Roy And The Road To Renee - Chapter 6

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Roy And The Road To Renee - Chapter 6.
By Pentatonic

Thursday, January 1, 2015:

A weak January sun was shining through my bedroom window when I awoke at about 9:00. From my position in my bed I could see that I had hung up the evening gown, but the rest of my clothes from yesterday were just dumped on a chair. I patted my hair. It was still in what remained of the french twist from yesterday. I got out of bed and put a robe on over my pajamas and headed to the bathroom. A quick glimpse into the mirror revealed that I had done a poor job removing my makeup when I went to bed. I took down what was left of the french twist and with some cold cream and tissues I attacked my face, only to find that yesterday’s makeup was resisting removal. During this procedure my stomach began growling.

Ignoring my stomach I got in the shower and let the hot water play over my hair, face and body. I stepped out of the shower, dried myself and put my robe back on. I replayed the events of yesterday in my mind and it was then that I realized that I needed to put on something under my robe.

I went back into my bedroom and realized that all of my boy underwear was ready to be washed. I scolded myself for ignoring my laundry. In desperation I grabbed a pair of sky blue panties from the drawer. So clad, I went to the kitchen to get some food.

Shortly after I started eating, my sister Amy entered the kitchen. She examined my face. “Still some traces of makeup, I see,” she said. She then noticed my hands. I had totally forgotten to remove my nail polish. She pointed at my hands and began to snicker. I got up and retrieved some nail polish remover. When I stood up, my robe opened enough to reveal my sky blue panties. “Nice panties,” she said with a snicker.

I ignored her and began removing the nail polish, after which I started a load of laundry so I wouldn’t have to wear the panties all day.

I returned to the kitchen and my sister was still there, nursing a cup of tea. She turned to me and said, “I’m still waiting,”

“For what?”

“You telling me what happened yesterday. You promised to tell me today.”

“It was nothing,” I started to say.

“That eveining gown could hardly be considered ‘nothing.’”

“Well, you see, Ms. Shay was having a special on evening wear, and she asked me to wear the gown while at the store.” I omitted mentioning anything about the forays to the food court. “It had to be repaired after a customer blew out a seam trying to get into it. At the end of the day, Ms. Shay gave it to me. Then I called Becky, and she invited me to her house. Her parents were having a New Year Eve party, and it was formal, so I didn’t change out of it.”

“Your story is lacking details, but don’t worry, I’ll get them out of you sooner or later.”

At this point our mother entered the kitchen. “I hope you two remembered that we’re hosting the New Year dinner for my family, so I need you to help get ready for the dinner.” With that she handed each of us a list of things to be done. “Remember, our guests will be arriving at about 4:00,” she added, and with that she breezed out of the kitchen.

I went back upstairs and diligently removed all of the remaining traces of makeup and put the contents of my chair in a laundry bag and tossed it into the back of my closet, to be dealt with later.

I then attacked my list and also completed my laundry, I carefully put my clean clothes in the drawers, covering my Renee clothes as well as I could. I had worked up a bit of a sweat while doing all of this, so I decided another shower was in order.

I put the blue panties in the bag with all of my clothes from yesterday, and got dressed, completely in Roy clothes. It was shortly thereafter that my aunts, uncles and cousins arrived.

My female cousins and my sister repaired to her room, supposedly to watch a ‘chic flic,’ but it was only a few minutes later that my sister asked me to join them “just for a few minutes.”

I had a bad feeling about this, but I complied with her request. When I arrived in her room, there was no chic flic on the screen.

It was a picture of me, in my evening gown in the food court. All of the girls were giggling with abandon.

“You didn’t tell me about this part,” my sister said accusingly.

“I didn’t think it was important,” I mumbled.

“Important? It’s vitally important,” my sister exclaimed, “sit yourpretty little butt down and give us all of the details.”

I felt like I was a defendant on trial, with my sister as prosecutor and my cousins as the jury, and not an unbiased jury.

“Before we start, are you still wearing those darling blue panties you had on at breakfast?”

“No,” I answered. I decided monosyllable answers would be best.

“Why not?”

“I donno.”

“Wrong answer, and as a penalty we should make you put them back on.”

I decided to change the topic. “Where did that picture come from?”

“I took it,” cousin Sandy said, and she held up her cell phone, “You were just too gorgeous not to.”

“Show the one with the slit,” Natalie requested, and immediately a picture appeared with my left leg coming out of the slit. My stocking top was visible.

“Stockings and garters,” Cousin Rachael interjected, “very sexy.”

I was totally humiliated. I stood up and said, “I’ve had enough, I’m leaving,” and I started toward the door.

