely at a loss for words.

"Are you ready to go again?" I asked brightly.

"UNCLE!" Crystal screeched, holding me away from her, like a baby with a full diaper.

"Cousin… she's my cousin…" Chelsea teased as she retrieved me from Crystal.

I looked at Chelsea bright eyed and asked, "No more fucky-fucky?" and then pouted my lip in disappointment.

"Maybe Crystal has some girlfriends she can have come over…" Chelsea looked at Crystal questioningly.

"Nobody has that many girlfriends…" Crystal declared, diving in for a big hug with the both of us. "Did they get all of that?"

"I'll go check," Chelsea answered, leaving me with Crystal.

"Did she record us again? Two videos and a hundred stills in one day, ah, a busty girl's job is never done," I sighed.

"You had two fuck-fests already today? You been eating Viagra for candy?"

"Nope, I just have constant hornies," I admitted.

"I can see that."

"I'm just happy Chelsea had an opening for a nymphomaniac."

"I have one too. It's still quivering from our last go round," she teased, "I hope to be recovered enough soon for another mattress dance later."

"Oh, now you've gone and done it," I exclaimed, trying to squeeze my thighs together and slow the flow of my rampant girl fluids.

"I better get us dressed or I won't be able to dance tomorrow night. Man, do I feel satisfied," Crystal determined as she took my hand, leading me toward my room. "You, know you cost me three hundred bucks, don't you? *Sigh* A bird in the hand is worth two without a bush… It's going to turn me on thinking about you banging yourself while you watch my videos."

"It's going to turn me on thinking about you, thinking about me, finger banging myself," I countered.

"Ouch! That hurt my head," she complained, "Stop that," and then swatted my ample derriere.

We ran into Chelsea in the hallway, "Yup, we got it and the video came out great."

"You going to send me a copy?" Crystal asked.

"Like duh! You know we worked out the details a couple of weeks ago."

"That was before I got screwed…" Crystal laughed.

"So are you complaining or do you want a higher percentage?" Chelsea asked.

"No, I was figuring that we would have to split it three ways. I mean fair is fair, and Barbie sure earned it," Crystal lightly stroked my breast, once again revving up my motor.

"Oh! Right, well how about a bargain deal then, say… sixty-forty?" Chelsea proposed.

"I'm stealing you two blind, but I won't complain. That video ought to sell as if we were giving it away. I actually orgasmed, no acting and not pretending, that should be worth an award or something," Crystal deduced, "I should make more money in this three-way than I would have in a simple one on one. What a great job. I get to have my lights fucked out and be paid for it to boot."

I looked at Chelsea and she winked at me. I blushed up a storm. Did she know? How could she?

"Hey, Crystal? Do you want to dress my Barbie Doll?"

"God, I haven't played Barbie in…" Crystal started, "Oh you mean… 'BARBIE'. Can I?"

"Please do," Chelsea affirmed, as she bounced on my canopy bed. "Her closet is full of stuff for you to pick from and her lingerie drawers are filled to the brim. I hope you do something unique and daring…"

We played dress up for a few hours and fell asleep together after making Crystal orgasm herself unconscious.

Day broke and all three of us stinky, cum covered girls dove in the tub to splash and play with each other's assets.

The two ladies dressed me in a mini-skirted version of a sun dress. I get to wear a shimmering silk slip underneath so you couldn't see my bottom through the dress.

Breakfast was quick with fruit and milk, and then we piled into Chelsea's SUV to take Crystal to the airport and see her off.

"Chelsea, it's always fun seeing you. Now, you naughty girl, you've made it so that I must schedule frequent layovers in Minnesota when I travel. I have your schedule on my cell phone too, so if I'm in the same area when you're on the road, we'll hook up. Ah… you will be bringing Barbie along with you too, won't you?"

"I have to. Lloyd's of London refused to insure her if I left her home. I can't risk her being stolen while I'm away," Chelsea teased, giving Crystal a great big goodbye hug.

"Well I can see this is going to cost me some, but it's worth it. Especially when I can get my rocks off so well," Crystal hugged her back.

"Don't be giving Barbie a big head now. I need her for support."

"At the rate you two are growing, you're going to need a wheelbarrow for support…" Crystal laughed. "I'm just jealous. I wish I would have gotten string implants when they were available."

I opened my mouth to tell Crystal and heard, "Barbie…" Chelsea shook her head indicating that I shouldn't tell Crystal that she was misinformed. Then she went on with, "You better give Crystal a tremendous goodbye hug for the nice things she said about you."

