Family Found Part 16- finale

The finale of this story also beckons the finale of the Winnisimmet Tales stories. As much as I want to continue, I can't. Trying to write more with these characters has gotten too hard and keeping track of the number of characters, their jobs, their children, their parents, their origin stories has become more of a chore than it is worth. I loved the core group and want the best for them, but the passion has gone. There are more stories, but the stories have become repetitive to the point that they are predictable and as the outcome is known, readers don't have something to keep them interested any longer
Thank you all for two and a half years of support, without it none of the stories past the first three would have been written. Thank you to Alecia Snowfall and Sammi for being the ears that allowed me to vent and cry when I needed it and for inspiring me when I was at my lowest. Without your help the last two stories wouldn't have been created.


Inside the house, Anne's grandmother observed her namesake with a keen interest. She wasn't alone, Tracy was looking out at Hugh and was swooning over the sight of the boy. Anne smiled at her biological granddaughter's blossoming love life and couldn't fault her for finding Hugh attractive, the boy was going to be a looker when he filled out as he got older.

Tracy's big 15-year-old sister Emily teased her sister about her having a boyfriend, causing Tracy to try to counter but failing miserably. Emily hugged her from behind and admitted: "he's got the looks and the brains, maybe he will pack a big bulge and give you the full package."

Their grandmother was going to offer a scathing remark but Tracy countered her sister with a happy "it must really bug you that no guy wants to upset dad and grandpa. Maybe some more time with your BOB will help relieve some of your tension." Anne asked what she meant, getting a quick "just talking about her battery operated boyfriend that she has hidden under her bed. She got it from her friends."

The frank sex talk from the girls only caused Anne to shake her head in disappointment, but it wasn't as if they were out of line since it was only them inside and their younger brother Mario was watching TV in his own room so hadn't heard the girls' jokes. He was only eight but being fairly new to the family he was not inclined to get too enthusiastic at meeting others. He knew enough about his cousin to be fine with her, especially as she was talked about in good terms by her parents and aunts.

The Smiths finally entered and introduced the younger Anne to Emily, who proceeded to hug Anne tightly causing her to blush over the affection. Emily called for her brother to come down, leading to the boy to slowly walk down the stairs and give Anne a reluctant hug then go back up to his room. He didn't say a word to Anne, he was too frightened to say anything to any of the Smiths.

Anne looked upset at his sudden departure, but her grandmother calmly explained "he is not used to meeting new people, he only joined the family in July. He is a lot like you, his parents never wanted him and badly neglected his needs. They moved back to their home country instead of raising him. He was hurt badly by kids in his foster home like you were and was threatened with death if came back. He's trying hard to fit in but it's tough for him."

Anne understood, it was similar to her own story except he wasn't transgender. She went up to his room and gave him a hug, telling him to come down because he doesn't have to hide from her. Her look was tough to refuse, she was offering him an understanding hand and he took it.

The Smiths waited for the last two to come, Violet and Miles Finn Jr. were running late after he got stuck in a battle with his cousins online and refused to leave until it was over. Violet complained to her parents about Eli trash talking him until he gave in, getting an upset "he needs to stop that" from Hugh as well as a quiet nod of agreement from the adults.

Tracy took Hugh's hand and sat him down on the couch while Mario and Anne went up to his room to play on his iPad for a bit. Tracy was swooning over Hugh, who was struggling not to react. He loved the closeness of Tracy, she gave him a warm feeling inside that felt amazing to him.

The family simply relaxed and didn't do much at all. George gave Hugh the stink-eye that all fathers gave to suitors for their daughters, Hugh didn't notice it or else he would have moved away and gone up to Mario's room with Anne. Tracy had her head on Hugh's shoulder which he didn't notice, but he did notice her putting her hand in his hand and tried to move it away.

This movement was enough to satisfy George that he wasn't trying to take advantage of his daughter. It was the first time he has had to deal with boys, Emily wasn't dating yet and had been too busy with her cousins and their dramas to do much dating at all. Tracy did look like she really did like Hugh and it wasn't a simple bit of puppy love, but it wasn't full on love either.

Anne and Mario bonded while playing on the iPad. Anne asked why he was adopted, to which he told her "mom and dad had me so they could stay in the country. They didn't want me and when they were unable to use me for money they dumped me on other family members. My grandparents took me in but when they got too sick to care for me I got put into foster care. My parents kept saying I wasn't theirs but they claimed me as their son and the police came for them over lying about me living there. They fled the country without me and went to dad's family home, I got stuck in the worst foster homes in the state because of getting sick a lot and nobody wanting me. Mom found me and took me in and adopted me. Dad got cancer that made it so he can't make more kids so he sees me as his son even if I'm Latino and he's white. They love me more than my real parents ever did."

Anne nodded at hearing that, it's just like her story. She told him her story and got a hug from him, she did understand him more than anyone else. They weren't the only adopted kids who were orphaned by social services in the family but they were the most recent and closest in age.

Anne gave Mario an ear to listen to, even if he'd never admit that he was happy that she would do that for him. She had a good personality and was gentle with him, her mistreatment by kids in school was at play and made her appreciate the good qualities of others. Mario was a good person, he just needed to find a way of showing it to others outside the family.

Lunch was quiet, with Hugh and Tracy sitting next to one another and Tracy occasionally rubbing her foot against his just to have contact with him. Emily saw that but didn't dare say anything, the look on her sister's face was worth swallowing the potential blackmail material. She did love that her sister was in the process of blossoming into a woman, next up were breasts and periods, which Emily would have more fun teasing her about than having a boyfriend ever would.

When the meal was finished, the family watched the football game on TV and saw Anne and Hugh in shock as they saw Mitch Gibson on the TV talking about the New England Patriots players with the local football analysts. It was interesting to see that the man they had met was famous and even a big-time player for years for the team yet was nice and showed that he cared about his family.

