Angel Of Justice Chapter 16

Katlain arrives at Billy’s Jerky Shack and didn’t see Detective Harrison’s car. She looks around the parking lot seeing there were any unmark police cars or surveillance vans but doesn’t spot any. She heads inside and is met by a hostess.

“How many in your party?”

“Two, but my friend isn’t here yet.” Katlain was subtlety looking around at the customers that were already there.

“Would you prefer a booth or table?”

“Table.” Katlain always prefers a table.

“If you’ll follow me please.”

Katlain follows behind the hostess to a table near a wall. She kept scanning the crowd.

“Would you like anything to drink?”

“Sweet ice tea please.” Katlain accepts the menu and looks through it as the hostess walks off.

A few minutes later Detective Harrison shows up. He sits across from him.

“I haven’t ordered yet. I was waiting for you.” Katlain takes a sip of her ice tea. She spots two guys come in and take a table not to far away from them.

“Good, I’m hungry.” He notices that Katlain had spotted the tail he had.

Their waitress comes over and gets their order. Detective Harrison orders an ice tea. He watches as the waitress walks off.

“It seems you have a shadow. What’s up?” She takes a sip of her tea.

“That’s Detective Jones and Detective Brown they are with CID. They are investigating me and my association with you. They have approached me several times about you.” Detective Harrison couldn’t figure out why they had been so interested in Katlain.

“I wonder why? You didn’t know about me, till the shooting in the park. During Pride in The Park Day.” Katlain was keeping an eye on the two detectives.

“I know. However, you do associate with some interesting people.” Det. Harrison knew most of what Katlain does.

“You mean my association with Red? What happened the other night with him?” Katlain was curious.

Before Det. Harrison could continue, their waitress comes over and refills their ice tea. Once she walks off.

“He has been under investigation for a while. CID has had him on their radar for a few months. They knew he ran a legitimate parts business, but they didn’t know he ran a chop-shop and drug smuggling business. They managed to put an undercover officer inside his organization.
They knew you had a relationship with Red, but they didn’t know if they could trust you. The other night, they were waiting for you to show up. When you didn’t, they just went ahead and arrested Red.” Detective Harrison knew Detective Jones and Williams were mad that they couldn’t catch her red-handed.

Det. Harrison knew they were going to charge her with grand theft auto. Then use the charge to blackmail her to make her work for them. That way, they could force her to do what they wanted.

“Why were they waiting for me?” Katlain was curious.

Detective Harrison looked a little uncomfortable before he spoke.

“They wanted to pressure you into becoming their confidential informant within Red’s organization. I told them you wouldn’t do it, because Red was a good friend and you don’t snitch on friends.”

“So, that whole job of me stealing Ventusky Ricci’s Lamborghini was a set-up for you guys?” Katlain was pissed that she had been played.

“Yes, but don’t worry about it. I’ve listed you as my CI since you saved mine and several other police officers lives. As for your friend Red, I
hate to say he is going to be spending some time in prison.” Det. Harrison couldn’t do anything about that.

“What happens to his legitimate company?” Katlain knew a lot of good people that worked for it.

“His assets will be seized, and the State will auction his company off.” Harrison felt sorry for the employee’s that work for the legitimate business.

“Do you think that I might be able to talk with Red and see if he will allow me to purchase his business?” Katlain figures she could dip into her trust fund and buy the company.

She normally didn’t like dipping into her trust fund. However, she liked the people that worked for Red. Plus, she wouldn’t mind owning a parts business.

“I’ll see what I can do for you. Have you contacted Officer Williams yet?” Det. Harrison was curious if Katlain has gotten anything on officer Williams.

“Yep, and I have so much on him right now. That you could arrest him and get him kicked off the force. However, you might want to wait a bit before you do. He wants me to let him know when Ventusky Ricci will be getting a shipment in. He is thinking about stealing his drug shipment.” Katlain didn’t like drug dealers.

She tries to stay away from them, but she does know a few people who sold drugs. She was thinking about setting Ventusky up. She takes a sip of her tea.

“So, what are you planning?” Det. Harrison was curious.

“I’m planning on setting his ass up. I’m going to give him the information he wants and once he takes possession. Then you can go in and arrest him. If you can catch him with a large ship of drugs. It will be a better victory against him, then catching him abusing his position as a police officer.” Katlain wanted to nail him.

“Did you collect any evidence of what officer Williams did?” Det. Harrison knew, unless Katlain had proof of Officer Williams abusing his position, it wouldn’t count.

“Oh, I have evidence. I have so much now, that there is no way he could talk his way out of it.” Katlain knew she was going to have more, once she checks the recordings from the bugs she planted.

“You are having too much fun.” Det. Harrison saw the amused look on her face.

“I always enjoy my work.” Katlain watches as their waitress comes walking over with their food.

Once their food was served. Katlain takes a bite of hers. She ordered a plate of jerk chicken, with rice, plantains, carrots and green beans. She looks over towards Detective Harrison. He had ordered curry chicken with rice, green beans, and carrots.

They eat their meal in quiet. She does glance over towards the two detectives. She waves for her waitress to come over and place a dessert and coffee order for them.

“I can’t believe you did that.” Det. Harrison just shakes his head.

Detective Jones and Detective Brown were surprised when their waitress put dessert and coffee down in front of them. They have been following detective Harrison because of his association with Katlain Brownlow. They knew she worked for Red off and on. Also, rumor had it, that she was a professional car thief, but no one had managed to prove it. There were rumors that she saved the lives of several police officers. A police officer had spotted her leaving the crime scene of the white supremacist headquarters.

Both men look over towards Harrison and Katlain. They noticed that Katlain was smiling and waving at them. They couldn’t believe she had spotted them.

“Better luck next time, guys.” Katlain heads towards the cashier to pay for hers and Detective Harrison’s meal.

“Where are you off too?” Detective Harrison was curious what her plan was.

“Learning when the next drug shipment is in. I’ll text you to let you know when we can set Williams up.” Katlain heads towards her maverick.

“Be careful and good luck.”

“Thanks.” Katlain checks her car to make sure there weren’t any bugs, before getting into her car and driving off.

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