School Life Chp. 15

Lindsay was nervous as everyone got ready to start the performance. Jamie and Ian had worked out perfect for the roles Mrs. Whitney needed them for. Jamie had gotten the lead part, while Ian had gotten a supporting role. The leading lady when they weren’t practicing cornered Jamie and was trying to seduce him. Ian, on the other hand, had to fight off the other girls in the production.

“You ready Lindsey?” Ian stands next to her.

“As ready as I’m going to be.” Lindsey walks over towards the piano and starts playing.

She was playing the bratty piano student. Lindsey plays her part without any mistakes. She studied her lines and knew what to do and when to do it. By the time the play was over, she was so happy.

She glances towards her fellow bandmates and could tell they were happy it was over as well. Ian and Jamie were enjoying the attention they were getting.

“You did good tonight, Lindsey.” Barbara comes walking up to Lindsey with a bunch of flowers in her hands.

“Thanks, mom.”

“You’re a welcome, sweetie.”

For the next hour, the cast and parents of the cast mingle and get to know everyone. Mrs. Whitney was happy as a clam with how well the play went. There were some mistakes, but they were so minor. Unless you knew what to look for, you would miss it.

By the time Lindsey gets home, she is tired and ready for bed. They had another performance for the students tomorrow and then several performances on the upcoming weekend. She wasn’t looking forward to the following performances.

Once Brenda their manager explains everything to the restaurant managers, they understood. If nothing else, the managers of the restaurants were planning to show up to see how good they were. The managers have come to think of the band members as valued employees of their restaurant. Since they have been playing there, business has increased.

“You alright Lindsey?” Barbara notices how tired Lindsey was.

“Yes, ma’am. I can’t wait for Spring break to arrive, so I can take some me time.” Lindsey steps into the bathroom and takes a nice relaxing shower.

She enjoys the shower and when the water starts getting cold. She steps out, dries off and slips her nightshirt on. She makes sure her alarm clock is turned on, just before she turns her lamp off and fall asleep. Once she closes her eyes, sleep claims her fast.

Barbara checks on Lindsey just before she goes to bed. She could hear her lightly snoring. She was proud of Lindsey. She never thought that when she agreed to become a foster parent, that she would fall in love with a child that wasn’t hers. She couldn’t believe that all the bad things that had been written about this girl were true. Now, she knew that Lindsey was a sweet, smart, caring and loving person. She heads to bed herself.

The next morning when Lindsey gets up. She stumbles into the kitchen feeling extremely tired. She sits down at the kitchen counter and rests her head on her arms.

Barbara comes walking in and notices Lindsey with her head down on her arms resting at the counter. She has never seen Lindsey like this before. She also notices that Lindsey is a little paler than normal.

She walks over and places the back of her hand against Lindsey’s forehead. Lindsey was a little warm, but nothing too bad.

“How are you feeling baby?”


Lindsey just wanted to go back to bed and stay home, but she couldn’t because they had the performance for the school today. She was the only one among the cast that could play the piano.

“What time is your performance for the school?”

“After lunch. They are cutting afternoon class, so everyone can come and enjoy the performance.”

“Alright, I’ll call Mrs. Whitney and let her know you’ll be there after I take you to see Dr. Alden.”

“Thanks, mom.” Lindsey heads back to her bedroom to get dress.

She started feeling run down a couple of days ago, but figure it was because she wasn’t getting enough sleep. Now, she just didn’t have the energy to stay awake and concentrate on what she was doing. She brushes her teeth and put on one of her favorite dresses. It will be easier for her to change out of it and into her costume for the play later.

Lindsey walks into the living room, to see if her mother was ready. She wasn’t there, so she sits down on the sofa and waits for Barbara to come out of her bedroom.

“You ready, kiddo?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lindsey follows Barbara out the door and to the car.

The ride over to Dr. Alden’s office wasn’t too bad. Dr. Alden has been the doctor that Lindsey has been seeing for her hormone levels and monitoring her body development.

“Good morning Barbara, what brings you and Lindsey in today?” Alice had been informed by one of their interns that Barbara had called to make an appointment for Lindsey.

“Lindsey’s feeling a little run down. So, I figure I would bring her in and get her looked at.”