“Stop,” my sister commanded, “we’re not finished until we see the actual dress. Where have you secreted it?”

I remained silent.

“Probably in her closet,” Natalie suggested, and they all headed for my room. Once there, my sister opened my closet door, and there, in full display, was the gown. They all examined it, until their attention was drawn to my other girl clothes. Before anything more could happen, my mother announced that dinner was being served.

While we were eating my Uncle Ralph pointed his fork at me, while chewing a piece of ham with his mouth open. “You still sashaying around in a dress like some fairy?” I never liked my Uncle Ralph. I didn’t answer his question.

“Ralph, leave it alone,” my mother, who is his sister, commanded.

“Pervert.” he said as a closing comment.

“Excuse me,” I said as I left the table and went to my room, crying all the way.

In a while my sister quietly entered my room, sat next to me on the bed and gave me a hug. “I’m sorry for what happened,” she said.

“It’s not your fault,” I said between sobs.

“Maybe not, but I am sorry if we humiliated you about your cross dressing.”

“Okay,” I said, but it was not okay.

“Oh, your cousins and I are very proud that you can show your feminine side, We all love you dearly, and hate to see you hurt.”

“Thank you,” I sobbed, “and I love all of you.”

“There is something else you should know,” she said.

“What?” I said cautiously.

“You are absolutely one hot babe in that gown.”

This brought a smile to my face between tears, “Thank you,” I managed to say. My sister having come to comfort me awakened a feeling of sisterhood with Amy.

It was one of the least successful holiday dinners for my family. My Mother was angry with her brother. My dad supported my Mother . My Uncle’s wife was embarrassed by her husband’s inconsiderate outburst, and my other aunts and uncles were uncomfortable with what had happened.

Friday, January 2, 2015:

The next day was my last day at the store. I wore a high waisted box pleated skirt made from printed fabric and a beige long sleeved nylon blouse with ruffles down the front. Ms. Shay smiled when she first saw me. “What a great outfit,” she said, “of course it has to be because it came from this store.”

Ms. Shay then took me aside. “Your holiday employment ends today. I want you to know I am really impressed how well you did. I think that you’ll be really pleased with your commission check,” which she then handed to me. I was very, very pleased.

“If you can, I’d like you to work just before Valentine’s day. I’ll give you a call in a month.”

When I came home that evening, my parents were waiting for me. We talked about my employment, and they were quite impressed with the amount of money I had earned. Then they got down to what they really wanted to talk about my Uncle Ralph and my crossdressing.

“I’m really sorry that my brother acted like he did,” my Mother said.

“It’s not your fault,” I replied.

“I know, but It still bothers me.”

“It’s uncle Ralph who should be sorry, but I bet he’s not,” I said, “but there is one positive note from the unpleasant scene.”

“What’s that?” my dad asked.

“When Amy came upstairs to comfot me. I felt closer to her than I ever did before. Like two sisters.”

The conversation then turned to my cross dressing. “Now that your job is over, are we going to get Roy back full time?” my Dad asked.

“Well. . .” I said, “there’s the dance lessons that Joe signed up for at the park district. They start on Monday evening. Sue can’t make the first lesson, so I’m kind of filling in as his dance partner for that lesson. After that, Sue will do the rest. And then Ms. Shay might want me to work a few evenings before Vaentine’s day.”

“Oh.” he said.

“And then there’s Amy. She kind of hinted that she might want me to go with her to the mall, because I’m prettier than her, to attract boys.”

“According to . . ?”

“Amy,” I interjected, “You can just ask her. It was her idea.”

“You like dressing up as a girl, don’t you?” my father asked.

“Sort of.”

“Your mother and I would like you to see a counselor about any possible gender issues you might have. Is that okay with you?”

“I guess,” I responded. Refusing to do so would cause family problems which I did not want to address.

“I’ll see about making an appointment for us,” my mother said. “Any questions?”

“Yeah, find out how the counselor wants me to dress for this session.”

Saturday, January 3. 2015:

It was snowing hard when I woke up on Saturday morning, and one glance out of the window revealed that it had been snowing hard most of the previous night. I put on my robe over my pajamas and headed for the kitchen for some breakfast. It wasn’t too much later that Amy joined me at the table, after first giving me a hug.

She sat down and said, “Mom told me what you said,”

“And what was that?”

“How when I was comforting you that you felt closer to me than any time before.”

“Oh, that,” I responded, “it’s true.”

“And it’s so sweet.” and with that she took hold of my hand. “It’s almost like I gained a sister,” she added.

