Shadowsblade: Summertime...Shadow on the heart 5

Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

This is the story of a man who finds a magic box, one that changes him into a Teenage Drow girl (a dark elf) and he has to deal with the very sudden change. Then handle all the memories of a Drow that was 'made' for a long lost war. This new part of him, has 40,000 years of memories of fighting that war. She has to deal with all that pent up PTSD, her enemy is here, but she loves her. Her old Queen is here and she wants to kill, that Queen ohh so bad!

So far in the story, Rohanna is being sent to a high school for mutants. While in school, she has to learn to keep that temper in check and her vast skills at killing others! She has been attacked in Boston while shopping, by her new lover by accident of fate and by an assassin that nearly kills her.

The last major hurdle in her short new life, is that a science project gone mad! Has made an exact clone of her and linked it mentally to her every thought, it reacts like an extension of her body now.

In this chapter

The summer has to end and the heart is the key



Sunday, August 26, 2007 11:50 PM
The Grove

Kevin gulped in air a few more times as we watched his body stir from its long change and I left my mental shields down for now, so that I could listen for that tell tail that he was fully a changed Drow like us now. Kevin certainly did not let me down, when I mentally overheard him say to himself, "my mouth tastes like metal...why?"

After overhearing Kevin's mental gasp from what one might say is the 'Drow only channel', I sadly slammed my mental shields back up. Because I did not want to add to his huge burden of just changing from a normal human to a Sidhe, then now to a Drow just like me besides the ever present mutant factor in the eyes of humans at large in the world. We would reveal our shared mental power to him later, after he settled down a bit more...but even knowing that it was there... even hearing his mental voice for a few seconds filled both of us twin Drow with hope that our lives of pain and torture at the hands of the royals was now in the far past!

I pulled the silk like cloth all the way from around his head, while Rehanna stepped away a few feet for our next part of helping Kevin fully wake up. As my hands pulled that last layer away from his eyes, he winced at the light surely blasting the newly changed eyes and I covered them with my hand to shield them from the full moon resting overhead and now beaming its way into the grove's heart.

As Kevin stirred once more, Rehanna whispered to him from several feet away knowing that his ears were very sensitive right now and would be for a short time until his mind caught up with controlling the inner volume of the freshly finished changes he had just undergone.

"Kevin don't move around too much right now, you might harm yourself and keep your eyes closed, as you will find that this light will be way too bright for them right now...Please give your body all time it desires to adjust and your mind to catch up with your body's many changes." she whispered out slowly and as loudly she dare right now.

Kevin winced instantly from what he thought was Rehanna shouting right into his ears, "Please don't shout I c........" he stopped mumbling because even his own words sounded like thunder right now and he took the Drow's guidance as the whole truth.

Rehanna covered here mouth and lessened the volume of her voice even more, "Is this better? Just nod if it is." she asked.

The boy's head nodded slightly back to us both and I smiled over towards Rehanna, 'Good he is improving quickly' I mentally told her.

Rehanna whispered over to Kevin for the next several minutes and asked him when her voice was less booming sounding to him. When he nodded to that question a few times, "I felt that is better now and even my own voice is sounding normal to me,"

"Yes I am sure it is, but try to listen to one sound in the Grove all around us and fix on it, make it the only one you hear. Single it out, study it and tell me what you think it is?" Rehanna now smiled as she came back over to us.

What Kevin heard was a crackling sound, much like twigs breaking under someone's foot, but he knew that was not Rehanna walking over towards him? And that is when his mind finally caught up with his conscious thoughts, 'I know the difference between the two girls now, Rohanna and Rehanna...I can hear it in their voices now...neat!' he thought silently.

Now he concentrated on that one little sound, thinking at why it was or how it was being made and his mind leapt to what he was hearing, "I hear a mouse or something about that size in the bushes to my left and add to that I can hear the difference in your voices hiding what twin is whom now for both of you!" he tried to laugh and ended up coughing a bit from a very dry throat.

"You nailed it, that was a field mouse and you are correct in what direction it was in... next try to guess how many feet away it was?" I had to ask him with a short giggle.

Kevin listened for the mouse once more while both of the Drows stayed utterly silent to his ears, he thought it over a few times and compared the existing sound to a few newer ones, "Ahh ten feet? he guessed.

"Good, but it's closer to eleven feet." I told him.

