The seduction: part 4

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Chapter ten: Surprise!

It was actually almost six pm when Maureen returned after more than a solid eleven hours of hard work. She was exhausted. She opened the front door, dropped her bag and walked tiredly to the lounge, where she heard three girls talking. In her tired state she didn’t realise one of them was Steph. She looked in and saw a new French girl with Madeline and Bhavana, wondering where Stefan might be. Then the new girl turned around and her heart almost stopped. Stephanie! The girl she had been dreaming of constantly for the last 24 hours! Maureen immediately burst into tears.

Stefan panicked. She was crying for gods sake. He had hurt her by doing what he had! He was up and ran for the door that was still open, not being able to think, not to speak of thinking clearly, but nevertheless grabbed the purse on his way, only to run into a solid 5ft4 wall of Indian woman. By now Stefan was hyperventilating and desperately tried to push past Bhavana, who grabbed his arm in an iron grip and said in a voice that left no room for anything but her question:
“Where do you think you are going, girl? And what do you think you are doing? Stop hyperventilating!”
Steph tried to pull free, but Bhavana seemed superhumanly strong.
“Let me go! I hurt her! I want to die!”

The desperate wail and the pain that was accompanying it was almost too much even for Bhavana. She had to use all her mental strength to keep hold of Stephanie, without succumbing to the emotional pain that shot into her through the physical contact. Carefully controlling her breathing she sent it out with her breath as Steph broke down into her arms sobbing uncontrollably. Maureen was standing in the lounge doorway unable to understand what was going on.
“Putain!” Madeline said very unladylike “Maureen, I think Stefan, or what is the male part of that girl, mistook your happy tears for disappointment and pain.”
Maureen was still disorientated. Bhavana, who had been able to relax just a little, had the good sense to kick the front door, to shut out any possible audience.
“How?” Maureen stammered “Why?”
“Does it matter?” Madeline asked her “Calm her for god’s sake.”

Maureen went to Stefan and Bhavana, who was holding the desolate and apparently completely absent girl in her arms, now making soothing noises.
“Stefan?” she asked, gently touching the incredibly tense shoulders.
Bhavana could feel a very small flame of hope flicker in Stephanie.
“Speak to the girl, Honey. Speak to Stephanie. She is stronger than the poor boy.”
“Stephanie? I am so, so sorry I did not tell you I cry, if I am sad or if I am happy. My tears were tears of joy. I love you.”
Bhavana, feeling the weak reaction strengthen, nodded encouragement at Maureen.
“Baby, I was so surprised to see you out in the open! I have dreamt of seeing you out incessantly for the last 24 hours.”
She took a deep breath, as much to calm her own nerves as to overcome her fatigue.
“You are the lover of my dreams, Stephanie, I will never let you go again. You are so beautiful, more than even I imagined. Please come back to me?”

It seemed that she was getting through slowly. Stefan’s panic began to subside. What had she said? She loved her? His confused mind was still unable to understand, but her heart, Stephanie’s heart responded. ‘Shut up’ Stephanie told Stefan in an internal dialogue ‘can’t you see that your perfectly unnecessary horror scenarios are making our life hell? If we don’t respond now things will go awry. Let me handle this, please?’

The quivering and sobbing body in Bhavana’s arms visibly relaxed. A faint but definitely feminine voice said:
“I am so sorry I panicked, Maureen.”
Maureen took hold of the poor girl and took her out of Bhavana’s arms and held her tight.
“Shhh, darling Steph, it is all right. I love you.”
“You are OK with me like this?”
“You mean as a girl? Honey, you are fulfilling my deepest most secret wish. Am I OK with who you are? Much, much more than that. I love you, I love you more than I could ever have imagined. You are so pretty! All the beautiful you inside is now openly visible. I love it.”
With that both of them started crying again and Stephanie sobbed:
“I never imagined girls cry of joy, yet here we are. Maureen, I love you more than my life. What I wailed just now is the truth. I’ll want to die if ever I hurt you.”

