Cuts Two, 01

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Cuts two

- The heart of matters -

"Do you have to be so greedy?"




“...That was terrible, like could you get any cheesier without actually pouring cheese sauce over your head?”

“Where would I even get it? We’re stuck in hospital, and cheese is totally a biohazard.”




And there was silence. And he looks a little lost.

“Hey, it’s alright if you can’t keep up yet.”

“Why are you even here? Wasting your time on me?”

And back to the pity party, not that I can really blame him.

“Because no one else has. And it’s Spending time, not wasting it.”


“I’m not getting rid of you easy am I?”

If I wasn’t off my face this smirkle would hurt.



“Divn’t be like that man, there is one more really important thing I need to talk to you about, ‘specially with how you keep kicking everyone straight out, the sooner it’s started the quicker it’s sorted.”

“What’s that then?” Hah, got him, he needs to work on hiding his curiosity.

Actually, he needs to work on controlling all his emoting.

“Your name.”

“What about it?”

“Don’t you want a better one? Or are you genuinely happy being called ‘Grotty cumrag’?”

“Well yeah, no, yes then no... But they’ve never let me before.”

“Yeah but this time I’m getting it done at the same time, and I can be a catty bitch if I want to get my way.”

“What would I even change it too? It’s never been worth it thinking what I’d want before.”



... shit


“Okay then, how about Frankie?”


“Cause I look like his monster, right?”

“Nah, cause it’s what Eggsy has been calling you since... okay, I guess it is cause you look like you’ve donated organs like other people donate blood.”



“Hey, at least it’s you and not something scrawled on a ultrasound that is probably some client’s pseudonym.”

“Fine, I guess, what about the other name? ‘Frankie Knife’ sounds like a goon.”

“Could always be ‘Frankie Franks’, take our new olds name?”


 “And sound like off brand sausages?”


“Could go all eccentric b-lister and go by just ‘Frankie’, or let the olds pick that bit?”



“Too big a decision to throw at ya when you’re still buzzed?”


“What are you doing in here? We’ve been looking all over for you.”


Damn, outta time...

“Wouldn’t this be the first place to look for her? Like wasn’t it obvious she had stuff to settle with me?”


Can’t argue with that...

“Okay then Frankie, I’ll tell the new olds bout the name stuff, they’re probs gonna visit me first, see if they can get the balls moving while we all work out you’re new surname.”

“Come on, you’re supposed to be staying in bed.”

“Okay okay.”


“ bye... sis.” ... well there’s some progress.




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