Shadowsblade: School year 2...Shadow on the heart 6--Kevin and Tonya's day

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.

In this chapter

This is the first day for the two newly minted Sidhe siblings




Tuesday, August 28, 2007 4:50 AM
Whateley, Guest cottage

Kevin sat there on the suite's couch blinking at the darkness in the room surrounding him and still not believing how his eyes cut through the pitch blackness of the room. In his eyes, it was daylight in the room to maybe a bit less much like a cloud had passed over the rooms only window. Even in the room he could make out the beating of his sisters heart and mom's heart across the whole suite.

He had went to bed at nearly midnight with his sister already snoozing across the small room, his head hit the pillow and he was instantly out dreaming about several events of the day...along with his new twin Drow girlfriends!

At Three AM his eyes popped instantly open and he felt like as if he had slept in the whole day, as he sat up in bed while still rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He noticed what time it really was after he had assumed it was six or so?

"THREE...its still THREE! I know Ro told me I would sleep less, but this is ridiculous!" he mumbled out.

Kevin then yanked his pillow from under his head, plopped it over his face and yelled into it, "THIS SUCKS!" Then for the next thirty minutes he tried to get back to sleep and nothing worked. So he got up, crept across the room and grabbed his bags plus his sisters.

He was amazed at how utterly silent he was when he thought about being so and his sister did not even stir as he moved their large bags into the living room so they could be ready for the day. Now he was all done with that small task and sat quietly on the couch trying out different senses on the dark, silent room one at a time and finding out how much he had really changed in less than a week!

Just as Kevin was trying to see how long he could hold his breath and see what he could hear in the room or rest of the suite, or heck the whole floor he was quickly finding out! That is when the alarm next to his sister beeped to wake her up and he could make out her slapping the clock to shut it up, then getting up with a yawn.

Tonya looked over to her brothers bed and saw that he was not there and switched on the table lamp with a click, "Kevin where are ya?" she questioned the now empty room.

He heard her cry and popped in to the room with a small leap, "I'm right here, I was just out in the living room."

"In the dark, with no TV or computer?" his sister questioned after she noticed no light spilling form that room or TV sounds and his computer still resting on the rooms two sided work desk.

"I was listening to the room, the whole building and testing out my eyes. AND boy sis what I can eyes can see lots more this way...this way Rohanna fixed me!" he excitedly stuttered out.

"All good bro, but I have dibs on the bathroom!" she laughed while grabbing her last bag full of personal needs and leaping to the door, then shutting it fast!

Kevin shook his head at the now closed door, "At least I will get away from that happening everyday!"

An hour later one of the building's attendants had knocked at the door to take the luggage for the two kids and send it over to their new rooms at Melville cottage. In that time Kevin had finally gained entry to the bathroom and had his time to get ready for his first day of academy life. When he left the small bath, he was dressed in what was his best and better clothes, along with several Whateley uniforms would be on the way from Rogers' Fabric Boutique within the next week.

When he left the bath, he found his mom quite busy at fussing over Tonya's choice of slacks for today, "Why did you not put on the dress I choose for you Tonya Rae Murray!"

Tonya the ever quick to anger tomboy snapped back at their mom, "Mom lay off, I have to choose what I want to wear now...sheeesh I am fifteen already!" she groaned out.

"Okay little lady...I only wanted you to look your best!" their mom nearly shouted at both of them as she stopped her picking at Tonya's blouse top.

"Mom we have to get going if we want to beat the rush of students coming in via the train or the bus from the airport." Kevin said holding the suite's door open for his mother and sister.

"Yes, we should get moving and make sure to grab your packs of entry paperwork...both of you?" The mother of two instructed and worried about both of them being out of her sight. But knew this place was the safest one for both and they had a back-up plan of the Grove on top of that!

AS the three of them rode down in the elevator, Joannie fussed over her son's tie and then his choice in slacks, "you should have put on the light blue ones Kevin?" she questioned the boy's lack of style

"Naww mom the these dark blues are the best match for this shirt and they don't make my skin color stand out so bad" he admitted at wanting or worrying about fitting in better with the rest of the students today.