"But for now Kevin, the next step is me slowly pulling my hand from your eyes and please keep them tightly shut for a few minuets till it feels less painful, then open them slowly in little bits till you can see us both?" I asked him and both of us Drow went about unwrapping him from the rest of the shroud still covering his body.

As we both worked on his shrouds, Kevin tried squinting his eyes open too fast and was rewarded by immense biting pain, "God it's bright here, is that the sun right overhead or what!" he shouted out to us, while wincing in pain and slamming his eyes closed once again.

"That is the full moon silly, so try a little slower next time and cheating will not make your adjustments go any faster. Ohh and it's not God anymore...she is called Gaea and she will talk to you soon enough or you will feel her at work around you, that I am 'very' sure of!" I informed him.

All of us Drow always seemed to have a far better connection to Gaea, than regular Sidhe ever have normally and I was sure she would contact this new Drow very soon...if it was not her very hand guiding him to me or changing him for me in the first place?

As the shroud fell away from Kevin's body in one long wrap after another, he started to stirring his arms and legs as they became more free with each unwrapping, "NO! Stop that Kevin...Stop moving until we are done, let your mind work on the eyes and ears part first, then we will move onto working out your arms and legs next!" I warned him that moving too soon would hurt him, that I was very sure of...because I almost fell many times after my change up at ARC.

As we finished unwrapping him, he stirred once again, "Kevin listen carefully to me, you will hurt yourself by not heading my warnings and this will take far longer. You need time, go slowly and let that newly changed brain of yours catch up a little with the body?" I asked him again.

I remembered my pain filled change, there was no one to verbally lead me, to help me out like we were doing for Kevin. That counseling not being there at the time, no one being around to help...caused me great deals of pain that I did not have to go through and messed me up mentally for days and maybe even weeks afterward.

In my head I was going over a list for this process, one that I have never done myself for another Drow...ever. The royals placed all of that knowledge or this very knowledge right into my head for occasions just like this. As certain layers of wrapping came away from Kevin's still body, the next steps popped into my mind or our shared mind that us two Drows had.

Rehanna started off with the next part as I took time to carefully fold the shroud back up for storage, "Kevin pick one hand, then finger by finger flex them and then follow up that same arm up, wrists elbow, then shoulder. Do each one in turn fully and the we can start on your legs. We are re-building those mental pathways for your brain and making sure all is good with your changes."

It took over an hour for Kevin to finish up with his testing body joints out one by one and we watched over each step giving encouragement to go on when pains occasionally flashed through him. As he did the last part of his legs, his eyes finally fully opened without pain towards the night sky and he gasped out at the sight, "Rohanna the stars are so beautiful here!"

"Welcome to seeing the world through Drow eyes and that was just the beginning Kevin, wait until you see the rest of the world this way!" I had to exclaim to him.

"Yes the world awaits, but take it slowly...for now" Rehanna added to my very thoughts.

Kevin glanced over towards Rehanna, then back to me before smiling, "Both of you look so beautiful right now, like angels."

"Thanks, now lets work on getting you to sit up and go from there...step by step...slowly." I asked while helping him out with slowly rising up from the top of our bronze box.

After we helped Kevin raise from the boxes top, we lead him through one slow step at a time with flexing out his arm and legs once more, working on the major muscle groups until he felt little or no pain or stiffness. The next part was getting his feet swung over the edge and making a few slow tries at standing up, the last part was a slow walk over to the spring to lay down so that the healing waters could work at soaking away any of his lingering pains.

Once he felt much better and was free of any further pain from moving, I had him swim the full length of the spring and then added in few full circles of the large spring. All during the time he swam, the nymphs watched very closely over him and I knew he was very safe in their expert hands as I watched on from the shoreline. The last step was having the nymphs use their powers over water as an exercise tool in his next workout, by using it to move water pressure against his moving or walking in the water.

The last part was for his reflexes and balance, so I had him balance on one foot while on top of the larger rocks nearer the waterfalls and over a short time his balance greatly improved....well...until...I told him to close his eyes and that is when I tossed a fist sized rock at his chest with just enough force to knock him over.

He fell over instantly, arms uselessly flailing at the air and came back up spitting water towards me, "Hey what gives!" he shouted at all of us girls giggling at his pain, us twin Drow and the nymphs sitting on the shore.

"Had to test your sadly failed. So try again, get back to the same position and same spot!" I barked at him.

"So you are going to do that again?" he questioned while taking his place on the rock once more.