The two looked at the adults for a clarification, Violet groaned and complained "Uncle Mitch used to play for the Patriots. He got hired by Channel 10 to be their lead analyst. The other guy used to say a lot of bad things about Uncle Mitch and gets laughed at for his idiocy by everyone who watches them. It's one of the funniest shows on TV during the season, the guy is outmatched and always wrong."

They enjoyed a quiet afternoon, with Mario and Anne sitting together in silence as they played on his iPad and enjoyed some videos that their cousins were raving about. It was sweet and was helping Mario a lot as Anne was allowed to get closer to him than any others. Their parents were happy that the two were so close so quickly, they hoped it was going to last but accepted if they drifted apart.

After the game, the family split up. Anne hugged and kissed Mario while Hugh hugged Tracy and saw her kissing him on the lips causing him to gasp for breath. Emily had to lead Tracy away while Hugh was led out by BJ and Ophelia, all three teens shaking their heads but smiling at her boldness.

At home, Hugh lay on his bed and felt great about how the day went. Thinking about Tracy made him react physically, causing him to feel weird but also good. It was the start of his jump into puberty, the little boy was becoming a man thanks to Tracy kick-starting his hormonal overload..

The next day, Anne woke up refreshed and feeling good. Hugh was happier and didn't let Anne teasing him about having a girlfriend bother him. BJ and Ophelia were in good moods as well, their friends were all happy that they were home and not in any trouble after Ophelia's scare.

Elise's friends asked about her weekend and loved hearing about the football game and meeting the full Finn family. Anne wasn't happy to say that she was being summoned by her great-great aunt and uncle but the kids snickered and the girls explained "they are really nice. She looks tough but is the nicest old lady you will ever meet. You are lucky to be related to them, everyone in the city is jealous of you!"

Anne was one of them now, with the girls bringing her into their inner circle of friends with Elise being re-introduced to their circle. They had an even number now, Elise was usually the odd one out at things but now Anne gave them an even number and cause for more fun. They planned a sleepover and a trip to the mall to get out of the house, provided they were cleared by their parents first.

Hugh got to help out Tracy and the teens as they had the end of quarter tests coming up fast. He was able to show that he was more than just a pretty face as Tracy joked, he was a good teacher too. The teens were all ears whenever he tutored them, especially as he could explain things that they struggled with that their teachers tried several times to explain.

He did have to deal with Eli and his antics, but Eli started to temper his possessiveness of Hugh. Hugh got him to talk with him about things and asked why he never played with Ryder or Mario as the two were his cousins and the same age. It was odd that he didn't do that, they were related to him but he was never with them and acted like they weren't all that close to him despite their parents being close.

Eli looked down in shame and confessed "Ryder and Mario have normal families. They don't have to listen to people whispering about them or their parents. Mom and dad love us but it's tough to listen to people always reminding me that my mom was once like me down below. Now that Olivia is becoming a girl too they talk about me being next. I hate that. They don't need me to be around them, they have enough troubles. Mario is scared of everyone but they like him, while Ryder's dad is rich and has a great job that takes them a lot of fun places. They don't need me around them."

He was in tears now, Hugh had gotten him to confess his deepest, darkest secret and the true cause of why he acted the way he did. He asked the hovering Jaimie Samuels "is he going to be alright?" Jaimie smiled and offered a warm "he will be better now. He just needed to talk to someone about this. He is wrong, his cousins will stand with him. Ryder is going to be upset at him for thinking that way. Mario will be happy that Eli actually thinks that of him, he needs Eli as much as Eli needs him."

Jaimie lifted up the sniffling Eli and took him to his room to talk privately. Hugh went back home but didn't tell Paige or Bryan why he was back so early. A text from Jaimie satisfied their curiosity leading to the two to hug Hugh and show him that he did a good job especially for keeping is confidence.

Eli started to ease up after that. Jaimie got him to start getting closer to Mario and made him a happy boy in the process. Ryder was upset at Eli but showed that he wanted him as a friend despite others.

The Smiths would spend a lot of time working on friendships and relationships as time wore on. Anne had fully entrenched herself among the girls and enjoyed playing with them at their houses. She was a pleasant guest and got the girls to act like ladies and not rambunctious animals, making her friends' parents happy and earning Anne the respect and admiration of more adults.

Elise was her best friend, with the two doing everything together. They would perform ballet and take martial arts classes together, with Anne doing well on both but with Elise actually outperforming her. Anne actually causes a couple of the girls to act more feminine and try things they refused to try before, with Elise smiling each time one of the girls found herself enjoying being girly and less masculine.

With the kids in school and entrenched with friends, Pete and Bryan sought out jobs in their chosen field of city planning. They weren't out of work for long as the cities of Everett and Malden needed new city planners and they were both ready to take over the job and completely detached from the cities that they were immovable and not going to let city politics push them around. They were just what the two cities needed and got both put on notice that one of them would be the new Winnisimmet city planner when the current one retired or was fired, whichever came first.

Monica Porter spent a week away from the school but the urge to cause trouble overtook her logic and caused her to have words with Anne while she was waiting for the delayed Hannah. Anne asked her why she was so angry at her, she didn't know her and had never spoken to her before. Her truthful little question had unintentionally opened u pa can of worms that Monica couldn't help spreading all over.

Monica screamed at her "you freaks don't belong around kids! You steal our boys, make us look bad for talking the truth about how fake your bodies are and make others hate us for daring to speak the truth. You are perverts, it's only a matter of time before you hurt my daughter!"

Anne was in tears but her friends defended her. The loudest supporter was the one whose vocal insults shocked Monica the most- her own daughter, Brooklyn Sanders. She looked at the angry nine-year-old Brooklyn and could see the hatred in her eyes, Monica had unleashed the Porter family temper in Brooklyn and it wasn't pretty.