Joannie hugged both of her kids in turn fiercely, then let Kevin go last, "Now the both of you watch out for each other and no getting into trouble!" she warned both of them and only got that trademark smile of 'we will' back along with a barely audible sound of it being actually spoken.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007 7:20 AM
Whateley, Shuster hall

Kevin took one more step in his line and Tonya was right behind him. Both of them had grabbed a quick snack back at the Guest cottage before leaving and ran over to here to find the lines clearly marked by...Have school ID...or...NO paperwork or ID lines.

They both took the shortest of the bunch with luck and while they waited a bus rolled up fresh from the train station. It dropped off fifty lost souls that knew nothing about what to do or where to go! But several students that must be either junior or seniors by the age and looks of them, then add all of them already wore full academy uniforms. They guided the 'lost souls' toward the tables they needed with firm, yet welcoming encouragement.

Kevin was next in line, when the student waiting at his table walked away towards their cottage home while reading a map to find the way there? He knew his turn was next and stepped up to his place at the table. The lady working at the table did not even glance up from her stack of papers or the computer pad she was still working on from the last student. Her hand popped out to him palm up with, "ID please and package..." she said emotionlessly.

"Here it is ma'am." he said dropping the ID in her hand and the package on her table.

She quickly slide the ID across her comp-pad's slot, then glanced down at the still picture from it's file just now showing on her pads screen and then whined out to the room, "Okay who is playing with me..." she started to say, then looked up to see Kevin's face, then slowly squeaked out..."Ohhh shit...there are more!"

"More what ma'am?" Kevin questioned the lady now sliding back from the table a whole foot and seemed to be getting ready to leap to her feet to RUN! He could tell at the very least she was scared...very scared by her heart beat jumping by at least forty beats a minute!

"What...what, you are a Drow?" she asked puzzled at him.

"That is what I am told by a few books and the internet. But I am not very sure yet...I have not been tested yet?" he smiled plainly lying and Tonya behind him only few feet was giggling away like mad.

"Hummm do you know a Rohanna or Rehanna or Leigh?" she questioned next and opened his packet to check on his paperwork.

"Nope...Why?" he lied again.

"Just asking...well its all here and you are good young man, now go to Melville cottage for your room assignment." she said while circling a building in highlighter and handing him the copy of the campus map.

"Thanks ma'...." he started before that lady at the table shouted..."NEXT student and have a nice day Mr. Murray." she added on before going back to her hurried work.

Tonya stepped past Kevin as he stood there barely walking away from the admission tables and she whispered to him as he puzzled over the map, "Kev...wait for me, I know the fastest way over there and already learned most of the school's layout."

"What?" her puzzled brother or 'bother' asked her again.

"Just wait for me you moron..." she growled her confused brothers way and stepped up to the now impatient lady yelling "NEXT!" once again right at her! So she stepped up and dropped off her paperwork into the impatient ladies outstretched hand.

Kevin stood there trying hard to make sense of the map, he knew where north was down to the inch and where his family's guest suite was. But this map was not making sense to him right now, so he waited till his 'sis' walked back over to him.

Tonya shook her head at how puzzled her brother looked right now, "Darn without a GPS on a cell phone...he is so lost all the time!"

"Where are we?" he asked pointing at the map and missing the Shuster building they now stood in by a FEW!

Tonya pulled the map from his hand and spun its arrow till it was pointing north, "This is our building now, then this one is where we slept last night and here is where we it?" she asked.

"YES!" he grumbled.

"You will learn it all fast, just remember I was here for the last week with a personal guide" she smiled to him.

They both started walking to the door leading out towards Melville when a bus rolled up and dumped the last of the incoming freshmen off and one took instant hate to the two Sidhe, "Hey look at the two fairies!" he almost yelled to his freshly made pack, that he was the instant leader of by being a six foot three slab of muscle and powers to back it up.

Adam Ironknife, codename Stormwolf was guiding the new students into Shuster for their admissions and overheard the boy, "Can I ask you to please go on in and get your paperwork started all of you?" he interrupted the new leader of what looked like a pack of trouble in the making.

"So...what and who are you?" the bigger boy asked the leader of the wild pack and auxiliary campus security guard.