“You have, and her name is Renee,” I confessed. “Renee is now part of me all the time, and comes out from time to time, especially when I’m wearing a skirt or dress.”

“So it was Renee who was working at the store?”

“Yes,” I answered, “but on New Years Day, Renee was in control when you came to my room, even if I wasn’t dressed.”

I decided to change the topic. “Did Mom tell you that she and Dad want me to go to counseling?”

“No, why?”

“Something about me liking to wear dresses and skirts, I suppose.”

“What’s wrong with that? You look really cute when you wear them.”

“I don’t really know, but it seems to be bothering them.”

At that point, our mother entered the kitchen. “Are you going to lounge around like that all day?”

“What’s wrong with that?” Amy said.

“Well, your Father and I are going to visit his Mother today, and one or both of you should clear the snow off the walks and driveway.”

“Are you sure it’s safe to drive?” I asked.

“If we didn’t go, Grandma would be so disappointed, and your dad said it should be okay. The plows are out.”

“Okay, let me get dressed and I’ll shovel the drive before you go,” and with that I headed upstairs to ge dressed.

Right after my parents left, Joe pulled into the now clear driveway. “I thought that we could go around and clear driveways and sidewalks in the neighborhood for some cash,” he said, “What were you two thinking about doing?”

“Maybe practicing some dancing,” Amy said.

“Maybe so, but those aren’t exactly dancing shoes,” I said, pointing to Joe’s feet.

“Neither are what you have on your feet,” he observed.

“But I have proper footwear here, and you don’t,” I answered.

“We might be able to find a pair of shoes for Joe,” Amy said.

“But he’d have to wear pantyhose or nylons for them to fit,” I said to Amy.

We actually got some dancing, after which Joe and I went around the neighborhood and shoveled. When we were done I realized that it was a lot harder than working at the store.

We were all in the kitchen when my parents called and said that it was too dangerous to drive home until the roads were cleared, and that they would stay at Grandma’s and would see us on Sunday.

We decided that Joe should spend the night at our house and we spent the evening playing dress up, which included getting Joe entirely en femme and wearing the Queen of the Night dress.

Finally it was time to go to bed. “I don’t have a spare set of clean pajamas for you,” I told Joe, “but I have a clean nightgown if you don’t mind it.”

“I’ll wear a nightgown if you will,” he said.

It ended up with all of us wearing nightgowns. My Renee side liked it, a lot.

Sunday, January 4, 2015:

We could hear snowplows working all night, and in the morning the snow had stopped and Joe and I cleared the drive and walks. After that we went to Joe’s house and did the same.

With Joe safely at home, Amy asked, “Did you and Joe do you-know-what?”

I could only guess at what ‘you-know-what’ was, but since neither Joe nor I had done anything except give each other a good night kiss and sleep, I could truthfully say we hadn’t.

It was now safe to drive and Amy’s boyfriend came over to the house. After a few hints from Amy, I decided to go to Becky’s house so I put on my corset, bra, panties, and stockings, over which I put on a pair of jeans. I also put on a uni-sex bulky sweater, my own snow boots and took a long skirt, a feminine parka and my cosmetics and went to visit Becky.

“I need a pair of feminine boots for snow,” I told Becky when I arrived. “Maybe we could run over to the mall and I could buy a pair.”

“Won’t it look odd for a boy buying girl’s boots?” she asked.

“It won’t take but a minute for me to do my hair and makeup and change into this skirt. Underneath, I’m all girl.” While we hugged and kissed I felt her hand slide under the rear of my jeans to make sure I was wearing panties. “I approve,” she said.

It took longer than a minute, but about a half an hour later two girls headed or the mall, My Renee side was very happy.

In the privacy of the car I related my experiences starting with the disastrous New Year’s dinner, and told her that my parents wanted me to go to counseling.

“What kind of counseling?” she asked.

“I really don’t know, maybe gender counseling,” I answered.

“Or, heaven forbid, counseling to ‘make my son stop wearing girl’s clothes’,” she said.

“There is one other new thing that happened as a result of the dinner,” I said, “my relationship with my sister has changed.”

“In what way?” Becky asked.

“We are more like sisters now. Even my mother noticed this,” I said.

“Then maybe you really are a girl underneath it all.”

“Does that bother you?”

“I have to think that out,” she said, “if you are really a girl, then we would be lesbians.”

“But we haven’t done anything, lesbian or heterosexual. We’re both too young.”

“Until this spring,” she said. I could only wonder what she meant by that.

Monday, January 5, 2015:

As befitting the first day back at school after the Christmas break, the weather was gloomy. There was a lot of snow on the ground, so I called Becky and offered her a ride to school, which she gladly accepted. On the ride to school, I asked her what she meant about spring.