Monica smacked her daughter for daring to stand up to her and making her look bad in front of all of the other parents. Brooklyn didn't say a word, just rubbed her face and turned to Anne to show that she was going to be alright. She smirked at Anne, it was a sign that things were about to explode.

Brooklyn solemnly told Anne "daddy is going to hear about this. Mom was told to stay away from here but she obviously couldn't be bothered to follow the law. Grandpa Shea told me to covered my back just in case mom tried something, well he's going to hear the truth."

Brooklyn turned to her mother and happily stated "I'm calling daddy right now. He needs to know that you have been arrested for trespassing. Mrs. King called the police as soon as she saw you, that's why she isn't out here confronting you. You were barred from ever setting foot on school grounds but by the looks of the officers coming right for you, the order is going to be enforced hard. Sgt. Perez isn't happy with you, he told daddy that if you got caught here again the city would ask for you to go to prison."

Brooklyn had a bigger grin and dropped a big bombshell on her mother "daddy is also going to be given a special video I made of you. It's one where you and a couple of the neighbors have sex while daddy was out at a conference. I had Gruncle Ricardo look over your prenuptial agreement and he found some juicy bits that mean you are in a lot of trouble. Something about infidelity and being sent to jail voiding your agreement so when daddy divorces you, you don't get a penny from him. Since you tried to hurt me he will ensure that I never have to see you again. Goodbye mom, don't bother trying to contact me again because I don't want to hear from you."

Monica tried to run but was caught immediately by the school resource officer then Sgt. Fabian Perez arrested Monica on trespassing, assault on a minor, and violating a restraining order charges. She was in tears but none of those who saw her believed they were real, she was a master of faking her reactions to garner sympathy from you in order to gain something. Sebastian know her tricks all too well, she hadn't changed one bit in the past 18 years and was still the oversexed, arrogant, conniving girl who terrorized the high school and made the Finn Family miserable for four years.

As Monica was led away in handcuffs, Brooklyn turned away with tears in her eyes while Elise and Anne hugged her. Elise whispered to Anne "she is our third-cousin, her grandpa is married to grandma's cousin. She's family but her mom doesn't hate our family."

The girls hugged until Hannah came and asked what happened. She called Brooklyn's father, Jeffry Sanders, and was told to take her to her house and he'd talk with Ricardo about a divorce. Monica may not have wanted her daughter to be part of the Finn Family, but he wasn't about to deny her the right to know her family nor would he refuse the help of them in order to protect Brooklyn.

The divorce was swift as Brooklyn had made multiple videos of Monica having sex with neighbors over the course of the past year. It was tough to watch, but it was clear that Monica didn't care one bit about her husband and had used Brooklyn as a way of obtaining money from him so she could live the high life on his hard work. He had to go on frequent business trips and work long shifts to broker multiple deals but it was all for his family, a family that was imploding under Monica's infidelity.

Jeffry was asked to speak with Karen Smith about his employment and was given an offer that he couldn't refuse- replacing her as the fourth partner at York, Nelson, Smith, and Finn when she departed to take over the Smith family's estate. He was also told that he had shown that he is family even if he had not met them beyond Elise. He would be a fool to refuse the offer, it was for more money and no travel making him able to take part in Brooklyn's life again.

Brooklyn begged Jeffry to accept, with him barely able to refuse. Brooklyn celebrated by calling her grandparents to thank them for giving her back her father but was told that he was the best person to replace Karen. The fact that he was the father of Karen's cousin's granddaughter was beside the point.

Brooklyn would slowly get integrated into the family and get to know her cousins, both from her aunt Rosalind and uncle Ashley Byrn-Toro and from her new aunts Stephanie and Trina Porter-Phillips and Aunt Avery and Uncle Raul Porter. The whole of Porter branch of the family grew closer due to the inclusion of Jeffry and Brooklyn, with Brooklyn earning her grandmother's praise for keeping the family close by staying close with Anne. It was easy for Brooklyn as she actually loved Anne as her cousin even more than as a friend, with the two girls playing together whenever they could especially as Brooklyn's father had to do something at work.

Monica saw her bank account wiped out by her infidelity, especially as her lovers turned against her and blamed her for causing them to stray from their wives. It was all a total load of garbage, but it was enough to cause her to lose everything. She ended up being sentenced to prison for another five years, with the judge insisting that she serve the full term and was barred from any contact with any member of her family especially Brooklyn. Jeffry took no pride in seeing her hauled away, but it was her own doing and she had damaged his reputation and harmed Brooklyn with her actions.

Hannah turned her attention to writing her next children's book and got her inspiration from Anne's story. It would be an allegory for abuse and not letting people push you around, with the storyline becoming so intense that she decided to just make it into a solid young adult novel and use an up-and-coming artist to illustrate the story. She worked with Cat Finn to develop the story and had her join her in co-authoring the book and its subsequent series, giving Cat her big break in the publishing world.

Hannah never had to work again due to a large number of royalties from her various book series and licensing deals, but she still felt the urge to contribute so acted as Cat's ghostwriter and closest adviser and confidant, after her husband that is. She and the two Finns were closer than anyone could have thought and from her guidance Cat built up her own highly successful book series while her husband helped edit the books of several colleagues. She was enjoying helping new authors so much that she ended her own series and turned to teaching as a way of encouraging and nurturing future writers to follow their dreams and not give up hope.

Paige wasn't as lucky as Hannah as she couldn't find work for months. She helped the kids of the family with their schoolwork and ensured that their friends were never for want of support in school but beyond that, she struggled. In her eyes, her place was in the classroom not in the home and it pained her to see so the kids going off to school while she wallowed away at home in self-pity.

In winter she was given a substitute teaching job at one of the elementary schools, taking over for a sick colleague whose condition wasn't improving. When her colleague died, she was asked to continue on teaching while the school looked for a permanent replacement. It stung her deeply that she wasn't even being considered for the job, but she couldn't argue with the logic of searching for someone who may be more qualified to each than her.