"My name is Ironknife and I am asking all of you to please get your admissions started..." he asked again while desperately trying to remain pleasant sounding and pointed to the open doors.

"Yep...yep, but how do you guys let fairies like them in this school?" the large boy asked while thumbing over his shoulder at the two elves.

"Please don't, the elves or Sidhe travel in packs here at Whateley and are not ones to be messed with...." Adam warned the very dim student to be.

"I can handle them...easy. One snapped arm and it's all over!" he laughed out like a moronic jackass and his bunch joined in along with him.

"Not please go on in?" Adam asked once more while his 'wild pack' just noticed their leader was missing, while they were busy guiding in the last of the bus load new students to the doors and noted that Adam was standing amongst a pack of five large students that had 'trouble' written all over them.

"Deadly... that's BS guy...deadly maybe for you? But me, I am bulletproof!" the dim boy yelped out proudly, while puffing out his ample chest trying to prove his size and strength...Adam was not impressed to say the least...not after one term of the 'Kimba's' and then add the Drow twins during the next one!

"Elves don't use or need bullets, they use magic that levels buildings and please?" Adam pointed towards the door once more for the group.

When the leader noticed the two 'fairies' walking away quickly, he gave in, "Fine...I'll get-em later." The leader huffed and walked away from Adam with his pack falling in quickly behind the impromptu leader.

The rest of the 'Wild pack' caught up with their leader as one of the team's girls was watching the group of bully boys finally walk into the doors of Shuster hall, "Hey what gives Adam?" Mindbird the teams shorter girl of the two asked him.

"They are going to be trouble I am sure, keep an eye out for that bunch for all our good...people." he warned them all with a long sigh.

"Why Adam?" Robert 'Firecat' Shih asked while taking a few quick snapshots with a cell phone of the group in question.

"Bob, they called two new elves 'fairies' and wanted to start of the elves was a Drow like the twins...exactly like the twins." Adam added in.

The tall lanky girl of the pack threw up her arms in defeat, "Ohh heck no, that means more of them even if this kid does not know how to fight like the twins. Rohanna will teach them all she knows and quick!" Diana 'Thunderfox' Ritter shook her head to the very thoughts of a whole year or longer of that happening.

"This can't be good Adam, if those guys mess with an elf...A Drow for that matter and Ro hears about it?" the last one of the pack called by his team Theo or 'Stonebear' tossed in his last thoughts to the matter at hand.

The thoughts of the twins going totally crazed in revenge for hurting the only boy Drow that Adam knew of quickly entered his mind and he had to shake off the dark thoughts invading his brain just a quick! "Let's hope this is an easy year?"

"You just jinxed it Adam!" one said back.


Across the campus, on the small hill that Melville cottage stands on

Both siblings looked back down on the campus and with the height advantage here Kevin could make out the whole campus layout far better, "Now this tells me where everything is!"

"Yep and the view from Mel's top deck is cooler Kev..." Tonya admitted that she had been to the top floor sometime this week during her travels.

Tonya lead her brother around from the front door Melville to a far better side door that opened right on the concierge desk area where she greeted one of the ladies behind the large desk by name, "Hi Mrs. Deng, I'm back and this is Kevin my brother!" she grinned to the uniformed lady manning the desk along with a few others.

"Good day Miss Murray, I have your rooms ready and your bags are already in both rooms. Let me grab you key cards and lock instructions." the Asian lady said with a plastic smile of professionalism and then handed both a key card with an instruction pamphlet. "Mr. Murray, since Drow do not have fingerprints to work your rooms locks, I might suggest using the code pad on the lock or keep this card with you from now on?"

"Ohh ya that was a problem at security yesterday, but they fixed it with more pic's and a few eye scans?" Kevin remembered the far longer process that he had done.

"Fine sir, but have a nice day and feel free to call upon me if you have any needs?" Mrs. Deng asked with her now trademark plastic smile and went back to helping check in a few other newly arrived students.

Tonya gave her brother a small shove towards the doors leading to the buildings center, Melville was shaped for the most part like a huge 'O' and the center held a large courtyard with several places for students to meet at and a few BBQ's. The center had one large Sauna tub with a covering trellis.