I dove in for a boob-squishing hug with her. (With boobs as big as ours, you have to let them squeeze to the side to get close enough for a proper hug.)

We waved at her as she boarded the plane and then headed back home again.

Once we settled inside I button holed Chelsea on the bed, just as she was proposing that we do today's exercises, "Chelsea, will you come clean with me now? I know there's something you aren't telling me. I have tried very hard to be the best girl I can be for you. I can't see you coming up with the feminizing thing on your own, so why?"

Chelsea became very pensive and finally said, "You know that when the guys snagged you, you were first knocked out with ether, but they gave you a shot of Sodium Pentathol to keep you out while we tried to figure out what to do with you."

Chelsea sighed really big and went on, "You know what Sodium Pentathol is used for by some people, don't you?"

"They call it 'truth serum'," I filled in.

"I didn't interrogate you, honest. You just sort of started to babble. You were saying how much you loved me and how much you envied me. That got me very curious, so I asked you what you meant by that, and in your drugged stupor you told me you wished that you could be me," she admitted.

"I did what?"

"I was stunned too, so I asked you why you said that, and you told me that you would love to be beautiful, busty, dainty, and popular like I am. Therefore, I kept asking you more questions. Throughout it all, you kept saying you wished you were a sexy girl like me. You envied my job, my lifestyle, my friends, and my freedom. I asked you why you didn't go get a sex change and just do it. You told me that you didn't want to be anything but a complete woman. You said it was impossible and that it would cost way more than you had to do that kind of work."

Chelsea paused and looked me straight in the eye, "I have this doctor friend who knew another doctor who really wanted the challenge of making a man into a goddess, and so I checked into how much it would cost. He told me and the report the detectives made on you declared that you had enough in assets to do it. It made me uncomfortable to keep you out so long but I thought it would be best."

"The more drug we gave you the more you talked about being a sexy girl. Well I told you in your drugged state that you could afford it and that I could set it up. You refused."

"I figured that you were just rambling and didn't really want to be a girl. However, you kept at it. At that point, I was very confused. I tested whether you were being honest with your answers and you confessed to everything in the report, and even more."

My jaw was hanging open in stunned silence.

"Um… I recorded everything if you don't believe me…" she offered.

"I believe you, but…" I trailed off.

"But what?"

"I don't believe I admitted those things, even if I was drugged. I'm so embarrassed."

"Don't be. I was fascinated actually. I had to figure out the quandary though. Why wouldn't you do it, if I set it up, if you really wanted it?"

I blushed bright red, but waited for her to tell me.

"I finally asked you that very question and you actually told me. You said you couldn't do it because you would hate to have someone think you wanted to be a girl. Now I was ready to pound my head on the wall, to get this to make sense. You did explain. If someone gave you the excuse that you were transformed against your will, you would be the happiest girl on the planet."

"Your subconscious and I worked out all of the details together while you were drugged. We even came up with the ploy to make you my sex slave, your perfect excuse. You even gave me the exact answer you promised you would, while you were, drugged. It was all very strange, but I was happy to do it for you," Chelsea blushed but pulled me in close for a hug. "Look what a beautiful lady you turned out to be. I'm so pleased with you."

"Thank you Chelsea, I think…" I told her, still latched onto her.

"You and I discussed this for twelve hours while you were sedated. We had to keep giving you the drug to keep you out, but I was so fascinated with your desire I had to keep making sure that this is what you wanted. You assured me repeatedly that it was, and how the life you were leading was so devoid of meaning. I talked it over with doctors, lawyers, and even a minister. The doctors cautioned me, the lawyers advised me and drew up the paperwork, and the minister wasn't much help at all," she snickered at that last.

Chelsea looked a bit uncertain, but she seemed to come to some resolution, "Would you answer a question for me?"

"Sure if I can," I told her, feeling my heart go out to this caring woman.

"Are you happy with what I did now? I need to know if I did the right thing," she looked almost tortured over the whole thing.

I thought about everything that had happened since I had awakened and compared it to my former life, "I think you did the right thing. I'm happier now than I have ever been. Sex is terrific. Living with you is incredible and your friends make me feel so wanted. The fans online make my heart soar, they are so enthusiastic, and I love the clothes you dress me in."

"I'm so relieved! I wanted you to have a lovely life and the doctors were so good at what they did, I'm beginning to think of you more as my sister who never was."

"Well, don't kick this baby bird out of the nest yet. I still have a lot to learn about being a sex goddess," I smiled reassuringly and blubbered happily into her boobs. (Damn hormones.)

The End

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