The problem was, the job search was just a ruse to prevent Paige from retaining the job. The principal had already decided on a candidate who was fresh out of college and had no offers of employment and was looking at offers in a distant school district- his own son. It stung Paige to hear that she was not hired because a younger, more connected man was hired over her despite her qualifications for the job.

This didn't sit well with the teachers of the city when the truth was revealed to all at the union meeting and led to the union filing a grievance on Paige's behalf with the family's multiple teachers leading the cause. She had to endure questioning from the city but it was clear that she was the better choice given that she was a resident, had years of preexisting teaching experience, and had a higher degree than her counterpart making the city demand that his employment be rescinded and she be given the job and a letter of apology for ignoring her qualifications.

Paige accepted the job offer and was happy to know that she would be teaching her nieces and nephews as Mario, Eli, Quinn, and Ryder all went to the school. She wasn't teaching Olivia but her connection to Olivia well already well established making her interactions with Olivia second nature and acceptable. Olivia was just glad to have a teacher looking over her teachers should just in case, even if it wasn't needed as her teacher was a good one who treated Olivia better than any other had so far.

BJ and his sister Ophelia reaped the rewards of having their parents back by seeing the guys and girls who were throwing themselves at them drop off, especially when the guys saw how big Bryan was and how protective he could be as they challenged him. The first month saw two ending up with broken arms from Bryan pulling them off of an upset Ophelia while another two ended up with broken noses from the punches Ophelia threw at them for getting too frisky with her. Few dared to challenge her after that, fearing the physical outcome more than the social isolation that would always follow.

Among the various guys who tried to win over the heart of Ophelia, one stood above all others, her cousin Harry's girlfriend's twin brother, Malcolm Dougal. He impressed Bryan when the two met for the first time and his reaction to Ophelia was one of amazement, not lust. The two were allowed to date which was both a blessing and a curse for the boy as everyone who knew him was trying to warn him to take things slow and not rush them or he'd end up hurt in multiple ways.

Malcolm didn't need that warning as Bryan made things clear that he would not allow any shenanigans and if he hurt Ophelia, the boy would be hurt himself. The two grew close and on prom night junior year, she gave him the night of his life. He refused to have sex with her but that didn't stop her from giving him a pleasure that nobody could.

The couple graduated near the top of their class and went to the same college together, majoring in the same major and graduating with degrees in geology. It was an odd choice but the two loved science and kept their decisions from their families lest they are forced to study what others in the family did. She was lucky as her family was proud of her for standing on her own and allowing him to do the same.

They married after college and would go on to have two children. Both were the spitting image of their parents and gave their grandparents a run for their money as they took after their aunts in all the wrong ways. Bryan and Paige groaned that it was payback for their joking about their parents' reactions to BJ and Ophelia acting the same way but it was just their ancestors' personalities living on in them.

BJ had a tougher time than his twin sister, but that was because he was always "flying solo" while his sister and cousins were dating others. He tried to get Lucy Paine to date without him but she was too much in love with him to ever "cheat" on him. He cried frequently when she told him that, it meant the world to him to know that he had found someone who would put off love to wait for him.

The couple talked every weekend with BJ feeling terrible after each call but always brightening up as she would send him pictures of herself every day. His friends didn't believe that he was actually dating her and thought she was some model that he hired to send pictures. It got annoying to hear but it didn't matter overall- Lucy's love for him did.

The two spent all of their time together over his Christmas break then as much time as was possible during February and April vacations with her in school but enough to satisfy them for the next two months. Both were in tears as they parted each trip, with Bryan always failing to get her to come to Winnisimmet for her own half-term break. The money wasn't the problem, it was leaving him after the break ended that was the real problem for her.

He was at his lowest when prom came around. All of his cousins and friends had dates but he couldn't bring himself to ask someone who he didn't have feelings for. They forced him to attend anyway, he would regret not going.

He needed Anne to keep him from refusing to go as only her pleading looks and irrefutable logic kept him from ignoring all pleas from his sister and parents. When he was finally dressed to their father's satisfaction, he was told to go downstairs and wait. When he got down there, he nearly fainted.

Lucy was standing before him in a beautiful blue sequined dress, with her hair styled and her face made up to perfection. He was at a loss for words and hugged her tightly, kissing her cheek and asking "how? Why did you come? You are missing school."

Lucy explained "your parents asked that I come. I don't have any work due and my parents agreed to let me come. None of them wanted you to miss out on something so special."

The two got into the waiting limousine and arrived to all eyes on them. Lucy's presence caused a stir among the students as she was simply breathtaking. The girls were jealous and the guys were leering at her, making their dates angry or feel inadequate next to her.

The two danced closely throughout the night while BJ had to endure guys constantly trying to cut-in and dance with Lucy. She politely declined, it was clear what their intentions were and it wasn't what she wanted to do. Their girlfriends and dates weren't happy either, Lucy did get some respect from the girls but there was some jealousy in their reactions.

When they did take a short break, BJ was asked about Lucy. He happily told them that she was his girlfriend and had flown all the way to Boston just to give him a memorable prom. They didn't believe it and several started to make claims of her being a prostitute and that she was just some girl hired from Boston putting on a fake British accent for the crowd.

BJ just smirked while John Finn happily announced "I've known that girl since she was born and she is in no way a prostitute. She's a lovely young woman whose parents are employed by BJ's family and who is here at my request. She is staying with me so don't get any ideas about the two going off to a hotel tonight. Her family is highly protective of her office and if he even thought about sleeping with her he would be set adrift in the North Sea in a leaky boat with no life vests by her father- with his parents' blessing and encouragement."

Lucy heard all of that and hugged John, who happily told her "I seriously can't believe that you got your father's looks and your mother's wits. Woe be the person who upsets you, your mother is one of the few people I fear. She and my wife are the scariest combinations of minds imaginable."

