The Beginning

Elliot looks at the black one-piece swimsuit hanging from the shower head. He had just gotten back from the beach with his cousins and was jealous. Two of his female cousins had brand new swimsuits that were very cute. He loved how they looked on his cousin and he wishes he had his cousin bodies.

He slips his trunks off and pull his aunt’s swimsuit off the shower neck and tries its own. It was a little loose on him, but he liked how it felt. He showers while wearing it. As he finishes his shower, he doesn’t want to take it off, but he has no choice.

Elliot takes it off and squeezes the water out of it. He wishes he didn’t feel the way he did about his sexuality. He hated being a boy and wanted to be like his female cousins, mother, aunts, and sister. His sister was several years older then he was. What she didn’t know, was he has been stealing some of her clothes and underwear.

So, far he hasn’t been caught by his mother or his sister. He dries off and slips the panties he brought with him and slip those on under his shorts. He slips the Iron Man muscle shirt on. He fixes his hair, which was getting longer. He managed to talk his mother into letting him grow out his hair. He would like to let it grow, till it touches his butt like his cousin Debbie does.

Her hair comes all the way down to her butt. She was also a lesbian and her lover was a nice person. She had come with her down to the family summer vacation home. He glances one more time at the swimsuit and walks out of the bathroom. He heads into the living room where everyone was gathered.

“It’s about time Elliot. We thought we would have to send a rescue squad in to retrieve you.” Ted looks at his cousin as he comes walking out of the bathroom.

“Whatever.” Elliot wasn’t in the mood for his stupid cousin attitude.

Elliot looks over towards what his other cousins were wearing. His cousin Julie had on a nice reddish pink color French Terry Tube Dress. His cousin Katherine was wearing a similar dress. His cousin Debbie had on a blue jean romper and her girlfriend had on a pair of shorts and a camisole. Debbie’s girlfriend Seo-Yoon was Korean and had been born in the United States. They met at a cheerleading camp and stayed in touch. Neither one wanted to admit they were attracted to each other. Debbie’s mom was a shock at first, but she accepted her daughter’s choice and came to think of Seo-Yoon as her own child. Seo-Yoon parents took a little longer to accept the fact their daughter was a lesbian.

His sister, Alice was wearing a pair of yoga shorts and a blueberry color camisole. You could tell she had shapely hips. She was at least four years older than her and was ready to graduate from High school. She was planning on going to a technical school, instead of a college.

His mother was in the navy and was stationed at Dam Neck in Virginia Beach. His father had been in the army and was killed over in Pakistan by an IDE. His sister had a job at a T.J. Maxx store and was planning on getting her MBA degree and move into management at T.J. Maxx.

His male cousins Ted, Jeff, James, and David. They were your typical males. Ted and James were football players and have been playing the game since they were little. Jeff played baseball and like his brother Ted, he has been playing since he was little. David, on the other hand, was into dirt bike racing. The guys liked to fish and were talking about renting a boat and going out fishing.

Jessica looks over towards her son “why don’t you go with the guys and go fishing, Elliot.”

“No thanks.” Elliot didn’t want to go fishing with his male cousin or with his Uncle Joey and Uncle Jimmy.

Jessica looks at her son and wonders what was wrong. Normally he liked hanging with his cousins. She and the girls were going to go shopping at some of the outlet's stores and pick-up what they were going to need for dinner tonight.

“Well, if you don’t go with your Uncles and the guys, you’ll have to come with us.” Jessica knew she could leave him at the house, but she didn’t want too.

“Okay.” Elliot didn’t want to let on he was excited he was going with them.


“See you, ladies, later.” Joey leads the guys out to his SUV. It was loaded with all the fishing gear.

Elliot watches as Joey drives off. He turns and looks at his aunts and female cousins. They were getting ready to leave as well.

“Let’s go.” Mary leads everyone out to her SUV.

They head to the nearest outlet mall and park. Elliot follows his mother, watching how she walks and tries to copy her style of walking. They go to a salon called Bang salon and have their nails and hair done.