Kevin took in the sights quickly, "Tonya what is this place a hotel or a dorm?"

"Both bro, this for the most part is the dorm for the rich kids on campus and this is where the twins had us put up with their scholarship!" Tonya grinned his way and spun in the buildings center like a top to show her joy at being housed in such a nice place for a change...instead of the long line of cheaper condos or apartments the family had to deal with since their fathers death.

"And mom agreed to this?" Kevin asked reluctantly because his mother never spoiled them and made both 'earn' all their needs or wants in someway?

"Yep she agreed reluctantly and we get an allowance, plus all of our stuff is already paid for!" she bubbled out.

"Sure...and when does mom show up and bop us both on the head for getting soft?" he sarcastically asked the bubbling teen, while crossing his arms.

"Ohhh I am sure she will complain about something, but we are in charge of our monthly stipend and we can choose anything we that weekly room cleaning or having pizzas delivered...anything BRO!" she yelped back happily to him.

"Well let get to our rooms then and meet up for lunch later at noonish?" he suggested and Tonya ran off across the large patio towards where her room lay.

Kevin on the other hand walked the other direction toward 'boys country' of the elevators to go up two levels to the freshmen floor and as he waited for the door. He read over the rather large pamphlet on the building, freshmen where on level three and from there it was stacked by grades. One floor up was sophomore and up from there to the top where a few larger one person rooms laid for the 'special' or 'rich' seniors!

The newly made Drow quickly found his room and noticed that not too many other students were roaming the floor...yet! "Most of them, must be still stuck in admissions getting paperwork done?"

Kevin found his door only a few rooms off from the elevators on this side of the large building and even noted the kitchenette on the floor with three microwaves, small stove and a large vending machine he would check out later. "Cool that's a short walk and convenient.

He took his time picking a code for the door and made up a long one on the fly. Then beyond the door he found that his roomie had not showed up just yet, but his bags were here. "Man this kid has done some traveling!" said noticed the banged up bags and large custom made trunk that showed the owner had money!

With a few hours to go till lunch, Kevin moved his few bags on the bed and started putting everything away in either the large dresser or equally large closet. Since he still had very little even after the shopping trip yesterday, he finished off the project in short order and plopped onto this already made bed to relax.


Down the hall and across the building

Tonya counted the doors off the elevator lining the long hallway one by one and mentally read off each room number searching for her's. At nearly the end, she came to the last door before the floors restroom and showers door, this is where a very pretty redhead was dropping a large bag into a stack of them already lining the hallway to be taken away later by the staff.

"Is this room 310?" Tonya asked the redhead making note of her bright green eyes.

"That it's, urr ye mah freish roommate?" the redhead asked in a thick Scottish accent that could be barely translated by Tonya's now enhanced elf brain.
(That it is, are you my new roommate)

"I think so...I am Tonya Murray and you are?"

"Weel this is oor freish hame 'n' a'm Emily Elspeth Glenwyvvn" the girl pointed to herself, then waved to the room for Tonya to enter.
(Well this is our new home and I am Emily Elspeth Glenwyvvn)

Tonya only could nod in agreement as her brain worked hard at translating the Scottish back into American english!

Once in the room Tonya noticed how big the room was compared to the pics of dorm rooms she had seen on TV or the net and she moved one of her few bags off to the side of what should be her bed by the lack of things being put away on that half of the room.

"Sae yer an sith?" Emily asked her new roommate and Tonya took a few extra seconds before she spoke to be sure what Emily had said! (So you are an elf)

"Yes an elf, but not born this way. I mutated and so did my brother to one...but he is a dark elf or Drow I think they are called?" Tonya smiled back and started to unpack her bags.

"Well a'm a bio-devisor 'n' juist a basic exemplar!" Emily laughed out, "but ur th' rest o` yer fowk elves tae ye juist ye two?"
(Well I am a bio-devisor and just a basic exemplar!...But are the rest of your family elves too, or just you two)

"Just me and my goofball brother!" Tonya said and from there Emily told her that she was from Dingwall Scotland, that her family owned a large scotch distillery in town and had done so for hundreds of years. The next part was that she was supposed to be going to Oxford college in England this term, but a lab accident sent her here under caution for this whole term at the least and Emily was very mad about all of that mess!

