Angel Of Justice Chapter 18

Katlain pulls up behind The Black Orchid Club in her black pick-up truck. The only people who used the back-parking lot were the employees of the club. She heads towards the back door and knocks three times to let the club security person know someone was there. After a few minutes, the door opens.

“Hey Haze, is Taylor and Traver in?” Katlain didn’t see their BMW’s in the parking lot.

“They are here, there up in their office.” He steps aside to let Katlain in.

He had a standing order to always let her in. He knew she was the bosses’ cousin and that she was also a silent partner in their business.

“Thanks, Haze.” She steps into the building and waits while Haze locks the door behind her.

She follows him as he starts walking towards another door that led up to the second floor. He unlocks the door and holds it open for her.

“How is your son doing?”

“He’s doing better. Thank you for the money to cover his operation.” Haze knew they couldn’t afford the operation his son needed. The insurance they had wouldn’t cover it.

“You’re welcome Haze. Your family and we always take care of the family.” Katlain heads up to the second floor.

When she enters the main office, she notices both her cousins hard at work at their desk. She shuts the office door behind her.

“Hey cousins, watch you doing?” Katlain looks at both her cousins.

They were identical twins and unless you knew who was who you would mistake them. She loved her cousins very much. They accepted her for her. They always knew she was born the wrong gender and would give her gifts meant for girls.

Taylor looks up when he hears Katalin's voice “look what the cat dragged in. What are you up too, today?” He gets up and walks over to hug his cousin.

Traver follows behind him. They both give her a hug.

“Not much. I have a favor to ask of you guys.” Katlain still couldn’t get over how her cousins look.

They both look like their great, great, great, great grandfather. They resemble him to a T. Their ancestor was one of the founding families of Augusta, Georgia. Even when Augusta fell to the British, her ancestor was still here.

“What’s the favor?” Traver was curious as what their cousin needed.

“I need to clean some money and get a loan form you to buy Red’s auto parts store. There are a lot of nice people that work there and Red
took care of them, just like you take care of your employee’s here.”

“We had heard Red got busted. We also heard that they were hoping to catch you, but somehow you managed to avoid getting captured.”
Taylor and Traver knew their cousin was too slick to get captured.

“Do you know why they wanted me?” She knew what Detective Harrison had told her, but her cousin might know otherwise.

“According to what we heard, they wanted to arrest you and then use you as a Confidential Informant. They were hoping you would take the deal, instead of going to jail. Which, we knew you would, because if you went to jail. You would be cut out of the family inheritance like your parents are.” Taylor and Traver know Katlain tries to keep what she does quiet from the family.

“You’re right I do try to keep what I do quiet. Which means, that I need for you to keep this deal about Red’s auto parts quiet.” Katlain looks at both her cousins when she says that.

“How much money are you talking about laundering through the club?” Taylor was curious

“Oh, about six million dollars.” Katlain watches as their jaws dropped.

“Six million dollars? Did you rob a bank or something?” The twins look at their cousin like she was nuts.

“Let’s just say, some drug dealer is having a bad day right now and he’s going to have even a worse day later.” She had a smile on her face.

“Are you nuts robbing a drug dealer? They won’t let this go unanswered and will be coming after you.”

“Oh, he won’t be coming after me after tonight. He and a crooked cop are going down tonight.”

“We don’t want to know. As for the favor, bring the money by and we’ll help you get the auto parts place. We’ll make it a subsidiary of the club.”
Taylor and Traver figure it would help the auto parts place.

“Just promise you will keep the staff they have now, please.” Katlain knew the people who currently worked there were good people.

“We will keep everyone and see about maybe giving them raises or bonuses. So, when are you going to bring the money by?”

“I have it right now in the back of my truck. I need for you to open the loading bay, so I can back in and unload it.”

“Alright, we’ll meet you down there.”

Katlain heads back out to her truck and back it up inside the concealed loading dock. Taylor and Traver meet her down there. They help her unload all the money in the bed of the truck.

“We’ll get our lawyer to handle the transaction on buying the auto parts. You go ahead and inform Red about the deal. I know he’ll be happy that you are helping his people.”

“I know he will as well. Is Rat still living over off Higher Street?”

“Yep, he is still living over there. He might be asleep right now. He works as a DJ at the clubs and here sometimes.”

“Well, I’ll only need his attention for a few minutes. I’ll see you guys later and thanks for your help.” Katlain turns to leave.

“You’re welcome.” Taylor and Traver watch as their cousin walk off.

Katlain gets back in her truck and drives over to Rat’s townhouse. She was going to need his help with her plan of hi-jacking the gas truck. The plan was dangerous, but it’s nothing she hasn’t done before.

She sends a text to her cousins asking them to set aside some of the money for her friend Julie and her sister. She didn’t need to tell them how much. They had friends they took care of and knew how much money to place in. As far as she knew, Julie was doing better, which was a good sign.

She pulls up in front of Rat’s place and walks up to the front door. She could hear the music behind the door. She knocks really hard on the oak door. After three tries, she manages to get his attention.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.”

Rat opens the front door and spots Katlain “what are you up to Kat?”

“Nothing much, Rat. How’s the DJing business?”

“It’s fine. Come on in.” He steps aside to let Katlain inside his place.

He escorts her to the den “would you like anything to drink?”

“If you have some of that wine you gave me last time I was here. That would be nice.”

“I think I have a bottle or two. Let me check.” Rat walks off to see if he had any in his wine rack.

Rat knew Katlain had a thing for fine expensive wine. He spots a bottle of the wine he served her last time. When he comes back, he notices she has been in his refrigerator. She had made a plate of cheese and Venison summer sausage.

“I see you found the summer sausage.”

“Hey, you were holding out on me. You know how much I love venison sausage.” Katlain bites into slice she had cut off.

Rat gets two wine glasses and pours them some wine. He hands Katlain her glass.

“So, what brings you to see me today?” He takes a sip of his wine.

“I need your help to hi-jack a gas station on wheels tonight.” Katlain takes a sip of her wine.

It was the same type she had last time she visited him. The venison and cheese tasted good with the wine.

“Why are you hi-jacking a rolling gas station?”

“Because I’m trying to send two people to jail. The gas tanker is transporting liquid cocaine to Ventusky Ricci gang tonight. I also want to set-up a corrupted cop as well. I have enough evidence to nail him already, but I want his nuts in the fire and give him no way out. That way, the sleazeball lawyer I know he has can’t get him off or do a plea deal.” Katlain wanted this guy sent away for a long time.

“Sounds like you have a major hard-on for this guy.” Rat takes another sip of his wine.

“Nay, I just don’t like corrupt cops.” Katlain bites into a slice of cheese and sausage.

“How are we doing this?”

“We take my jeep and you get as close as possible for me to grab hold and make my way to the cab area. Otherwise, we would have to set-up some sort of roadblock or something.”

“When do you want to do this?”

“Tonight. The truck is coming up from Savanna on route 287. I figure we could go and scout out a good place to wait for it.”

“Alright, let’s go ahead and check the location out before we get totally drunk.” Rat finishes his wine and rinses his glass out.

Katlain finishes hers and the two of them head out to scout for a good ambush site.

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