The couple had an amazing prom and led to BJ spending the summer with Lucy at the estate. She was treated like she was more than an employee's daughter, she was all but officially part of the family. The two enjoyed hours together as they rode horses, swam, shopped, and met with Lucy's friends.

After a tense final year apart that included BJ and Lucy trading trips across the ocean, the couple was wed at the estate. They refused to wait, they wanted to be together and Lucy needed the stability in her life now that she needed to find employment. BJ arranged for her to study in the US and through that she was able to study medicine and become a doctor.

BJ studied the same and earned his MD alongside his wife but in different disciplines. She became a general practitioner while he studied radiology. They added onto the growing family medical practice as the newest members at Sarah Jones' private practice.

The couple would have four kids, with the family welcoming in a little girl who fought for years but lost her battle with her femininity and needed to become a boy. Lucy was devastated to lose one of her two daughters, especially the one who was her spitting image, but understood that it was not a choice and she needed to be he. They loved their son all the same and were happy that they had four handsome and beautiful children who would carry on their family legacy as Smiths.

Over in England, things took a turn for the worse for the Smith family as Bradford passed away just before Christmas and was soon followed two days later by his beloved wife Ophelia. Nigel and Karen Smith inherited their titles and the estate and officially retired from their jobs in the US to take over the family estate. With heavy hearts, the large Smith family interred Ophelia and Bradford together in the family crypt with everyone crying hard as the greatest era in the family's history had come to a close.

When Bradford and Ophelia's wills were read, their grandchildren found out that they would split their grandparents' trusts equally between them. Nigel Jr. was then informed that he was going to be given the family's secondary title, Early of Boston, as his own as he had not been given the chance to become his father's heir due to his older brother Ethan being adopted into the line of succession ahead of him. Nigel Jr. tried to refuse it as it was rightfully Ethan's but his siblings refused to allow him to give up what was his own now that Ethan was the heir and had his own title the secondary was unneeded.

Nigel's girlfriend, Patricia, told him to accept it as it was his family's legacy and they wanted him to make it his own. He reluctantly accepted the title and officially became the newest Earl of Boston and asked Patricia to become his countess. She tearfully accepted his proposal, giving him a loving kiss as she wept with happiness.

With the teens finding love, the Smith estate housekeeper asked her daughter and Theo Baker if they were going to stop fooling around and tie the know. She was blunt, but she had a good reason for doing what he was doing- she was looking to retire and move on with her life. She was hoping to get the line of succession solidified so she could leave her job to her daughter, the undisputed #1 maid at the estate.

Theo had to wait two months before he found the courage to ask her to marry him, with the young lady saying "yes" and crying as he did so. The two moved in together, with both becoming pregnant a month after they were married. Theo continued on for six months before he was promoted to being the head of operations for the estate, with a new butler replacing him.

Theo accepted the promotion, he couldn't serve as a butler if he was visibly pregnant and dealing with the guests complaining about the insulting visual that he presented to them. Nigel and Karen saw in him something more than a butler, he was more talented than he let on and had enough experience to run the entire estate alongside them. He was good at his new job, especially when Nigel decided that the butler position was no longer needed now that they were no longer obligated to endure the rituals of hosting other nobles when and other rich people as they had few ties to the aristocracy anymore.

Theo and his wife had three happy and healthy kids, with the two oldest being so much alike that they were claimed to be twins. When the kids were told the truth about their father, they took it in stride and were happy to know that they were loved enough to have had them in the first place. Their youngest was so happy to know the truth that she said her real dad was Theo no matter if he wasn't biologically.

Clarence Harrison found himself out of work and struggling to get anyone to look at his CV as nobody would hire a butler or any other member of the household who had a criminal record and who had lied in court, falsely accused their former employer of sexually abusing a minor, and tried to extort others for gain. It was a big eye-opener as the man was left without any real job as his only marketable skills were as a servant but he had proved that he was a likely danger to his employers ending any chances of employment.

He would find work as a waiter at various restaurants throughout Greater London. He suffered greatly as his ego wouldn't let him stay in a job for long and saw him frequently switching locations to avoid creditors and angry employers. His actions would catch up to him eventually as he ended up going to prison for fraud, theft, and failure to pay his taxes, making him get stuck in a cycle that his own actions were constantly creating.

James Benson and George Hedges were arrested in the courtroom after Paige and Bryan were granted the right to adopt Anne. Max Evans went at them heavy and hard, charging them with multiple counts of fraud, embezzlement, kidnapping, extortion, assault, and tax evasion. Every penny that they had in their bank accounts went into paying Anne back what they had siphoned from her inheritance account but they had a lot of money missing and spent even more trying to fight back against the legal might of Jonas Bloomfield and his associates, particularly the vicious Arthur and Isla Evans.

Hedges' girlfriend didn't last long under pressure from the police. She turned against him and told all about the times that Hedges asked her to seek out information about a child and even against parents who were targeted by the duo for extortion. Hedges never repaid her for all of the invasions of privacy but did leave her on the hook for all of the flak that she received.

She was fired from her job and forced to find employment with her family. It turned out to be for the best as her parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings were all doctors while she wasn't blessed with the same level of intelligence as them. She slowly earned the trust of the family after getting retrained and in a job that was less demanding and away from patients but similar to what she had done.

With nobody to use as scapegoats, Benson and Hedges were at odds over their crimes and turned on one another as soon as it was clear that they were about to be convicted on all charges. They were grilled on the witness stand as the crown prosecutor went after them hard and heavy with every piece of ammunition that they had and cut their claims to shreds. Each was shown to have known what the other had been doing to the point that both were equally guilty of their crimes.

Despite pleading for mercy, the court took none. The duo was sentenced to 25 years in prison, making it essentially a life sentence. Both broke down as the judge sentenced them, their egos badly broken.