It also turns out that Emily's family still owns the castle that an ancestor built 'X' hundreds of years ago and her mom is on her third boy toy after her father died in Loch Ness....maybe even died via the Loch ness monster some say!

Emily helped Tonya put away what she did have for clothes in short order, "Ah see that ye hud tae travel light, or dinnae hae awfy much yit? she questioned the lack of garments as she put the last pair of slacks in the closet for Tonya.
(I see that you had to travel light, or don't have too much yet?")

"Had to travel light, then add when I changed I grew!" Tonya smiled to the redhead.

"Ah wid say ye grew! Darn giant, or amazon!?" Emily laughed to her new roomy.
(I would say you grew! Darn giant, or amazon?)


Back over in Kevin's room

Kevin had just finished putting away the last of his own cloths and was now busy with hanging his cherished poster of the twins new movie on the wall over his bed. He was having some trouble hanging it by himself, because the darn thing was one of the huge bus stop sized ones!

The only good thing about the huge poster was that it was made of a translucent plastic that let the poster have lights behind it so it could be seen at night and that meant it was nearly impossible to tear!

Kevin was standing on his bed when his rooms door flew open and a person tossed a backpack on the far bed meant for a roommate. "Thanks buddy by my pa never let my ma have any fancy butlers and stuff 'round the house, so I'm kinda used to doing thing fer meself!" a voice said from the hallway and a lanky kid dressed in jeans, work shirt, work boots entered the room and the last touch was a 'Moore Racing' ballcap on his head.

"Hey y'all must be my roommate, unless y'all werk fer him?" was the new teens question to Kevin, that took a few seconds for his brain to decipher!

"Just hanging a poster, but I think I have it now?" Kevin said as the poster slipped again.

"Here let me get some av my 100 mahl puurr hour tape ayn' that there will hold it till thay ...uhh a-buildin' falls down!" the teen said before yanking open a trunk full of tools and pulling a roll of tape from the top.

The new kid leap to the bed and helped Kevin hold up the large sheet while he used the tape doubled up on the back, so that it stick but would not show.

"There all done ayn' looks great. Is that there y'all's girl aw girls on this here poster?" the new kid asked and corrected himself when noticing that the poster had twins?

"Nope not my girls, but they or one might be someday? And what is your name by the way...I am Kevin Murray." Kevin smiled and offered his hand to the boy now stepping off his bed.

The kid wiped off his hand absentmildly on a clean rag that was hanging from his rear jeans pocket, like he was very used to having them dirty all the time and vigorously shook Kevin's offered hand, "Whel ah am Bobby Joe Moore ayn' glay ta me y'all!"

"Moore...I have heard of Moore somewhere?" Kevin pondered back.

"Whel y'all should have, my family runs one av the largest racing companies in NASCAR. Moore racing...more horsepower more winners!" he boasted for his team.

Kevin let go of Bobby's vigorous shake, then sat on his bed as Bobby walked away shaking his hand top get the feeling back, "Kevin y'all have ayy awful strong grip there, darn near done broke my fingers."

"Sorry, I am still getting used to all of the changes, I was only a normal human a few weeks ago and then 'boom' elf ....and then add some!"

"Y'all weren't bawn this here way?" Bobby asked and started to open one of his larger trunks.

"Nope, I was not." Kevin laughed.

"Ay just done thought elves was nawmal, because my grandma done said they was ayn' ay have saw ayy few in the deep holler near home." bobby explained about some of his kin and how he thought elves were 'just normal'.

The next trunk that Bobby opened was the same one he and pulled the tape from, this box as a rolling tool box and Bobby replaced the tape back to its spot, then closed it up before rolling it back to hallway.

"Now that's one large tool box!" Kevin whistled out.

"Nope this here is my ...uhh small one, thay big-un is a-bein' sent down ta thay ...uhh auto shop faw me. But ah’m gonna squirrel this un away down stairs faw now." the lanky teen said as he made sure that the box's top was locked.