“Shh, precious, everything is all right now. Come with me, I’ll repair our make-up.”
Still not quite certain on her feet Stephanie followed Maureen to her bedroom, not letting go of her hand. As they were inside Maureen, who thanks to the adrenaline of the shock had now overcome her fatigue, turned Stephanie to face her and looked at her more closely.
“Oh wow!” She sighed “You hardly wear any make-up, your hair is your own and you are beautiful beyond belief. Madelaine did the styling, huh?”
“Yes,” Stephanie sighed “I am so happy with how I look.”
“You know that you are mine now, don’t you? And our new house mate?”
“Hold me, please Maureen, I need to feel this is real.”
Maureen happily obliged, holding Stephanie tight and kissing her deeply, now that their make-up was smeared anyway.
“I saw the news,” Stephanie said when they broke the kiss “and I was so determined to make it all up to you, once you got home. Then I saw your tears and the old panic took me. I am so sorry, Maureen.”
“Don’t be, my love. I should have warned you, but everything is moving so fast, it almost makes me dizzy. But isn’t life wonderful?”

With that she took a tissue and started cleaning up Stephanie’s running mascara and the slight foundation, that Madelaine had used. Surprised at how little there really was she kissed Steph again and said afterwards:
“She didn’t really use much, did she? You look pretty even without. Would you mind to stay natural for me, sweetie?”
“Not at all, my love.” Stephanie replied “You cannot imagine what pleasure it gives me to call you that.”
“And me to hear it.” Maureen sighed happily.
They looked at each other and got lost in each other’s eyes. Then Stephanie took a tissue herself and ever so gently cleaned up Maureen’s face, too.
“I still cannot get over the soft gentleness in all of your touches, Steph. I wonder how it will be to make love with you. It must be heaven on earth.”
Her loving words made Stephanie’s heart melt even more, but she was suddenly very hungry. Her panic attack had taken a lot out of her. She smiled shyly at Maureen.

“We have started the Chicken Tikka, Bhavana and I. It should be ready soon. Are you as hungry as I am after this cathartic experience, my love?”
“Oh, Steph, that sounds wonderful. Will you go and see what is cooking and I’ll wash off the day’s work experience in a quick shower?”
“Yes, Maureen, I love you!”
With that Stephanie almost skipped back downstairs, to check on and thank Bhavana and Madelaine. She had realised now, that the two had only known too well, what Maureen’s dream was, and had ever so nicely coaxed her to comply. Nobody had ever done her a kinder service, she thought.

Chapter eleven: dinner and the first evening as a house mate.

Both her new BFFs turned to her as she entered the kitchen. Stephanie opened both her arms and the three hugged. Stephanie was crying again, just as well that she had not renewed any make-up. When she had calmed down a bit she kissed first Bhavana and then Madelaine.
“Thank you, you two angels. You are the best friends a girl could ever ask for.”
“Oh Steph, you are so sweet!” Madelaine replied.
“I hope I did not hurt you, when I stopped you?”
“Not at all, Bhavana, what would I have done without you? You were so solid and calm and how did you make the pain go away?”

Bhavana smiled.
“That, sweetie, was hard work! You hurt so much. I have never felt despair or pain like that in anyone. It almost overwhelmed me.”
“Bhavana, I am so sorry. But I think that was the last time it happened. I told Stefan to stop his mind producing unreal horror scenarios, if he wants to stay with me.”
“I knew you were the stronger one, Stephanie. I am so glad you set yourself free.”
“I? It was you two, who were so kind to make me aware of myself.”
“Yes, but it was still you, who gathered the courage to subdue your fears and react to Maureen.”
Bhavana gently stroked her face.
“You’ll need more of that courage, though. I don’t suppose you want to go back to your job tomorrow as Stefan?”

“No.” Stephanie said happily “They either keep me as I am now, or they’ll see a potential new and very successful client turn somewhere else.”
Bhavana cracked up laughing.
“You are not talking about me, are you?”
“Of course I am! I am sure you are going to be the new shooting star on the interior decorating sky.”
“Finally someone to take my side.” Madelaine giggled happily “you are too modest, mon choux.”
That made Stephanie giggle, as she knew what that meant in a literal translation. Whatever had ridden the French, when they started calling their dear ones my cabbage? Madelaine had evidently guessed her thoughts, as she now giggled, too. The two of them looked at one another and their renewed hilarity infected Bhavana, even though she had no idea, what those two were laughing so hard about. She just knew ‘mon choux’ as one of Madelaine's endearments.

So when Maureen entered the kitchen she found her three house mates laughing with tears streaming down their cheeks. Realising that that was probably the release of the last of the tension of an hour before she joined in the group hug smiling. When everybody had calmed down a little she said:
“A sweet little pixie promised me some food. How are we doing on that front? I am ravenously hungry!”
On that cue the little group broke up, Madelaine went in search of a fourth chair, Stephanie set the table and Bhavana checked the time left on the Tikka.
“Four minutes.” she proclaimed “Perfect timing.”

