Angel Of Justice Chapter 22

Katlain looks down at Declan as she straddles his waist with his penis buried deep inside her. Her body glistens from all the sex her and Declan have been having since she has healed.

“You know, if I was a normal woman, I would be pregnant by now with all the sex we have been having lately.”

“I would love to see you pregnant and carrying our child. I would still have sex with you till I couldn't.” He places his hands on her petite waist and starts lifting her up and down as they begin having sex.

Declan holds Katlain’s sleeping form against his body. He wore the poor girl out with all the sex they have been having. They were only half-way through the Kama Sutra. He rubs her spine as she wiggles under his touch.

Eight hours later, Declan wakes to the smell of freshly cooked bacon. He gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom first to relieve his bladder and then into the kitchen where he spots Katlain in her robe cooking breakfast.

“There’s fresh coffee in the coffee pot.” As she flips some bacon.

He walks over to stand behind her and wraps his arms around her. He pulls her close to his body and kisses her neck.

“I rather have you for breakfast.” As he nibbles on her ear.

Katlain relaxes in his arms “I’m sore from all the sex we have been having. Maybe later we can have some more sex.”

Katlain was enjoying having her own vagina and having sex like a normal woman instead of taking it in her ass. She wiggles her behind
against his cock. She could feel how stiff he was against her ass.

“I wish I could, but I have to leave this afternoon to take a load to Florida. Are you going to be alright while I’m gone?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine. I do have one question for you. You don’t mind me having sex with Dr. Donald Kane and his wife, do you?” She didn’t want to hurt Declan.

“Only if Dr. Kane doesn’t mind sharing his wife with me.”

“I think she might like that. I’ll talk to her about it. I think she will enjoy having your thick member in between her legs.” Katlain moves the bacon from the hotplate and onto the plate.

Declan slaps her butt as he moves over towards the coffee pot and fixes himself a cup of coffee. He really loves Katlain and can’t wait till they make it official. He sits down at the kitchen table and waits for Katlain to finish fixing breakfast.

“What are your plans for the rest of the day?” As Declan eats the eggs and bacon Katlain fixed for them.

“I have a meeting with Detective Harrison in a few hours. He’s being moved to Internal Affairs. The Captain in charge of Internal Affairs wants
to talk to me. Then I’m going to drop by the auto parts store and see how they are doing. I’m treating Julie and Faith to lunch.”

“Do you think they are going to have you work for them?”

“Don’t know.” She leans over and gives him a kiss.

“Well, behave yourself and stay out of trouble while I am gone.” Declan gives Katlain a serious look.

“I promise to be a good girl while you are gone.”

After breakfast, they have some quick sex before Declan leaves to head towards the truck yard. Katlain gets dress in one of her sexy bra and panty sets. She puts on her favorite garter belt set and a nice dress. She tucks her Springfield XDs .45 and a spare magazine in her purse.

The first place she stops at is the police station to see Detective Harrison. She leaves her gun locked up in the Maverick. Declan took her charger to work.

As she walks into Internal Affairs, she spots Detective Harrison at his new desk. As she gets closer “well, this is a step up for you.”

Detective Harrison smiles when he hears Katlain’s voice “I see your operation was successful.”

“Yep, so why am I here?” Katlain sits down in the chair next to his desk.

“The Captain wants to talk to you and me. Come on and follow me.” Harrison stands up and escorts Katlain to Captain John Williams Hickok.
Detective Harrison knocks on the door before entering.


Detective Harrison enters first, followed by Katlain.

“Shut the door behind you and sit down. I’ll be with you in a minute Harrison.”

The two of them sit down in the chairs in front of his desk. Katlain notices he had pictures of Wild Bill Hickok up on the wall behind him. There was one of him dressed as Wild Bill on the wall next to the door. He looked like a splitting image of the real Wild Bill.

Captain Hickok looks at Harrison and the young lady that came in with him. He figures she must be Katlain Brownlow.

“It’s nice to finally meet you, Ms. Brownlow. I have to say, that you did a really good job on bringing Officer Williams and his cronies, plus Ventusky Ricci down.”

