Drabble Saga 23: So Fine

"What are you doing here, Ruby?" Davey wanted to know.

"Sugah, you just tell me that you know 'xactly how to make yourself look scrumptious ever'day and I'm gone."

Ruby made leaving-on-a-jetplane motions with her hands, then wiggled all over and grinned. "I'm here when you need me, sugah. I'm yo' Uptown Mommy in a Downtown Way."

Davey frowned. "What does that mean?"

"I don't translate, child, 'cause I just make it up as I go 'long."

"I'm not sure..." Davey began.

"Not sure you need me? Honey, babymine-so-fine, how you goin' get out of that dress without help? Mmm?"

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This story is 100 words long.