"Yes and did you not hear the stone being tossed at you?"

"Yes," he sighed out.

"Did you not hear it flying through the air towards you too?" I continued on.

"Yes," he said now standing on one foot and just closing his eyes to us twins.

"Then why did you not leap out of its way or knock it aside or catch it?" I questioned him.

"I just thought it was going to pass by me, like you were playing?" he admitted.

"I will tell you when we are playing, but just think that at all times we are training for the very real dangers of life and you will succeed far more often." I said while Rehanna was flinging a rock his way once again.

This time he flopped out of the way and into the water. Then came back to the top laughing his triumph to me, "That time you missed!"

"One I was not trying that hard, two you should have flipped out of the way and back onto the rock standing up with ease, three you should have caught that rock in any case...right? Now try again!" I barked once more.

"Is it going to be like this always with us?" he asked moving to stand back up on his rock and absently mindedly wiped some of the water free from his long white hair.

"No you will improve, but till then practice...practice, practice!" I said and thought about my time at training, it was a little bit more fatal back then!

"But you said I should 'just' flip out of the way and still catch the rock? You do know that doing all of that takes a lot of training!" he whined to me.

"Did you try at least, or go for the simple, easy way out?" I questioned him and placed my hands on my hips to emphasis that I was the instructor now scolding him.

"You make it all sound so...simple! You have all this training that I don't have?" he told me.

"But did you even try, you might be surprised at what your new self can do...just ask it...NO order it and it WILL do it or to my shame I messed up in your transformation AND you are not even close to being like me or us twins?" I had to sadly admit.

He sighed and did just as I asked him, "Well I am ready?" he said standing on his other foot now.

I stood there with rock in hand, but Rehanna teleported and tossed an stone she had utterly silent his way and I watched on as it flew his way! But this time he did the flip I had asked for and snatched the rock out of the air.

"I did it!" Kevin yelled out from the river rock he was still standing on.

Rehanna instantly hit him in the back with yet another rock as he shouted distracted by his joy and he fell back into the water once more. This time he came to surface mad as heck, "What the fucking hell bitch...that was uncalled for...I did what you asked and you do that!"

"That was a simple test, one a little Drow kid could pass and you are not a kid...are you? Being freshly changed should not matter, so back to square one and don't call me bitch again. I will let it slide once...the title is Jabbress or Rohanna or Ro if we are being friendly?" I sighed out my warning.

"Jab...what and keep on coming at me like that....and 'bitch' will be your name as far as am concerned!" he barked my way.

"Kevin I am trying to be nice to you, not be like the persons that trained me and tortured me while doing it. Everything I do has a purpose, it will save your life someday and mine too, maybe you mom's or sisters also? You chose being a changed Drow and our Drow lives have never been the kind of safe, raise two kids and have a house in the suburbs types! So stick with me...please and I told you my names...use them or suffer either without my training you or my foot up your ass!" I barked at the last.

"Hummph, well I will give you a few more tries, but this TRAINING of yours had better improve or you had better let up on me?" he told me asking to 'go easy' on him I was sure!

"Nothing is easy. So tell me while you get up on the rock again and this time do a hand stand! Did you hear the rock or feel it...think before answering us."

Kevin thought it over while he got moved in place and easily did that one arm hand stand. His thoughts drifted instantly back to that single split second of time at his will, then showed him...he did indeed 'feel' the air moving out of the way of the rock and finally the rock itself!

"Rohanna! You were or are right, I did feel the rock or the air or is it both?" he questioned us both, as the light of the fact...that he did both dawned on him.

"That was Gaea, I told you that you would 'feel' her, her presence in the world around you and that links all of nature to you, back to her and to everything of the five elements. Fire, earth, water, air and the center of all...wood." I told him while juggling a rock about in my hands.

"So I can use that to see see the attacks coming at me?" he asked.

"Most of the time, if the attack is coming via an element of the five or through it. Like arrows or bullets to some extent, but on magic it does not work and you have to learn magic to stop those attacks on you."

"Okay, so how do I know when you are going to do something?" he asked.

"Well padawan," I jested to him, "keep trying and try to find me before I act!" I said and threw the rock his way, but this one was a flat stone that would slice the air and be WAY harder to 'feel out' while it flew on its path towards him.

The stone nearly hit him, but he leapt out of its way with an inch to spare and landed back on his feet and not in the water this time!

