A Dog's story

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The spirits of swirling sparks and lights seemed to be her only ally and although the dark clouds and thunder above threatened...

Disclaimer: This is fiction. All the characters and events portrayed here are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely accidental and unintentional As always my thanks go out to Hope and Holly for helping proof and generally make this readable. Another big thanks goes to Paula who for some reason puts up me and my insane ranting about story ideas, Thanks Love! Any remaining errors, or mistakes are mine! Sometime back I wrote a story based on our cat. My loved one challenged me that since I had written one about the cat, it was the dog's turn. Well, here is my best shot at it, Enjoy!

A Dog's Story



‘What's that? Is it a threat?’ Delta wondered as she relentlessly sniffed about for trouble. The Man just stood there, oblivious to it all. Didn't he know everything brought hurts and harm? There were just so many; the others who steal your food, the hand that hurts, the thunder that rips and tears. How could he not know and fear?

Confidently, the Man took her leash and led her to the Home. While she fretted about the dangers that lay in wait all about, he walked with a measured confident stride that slowly eased her fears.

Soon enough, they got to safety of the Home. When they entered, the Man gave her food and water which she went after with gusto. This home was good. The Man was a good pack leader, and he always had plenty of food. She was allowed to stay inside, instead of like the 'bad place' where the cold, wind and rain could bite deep.

Carefully, she kept the Man within her sight as he went about his unknowable tasks, but she still stayed alert to the sounds and scents all around them, ready to give warning if anything threatened. The time came when she had to go, and she licked his hand to let him know. The Man didn’t react in anger unlike the one in the ‘bad place.’ Understanding her message, he got out the leather leash and together they went outside.

Delta knew that danger was all about and wanted to find it before it found her, but the Man kept her tight to his side, commanding her to heel. Unwillingly, she fought, but his strength was greater than hers and so she obeyed. The Man's strength comforted her fears and she relaxed, even as they moved into the woods that held even more threats.

The path was one they had taken before, but the night before, a terrible storm had come upon them. She had hidden under the Man's bed, frightened of the thunder because it sometimes brought hurt with it. She could see and smell the storm's aftermath, the path was damaged where the cold torrential rains had washed away the scents of the previous day.

What was that? It was an ill smell that promised nothing good. Fanatically, she threw her nose about, trying to identify it. The Man fought her as she struggled, but there it was, a glint of gold in the mud! What was he doing?

The Man walked to it and picked it from the mud. The whites of her eyes showed, but his strength ruled her. He turned it over in his hands, the ill Thing that looked to be a hard man thing in the shape of a ring, but she knew better. The Thing reeked of blood, decay and darkness.

They got back Home, but all the while she had slunk, afraid of what this strange Thing might bode. Never before had she met its like, but perhaps it was a spirit Thing? Or was it an ill omen shadow that danced on sharp edges, while a cold mist of decay hung about it.

Upset with her behavior, the Man chided her, and no delicious treat was forthcoming. He took the Thing and washed it in a foul smelling liquid. Drying it, he looked at it carefully. She tried to warn him, barking her distress, but he wouldn’t listen. Sternly, he ordered her to lie down and whimpering in fear, she hid, afraid of what was coming.

Placing the Thing on his finger, the Man admired his find, blind and ignorant of the monstrous stinking shadow that rose behind him. Whining, she tried to warn him again, but to no avail. He was blind to the spirit that crowed as it dug its claws deep into him.

Yes, spirit, for she had seen them before, but none like this. Most were pale reflections of life, not this writhing snake of cruel intent. Before her eyes the Man changed! If not for her keen nose she wouldn't have believed it, for the Man was gone and a Woman was suddenly in his place!

The Woman fell to her knees in shock. Delta was afraid of what had struck the Man, yet tentatively went over to the Woman who had begun to cry. Delta licked the tearstained face and was amazed to find The Woman crying not in pain but in JOY? Rocking back and forth she hugged Delta the dog to herself.

Confused, Delta looked at the shadow that was still latched firmly, still feeding from the crying Woman, and saw it was growing larger as it twisted about, lost in its own dark ecstasy. She knew no good would come of this and squirmed out of the woman’s grasp. Frightened, she went to huddle in the rays of the sun fighting their way free of the recent storms.

With her tail tucked safely between her legs, she shivered fearfully and looked out the patio door. A face looked back at her! Startled, she yipped, but the Woman was still lost in exploring herself and hadn’t heard. Caught between the Shadow and the strangeness on the other side of the door, she decided the door was the lesser threat and crept back to the sunny spot by the door.

Another spirit, Delta wondered? Casting her nose for a scent, she found not one but many! These weren't the snakes of shadow and darkness, but ever changing twirling shards of light. From globe, to star, and every shape in between they changed into one, then another while they sparkled and bounced.

‘Are they here because of the shadow,’ she wondered, for never before had she seen spirits like these? They somehow seemed concerned, for they hovered near the door but were unable to enter.

Behind her, Delta heard the Woman get up. At first she moved awkwardly as her full breasts swayed back and forth. Expecting a cry of sorrow, she was surprised once more as a laugh of joy left the Woman as she held her new breasts to herself.