The table set, Stephanie asked were the wines were, but Bhavana said she had something suitable for the occasion.
“Put out four flutes, too, Steph.”
With that she went to the cupboard under the stairs and came back with a bottle of sparkling wine, a demi sec Vouvray that, she said, was to her taste much better than any ‘cheap’ champaign. In her other hand she had a bottle of Fleury. Stephanie had no experience yet of French wines, as the Australian ones certainly were cheaper at the supermarket. As she studied the bottles Bhavana said:
“Looks like we can exchange. I teach you about good French wine and you teach me about style of speech. Things like ‘ladies’ and stuff. And why you and then Madelaine were laughing so hard.”

“I am not really sure if I should tell you.” Stephanie said, just as Madelaine came back with the fourth chair.
“Tell her what?” she asked.
“What we were laughing about.”
“Oh, go on then.” Madelaine giggled.
“She called you mon choux, a typically French term of endearment. Literally translated though it means my cabbage.” Stephanie hardly got the words out without having another giggle fit.
Bhavana and Maureen looked from Stephanie to Madelaine and back to see if they were serious. Then Maureen broke into laughter and finally even Bhavana could not keep up her annoyed grimace.
“No shit,” she said “my cabbage? I always knew the French were crazy!”

Just then the oven pinged and the food was ready to serve. Stephanie put two mats on the table for the hot oven dishes Bhavana carried over wearing oven gloves and the four of them sat down for their first home cooked meal together. The food, Stephanie had to admit, was delicious. She had been a little dubious about the rice and the long cooking time for the chicken, but everything was just right and tasted special. Then Bhavana expertly opened the Vouvray and filled their glasses. She pinged her still empty wine glass with her knife and said:
“To the birth of a very, very special girl, Stephanie. May she be happy with her new self and her love.”
Stephanie blushed and that made her look even more cute. They chinked their glasses and drank to Stephanie. Then Stephanie said her toast:
“To the best friends any girl could ever ask for.”
And again they chinked their glasses and drank.

Then the conversation turned to more girly stuff, as the three ‘original’ house mates started discussing, what they had they could give Stephanie in terms of clothes, until they could take her out for a day of shopping. Exeter had a very good selection of shops in the centre and Maureen, Bhavana and Madelaine had not been out together for a while.
“You know the little lingerie shop on the back of where the Triumph outlet is?” Madelaine asked Maureen and Bhavana and both shook their heads.
“Of course it has to be the French girl, who knows such places.”
Bhavana giggled as Stephanie blushed deeply.
“You are not planning to take me in there?” Stephanie asked.
“Of course I am!” Madelaine explained “And Bhavana and Maureen have to spend the time somewhere else. You are not a real woman until you have bought at lest one very special piece of clothing in a place like that!” Her tone brooked no resistance and Stephanie thought of the black body stocking she was wearing. Yes, at least one thing like that of her own was a must.

The meal was slow and full of laughter, as they first enjoyed their sparkling wine with it and then the Fleury. Stephanie’s seasoning had been suitably mild and Bhavana complimented on her excellent intuition, seasoning perfectly with spices she had never used on a dish she had never cooked. Both Maureen and Madelaine agreed. The rice was delicious, too, specially the crunchy peanuts and raisins on the outside, Stephanie found.
Between bites and sips they composed five work outfits for the coming week for Stephanie from their collective wardrobes and, finally satisfied sat around the table smiling, each girl in her own thoughts and content and happy. Maureen finally got up and said that she could not wait any longer. She took Stephanie’s hand saying to Bhavana and Madelaine:
“Sorry girls, your turn to clear the kitchen.”
Then she whispered in Stephanie’s ear:
“I need to feel your skin on mine now, Baby.”
Stephanie went bright red and Bhavana and Madelaine smiled indulgently.

Chapter twelve: making her a woman.

With every step up the stairs Stephanie got more anxious as well as exited. Obviously Maureen must know that she had not magically turned into a woman. But what if she didn’t like her body? ‘Stop it!’ Stephanie said to herself. ‘She is an adult woman and she must know what she is doing.’
That Maureen did indeed. She had been longing for this longer and more often then Stephanie could imagine. Her first sexual experience had been with fourteen years at a party of a friend at the parents house and some of the kids were allowed to stay over. Her boyfriend and her had got quite tipsy and when there were hardly any people left, she and her two best friends had persuaded him to let them dress him as a girl, so that he could spend the night. She had ended with “her” in one bed and, tipsy as they were, had sex. Maureen had fallen in love, but the next morning her boyfriend had been more than just embarrassed and had fled her and her friends from then on. Maureen on the other hand had never stopped dreaming of taking things a couple of steps further, finding a boy who would become her girlfriend. Now her dream was to become a reality.