"Ro darn it you move silently, I have been trying all this time to hear you or Rehanna and darn it...I can't!" he yelled.

"Then simply, don't" Rehanna said from the shoreline on her side of the spring.

"What?" he quizzed us both.

"You hear sounds fine, but I am moving too silently for you to hear?"

"Yaaa and what?"

"Well if I am moving or standing, I am acting on top of something and out here within the Grove it has to be one of the five ask them what I am doing?" Rehanna instructed.

"Ask a rock or the dirt or the air somehow?" Kevin asked with more than a hint of sarcasm hanging in his voice of what the Drow twin was saying or asking him to accomplish?

"Have you even tried too?" I asked him instead of the now smiling Rehanna.

He closed his eyes, found that last connection with 'air' he had done and found new ones with earth and wood. He found out suddenly...Yes the grass was 'wood' too! A revelation hit him and now he felt it tell him that I was or we were walking on the grass and he felt that via his foot being on a stone connected to earth, then to soil and finally connected the to grass under my boots!

"I feel you now, your footsteps are very faint and very light. But I can still see where you both are and make a guess at what you are up too!"

"Being this close to one another and in the Grove gives you the home field advantage. That means the grove is helping you too! But remember this...back out in the human world, its help will not be there...the Grove that is and the human world has concrete covering the ground that is made up of human spoiled earth or rock, so you can't 'feel' your way though it. The darn stuff is silent and I will train you on how to hear while on that surface...a little bit later on in your training."

"Rohanna...can I get dressed now. I feel kind of silly doing all of this training without clothes on and in front of girls?" he was asking or telling both of us of his embarrassment I was sure.

"Ahhh you could have put on your clothes at anytime or had me grab you a set of swim trunks from your room?" I had to laugh his way.

"I could have WHAT!?" he shouted out, "So you have been eyeballing me all this time and I could have had clothes on...all this time!" he growled a little to us.

Rehanna now gave Kevin a goofy grin from her side of the spring, "It was to our great pleasure to watch you all this time...Kevin." she smiled at the last and batted her eyelashes his way, much like Sara would do to us at times.

"Shit!" he barked and flipped back up to his feet from a handstand.

"No that is Drow or Shit...might as well start learning the Drow language somewhere?" I laughed at him.

"Okay...STU!" he barked once more, "AND am I going to see you the same way I am right now...someday?" he had to ask...his dream was to see both of the twins that way somehow!

"Maybe?...males in Drow society have to EARN their rights to a her over as worthy of her time and remember this one fact...We Drows are a matriarchal society, the women rule and not the men." Rehanna told him and I laughed at the shock now covering his face.

" I get 'mothered' for the rest of my life?" he shrugged while pulling on his pants and grabbing his shirt from the nymph assisting him.

"And you thought otherwise all your life...that a woman would NOT be telling you what to do and when? strange is that...?" I asked.

"But?" he started as I handed him his shoes and ported away with him.


Monday, August 27, 2007 10:20 AM
Whateley Academy guest cottage

Kevin now found himself standing in a very unfamiliar room and spun about while holding onto his shoes, "What is this and why did we stop training?"

"This is your family's temporary suite at Whateley and why we stopped? It's lunch time and I thought that you should spend sometime with your mom and sister...besides, tomorrow is the first day of school and you have to get all ready for that madness." that is when I tugged at his ill fitting shirt, "And you need to buy some bigger shirts and longer pants, you changed a bit more in your clothing size over the last week!" I laughed at him.

Across the suite from us three Drow now chatting in the living room, Joannie overheard what she thought was her son talking to the one of the Drow twins Rohanna or Rehanna, "Kevin is that you?" she asked coming into the room from her bedroom and found her son standing there or what she thought was her boy?

This boy was a little taller, maybe a full inch or more and his body was far more hardened and angular in its general appearance than the smooth thin lines he had before and his sister shared by being an elf? His face was a bit squared off and he lost some of that 'pointy chin' he always had and now his lean body was covered in a hard layer of muscles that showed and stood out as he struggled to get his now too tight t-shirt back on.

"Hey mom...I'm back and finished cooking!" he made a try at laughing at his new changes.

"I see that Kevin...yep I can tell the difference from even over here son!" she smiled to him happily and walked over to wrap him in a motherly hug.

"See Joannie, I said that I would watch over him and here he is all good?" I had to say to the still worried mother.