“If you’ll follow me to the back. We’ll get the boring stuff done first.” Alice grabs Lindsey medical file.

Lindsey and Barbara follow Alice to one of the examination room. Alice gets the basics down and notices Lindsey’s blood pressure was low. Her height was below normal for a girl her age. She was coming in at 4 foot, 8 inches tall. Her body weight was a little below normal. She weighed 78 lbs. Her breast development was placing her at about an A cup.

Alice takes several vials of blood to test her estrogen levels and her Iron level. She writes everything down so Dr. Alden can look at it.

“Well, now that all the boring things are done and out of the way. Your body temperature is a little low Lindsey. Your temperature is 94. F. are you cold?”

Lindsey nods her head yes.

Alice checks the temperature in the room and notices it was set a little lower then it should be. She adjusts the temperature.

“Sorry about that. Someone reset the temperature. Now, I’m going to leave you and Dr. Alden will be in here in a few minutes.”

“Okay, thank you, Alice.”

Lindsey hated sitting on the examination table in the cloth gown. She felt naked with only the gown on.

“What’s wrong Lindsey?” Barbara noticed how uncomfortable Lindsey was.

“This paper gown, mom. It makes me feel exposed.” Lindsey always disliked going to the doctor.

“I think all of us feel like that Lindsey. You won’t have to wear it for long. Dr. Alden will get you out here soon.”

After a few minutes, Dr. Alden comes walking into the examination room. Two of her favorite patients were waiting for her. Dr. Alden has been Barbara’s doctor since she moved to Warrenton, Georgia. When she brought Lindsey in and had gone over her medical record. She was surprised that she had a transgender patient. She didn’t mind that Lindsey was transgender. She liked the young girl.

“How are we today ladies?” Dr. Alden walks over towards Lindsey.

“Okay, I guess.”

“Only okay? So, what seems to be the problem?”

“I have been feeling run down and tired for the past few days, Dr. Alden. I’m also having problems concentrating on my school work and music.”

“Oh? I didn’t know you played. What instrument do you play?”

“I play the saxophone, synthesizer, and guitar.”

Dr. Alden was impressed “when do you get a chance to practice all those instruments?”

“I play the saxophone at school in the school band. The synthesizer and guitar, I play in a band call Dusty Gasket.”

“What style of music does the band play?”

“Steampunk, pop, hard rock, Industrial, some country and we’re experimenting with jazz and hip-hop.”

The Hip Hop was new to Barbara “why are you guys experimenting with hip-hop?”

“Dan and Terry like Hip-Hop and Rap. So, we are experimenting with it. We’re also experimenting with J-pop and J-rock.”

“I’ve never heard of j-pop or j-rock. What is that?” Barbara and Dr. Alden were curious.

“Japanese music. It’s popular over in Japan and Thailand.”

“Oh, well you sound like you stay rather busy.”

“Yes, ma’am. I have AP classes in school, vocal lessons, swimming and I'm involve in my school’s drama club.”

“Well, that explains a little of why you feel run down and tired. However, it doesn’t explain everything. I’m going to recommend an iron
supplement and diet for you, till I get the results from your blood test back. How is your tucking? Is everything staying where it is?”

“Yes, ma’am. The fake vagina look, you gave me works nicely. My gym teacher was curious about how it was done.”

“Well, as long as the girls in your gym class feel comfortable with you. Are all the thanks I need from you?”

“On top of the iron supplements and diet, I’m putting you on. I want you to take a multi-vitamin as well.”

Dr. Alden does a physical on Lindsey. She discovers that other then the low iron, Lindsey was in perfect health.

“I’m going to write your a prescription for an Iron supplement and Alice will have the type of diet I want you to follow. Also, remember to take a multivitamin as well.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Lindsey gets dress, while Dr. Alden and Barbara leave her along.

Once Lindsey is dress, Alice pops in and leads her towards the front where Barbara was waiting for her.

“We should have the results to your blood test in three days, Lindsey. We’ll call your mother and inform her.”

“Thanks, Alice. Bye Doctor Alden.”

“Bye Lindsey.”

Barbara and Lindsey leave the doctors office. They get in the car and start heading towards Lindsey’s school.

“I’ll have your supplement and vitamins for you when you get home.”

“Thanks, mom.”

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