The smaller children at the group foster home that Anne was initially assigned to were examined and found to have been kidnapped by the duo through falsifying paperwork or outright extorting their parents into signing over the kids to social services' care. The others were a mix of juvenile delinquents or kids who were never in the system and lived there because they paid a fee to Benson and Hedges. The larger boys terrorized the smaller boys into a hierarchy among them that kept things quiet and kept the kids from going to other houses for fear of what the larger boys would do to them.

The boys who were actually in the care social services were split up and sent to different foster homes, with the vulnerable smaller boys put in a special home set up for the care of endangered children. The smaller boys thrived in their new, safer environments and spoke out against their mistreatment by all, particularly by the larger, more abusive boys. They were not afraid anymore and told about all of the terrorism that the boys had endured and explained that they were in fear of their lives that no longer did so now that they had people actually trying to help them.

The boys who assaulted and terrorized the endangered boys were sent to proper juvenile detention facilities after a review of their possessions and actions outside of the home showed that they were a constant source of criminal activities in and around the Oldham area. The boys were known to several police officers, all of whom were prosecuted for taking bribes and committing sexual acts with the boys in exchange for looking the other way. With the boys either incarcerated or undergoing treatment, there was a visible drop in petty crimes as simple thefts of jewelry and wallets went down while the officers' beats were shown to have had a drop in crimes directly linked to the boys' actions.

Virginia Golden was found to have stolen much of the money that Benson had siphoned off from Anne and was charged with larceny. She tried to claim that Benson had done it himself, but as he was in prison at the time many of the last transactions took place she was found guilty and convicted. She swore revenge against Anne and the Smiths but with no way of getting at them from across the Atlantic and no resources to pay anyone to get at the family her threats were all hot air.

She suffered the greatest indignity as she was pregnant at the time of her imprisonment and saw her newborn son taken by social services and placed into the care of Darcy Mills as nobody could be found to take him in on such short notice. Darcy bonded with him and found it tough to part with the newborn child, looking into his needy eyes and crying at the thought of him going to another family. She filed for adoption, insisting on him staying with her as she had fallen in love with the handsome baby boy.

Darcy would spend a lot of time with Ruby and Max Evans as they helped her deal with parenthood. Max and Darcy talked a lot as he showed her many secrets he learned about parenting from helping his own nieces and nephews, getting him to open up to her about feeling like he wasn't good enough to be related to his brother. The more they talked the closer they got and the more their friendship changed to something that was more than friendship.

After weeks of talking, Darcy grew bold and kissed Max deeply which led to an hour-long kissing session which was only broken by the sound of Darcy's foster son awakening. The two would go on multiple dates before Max slept with Darcy, which was followed by several months of dates and nights out and at home with the sleeping infant in Darcy's arms giving the two a sense of happiness with one another. Max waited for a sign to show him that Darcy was the one for him, getting it when he came home to find Darcy crying and holding a positive pregnancy test prompting him to smile and propose.

Max married Darcy and together, they adopted her foster son. Darcy would go on to have another boy then a year after that a little girl. Their marriage was stable as both were deeply in love and were happy to have their three kids, with all three kids taking after their parents in their personalities.

Max and Darcy would prompt Toby Ward to get closer to Ruby as his crush grew larger and larger to the point that he couldn't stop thinking about her. She took little notice of it and kept their relationship professional. After months of trying to talk with Ruby socially, Toby gave up and was on the verge of putting in his resignation to take a job with another borough so he didn't cause an issue for her.

Ruby heard about his attempt to transfer and asked him why he was leaving. He couldn't look at her but confessed "I like you, Ruby. I like you a lot. But I can't work with you as you have rejected all of my attempts to get you to see me as more than a colleague. I don't want to continue as it would violate HR standards and cause you to get upset with our department. I'm sorry, but I have to leave for the benefit of both of us."

Ruby felt horrible about him feeling that way and agreed to a date with him, just so he could clear his mind and let his feelings go. The plan was to let him down easily, but as the date went on Ruby actually felt a connection to Toby that had been missing in all of her previous dates. Toby would listen to you and make you feel like the most important person in the world while not talking much about himself.

The two dated for two months before Toby asked her to marry him. She was in tears as he asked, she had wanted to marry a boy since she was a little girl and feared that she'd never get the chance. She had to take a few seconds before she kissed him full on the lips and said "yes! 1000 times yes!"

The couple wed over a delightful June weekend on an island in the Caribbean. She had Darcy as her maid of honor while Toby had Max as his best man. The two spent a month away from the office and when they returned, Ruby was pregnant with twins.

The couple would have two more children after the fraternal twins were born. Ruby took to mothering fast and found herself enjoying it more so than social work. She cut back her employment at the office but did assist when things were hectic and they needed another person to help, it helped a great deal that she and her brother had hefty trust funds from when they were in foster care and denied adoption by the Evans family making her not even need to work in the first place..

Hugh completed his preliminary classes quickly and became a full-time student that January. He was the talk of the school for a week but the connections to major donors and the fact that he earned his spot in the school quelled any rumors about him not deserving to be there. He was a good student, but the life of an academic bored him to the point that he vowed to not go into teaching when he earned his Ph.D. in computer programming.

His relationship with Tracy turned heads at her school as boys took a stronger interest in her while her non-family friends tried to get her to break up with him. She stood firm and rejected all of them, telling them that she loved Hugh and if they had a problem with his being a genius and in college then they were not the friends that she believed them to be. Most backed away from her in disgust, but a few stood by her and were happy to see that she was dating someone who obviously liked her for herself and not for her beauty or family's wealth.

As he worked on his degree he was also freelancing with the game developer that Margaret Kelly was employed with. His redesigns and contributions were so good that he was hired fulltime and offered an internship with them so he could hone his skills while earning college credit. He enjoyed the hunter aspect of game design as he could find bugs that others would miss and often rewrite the code to be better and more in line with how the artists had envisioned the game to look like.