Looking to the door, she saw the swirling sparkling lights cluster about it as if trying to see within, and twisted her head back to the Woman, who was making her way to the small room where the steaming warm rains fell. All the while, the bad ill scented shadow gorged itself upon her.

Not knowing what to do, Delta threw her head about agitatedly. Sensing the Shadow riding the Woman was where the greater harm lay, she lay outside the room of rushing waters, alert for trouble. Several times the Woman cried out, not in pain, but from pleasure as she stood in the steaming rain.

Confused, Delta scented the smell of mating, but no male was about. She'd known the Man had always been in 'season', was it the same for the Woman? The moans mixed with the patter of rain seem to confirm her thoughts.

This was something new, and the new always brought harm! The Woman dried herself and Delta kept going back and forth from the somehow friendlier twinkling spirits at the door in the now fading sunlight, and the definitely unfriendly one that continued to grow, feeding on the Woman.

The shadow ridden Woman went to her bed and once more began touching herself in the way that brought moans to her lips as the Shadow coiled evilly above. Delta sat at in the doorway, helpless to do anything but watch this strange horrible parody of mating.

While the Woman writhed in the pleasure she was giving herself, the unseen shadow continued to feed on her, delighting in her helplessness. Delta knew that whatever the Shadow was feeding on was nothing good, for the ill stinking thing exulted like a blood maddened creature delighting in the hurt of others.

How long this lasted Delta knew not, only that she was becoming hungry. Never had the Man forgotten to feed and water her, but the Woman was still caught firmly in the Shadow's evil claws. Finally she went forward and cautiously licked the Woman's hand. Languorously the Woman's head turned towards her with eyes dulled from either the pleasuring of herself or the Shadow's sated hunger.

With relief, Delta saw the Woman get up and cover herself in a now too large robe and stagger to the place of food. That was short lived as the Shadow turned to her!

It was aware of her and her fur ruffled as it gave a soundless snarl of displeasure at the interruption its feeding, as any predator would. Delta ate her food but kept an eye on the malicious spirit.

The Woman seemed more herself and fixed some food for herself, Yet as she ate, while the shadow's spell had been temporarily stymied it was still continuing to feed. Proving its power, after the Woman ate, she once more fell to touching herself.

All during that long night the shadow crouched over its prey, and Delta could only watch and whine in helplessness. When at last the morning sun rose, the Shadow was bloated and seemed to be sated for the moment. Delta dared to rouse the Woman, for it was time for her to go.

Wearily, and dazed from the brutal mauling on her spirit that no eyes could see, the Woman took Delta outside so she could’ go.' They didn't walk as far as the Man usually took her, but the unseen spirits from the door soared about them, and despite Delta's concern, they seemed to revive the Woman somewhat as the Shadow hid within the Ring Thing.

Once Home, the helpful spirits which had driven the Shadow back couldn’t enter and stayed at the door. After she was fed and watered, Delta could see signs that the Shadow too was rousing. It rose, perching upon the Woman as a vulture eyeing potential victims. The Woman left to dress, leaving Delta in anguish while the unseen shadow gloated.

Wearing clothes that didn't fit too badly the Woman left, leaving Delta alone with her worries. With her insecurities heavy upon her, Delta sat by the door, waiting for the Woman to return. Too many times at the ‘bad place' she had been left behind and alone, never knowing when food or water would come next. All too often the ‘bad' Man would forget, and she could do nothing but whine in her hunger and thirst.

The sun moved from the glass door to the kitchen window and finally to begin to sink under the ledge of the big room's window. The light began to fade, and Delta's worries grew, along with her discomfort.

It was time! She needed to go, NOW! Knowing punishment would come if she went in the house, she tried to find a place to hide it. Yes, behind the chair. Guiltily, she relived herself. Hoping the Woman wouldn't notice she went back to her spot to wait.

The sunset faded to night, and once more her needs filled her thoughts as her empty belly grumbled. Abandoning her watch, she padded to the kitchen to raid the box that wasn't to be touched. Within was the remains of the Woman's past meals, and once more daring punishment, Delta appeased her needs.

All though that long lonely night Delta waited for the Woman's return, but not until nearly the breaking of the dawn did the welcomed sound of the lock clicking wake her from her fitful nap and bad dreams.

Fretting over the Woman's long absence, she was taken aback as the door opened. Wearing far different clothes; her face smeared with weird paints and full of strange unpleasant scents, the Woman staggered in. Ignoring Delta, she fell into her bed.

She stank of strange smokes, and sour waters, but the stench of not one, but many matings upon her was the worse. Upon her arms, unpleasant marks like strange bites pocked them.

Delta wondered what had happened to the kind Man who had taken her from the ‘bad place.' The Shadow that hid within the Ring Thing was surely the cause, for the Woman now had a similar scent. The Woman seemed to care for nothing but her own pleasures. The quiet dignity the Man had carried with him wasn't present at all in the selfish Woman.

The Shadow now was a nasty seething mass of darkness and woe. Even the dawn was bringing no respite from her troubles, as distant rumbles of thunder promised another stormy dark and gray day.