Jessica looks at Elliot “do you want to wait here with us or explore a few of the shops while we have our nails and hair done.

Elliot looks nervously into his mother’s brown eyes “I want to have my hair and nails done with you.” Elliot was scared and nervous after he said that.

Jessica was startled at what Elliot just said to her. She didn’t know what to make of it. She wasn’t against it, but she didn’t know what to say.
After a few minutes “are you sure? You know the guys might tease you.”

“I don’t care, mom. I hate being a boy and I want to be a girl. I’m jealous of you, Alice, Aunt Mary, Debbie, Katherine, and Julie. You all get to
wear pretty clothes and cute swimsuits. I want to wear them as well.” Tears were sliding down his cheeks.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier on how you felt?” Jessica always tried to have an open relationship with her children.

“I was scared too. I’ve been taking Alice’s clothes, panties and wearing them when you and she aren’t around.” He wipes the tears away from
her eyes.

Jessica could see that this meant a lot to Elliot. She was a little mad that he was stealing his sister clothes.

“I’ll let you get your hair styled like you want it and your nails as well. However, I want you to promise that you’ll stop stealing your sister’s clothes. We’ll get some for you today, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.” He hugs his mother.

“Come on, let’s go and join your aunts and cousins.” Jessica takes Elliot’s hand and leads him inside the salon.

Elliot sits down next to his mother. They wait for one of the ladies to finish up.

“Do you know how you want your hair and nails done?” Jessica looks at her son.

“Elliot is getting his hair and nails done, mom?” Alice was in the seat next to her Aunt Mary.

“Yes, he wants his hair and nails done, so I’m allowing it.” Jessica looks towards her daughter.

“Cool!” Alice smiles at her little brother.

Jessica picks up a few magazines and looks through them for hair design for her son. She was looking at gender natural ones and showing them to him. When he saw his cousin, Debbie getting Beachy Behind-the-Ears Waves style look. He wanted his hair done just like that. He also managed to talk his mother into letting him get his hair dye purple and pink blend. He gets his fingernails and toenails done. He has them painted to match his new hair color.

His Aunts and cousins couldn’t believe that he had his hair done, but they didn’t say anything. After the salon, they find a nice consignment store that sold some nice clothes. They find a few off the shoulder pink and purple summer dresses for Elliot. They were priced reasonably and they find a few more dresses. One was a tie-dye swing dress that matched Elliot’s hairstyle.

They go to a shoe store to buy a few sandals and tennis shoes to go with the dresses. The shoe store was having a sale of buy one, get one at half price. So, everyone bought shoes while they were at the shoe store. There was a nice beach store next door and Elliot saw a nice swimsuit he wanted.

“Mom, can we get that please?” He points to a swimsuit that was bright neon pink.

“Are you sure, you want one? You don’t have anything to cover up.” Jessica saw the cut of the suit and it was a high cut suit.

“Yes, ma’am. Please, mom?” Elliot looks at his mother with pleading eyes.

“Mom, I think you should.” Alice decided to try and help her brother/little sister.

“Alright, let's go in so you can try it on.” She looks at her sisters “well, be just a few minutes.”

“Okay, we’ll be next door.” Mary didn’t know how to feel about her nephew wanting to be a girl.

Elliot, Alice, and Jessica walk into the store. Elliot runs over to where the suit was and grabs a few to try on.

“Alice, help your sister please.” Jessica knew she was going to have to call Elliot another name.

She named Elliot after her husband’s best friend. If Elliot had come out being a girl, she would have named her Elizabeth after her mother. She watches as Alice goes into the changing room with Elliot.

Elliot was just taking off his shorts when Alice spots he was wearing a pair of her panties. She was a little upset he went into her drawers.

“Are those my panties?”

Elliot looks at his sister with a guilty look on his face “yes. I took them out of your clean laundry.”

“Do you have any more of my clothes?” Alice watches her brother.

“Yes. I just wanted to feel like a girl, that’s why I took them. I’m sorry.” Tears were starting to leak from his eyes.

