Take Two Girls - Part 1

[at a Student House in South Leeds]

"Fuck shit and double fuck," exclaimed the attractive young woman as she stormed into the sitting room of her house.

"What's up dude?" asked another of the occupants who was clearly 'high' after consuming his third joint of the day.

"Yeah, why the swearing Luce?" asked the third member of their household who was pouring over a laptop computer.

"I called home to wish my Mother a happy birthday only to find out that my frigging father is throwing a huge party in the summer for his fucking fiftieth birthday. It's going to happen during 'Cowes Week'."

"So? What's the problem? That's months away?" asked Dave as he took his head away from the Laptop screen.

"What's the problem? The problem is that they have demanded my presence. I just know that they are going to line up a whole raft of chinless wonders as possible husbands for ME! That's how my mother was 'chosen' by my father twenty-five years ago. I twigged this because she started to talk about my future and families the last time I was at home. Is it any wonder I'm angry?"

"Cool," remarked Jeff, the pot head of the three.

"No, it is most certainly not fucking cool. The last thing I want is to… to be married off to someone in the City just so that my bastard father's business can profit."

Then Lucy stomped over to the window and sat down on a chair.

"The thing is, on the rebound from that news, I told mum that I was seeing someone."

"Ok Lucy, I'll brush off my suit and be your boyfriend for the weekend," volunteered Dave.

"Sorry Dave, you are going to be out of luck unless you can pass as a woman because I said that I was seeing a 'her'."

"Luce? Since when did you become a lezzie?" asked Dave.

"I'm not. That's my problem. Because of my frigging big mouth and not engaging my brain before speaking I have dug a hole the size of the Malham Tarn and buried myself in it."

Dave couldn't help but have a little snigger at the misfortune of his housemate.

[Two days later, in the pub]

Lucy was still angry at herself and more importantly, with her parents for trying to manipulate her life yet again. She'd thought that was long gone when she'd moved away from home to attend university. Then they'd tried when she graduated but she'd rebutted them firmly by signing up for a Master's Degree.

"Luce, you still aren't your normal 'self' tonight, are you still moping over your impending death?" asked one her fellow drinkers, a fellow MA Student called Steve Wilson.

"Steve, you really don't want to know, you really don't."

"Luce, we are all friends here. Perhaps we can help with whatever is bothering you?" he asked again.

"Steve, you are a sweet guy but this is a problem between me and my folks."

"Lucy here is being 'presented' to some potential hubbies at her father's birthday bash," said Dave.

"She's naturally not that keen on the idea."

There was general agreement that this was not a good thing. This did little to cheer her up.

Dave, who by now had downed several pints added, "Our darling Lucy has complicated matter by telling her Oldies that she's seeing someone."

"Isn't that a good thing?" asked Andy Wynn, another of her fellow students.

"Not if, one, she's not seeing someone and two, that someone is supposed to be a woman," chirped in Dave.

Lucy was by now seething.

"So, geniuses, what do you suggest I do then?" Lucy asked the group with more than a little frustration.

There was some mumbling but no one came forward with a solution until, Andy Wynn piped up.

"So, let's get Lucy a lezzie girlfriend."

There was some general hilarity until Dave pointed out,

"Lucy isn't a lezzie as you so eloquently put it."

"I'll put on a dress for you," joked another of the group. This quip came from Bob Travers. Bob had been unsuccessfully trying to get a date with Lucy for the past four years.

There was a lot more laughing and general frivolity amongst the group.

A few minutes later, one of them said,

"There is always Andrea. I'm sure she'd do it for a few quid."

Everyone looked at the speaker. This was the final member of the group Sharron Young. She was the 'Blonde Bombshell' of the MA team. Most of the men on the course fancied her something rotten but the trouble was that she was married to a PHD student.

The person mentioned, Andrea rented the basement flat in the house where Steve Wilson lived. She was also a Transsexual and was trying live quietly while she became a woman. Sadly, trouble seemed to be her second name.

"The last I heard of her was that her Landlord was trying to get her evicted. Says she's a trouble maker," said Dave.

There were more mutterings but soon the conversation switched to something more important to many of them such as the forthcoming Rugby League season and the prospects of the local team, Leeds Rhino's, but a key thought had implanted itself into Lucy's mind.

A few days later, Lucy gave in to her misgivings and went to Andrea's home. This was a cellar flat a few streets away from where Lucy lived. With more than a bit of trepidation, she knocked on the door to Andrea's flat.

After a few seconds, Andrea herself answered. Lucy gave a gasp as she saw Andrea.

"Andrea…" she stuttered.

"Hello Lucy. Is there something I can do for you?" asked Andrea slightly sarcastically.

Lucy couldn't take her eyes off the very visible cuts and bruises on Andrea's face.

"I'm sorry. Are you, all right? You look as if you have been through the wars?"

"Oh this? Just about par for the course I'm afraid. It is just that some people are afraid of us 'T' girls, and our grand plan to take over the world," replied Andrea trying to make light of her obvious wounds.

"A couple of Neanderthals got tanked up on a Friday night wouldn't take no for an answer. This is the end result, still at least two of them got a stiletto in their sensitive parts so perhaps they won't do that again in a hurry. One may well have a broken foot after I stamped on it," she replied trying to make it seem nothing out of the ordinary.

Lucy tried but couldn't suppress a small laugh. She had to admire the bravado that Andrea was putting on to what was certainly more than a few minor injuries.