"Hey!" Tonya shouted from coming in from her shared room, "You look good Kevin, far better than meat, hubba...hubba!" she giggled out.

"Tonyaaaaa! Pleaseeeee!" Kevin whined out while still tugging at his shirt.

"Well I guess we will have to run into town and get you a few new things to dress in?" his mom now worried about the costs, while she tugged at his shirt to fit it better and was having no real effect on its appearance.

I instantly knew Joannie was worried about the cost of a whole new wardrobe for Kevin, then add Tonya most likely had only a few new things since her change by the lack of bags the family had packed when we all left Denver behind.

"Ahhh Joannie, drop by Rogers' Fabric Boutique, Cecilia runs that tailor shop and will set Kevin and Tonya with a full set of school uniforms, just have it added to my 'tab'. Then go over to Dan's Sporting Goods, where they have a good selection of natural fiber clothes we Sidhe can wear and do the same there...use my 'tab'." I said and handed her one of my personal cards that should work as ID and connect the family of three to me...besides the pointy ears and one of them being very much a DROW like us twins!

"I shouldn't have done so much for us?" Joannie said as her hand touched my card and looked like she was trying to push it back on me.

"I have plenty and I am sure that you need all of your cash to buy that townhome? Besides, we are family now in many ways...many ways." I said twice again thinking that we really were now in a way.

"Thanks Rohanna..." Joannie says that as she reluctantly takes the card from my hand, "But lets get some lunch, then go shopping?" she asked while giving me a warm inviting smile.

"I will see them when class starts and it's best that the other students or staff don't connect us three just yet...except for Kevin's looks that is?" I smiled his way and took note that he had indeed turned out fine and more than sexy to the Drow part of me!

That must have been when Kevin noticed my eyes change, "Ahh Ro your eyes are a pinkish purple...and glowing?"

"SHU!" I yelped or I should say we both yelped in stereo, then Rehanna cried out more than embarrassed at being caught, "We have to go...cya and call if you need anything!" and we both ported instantly away.

"What was that?" Kevin had to ask his mom and she gave him a very puzzled look back while shaking her head "I don't know?"

That is when Joannie's phone rang on the table top and she picked it up, "Hello?"

"AHH I would take Kevin over to the security building and tell them...that he came out of the Grove and get his ID's for school all done now, then he can get lunch...bye" I added and hung up.

"Who was it mom?" Tonya asked her puzzled looking mother.

"Rohanna, she called to remind us to take Kevin over to the security office for his ID's and tell the staff that he came from the Grove...and that makes sense. Him just 'popping' up without coming on campus via a guarded path or entry point would have to be explained in someway?" she thought.


Monday, August 27, 2007 11:10 AM
Whateley Academy security office

Sam Everheart or Admiral to others, or second in command of the security department. Squinted through her office doors, when she spotted a boy holding open the door for what seemed to be his mother and sister? Sam did not really have to squint at the sight of the three people now entering her building to see them better, with her eyes being replaced by very advanced nano optics! But the sight of the boy stuck her is a very strange and unusual occurrence even for now normal strangeness of Whateley...he was a Drow and Sam's internal sensors could also tell that this new boy or student, was nearly exactly like the Leigh twins by the twin heart beats banging away inside his chest!

"What the Fudge!" she gasped at the sight and quickly connected to the school's mainframe, then mentally found the Elven teen girl was already on record as an incoming student and that her brother was still coming or so the mother said to the school's staff?

The girl elf had already done her powers testing and came back as a full Sidhe like some of the other students. Tonya was her name, she had the normal mutation pattern that most Sidhe had. Magic, exemplar three or better and add to that she seemed to have fire elemental powers, that was the norm for the Sidhe. They almost always had an element of the five closely tied to them.

Sam got up from her spot sitting behind her large metal desk inside her personal office and waved over to the desk sergeant as she walked into the main room, "I will take this one, besides I want to chat with these new arrivals for a bit."

The man at the desk noticed the boy's long white hair and purple black skin...then add pointy ears...he mumbled out, "NO shit admiral!" as he stood up giving her command of the front desk.

The older woman that was listed as the mother of the girl strolled over to the desk and pointed back to her son still holding the door open for his sister Sam was sure, "I am here to help my son Kevin get a school ID, you are expecting him and he just finally arrived."