“Well, you can keep any of my panties and clothes you have. Just don’t take anything from me again without asking, Okay?” Alice just looks at

“Thanks, Sis.” He hugs his sister.

She returns the hug. She hopes this is what Elliot wants to do.

“Alright, let's see if these suits fit.” Alice holds the neon pink one up and checks the size, before handing it to Elliot.

Elliot puts it on. It rode high on his waist. He adjusts his testicles and penis, so it sat flat on his groin area.

“How does it look, sis?” Alice walks around Elliot examining him.

“I think we need a smaller suit. How does it fit on your shoulder?” She had checked it.

“Okay.” He takes the pink one off and put the purple one on.

Alice checks the fit and it fit perfectly “this is the size we need.”

Elliot takes it off and hands it to his sister. He watches as she leaves the fitting room.

“Mom, can I wear one of the dresses we bought?” Elliot had stuck his head out of the stall.

“I don’t see why not. Which one do you want?” Jessica had brought he bags with her.

“The off the shoulder pink and purple one.” Elliot like that one.

Jessica locates it and hands it to Elliot, just as Alice hands him the proper neon pink swimsuit.

“Thanks.” He tries the swimsuit first.

He steps out of the stall and let his mother and sister check him out. The suit sat high on his hips and showed his legs off. He had no body hair.

Jessica walks over and checks her son out. The swimsuit sat high on his hips. It went nicely with his emo coloring and new haircut. If she
didn’t know her son, she would think he was a girl in her early teens. Like ten years old or so.

“You look cute, little sister. Put your purple one on, so mom can see it.”

“Okay.” Elliot heads back into the stall and slip the purple one on and come back out wearing it.

Jessica walks around her son. The suit matched his new hairstyle and coloring.

“Okay, you can get these two swimsuits.”

Jessica pays for the new suits and watches as Elliot walks out wearing the dress. She notices he was putting a little swing to his walk. She smiles as they rejoin the rest of the family.

The rest of the time they spend visiting shops and having lunch. Jessica got Elliot's ears pierce and he had a set of gold studs in his earlobe. He had to learn how to take care of them.

They go back to the grocery store. They buy what they wanted to have for dinner, just in case the guys didn’t catch much. Jessica did correct how Elliot got in and out of the car while wearing the dress.

Jessica bought a leather hobo purse for Elliot and put things in it a girl her age should have. Jessica could see how much happier Elliot was.

She knew she was going to have to teach Elliot how to behave like a proper girl.

Elliot spends the day with the other girls. When they go down to the beach, he wears the neon pink swimsuit. The stylist showed Elliot how to
take care of his hair cut. So, when he gets back home and changes out of his swimsuit. He fixes his hair and puts the dress he wore earlier back on before the guys got home.

Elliot was sitting on the swing out on the porch reading a book he brought with him when the guys arrived. He could hear them bragging about who caught the biggest fish. They come in and walk past him, not recognizing him at all. One of his uncles stop and look at him.

He walks closer to him “are you sure you want to do this, Elliot?”

Elliot looks up at his Uncle Joey “yes sir.”

Joey looks down at his nephew and didn’t see a boy in a dress, but a cute little girl. His wife called him earlier while they had been out fishing and told him what Jessica had done. She sent a few pictures of Elliot wearing the dress he was wearing now.

“Well, if you have any problems with your cousins, you can come to me.”

“Thanks, Uncle Joey.” Elliot stands up and hugs him.

“You’re welcome.” He returns the hug.

“Elliot, can I talk with you please?” Jessica had stepped out of the house onto the porch.

“Sure mom.” Elliot follows his mother up to the widow’s perch on top of the house.

When they get there. She sits down on the bench that was up there. She looks at her son, as he sat down next to her.

“Is there a female name you would like for me to call you?”

“What would you have named me if I had been born a girl?”

“I would had named you Elizabeth after my mother. Is that what you want me to call you now?”

Elliot thinks about for a few minutes. He looks back towards his mother “yes ma’am.”

Jessica hugs Elliot and just sits with Elliot as the sun goes down.

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