He was highly popular among Tracy's friends and would make their brothers, fathers, and uncles look bad as they joked about him then played games that he had a hand in developing or pointing out the glaring bugs that the designers had missed. They were left without responses and on more than a few occasions saw them try to harm Hugh for besting them in their insults. The girls were firmly in his corner and would angrily go to their mothers and aunts about the way Hugh was treated and complain that it was not how guys should act especially toward a friend who was helping them.

Hugh's sisters, Camilla and Clara, refused to ever believe that their skinny, awkward, introverted geek of a brother was capable of landing a girlfriend for a long time. When they met Tracy during one of the family trips to the UK both girls nearly fainted as the stories were both true and made them look like they were terrible people. Beau Smith took great pride in pointing out to his daughters that they were acting like terrible people and making their brother refuse to ever have anything to do with either of them again, leading to both girls to back off of Hugh and leave him alone.

Their truce didn't last long as they would find anything possible to trash about Tracy. She wasn't about to let two pampered princesses get the better of her and ensured that both were thrashed verbally and looked even worse in the eyes of every member of their family present, humiliating the girls in ways that would go down in the annals of history. Tracy had staked her claim to her boyfriend and would not allow anyone to belittle him in her presence.

Hugh got to experience the small things about school life through Tracy, such as dances and the prom. Tracy loved showing him off to her classmates and made many of them jealous as he started to grow to be a bigger man than anyone could have dreamed. He was even larger than his father, Beau, by the time that he earned his first degree at age 17.

He went on to start in on his master's degree while Tracy graduated high school, with the two going to the same college and featuring Hugh as her constant companion to classes and for study sessions. She wasn't as book smart as Hugh but she had a strong intuition and could see a lot of things that others did not see or were purposely ignoring. She had inherited her grandfather Mike's love of law enforcement and chose to become a forensic technician alongside Reyna and Rachel Sylvester, mentoring her as she improved over time and became one of the best in the state- after them, that is.

While earning his masters and Ph.D. degrees, Hugh designed two of the hottest games for the ZBox and AppleSoft computers. The games used the bestseller books by Jessie Wolf and Alecia Snowfall as the basis but added his own twists to the storyline by having the characters adapt to the situations and see the hard work and planning go out the window immediately, making the player have to think on their feet and figure out what to do or they'd perish and have to start again.

He worked with Jessie and Alecia personally, as he met the real-life authors and had them give their approval to every aspect of the game. He wasn't surprised to learn that Johanna Loup and Autumn Nieves, the two people whom he had seen several times in his time with Bryan and Paige talking about the Jessie Wolf and Alecia Snowfall books and how he thought they should advance the plot of the next book, were actually the two reclusive authors. The two were pleased that someone could logically link the two, but he had to admit that he suspected something was going on as there were stories that the family told him that was too close to the stories in the two authors' books.

Hugh spent hours talking strategy and movements of the APSs with Jessie while talking advanced interrogation and the art of sneaking up on sentries with Alecia. It turned out to be some of the most fun times for him as the two were scientifically sound yet also completely impractical in all of the right ways, showing that they were trying to be entertaining but not trying to teach people to kill. All of the talks ended up in the games to the point that the ladies smiled as characters moved a certain way and took out enemies exactly as they described.

The game was the biggest sellers of the year and garnered critical acclaim as well as millions for the two ladies. Neither would dare tell how they got them so realistic but the insiders in the game design community happily pointed to the child prodigy, Hugh. He made himself a nice sum of money himself as he was paid a percentage of the gross sales while also earning a salary and bonus from the game developer and publisher.

The couple married after Tracy earned her first degree, with the newlyweds becoming parents almost right away as Tracy refused to delay any longer. They would have four kids, all boys and all a mix of both parents while one specifically took after his father. The two spent countless hours talking and honing his youngest son's skills as a scientist, particularly one who wanted to work with genetics so that people like her aunt Anne wouldn't have to suffer as the wrong gender any longer.

Olivia and Anne were close and their closeness got Olivia new friends as Anne's friends took her in as their own. The few in her class who were friendly with her understood that she had more in common with Anne's class than them so didn't take offense to her being around them as much as she could. Olivia grew into her own and actually found her own best friends among the group allowing Anne to lead her subgroup alongside them and strengthening them as a whole.

The girls were inseparable when not in school or with their own friends and often had sleepovers at either house. Eli would frequently be a pain to them, but it was standard little brother actions and it meant that he loved them enough to antagonize them. Anne hugged him every chance she could, just to show that she knew why he was showing that he cared and that she appreciated the effort by him.

When Anne started to feel the onset of puberty at age 12, Olivia got her to see it was a blessing as she could now save her semen for the future and start blockers and low doses of hormones. When Olivia had it happen to her, Anne returned the favor and showed her that things were going to be alright and they'd go through it together.

Anne helped Olivia through her boy troubles as they would avoid her and try their hardest to annoy her to the point of complaining. Anne saw it as the boys being confused about their sexuality as they saw the two of them as sexual objects yet knew that they had penises yet couldn't look past the two mounds on their chests. Olivia blushed as she looked down and agreed that they were tough to miss, especially as she had a large chest thanks to breasts growing large in her genetic family.

After several weeks, the girls noticed that one boy, in particular, Jackson Wilson, was acting worse than normal around Olivia. Seeing Jackson blush and look away while also acting tough got Anne to realize that he might have a crush on Olivia which was too strong to ignore. She gasped at hearing that but did like what she saw as he had a muscular frame yet wasn't a meathead.

Elise and Anne got Jackson to confess that yes, he did indeed have a crush on Olivia and was having trouble trying to fight it but he couldn't stop thinking about her. Olivia listened to him and felt bad for him, she walked over and hugged him, then kissed his cheek for being a gentleman toward her. She started to talk with him and liked what she was hearing from him, leading her to boldly ask him out.