"Humm..." Sam pondered towards the kid, "Nice to meet you Kevin and how did you get on campus? Because I would have been informed of a kid's or elf's unattended arrival at the schools main gate."

"I walked in from the Grove, we Sidhe live out there and its Drow Ma'am or is that Miss, I did not catch your name?" Kevin asked reading the name tag on Sam's uniform and her gold rake badge with 'assistant chief' engraved under it.

Kevin saying Drow instead of Sidhe or elf was certainly Rohanna's 'MO' since day one on campus, Sam knew that by heart and that connected the two or three of them in someway that was a certain fact in her analytical mind!

"Drow?" Sam questioned the boy, "Who told you that you're a Drow and not a dark elf?"

"That is what information on Sidhe races I read in a few books long ago." Kevin admitted the fact that he had done just that in an MMO video game book.

"So you have never met twins like yourself or have another spirit or ghost talking inside your head at times?" Sam had to ask incase this kid was just like Rohanna and that would make him very dangerous to say the least!

"Nope, no strange voices in my head...not one Jimmy cricket!" he laughed to the very young looking girl that ran the security department of Whateley or most of it.

"Okay Kevin lets get a few pic's done, have you sign a few papers on academy rules and then we can get you all set-up with an ID for this term..." Sam instructed the youngster and waved over to the waiting ID camera set-up across the room.


Monday, August 27, 2007 12:20 PM
Bill and Jineen's townhome

Bill glances down at his cell phone and sees a flashing text message...In coming Drow, move!...that is when both twins port into the living rooms center and the one twin that he is sure only can be Rehanna plops onto the couch and flips on the large TV.

"Heya you two, all done with Kevin and now the world has three of us to deal with!" I greeted Bill and Jineen running up the stairs towards both of them sitting in the kitchen area, while Jineen was cooking their lunch and the wonderful smells filled the kitchen!

Jineen might not be a practicing Catholic, but she had to fake being one for decades during her time in Ireland and she glances up to the sky..."Lord I know I pray to Gaea most of the time, but you should really give this your whole attention for about a decade at least!"

"Hey it's not that bad!" I mumble after snatching a cookie off the plate that Jineen just laid out.

"No it's three...then five or more...then seven or more, like rabbits we will be up to our butts in Drow!" Bill laughed to his wife.

"Don't joke Bill, you're encouraging them!" she squeaked back.

"I promised you Jineen and your fine carpets not to do anything like that for a long while...and I intend on keeping my word. Besides, think of all the fun this place would be with four or more kids running around to liven it all up?" I smiled back to her.

"Don't even joke..." Bill groaned.

But I did not even get in a word because Rehanna shouted up at us all in the kitchen about what was on the TV right now, "I know that, I or us have not been really following politics...but who is the short guy on TV?"

Bill strolled over to the railing overlooking the main living room one spilt level below and knew instantly by the person in questions voice before he even checked by seeing the man's face the TV, "Ohh that is an old actor kid that did a sit-com in the 80's. He ran for Governor of California after they had a big recall on the governor of the time and the field of candidates was just nuts. Ranging from a porn actress, to the big movie actor from the robot pic's before his wife shot him for having a kid with the maid...'I'll be back!' was his famous movie line. Then this guy won after the big guy got shot by his now ex-wife and from there on out, he dead as Lincoln in the voters minds....'what you electing Willis!' was his guys motto once in office Rehanna?"

"I get Regan winning for president, but a short ex-actor governor of California? That is nuts!" I said glancing at the screen myself even though I could mentally see it through Rehanna's eyes.

Rehanna had to let out a giggle when the small statured black man walked down the carpet and hopped onto a large polished wood box behind a podium before taking his spot at the arrayed mikes, "My fellow Californians the new section of high speed rail opens today between San Fran and San Diego....ohh and it stops in that small town L.A. for the locals!" he laughed.

The press event went on to show the rest of the high-speed rail integrating with the existing mono-rail of LA and its connections all the way down south to San Diego and now the whole thing had an added leg reaching north to San Fran that moved along at a brisk 400 miles per hour at top speed, but would spend most of its time on track at 300. The next parts, would hook up the whole system leading east out of LA, San Fran and then San Diego going over to the east coast at the end. Those lines could hit over 500 on a good day on the non-stop it was planned!

"Funny how the Lost Wages track is being laid first and will be done in only a few months? I'd bet a few Mega-casinos paid for the whole thing to suck cash out of the LA folks!" I laughed at the map the small black man was now pointing to.