Kevin shook his head at the thoughts, "That's the 'small' one? he asked again noting this one was six foot tall closed and about six long by four deep!

"Whel when y'all build race cars frawum scratch, mowtaw, chassis ayn' all, y'all need thay ...uhh richt tools faw thay ... job! So this here one, is faw my home projects mowst av thay ...time?"

"Cool, so what is your power or whatever? I am here because of the obvious...I am a elf or Drow."

"A caw?" Bobby had to ask, never hearing that word before.

"No Drow...D...R...O...W or a dark elf to some." Kevin explained.

"Ah done got it now, Drow."

"Well this is my first time from home and you?"

"Ay have spent tahm with my grandparents, uncles ayn' aunts whahl maw ayn' pa was on the road with the team. But ah think ah will miss my dawg thay mowst?" he said while putting his stack of work shirts into the that side of the room's large dresser.

"What was the dog's name?" Kevin had to ask while pulling the next trunk over to Bobby to help some with putting away his roomie's belongings.

"Dawg...we likes to keep it simple."

All Kevin could muster was a snicker in reply.


Tuesday, August 28, 2007 12:20 AM
Whateley Academy, Crystal Hall

When both new roommates put away the last of Bobby Joe's belongings, Kevin led his new buddy back over to his sister's room and all four were introduced and became quick friends.

But growling stomachs interrupted the small gathering of the newly arrived roommates that only had a small snack on the train hours ago for breakfast and Tonya took it upon herself to lead them over to the huge student cafeteria, plus along the way point out all the spots she had learned about over the last week.

"That over there is the best coffee shop on campus I have found so far and it's also called 'Fixers patio' were the students who can get things done, for students gather at...and I mean stuff as in not so legal or ethical at times 'stuff'!" Tonya smiled evilly to her pack of friends.

All of them filtered into the fast moving line of the huge cafeteria and waited their turns at the hot food service. Tonya herself skipped most of it for a few slices of cheese pizza and a huge serving at the salad bar.

Emily ribbed her new roomie as she watched what she chose, "Urr ye oan a diet or something?" the redhead Scot asked.

"Nope...." Tonya smiled back as she nibbled at a slice of melon, "We elves can't stand meat too tastes funny or 'off' to me now and poor Kev can't even eat any red meat without barfing it all I am told."

All Emily did was shake her head in reply, "Sith ur streenge folk." That is when she spotted what she was hunting for and nabbed it...a meat pie...something that reminded her of home. Not exactly what her Grandma might make, but close enough!

Kevin was next in line of the group and he took a few of the fried fish he could eat now, added in some crab legs and some fruits that the Grove's Matron insisted he eat more of for each least for the next week or so?

As Bobby Joe stepped up to the service cook, he scanned the long list before he drawled out in his country accent, "Do y'all have an catfeysh?"

"No sir, we have what is on the list...but I'll order some for you under your name and save it." she offered and scanned his name tag with a small wand and then punched in a few notes on a pad mounted on her sleeve.

"Humm grits ayn' shrimp, then some mac-n-cheeese?" he asked for next.

"Yes sir, one second." she said and quickly her team placed the items on a plate for him and added a fresh cornbread to the side, with honey butter dripping off the top. Someone on the staff knew what the student might like for sure and added the small square that might make him feel at home.

After they all checked out, Tonya pointed out a table near the waterfalls to eat at and the group of new friends headed that way. But as they weaved through the small crowd of lost and new students, Kevin was bumped into not by accident in his mind...but very much on purpose.

"What do we have here guy's...a new fairy elf!" the shadow that bumped Kevin, almost causing him to drop his tray growls out.

"Get the fuck away from me!" Kevin roars back, he has always been one not to take crap from anyone!

When Kevin looks up from his work on rearranging his tray of food, he sees a tall boy-wolf or werewolf staring back at him and the wolf is mad or something far worse.

"Get out of my way!" Kevin roars once more, but this time the wolf teens face is not mad...but truly scared!

Bloodwolf was always one of the school bullies and will always be one in life until he calms down or gets a nice case of...dead at the hand of one he underestimated. But what he mistook as a newly arrived regular elf, was now far more in his eyes...or its eyes! Those eyes glowed from the blank white they normally had...over to a fiery red, just like the Leigh or Drow twins had last term. The same ones who could and would beat him to death....and he knew it!