She took Stephanie by the hand and led her to her bedroom and stood her in front of the full length mirror, stepping behind her. She gently kissed her on the neck and Stephanie felt a shiver run down her spine.
“Look at yourself, Baby! You are the prettiest girl I have ever seen.”
Steph blushed. Maureen put her arms around her from the back and whispered:
“You’re so adorable, when you blush, little cutie.”
Slowly she began to undress Steph. When she discovered the body stocking she almost lost it. She wanted to throw her on the bed and ravish her. But another part of her also wanted to know, how Steph would make love to her. So she tamed her desire and stepped back, slowly taking her own clothes off now too, with Steph still in her body stocking. She looked at Steph, who to her was all girl now. She even blushed gracefully, Maureen thought. Steph turned around and looked at Maureen now in just a simple white bra and panties.

“How beautiful you are!” Stephanie sighed “I still sometimes think I must be dreaming.”
“Yes,” Maureen said “me too. Touch me please, you wonderful girl, so that I know you for a reality.”
Hesitatingly at first Steph reached for her with her soft and slender fingers. The almost imperceptible caress made her skin tingle like never before. ‘Wow’ she thought ‘ how does Steph do that? I hardly feel the touch, but it drives me wild!’ It felt as if butterflies were continuously landing on her and taking off again. The feeling was incredible. Maureen felt herself getting more moist than she had ever been in her life.
Steph moved closer. While her hands were keeping up the arousal her lips found Maureen’s in a kiss more tender and yet arousing than she could have ever imagined. Her knees got weak and she sank back onto the bed sighing with pleasure, thinking that this was heaven. How would it actually be making love to Steph? Making her a woman? So far she was still a girl, but after this night she would be a woman. Maureen would see to that. But first she wanted to enjoy the way this incarnation of innocence was worshipping her beauty.

Steph’s gentle hands had moved to caress her face.
“So incredibly beautiful.” She sighed as her index fingers traced the lines of Maureen’s jaw. Then she got more bold and her fingers came round Maureen’ s back and opened her bra. With a gesture that compared to the deliberate slowness of her previous caresses felt almost impatient she freed Maureen’s breasts and let out a gasp. Her lips found the tip of one of them and Maureen let out a first timid scream, fearing she might frighten the girl again, but a knowing smile had spread on Steph’s face.
“My first reward.” she whispered happily.
And Maureen knew, that she had found more than she had ever dreamt of. Steph was the perfect lover for her.

While her lips kept teasing Maureen’s breast her fingers slowly descended down the sides towards the hips and a shudder went through her. Maureen realised that Steph was as exited as she was, just from caressing her. With incredibly tender care Steph removed Maureen’s white slip. Another sigh from her, as she looked at Maureen’s moist and already more than ready sex. She took a deep breath through her nose.
“I’ll know you now even with my eyes closed. I’ll forever remember this moment.” She whispered as her lips descended towards Maureen’s garden of pleasures. Maureen was marvelling at the feelings this girl was evoking in her. She had thought, she wanted to take charge of Steph, but now she felt just like giving herself up completely to the touch of this beautiful being.

“Never” Maureen moaned “have I been so exited and so relaxed at the same time, Stephanie. If ever there was a goddess of lesbian sex, it must be you, Baby.”
To her surprise Steph’s hips bucked at that and she gave a little squeal that sounded so much like a sexually exited teenage girl, that Maureen had her first orgasm. ‘Don’t stop’ she was going to scream when she felt Steph’s tongue on her most sensitive spot, circling it, teasing it and finally sucking it pushing her over the edge again into the next climax. Instead of words there came a deep cry of purely feminine joy as she consciously grabbed Steph’s head very gently and pressed her sex against her lips. That “kiss” evidently sent Steph over the edge, too, as she now shivered and shook and squealed herself with joy.
Steph’s eyes were huge as she looked at Maureen. Maureen gently touched her flushed cheeks.
“You are the most wonderful lover ever, Stephanie.”
“I came!” she whispered aghast “I came and you never even touched much.”

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