Monday, August 27, 2007 4:50 PM
Whateley Guest cottage

Kevin dropped three huge shopping bags onto the couch, then helped his sister in dropping off her one large bag, "Well gotta rush it, we have to wash all this up and pack it for school tomorrow!" he grinned.

" is it okay if we play G&E online while we wait for the wash to finish up or do we have to wait?" Tonya asked as she started ripping clothes from the shopping bags to make a few piles for washing.

"You can game...both of you. But I still can't believe how much Kevin ate for lunch!" Joannie shook her head at the thoughts of the boy finishing off his third plate at crystal hall!

"Yaaa what did Ro and Re give you out there...a hollow leg or something!?" Tonya ribbed her bother while tossing her clothes into a bag to carry downstairs.

"Heck if I know, she did mention I would be eating more and sleeping lots less from now on?" he said grabbing his own bag and filling it.

" little sleep?" his mother worried out.

"Like an hour or so a night or less, she said I could stay up for a week easy and then grab a nap for an hour and be good for another week!" he smiled back.

"Okay?" Joannie sighed to her boy, "But when you are at home...don't keep me up all night!" she warned him.

Downstairs both siblings found the washing machines of the building in short order and then to their shared surprise found the machine both washed and dried the clothes! This would save them a trip to move them from one machine to another, then add the machines would 'beep' their phones when done!

With that all set for at least the next hour or better, both kids ran back up stairs to their shared room and fired up their laptops to play 'Good and Evil online' a fantasy MMO they had played since it came out. Both checked over their characters and found them just as they left them, in town crafting new gear.

Both of them had not played the MMO for well over a week and in that time the characters would be 'bot-ed' by the game engine and run around on auto. Kevin smiled to his sister, "Well my Elven ranger 'Ta’mor' finished his new bow, so what did yours get done?"

"All I got finished was my rangers armor for Talura and that is just fine...lets go out and find the message board for this weeks events?"

Both teens guided the very real to them characters out in the virtual world to find out from the message board, that the new events 'shinny' was an escaped Demon and they had to find it for their side to win. Over the next several hours, their party found the 'demon' named ‘Isca DePrisao’ that was a bat winged girl demon with huge clawed feet that was 'good-side' leaning player and rescued her, then had a few fights along the way...after some time at play, they had to shut down early because the cell phone had beeped that the laundry was done.

"Funny the event making a real person and not a game AI run avatar the 'shinny' ?" Kevin thought to his sister.

"Yep very strange..." she agreed back to him.


Monday, August 27, 2007 4:50 PM
Whateley, Poe cottage

I was taking a break from the memorial day BBQ and welcome all party to lay down in my room, I thought over the last few weeks again. I had my or our room set-up as soon as we Drow could get in past the construction gangs, I even pointed out a few mistakes on the way to the electrical crew...'the building would need more power boys' was my line to them!

But back to the weeks coming to here, my room was re-filled by my belongings. The futon bed/couch we Drow were laying on, my huge poster of 'Bullitt' with Steve McQueen hung on one wall and add all my plants that the nymphs had taken care of for me over summer filled in the rest of them. Now I had the room full of our Drow possessions and lots of plants from the Grove. A tree filled the far corner once again, as its branches filled and weaved their way through a trellis on the ceiling and all of that lovely greenery bore sweet fruits!

Across the room as our AV center that Paige helped my install a few days back while Rehanna was in the Grove watching over Kevin and she upgraded my computer to the latest NeXT spec-ed one!

My hand made 'magic' furnishings lined this wall behind the futon, our dresser at the bed's foot with ice box and chest of drawers, then add our magically huge wardrobe last.
This year I had a few more shelves added over my head for the small ones to use and their friends when they came over. The last thing was a custom doll house on the top most level they used for personal fun and sleeping.

The new rooms in Poe this year were far larger than the old ones in the building before the full rebuild of the building over the summer break and the new amenities of larger common room at each floor and huge warm greeting area added to the buildings charm a little...I was a little upset that the old warmness the building had via its older use of natural products was gone, but my room's flooring was still wood as I needed it!

They had enlarged the bathrooms on each level and added a real whirlpool tub in each one during the remodel. I was sure that feature word be coveted and fought over on some nights, but they had a computer aided reservation system already in place for it's use! Then add the basement had a hot tub too, now along with a larger gym and meeting rooms.