“Thank you, but I couldn’t have done it without Detective Harrison’s help.”

“Which brings me to this opportunity for you. How would you like to work for Internal Affairs, off the books? You’ll report to Detective Harrison and his new partner Detective Jessica Madsen.”

“I normally don’t like working with someone I don’t know or trust, sir.”

Just as she says that, there is a knock on his door. Katlain turns to see who it is through the glass wall. She spots a dirty blonde hair woman that could pass as a professional model. She watches as she enters the office and shuts the door behind her.

“Detective Madsen meet your new partner Detective Harrison and his civilian partner Katlain Brownlow. The three of you are going to be working together.”

Detective Madsen looks at the young woman sitting next to an older male. She knew who Detective Harrison was. He was responsible for taking down officer Williams and his friends, plus busting up the White Supremacist group.

She glances over towards the young woman and wonders what part she played in everything.

“It’s nice to meet you, Detective and Mrs. Brownlow.” Madsen shakes both their hands.

“I was just telling your partner and Mrs. Brownlow that she will be working for the two of you. It was her information and hard work that allowed us to take down Officer Williams and his friends along with drug lord Ventusky Ricci. She’s going to be working for Internal Affairs but reporting to you two.”

“Is that wise, Captain and what makes Mrs. Brownlow so special.”

“What makes her so special Detective Madsen, is she has the underworld connections and it was with her help that we managed to bust three dirty cops and a known drug lord.”

He turns his attention to Katlain “while you are working for us. You can’t be engaging in any illegal activities, Mrs. Brownlow. I know you are a car thief and a professional thief as well. I also know your parents are in jail and you worked for Red. However, while you work for us, you are to reframe from any illegal activities. Do I make myself clear?”

“Crystal clear, Captain Hickok. However, there might be times I might have to prove I am still a criminal. To get things done.”

“If it involves an investigation, let us know.”

“Okay, so is there anything else?” Katalin looks at the Captain and then the two detectives she’ll be working for.

“We’re done, Mrs. Brownlow.”

“I’ll call you later Katlain.” As the three of them leave the Captain’s office.

Katlain stops and turns to face the Captain “since I am going to be working for you. How about you drop the charges against Red? It will come in handy having his chop shop activities to cover for me working for you.”

Captain Hickok thinks about it. He looks at her after a few seconds “let me see what I can do for you. I can see the advantage in using Red as a cover for you.”

“Thank you.” Katlain leaves the police station and heads to check on the auto parts store.

As she walks into the store she is greeted by the employees.

“Good morning Katlain, is there anything I can do for you?” Charles greets Katlain before she gets more than three steps into the store.

“Hey Charles, is Graham in?”

“He’s at lunch right now, Katlain. Is there something I can do for you?”

“Not really, I thought I would come up here and see how things are going under the new owners?”

“Well, I can tell you this Katlain. Whoever they are, they have really made it nice to work here. We all got raises in our pay and bonuses based on how long we have been here. Even the medical plan has been upgraded. I can finally afford to have my kids get glasses and braces.”

“You should have told me, Charles. I would have helped you.” Katlain liked Charles. He was a big help on some of the repairs she did to her cars.

“I know Katlain, but I couldn’t ask you too.”

“So, you like everything so far?”

“God yes. They even spring for free lunches on Fridays and if we meet our sales goal, they will give us bonuses for that pay week.”

That was something Katlain didn’t know her cousins did. She’ll have to talk to them later about it.

“Well, I hope things work out. I’m going to head towards the back to see if you have a part I need for my Mustang.”

“Okay.” Charles walks with Katlain to the back of the store and watches her as she looks for the part she had the number for.

“Here it is.” Katlain pulls the part off the shelf and checks it. It had to be the exact one she has been looking for.

Charles walks over to look at it. “Is it the part you need?”

“Yep.” She takes it back up front to pay for it.

“That will be three hundred and forty-five cents.” Charles couldn’t believe how much the part cost.

After paying for the part, Katlain goes and has lunch with her friends.

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