They weren't going alone as Elise and Anne would go too but it turned out to be a great time for both. They grew closer and closer to the point that by their third week together they kissed deeply, showing all that they were an item and he was no longer going to hide his affections for the beautiful girl. Olivia was left speechless and gasping for breath while Jackson smiled at her.

Anne fought hard against Olivia's detractors, especially girls jealous of her having a better boyfriend or landing the boy that they had their eyes on but didn't dare make a move. Elise set most of them straight and forced several to reveal their bigotry and hatred to the school, ending those girls' social lives in a blaze of glory. Anne was going to be targeted by the girls for retaliation but her great-uncle John and the other teacher member of the family ensured that the school knew that Anne was not to be harassed for doing the right thing and making them look bad for actions that they themselves had done.

Anne developed quickly once the blockers and hormones took to her system, but was going to be on the small side due to her mother and grandmother each being small breasted. She was still a stunner, growing over six feet tall and staying skinny. She was a naturally attractive girl and had the hearts of boys and a few girls beating fast as she matured. She had a struggle over her sexuality until she was 15, finally admitting to her parents that she loved women and finding one of her friends attractive to the point of wanting sex with her.

Anne had to quell her feelings as the girls in her school were either ignoring her or weren't interested in a girl they felt was a fake and a man in a dress. It took a lot of talks with Reyna and Rachel before she was able to accept that people were naturally jerks and hated people because they could hate them or were jealous of the good looks and great personalities they possessed. She could accept idiocy, but it still hurt that even lesbians can hate her because of what she wanted to get rid of between her legs.

It took her two years but she finally got her first date, one with a beautiful transfer student from the UK by the name of Holly Dixon whose family was fleeing due to her sexuality. The two hit it off and once they had shown that they were not just a quick infatuation, they were allowed to openly date. Olivia and Jackson were there as observers but the couple was actually a great match with Anne making Holly's heart flutter as they talked with one another.

The couple stayed together after high school and enjoyed attending college together for seven years before they were married. Anne delayed her surgery until she earned her bachelors degree in education as she wanted to get her practicums out of the way and have job offers before having her last vestige of masculinity removed. Holly couldn't persuade her to have it before then, it was Anne's choice and she loved her enough to accept it and support her for it.

Holly studied statistics and was hired by the state as a statistician. It was a boring, monotonous job but it paid well and got Holly lots of connections. Anne was happy for her, she was doing what she loved and would not accept any favors nor give anyone any favors.

Holly would see the downside of her job as she was constantly given false and misleading numbers that she had to get changed to reflect the facts. This would often cause conflict as those who were trying to show falsehoods would fight her and try to use her wife and her own sexuality against her. Holly never compromised her integrity and would be the one person in the state who had the guts to stand up to the worst offenders in lying to the general public, earning her praise and admiration from the state.

They would have three children together, with each carrying the beauty of Anne with Holly's lighter skin tone and fiery red hair. They were the apple of their mothers' eyes and made their grandparents run for cover as they had Anne's compassion and quick defense of others while having Holly's temper. It was tough to not see the two as evenly matched and perfect for one another when looking at all five.

Anne failed to get the Smiths to accept any of her inheritance money. the £100 million that she wanted to give them was instead put into an account for Anne and Holly's children with Anne being forced to accept her rightful share of her great-grandmother's inheritance. It was enough to never need to work, with Holly insisting that she accept it so they had peace of mind and a fallback in case Anne was laid off by the city or Holly was unable to get hired because of one of the politicians forcing her out.

Their kids were never for want as they had everything a kid could want and need but had to earn the right to play their game systems or ride their bikes. The couple was seen as model parents and the few who knew how affluent they were never told anyone why they acted the way they did. The couple was just seen as they were- caring, strongly disciplined, but fair to their children.

Anne and Elise grew closer and were rarely apart from one another, except when Anne needed to have a private talk with Olivia or Reyna. As they grew older, Anne would always be there for Elise and give her a shoulder to cry on when things weren't going well for her. Far too often, Anne was the only one who could talk Elise out of dating the wrong boys or steer Elise toward the right boy.

Elise would fall for one of their classmates, Seth Price, after rejecting his advances for two years, with Anne telling her that she was a fool to not see that they were perfect for one another. The couple grew close and at one of the school dances in 8th grade, they kissed in front of their classmates. Anne was smiling at her the whole time, with Olivia and their friends close by for support.

Elise and Seth stayed together throughout middle and high school and parted ways in college. Elise studied history and literature and earned a job a curator at a small museum in a neighboring town. Seth didn't marry nor even have sex while at college and returned with a degree and a ring for Elise.

He proposed to her immediately after taking her out to dinner and catching up with her. It took all of her energy not to scream out loud but Elise said tearful "yes" then kissed him deeply. She showed him off to the family and had him endure Pete giving him the tough father act while Hannah smirked and gave him the even tougher mother act.

They would go on to have four children and run the museum Elise was hired at when the head curator died. When it was merged into a larger museum in Boston, the couple were promoted to head curator and head of facilities and were one of the go-to duos for major museums in the region as well as the country. The two never fell out of love and always kept close to their friends, particularly Anne.

Seth and Elsie would have five children, with the eldest being twins thus continuing the family curse of multiples along the female line. The two were swamped by their children's activities but found a balance as their friends and family happily helped, especially as they were not afraid to take them along to museum fundraisers and events. The couple was closely tied to the small art and history community that they were able to broker special events involving their aunts' and uncles' hard work and bringing new respect to their family via the public seeing that there was more to the name "Finn Family" than just transgender people and money.

Anne and Elise carried on their mothers' closeness and showed that even though they weren't blood, they were still close as sisters. The two would never stray from their friendships, despite the occasional fight or boys trying to come between them. They were family and had found each other. They would never part, it was simply the one thing neither could ever do.

The End.

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