My thoughts passed from the room I was in and over to the few new students I had met so far this week! A few days ago I had stalked a girl with a huge reapers AXE or poleblade that I found out was not only a student, but a new member of the security staff! Melanie Mikokami, who was a spirit of death or goddess or some darn thing dealing with that and I had seen her in the past or Rehanna or Shadowsblade had with her nearness to be actually dead so many times!

We Drow will have to keep an eye on that one, she might be here because Sam sent her to keep eyes on us?

Then we met via Fey a real treat and a sign that things would get better...a baby dragon! Lille Skygge by name and by way of Germany and her freshly hatched egg, boy would I love to get some of that egg shell for some spellcrafting! She is going to be just around the corner with the new freshmen this term and I have to keep up with her...always loved working around Dragons in the old knew where you stood with them!

The rest of today was walking around all the new posies that just arrived and trying to keep them out of trouble. We got a large new crop of new students this term, both in Poe and outside in the rest of the academy I heard and it might be one of the biggest inflows of students for years!

A soft knock sounded on my door, I was decent and I yelped at it, "Come on in the Drows are in session...plots to takeover the world start in ten minutes if you want in?"

Roz slid into the door with ease and clapped her hands at my jest, "Ohh goody I want in, do I get a hairless evil cat?" she beamed at both of us.

"Well maybe, but till then there are other things to pet tonight!" Rehanna breathlessly sassed back to Roz and made room for her on the bed.

"Been busy with the new kids?" I had to ask since she did 'RA' or resident assistant for each term so far and loves to pick over the incoming herd of lesbians for new prey!

"Ohhh boy this years newbies are a handful, even Kayda brought her brother this year and he is just like her." she sighed out trying to relax.

"How so?" I purred muzzling closer to her.

"He is an avatar just like sis and bonded a cougar spirit to him...a female one that changes his sex...then add he changes into a kitty-girl the younger ones are fawning all over about!"

"BARF!" I pretended to hack out to her.

"Its going to be an interesting year!" she sighed to me.

"Anything else?"

There is this tall blond down the hall with wings I saw at the pool today, but I will leave her to she seems to be making a play for her?"

"Angel or Angel our resident timid girl, is making a play on someone, or is someone trying to hook them both up?" I questioned her with a knowing glance, she loved playing matchmaker at times!

"Well they do match, blue eyes, blond and both have wings. A match made in heaven I would say...but I already heard the new kid is a strange one," Roz told us next.

"Strange, how so and how can you tell here at the world headquarters of strange!" I giggled to her.

"Well she is a GOO in someway?" she admitted.

"Ohh shoot, GOO or something? I will have to ask about that later, but I am sure we Drow met her today by accident and she seemed nice then." I said remembering when the new arrival Melanie wanted to know who was in a certain room on this very floor, so I knocked and opened the door to see the same girl Roz must be talking about?

"I am sure its...or she is not trouble? Or why would Carson let her in and then add Angel likes her a lot, then she seems very nice...besides she put the 'whammy' on peeper so bad, he fell into the pool camera and all!" she laughed.

After laying there for sometime resting, just being quiet and enjoying it all. I felt Roz stirring to get up, "Going so soon?" we asked in stereo.

"Have to get back to my room in case the kiddies wake up and need know first night jitters and all!" she smiled to both of us.

"Call if you need help?" I offered.

"I will, but honestly Ro...most kids get the willy's seeing you both for the first time and the new kids might take a few times at the least?" she warned me, but I nodded my understanding back to her and knew that Drow creeping around at night...especially your first night in a strange place would spook anyone!

"Cya tomorrow lover..." I said as Roz gave us very knowing smile, as she slid silently back out our door and into the dorm hallway.




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Angels Peril a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Tormented by the past, Angel is struggling between light and dark.

Melvin a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
They say old soldiers never die, Melvin is about to learn that the hard

The Way of the Dragon a Whateley Tale: Written by Branek
Born for eternity but vulnerable like a child, dragons shouldn't leave
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Every Rose has it Thorns a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
Watch what you say around rose, could give you more trouble than you ever
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Kelly a Whateley Tale: Written by Nuaan
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Shadowsblade a Whateley Tale: Written by Shadowsblade
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Vantier a Whateley Tale :Written by Shadowsblade
Ancient and Powerful Vantier awakens in a foreign world, struggling to
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