The only brightness to be seen was the sparkling of the spirits at the door. Delta's fear of the thunder was great but the warm memories of how the Man treated her as a member of his pack, caused her to see something must be done about the Thing for the good of the pack.

The spirits of swirling sparks and lights seemed to be her only ally and although the dark clouds and thunder above threatened, she approached the glass door. Seemingly glad to see her, they bounced about, but then started to fly about in a circle before landing near the railing of the patio.

Puzzled, Delta watched them rest for a breath and then repeat themselves. A circle? She wondered watching them land only to begin again. Watching the circle, as they went round and round, in a ring?

RING! They wanted the Ring Thing! Her excitement faded as she understood what the spirits wanted of her, to bring the Ring Thing to the patio, but to do that, she would have to brave the Shadow and the Woman.

She padded to the Woman's bed and found the Ring Thing still on her hand. The Woman's hands now had long, nail-like claws. Not daunted she tried to grip the Thing with her teeth but it wouldn't come off. She feared the Woman would wake, but the terrible misuse of her body had exhausted her.

Not so the Shadow, for as she licked the Woman's hand to loosen the Thing upon it, the foulness began to waken. Somehow she felt its gaze lock upon her. Fastening her teeth once more, she tried to remove the Thing even as the Shadow started to move, twisting as it tried to wake the worn Woman.

Suddenly the Woman jerked her hand, but if the Shadow had been trying to protect the Ring Thing, it failed, for the Thing slipped off into her mouth! With a flash, the Shadow disappeared from the Woman. Delta turned to run to the glass door, even as she heard the Woman begin to move.

Rearing up, she pushed the wooden handle of the glass door and slipped as a peal of thunder cause her to jerk in fear! In fear, for a voice not her own whispered in her thoughts.

“So afraid. You don't have to be. Do you not want to be strong, so you won't have to be afraid ever again? Stronger than anyone or anything?” The Shadow whispered its message of darkness in her ear.

Rearing up again, finally her paws caught the handle and it clicked open. Visions and promises of ferocious power and strength suddenly stopped, as the spirits of lights charged in, dancing impassioned about her. The storm's threatening winds ruffled her fur, and her tail tucked tight as she remembered one too many days of being left to the mercy of such alone in the bad place.

Hearing the Woman stumbling about behind her, goaded her to continue to the patio's edge, where she dropped the ill natured Thing from her mouth. Slowly at first, the spirits began to circle the Thing, but soon they began to fly faster and faster in their dance.

Delta's fur stood on end, giving her warning. She slinked back into the Home. Behind her, the Woman stumbling tried to shut the door as the angry cold winds slammed it to and forth, while the icy rains splat their displeasure. Then her eyes spied the Ring Thing lying upon the deck.

Heedless of the flashing lightning and the deafening roar around them, the Woman gave a forlorn cry of desperation and tried to rush to the Thing. Lost to her addiction and blind to the racing blur of spirits circling above, the woman could not see the immense energies only breaths from striking.

Delta’s fur stood on end as the very air crackled with ozone about them. She knew they were much too close to the Ring Thing but overcoming her fear Delta grabbed the Woman's clothes in her strong teeth. The Woman with tears flowing down her cheeks tried to free herself as the cold winds and hail battered them both , but still Delta held on. Knowing she couldn't hold much longer, she lunged back risking all or nothing, dragging the Woman with her.

With a tremendous flash and roar, lightning struck the patio! The thunderous concussion threw them both backwards. Scrambling to her feet, the Woman ran fighting the mad gusts for the door, as it slammed back and forth wildly in the breath stealing chill. Fanatically the Woman search for the Thing, but only the smoldering remains of the railing were still there to be seen. Soon even the smoky wisps stopped as the rain and hail soaked the blacken charred wood.

Crying sadly, defeated the Woman went inside to the warmth, and brokenly called Delta to her. But her sharp ears caught a sound. Quickly casting about she saw a black winged shape recklessly daring the storm. Carrying a glint of gold, it soared away with a caw of laughter as it disappeared into the dark clouds.


Much time had passed, but the Man never did return. Only the Woman remained. Delta grew to accept that the Woman needed her as much as she had once needed the Man. In time the tears dried and the cries during the night slowly faded away.

During storms, Delta still hid, but more from the memories of that terrible day than the fright that had consumed her before. Perhaps it had been the Shadow feeding on her that had lured the Woman into selfishness and pursuit of pleasure to the exclusion of all else. She began to show compassion and care foregoing her earlier vices.

The horrible deeds the Woman inflicted upon herself took their toll but time gave her healing. Now something new had come into the Home and cautiously as always Delta investigated it. A Man had begun visiting, and after a time, Delta gave her grudging assent to his presence.

The Woman held her hand with something new on it for her to see and sniff. It had a glittering rock that reminded her of those sparkling spirits, even if it was shaped like the bad Thing. Giving the hand a lick with her tongue, she sat on her haunches, with her tail wagging in approval.

The Woman and the Man laughed and she recognized words that meant a tasty treat was coming her way, “Good Dog!”

The End

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