Drabble Saga 1: How Could She Refuse?

Originally Posted 2008-06-18.
Drabble Saga: How Could She Refuse?

by Lainie Lee


"Who's that girl at the corner table?" Frankie the Nose asked.

Larry Hodge took a look. "Uh, boss, that's a guy."

Frankie Al Nez withered his henchman with a glance. "I know a dame when I see one. Bring her up to my room at three." He stood up and left the dining room.

Packy Bellafonte, the muscle, looked at Larry, worried. "Uh, that is a guy, isn't it?"

Larry stood up. "Boss says the kid is a dame now, he's a dame now. We'd better go persuade her to get dressed for her date."

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This story is 108 words long.