“We both turn seventeen,” she answered.

“So? What’s the big deal about that?”

“Age of consent,” she replied.

Now I knew about the age of consent from sex education classes. Was this an invitation?

Most of the classes were tedious. Some of the teachers had assigned reading to be done during the Christmas break. It was obvious that most of the students hadn’t even started the required reading. A collective sigh of relief could be heard when the final bell rang.

Becky, Joe and I walked out of school together. “You haven’t forgotten about tonight, have you?” he asked me.

“No, I remembered.”

“Remembered what?” Becky asked.

“Joe signed up for dance lessons and I’m going with him,” I answered.

“Aren’t dance lessons usually boy girl kind of things?” she asked.

“Well, Yeah....” Joe started to say.

“And let me guess, you’re going as Renee,” Becky said to me.

No answer was needed

“Isn’t that going to cause some problems at your house,?” she continued.

“Yeah, but I’ll figure something out.”

“Why don’t you bring your stuff to my house, get dressed there and then pick up Joe? You could do the reverse after the class,” Becky suggested.

“That’s a great idea,” I said, “Thanks,”

I put on my underthings at home and took the sleeveless sweet fit-and-flare dress which I had bought at the store last December. Becky liked the dress.

I put my hair in a french twist, and applied some makeup. I had my heels in a bag and wore my snow boots. I then went to pick up Joe.

The instructors had a dance studio downtown and were husband and wife by the names of George and Phyllis. Aside from Phyllis, I was the only one wearing a dress. Most of the other students were wearing jeans. A lot of them were wearing rubber soled shoes, which I knew were not good for ballroom dancing. I caught George looking at my snow boots with a frown. I held up the bag which contained my heels and his frown turned into a smile of approval.

The class started with a waltz, and George and Phyllis demonstrated the box step. I had my left hand on Joe’s shoulder with his right hand on my back. Our other hands were clasped together and out to the side. The box step was no problem, since we had practised it before.

“I’m going to d a twirl, so be ready for it,” I said to Joe. A few measures later I raised my right arm and Joe’s left arm. I pushed away and sideways with my left hand and Joe pushed me to my right, all on the first beat of the measure, I went under our raised arms and twirled on the second beat, and returned to our previous position of the third beat. Naturally, when I twirled my skirt flared out. I imagined that those who were looking could see my garter straps. We twirled a few more times, and George and Phyllis indeed did notice. At the end of the song, George said, “It seems that you two have done some waltzing before tonight.” George then paired me up with one of the boys and paired Joe up with one of the girls. George and Phyllis did the same.

During a break, the instructors came over to talk to us. George was holding the class roster in his hand. “Are you Sue?” he asked after consulting the roster.

“No, I’m Renee,” I answered, “Sue is Joe’s girlfriend, but she couldn’t make it tonight, so I’m filling in for this session. You’ll see her next week.”

“We’ll miss you,” George said, “you’re the only one who is properly dressed for dancing. Of course, theses classes are way below your level.”

I thanked him with a smile.

On the way home, I suddenly felt Joe’s left hand under my skirt and on my right thigh. “I’m driving and I don’t want to get in an accident, so stop that,” I commanded. “Anyway, what would Sue think about you doing that?” I added.

“She likes it,” Joe replied a little sheepishly.

“You know darn well that is not what I meant,” I exclaimed,” how would she feel if she knew you were two timing her, and with a boy, to boot?”

“I guess she wouldn’t like it,” he replied.

Wben I dropped Joe off at his house, I called Becky on my cell phone to tell her that I was on the way to her house and keep an eye out for me. I didn’t have to ring the bell before she opened the door and we went up toher room for me to change back.

Becky and I sat next to each other on the edge of her bed, and I related the events of the class. Becky then asked, “Did Joe try anything?”

“Yeah, he put his hand under my skirt and began rubbing my thigh.”

“Like this?” she asked and immediately put her hand under my skirt and rubbed my thigh. We pulled each other closer and started kissing in earnest, with her hand slowly moving up my thigh to my stocking tops.

Finally I said, “We better stop this before it goes too far.”

“Don’t you like it?” she said with a little hurt in her voice.

“I do like it, but one of your parents may come barging into the room.” With that her hurt turned to a smile.

She looked at my face. “Your lipstick is a mess,” she said.

“And so is yours. I’m taking off my makeup, but you better fix yours,” I said.

I made it home without event, took off and put away my feminine attire, and put on my pajamas. I climbed into bed and wondered what would have happened if I hadn’t stopped Joe or Becky, or both.

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