"Andrea," said Lucy gathering her thoughts.

"I have a little proposition that I'd like to put to you. May I come in?"

Andrea looked at Lucy for a long second before saying,

"Sure, come on in but you will have to take those boots off first though."

Lucy was wearing her normal heavy boots, tatty jeans with the torn knees and a loose smock like top and a short 'Donkey Jacket' coat.
Lucy took off her boots and walked into Andrea's home. She was amazed at the place. It was like stepping back in time to the 1950's. As she looked around, she realised that nothing was out of its proper place. Andrea despite her wounds was immaculately dressed. Lucy was very impressed.

"Can I get you a cup of tea?" asked Andrea, "I was just going to have one myself so the kettle is on."

As if by magic, the whistle on top of the kettle sounded off.

"Yes. Thanks. No sugar please," replied a still startled Lucy.

Andrea carried the tea into the room on a tray. The Tea was in a pot and there were some biscuits on a plate. What struck Lucy was that all the china matched and none of it was chipped, cracked or damaged.

Lucy was quickly revising her opinion of Andrea.

Andrea poured the tea and passed the cup to Lucy. She then started to pour the milk into the cup after saying, "say when".

"When," said Lucy after Andrea had poured a very small amount of milk into the cup. Andrea smiled.

Andrea poured herself a cup of tea omitting the milk and sat down smoothing her skirt behind her as she did. Lucy could see not one male trait in anything that Andrea did. She was even more impressed by her host.

Lucy took a sip of the tea before asking,

"Andrea, I need your help. I'm in a bit of a bind and it could very well be that are the right person to help me out."

"Right to the point as always Lucy," replied Andrea, "carry on, I'm listening."

"Sorry but this is difficult for me. I know that I've been less than complimentary about you in the past but seeing you and your home, has opened my eyes to a different world. Please forgive me."

Andrea didn't say anything but took another sip of tea.

"Andrea as I said, I'm in a bit of a bind. A mess that is totally of my own making I might add. My father is holding a big bash next August to celebrate his 50th birthday. My Mother has virtually ordered me to be there. It is all going to take place during Cowes Week so I know the main reason is business. He does nothing just for pleasure when it involves him spending more than a few quid on the event. I just know that they will try to marry me off to one of a number of eligible men who will bring some benefit to his business. That's how he got married and his father before him. I'm different from them and really want no part of that world."

Lucy stopped.

"I'm not doing this very well am I?"

She swallowed hard as Andrea permitted herself a small smile.

"When my mother told me about it, I reacted by telling her that I was seeing someone, and that someone was a woman."

Lucy swallowed hard before saying, "Andrea, I need you to be my girlfriend for the weekend."

Andrea smiled and sat there for several seconds.

"I can see your problem. So, what's in it for me?"

Lucy was startled by her directness.

"I'll pay all your expenses naturally and… how about a grand?"

Andrea sat back with her tea. Her whole appearance and demeanour was more that of a middle-aged woman rather than someone in her early twenties. Her mind was frantically trying to come to terms with what Lucy had just offered her.

She smiled.
"Just what would be my role?"

"You'd be my partner for the weekend."

"So, we'd be sleeping together or are your parents from the dark ages?" asked Andrea with a little smirk that Lucy missed.

"I think so. The dark ages I mean."

"We'd have to kiss and hold hands and all that stuff in public as well?"

"I suppose so, yes," mumbled Lucy as she saw where things might be going.

"What sort of events and functions would I have to attend?"

"The birthday party and a few receptions as well I suppose. If I know my father he will want us to go riding over the forest."

Andrea almost choked on her tea.

"Riding? That's out for starters. There is no way I'll be seen on a horse with… well, it will be painful."

Lucy saw her point there. She loved riding but not the cavalry charge across the open spaces of the New Forrest, that her Father called riding.

"Ok, no riding then."

"You mentioned Cowes Week. I suppose some sailing and all those terrible 'yachtie types' in a gin palace will be involved?"

"Yes. Daddy has a 75ft cruiser or 'gin' palace as you so accurately put it. He usually takes it over close to the Island for the closing firework displays and has the party there but they always make a weekend of it."

"No sailing," replied Andrea in a matter of fact way, "I get seasick even in a rowing boat on a lake."

"Does this mean you are going to do it?" asked Lucy as her hopes were raised.

Andrea smiled but shook her head at the same time.

"No Lucy, it does not. I need to think on this. You need to think about us as a couple. If I agreed to this, guess who is going to have to change? It is fairly obvious that you need to show that you are all grown up and are perfectly capable of making decisions for yourself and not relying on Mummy and Daddy to organise your life for you."

"I'm not…"

Suddenly, Lucy saw the implications of what Andrea had just said. A chill feeling ran through her body.

"I'll think on it for a few days and let you know."

"Thanks. There's plenty of time before it all takes place."

As Andrea was showing Lucy out when she realised that she had one more question.

"This lie come illusion you have fed your parents. Does it include the small matter of you actually living with your 'partner' whom whoever she may be?"

Luck looked down at the floor before answering.

"Yes, I supposed it does mean exactly that."

Andrea gave a big sigh.

"I'll let you know what I decide in a few days."

"Thanks Andrea, goodnight."

Andrea shut the door to her meagre home with a smile on her face. Mentally, she'd already agreed to do it but for considerably more than what she'd been offered. Lucy was going to pay for some other things but she didn't know quite what they were at that moment.

[To be continued]

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