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I was going to complete this but my muse lost interest thus its open. Just send me a link so I can see what you do with it.


The police charged in.

The sounds of violence had ceased some minutes ago.

The sounds had included everything from crashing sounds and explosions to machine gun fire.

The arms dealing gang were dead so were the drug pushing terrorists, the armed police however were not looking for them they were looking for the hero called Ying-Yang.

At length there was a call and the paramedics made there way to the calls site.

There curled up on the ground was their hero, a teenage male riddled with bullets and shrapnel. This was unusual because when she entered the warehouse she had been an early twenties female.

The teenager looked up at the police and gasped out, "Too injured it forced the change, unfortunately this body is too injured as well, I am going to have to change again. Please take care of me."

They looked on with both sadness and amazement as the teens body started to glow and shrink.

The sadness was because they knew from records that the glow was a method of healing if mortally injured, however every time the body regenerated it lost approximately a decade and changed sex. However this time the body would regenerate too young to fully remember its life, as it grew up it would remember more and more.

The glow ceased and the paramedics moved in to wrap the sleeping, exhausted three year old girl in a blanket.


"...with great sadness we regret to say the Hero known as Ying-Yang has been injured greatly enough to be forced to retire. We wish her well in her new life. in other news..."


Ying-Yang Powers

Sex changing when injured badly, mortally injured.

The ability to deliberately initiate the change of sex - penalty 10 year age reduction.
(Ying-Yang tries to stay as old as he/she can if she is injured fatally while too young then - death!)

Exemplar 2 all the time no matter sex

One random power at level 5 he/she keeps until next change whereupon it is lost.

One body suit (created one time when she was a gadgeteer) suitable for either sex, Kevlar strong. Ying-Yang logo on front and back.

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