"Ohhhh shit!" the wolfboy squeaked out now, "you are like them...they have male Drows now?" he nearly squealed in fright and ran off at the same time!

"What was that?" his sister Tonya asked with a shrug.

"Heck if I know...but I think our friends have a rep here that is...bad?" Kevin blinked a question back to her.

"Lets get to a table, before someone else goes nuts" she suggested back with a nod over towards the table where both roomies were already taking a place at.

"What was that all about Kevin and did you know your eyes glowed red, just like you know who's did...but that pink-purple?" Tonya asked her brother while unwrapping her silverware pack.

"They did?" the surprised teen asked the table and got three quick nods in reply.

"I might have to ask someone about that then?"

"A'm sure tis juist a form o' ye showing rage, anger or trying tae friten yer target intae submitting. Loads o' bio-forms dae th' identical thing." Emily said while poking her meat pie to cool it a little.
(I am sure its just a form of you showing rage, anger or trying to scare your target into submitting. Lots of Bio-forms do the same thing)

"Really and why do you say that?" Tonya asked her roomie.

"Ah hae yin masters degree in biology, then twa mair bachelors in DNA studies and mutations..." the young Bio-devisor of the group said with a knowing smile of one who has the education to back their conclusions.
(I have one masters degree in Biology, then two more Bachelors in DNA studies and mutations...)

Everyone is starting to eat their fill when Bobby Joe pulls a small mason jar from his cargo pants pocket, the un-screws the top and takes a long sip. Kevin sitting right next to him smells the contents first, "What is that stuff...paint thinner!"

"Ay have done used it that there way once, but this here is grandma's apple brandy. She would nevuurr let me leave home without ayy little bit?" Bobby tapped Kevin's cup in 'cheers' and took another long sip.

"Can ah huv a go that?" Emily asked and put out her still empty cup for Bobby to fill up with a little bit. he did and she took one tentative sip, "Humm nae as guid as mah stuff...what is this a week auld at best?"

"If that?"

"Is that moonshine?" Kevin asked, as he picked up the jar to take a sniff and his sensitive nose was repulsed instantly!

"It is..."

Kevin had to take one sip and gasped at the very unfamiliar feeling of burning in his mouth...."Paint thinner!...Thank God or Gaea it hard to poison a DROW!"

Emily laughed at his reaction, "It micht smooth oot a bawherr, efter aging it a' in a braw wood cask a decade or so?" she pondered.
( It might smooth out a bit, after aging it all in a fine wood cask a decade or so?)


Tuesday, August 28, 2007 2:50 PM
Berlin, New Hampshire

Several hours had passed by and now Joannie felt better that both of her kids were now safe in Whateley, no calls had come and nether of her children had come rushing home to cry that the school was not safe.

But for now Joannie was running a little late in her mind for a meeting that Rohanna had set up for her, one with a mortgage company that would strangely meet her personally at the local bank. She wanted to have a mortgage on the new townhome she had picked out, so that she could keep what funds her family had free just in case the family had to run for their lives once again!

Yes Brian her husband, had stashed away several hundred thousand dollars, yes she had enough to buy the nice three bedroom townhome more than once. But she did not want any money 'trapped' within the purchase of the house, because if they had to run again...that money was gone and might as well been burnt to ash!

Joannie swung open a glass door of then large bank building and searched the small wall mounted map in the lobby for the room this meet was to be held in. Her finger quickly chased the line she had to take to the room and headed out in that direction.

She found the right meeting room in short order and pulled the door open to find a very nicely dressed lady placing out a stack of file folders on the table, while a man dressed in a fine three piece suit was busy fixing up the tea and coffee service for the room.

"Ahhh Mrs. Murray...glad you made it!" the man greeted her and that is when she noticed his long hair tied behind his back.

Joannie paced across the room and took his offered hand, "I hope I am not late?" she nervously asked.

"Not at all Joannie, if I can call you that or we can?" the lady asked, as she took a turn in greeting her warmly.

"Yes you may, and you are?"

