The Blue Whale Chapter 5

The Woman held Jack's chin with one hand, turning Jack's face towards her. With the other hand, she brought up the tube to his lips and introduced Jacqueline to the taste of lipstick on her lips...



My name is Josette Du Pres. Jack Easton continues his fall into a strange fate that threatens his continued existance as a normal eighteen year old male.


Releasing his chin, putting the cap back on the lipstick, and placing it on the table, the Woman said:

"Now that didn't hurt Jacqueline "

"Please stop calling me that my name is Jack"

The Woman picked up a large comb and reached towards Jack's hair.

"Please stop. You promised only a little lipstick."

"Relax, this is just a comb. I'm just going to fix your hair. It's a real mess."

Jack relaxed as The Woman combed his hair forward covering his entire face. Jack thought:

{My hair isn't this long. How can it cover my face?}. Unable to understand what is happening to him, Jack asked:

"Did you put a wig on me? My hair isn't this long."

Smirking, the Woman replied "No Jacqueline, the hair is all yours. If you want, we can go to a beauty parlor and have it trimmed"

"I'm a guy! I AM NOT going to a beauty parlor and my name is Jack."

"Okay, we won't go to a beauty parlor today. Just give me a few minutes to comb your hair." The Woman parted his hair in the center combing his hair off his face and down each side. Then she carefully combed back over his forehead the shorter hair in front. When she was done, the hair on his forehead ended just above his eyes and the hair on both sides extended down to just touching his shoulders.

She put down the large comb and picked up a hair brush. Noticing that Jack was about to complain again, she said quietly: "This is a hair brush. I'm just going to brush your hair a little bit - just one hundred strokes per side. You can count them if you like. If I exceed one hundred strokes per side just let me know." Jack did not respond, so she started to brush his hair as if Jacqueline was her teenage daughter before bedtime. Jack found the brushing of his hair to be calming and enjoyable. He began to relax.

The Woman (while continuing to brush his hair) said:

"A lot of Japanese girls that like to dress up as maids keep their hair the same length as yours. With a little makeup around your eyes, you would look like a Kawaii Japanese Otokonoko Maid."

"A what?"

"A Kawaii Japanese Otokonoko Maid."

Jack knew from attending Cosplay Conventions what Kawaii meant, but he had no Idea what "Otokonoko" meant. He asked The Woman "What does O-taco mean?"

"The word is Otokonoko. It means 'Male Daughter'."

"What the heck is a 'Male Daughter'?"

"A 'Male Daughter' is a boy who dresses up as a Kawaii girl."

"You would make a very pretty male daughter. If you want, we could go to the Bangor Airport and get a flight to Tokyo. Once we got there we could go to Akibahara and watch all the Kawaii Japanese girls go crazy when they see you. But, if we go to Akibahara, you will have to hold tightly my hand."

"Ah, why would I have to hold your hand?"

"If you let go of my hand, you would be surrounded by Japanese Maids and dragged away. I'd never see you again!"

"I don't understand. Why would a group of Japanese Maids want to drag me away?"

"You're worth a lot of Yen. They would drag you away and sell you to a Maid Cafe!"

"You must be joking {???}. This is the 21st Century. They don't sell people anymore. And who would want to buy a boy who likes to wear a dress?"

"Over in Japan they have the Yakuza. The Yakuza likes American girls. The Yakuza tricks them into going to Japan and then they force them to work in brothels and Maid Cafes."

"You can't be serious!"

"Why even here in the United States there are evil women who find lost boys. They dress them up, get a lawyer to create fake documents and then fly them to Japan. Once there they sell their adopted Male Daughter to a Maid Cafe."

"You don't really expect me to believe that!"

"Of course not. It is a fairy tale in a book of romantic fairy tales!"


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