"I am Maelyrra or Mae and this is my partner, Zelphar or Zel for short." the tall and somewhat thin, yet utterly beautiful girl said and pointed the man out, who nodded at his name being said.

"Joannie, please have a seat there..." the man or Zel pointed to a seat across the small table form where the two had their paperwork already placed, "Then would you like tea or coffee?" he asked with a smile.

"Tea please?" she asked while dropping a case on the table and taking a seat.

"Nice, another tea person Mae!" Zel grinned and started brewing the tea with what seemed to Joannie to be a silver tea set. Then she noticed that Zel was brewing up the tea leaves the old way with a strainer and a custom blend to boot, all taken from a small wooden box!

When he was done, he took Joannie the first cup and set it beside her. When she nodded "Thanks" up to him. Zel noticed her nervousness and so did Mae.

"Joannie, no need to be nervous...your loan was approved days ago when Rohanna called us in on it and please relax you are around family now." Mae said while taking her tea from Zel's outstretched hand.

"Family?" Joannie question both with a glance of confusion.

"Yes my lady...." Zel said as he sat and pulled a large rough gemstone from his leather bag and touched it with a glowed with a slow pulse from there on.

Mae giggled, as she tucked some loose hair behind her ears and showed the confused mother the truth!

"Ohhh are both elves too!" she gasped out.

"Shshhh, not in public...but the stone keeps scrying eyes away and yes we both are Elves or Sidhe, just like your two children." Zel smiled warmly to her.

"So let's look at this loan and hack out the numbers...shall we?" Mae asked as she slid a pack of loan documents her way.

Joannie read the short parts of the loan, the amount, term and the interest rate floored her instantly! "You only want a half a percent in interest over thirty years...that is unheard of or insane!"

"We have to ask for some kind of interest or it's not a true loan and the feds would call it a gift, then tax you twenty percent at the least!" Zel pointed out.

"Hummm, I guess this is okay then? Rohanna did say that she would help us, just I did not expect other elves to BE that help!" the mother sighed back.

"We Sidhe have to help our own, our numbers are too small. But we do have one thing on our sides...long lives that compensate us with being able to invest over the long term." Mae laughed over to her.

"But read on into the sales section of your home choice?" Zel asked as he tapped the stack of papers.

Joannie read on and found that the 'sale' of the home included all new carpets, or tile or lastly wood flooring and all of this was to be her choices, plus paint to match!

"Why the carpets or flooring?" she had to ask why such an addition was being added in for free and surly it was a very costly addition too!

"Our fae feet burn on human made synthetics and since you have two Sidhe children, then certainly more than a few of our kind will visit from will need all of that 'plastic' carpet or flooring replaced... before they can call it home?" Zel added simply.

Joannie smiled eagerly to both elves, "Where do I sign?"

An hour later, the whole stack of paperwork was finished and Joannie had her copies in her case. Zel placed a wooden box on the table in front of Joannie and she looked down at it wondering what this was, "What?" Joannie asked when she touched the finely made box.

"Those are your keys, the house is now yours and go see it! Then tomorrow a interior designer will call you to set-up a meeting to make sure that flooring is installed by weeks end?" Zel nodded her way.

"How can I repay this, all of this kindness?" Joannie almost cried, and held back the tears filling her eyes.

"You already did, you have the next generation of our kind in your hands and we had to help or what kind of a race would we be?" Mae said while taking hold of the mothers hand in friendship.

"I have to ask this strange question?" Zel asked as he poured a second cup of tea for himself and warmed up Joannie's by filling it back to the brim.

"Have you thought to remarry and have other children?" he asked strangely.

"I have not thought that far yet...why?"

"Well we Sidhe have found that what few humans that carry the mutated gene which makes new elves, it comes more often from the mother's side of the family and you were gifted twice...that means should you have another child, the chance of that child being or becoming one of us is very high." he admitted.

"Ohhhh my!" she gasped understanding the elf's meaning.

"Your choice, I thought you should one of your children was incredibly rare...rare even in Sidhe families...or even unheard of!"

"My son the Drow?" she asked.

"Yes...the Drow are rare...extremely rare!"




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