Angel Of Justice Chapter 14

Katlain sits out in her garage after Detective Harrison left. She had slipped on a pair of shorts and one of her old boyfriend’s football jerseys. She grabbed her gun cleaning kit and all the weapons she used the other night. She sat at her work bench and cleaned each weapon and reloaded all the magazines.

She knew she was going to have to talk with Red and find out who dealt in weapons to buy replacement ammo for the sniping rifle. She had enough for now, but she wanted to make sure she knew who she could go to, to get more if she needed it. She wonders if the police officer that was helping the local chapter of the white supremacist group had been caught? She knew by now he would had found her bug.

She finishes cleaning the guns and changes into a pair of slim leg jeans and another t-shirt. She grabs the keys to her maverick and drive over towards Red’s garage. When she arrives, she parks next to Troy’s blue Cadillac. She shakes her head at how glitzy he has made the car.

As she walks in, she looks around at all the cars they were stripping and repairing as well. She waves to one of the mechanics. He had started at the same time she had. However, he wasn’t a good car thief. So, Red put him to work in the shop as a mechanic. He found out he had a gift when it came to fixing cars.

So, Red kept him on as a mechanic for the legitimate aspect of the business. She heads towards Red’s office and knocks on the door.


Katlain walks in “Hi, Red.”

“Hey, Katlain. What brings you up here today?” Red knew it was unusual for Katlain to hang around at the shop.

“I need some information on someone you trust that I can buy certain caliber of ammo from.” Katlain sits down in front of his desk.

“Thinking about an untraceable gun?” Red watches Katlain’s facial expression.

“Nope, actually I need some ammo for a .50 caliber sniping rifle.”

“Where did you get a fifty-caliber sniping rifle from?” Red was curious.

“I found it in the back of a car I stole. I want to learn how to use it, so I need ammo for it.” Katlain wasn’t telling the truth, but Red didn’t need to know the truth.

“Here’s a guy I trust. You can get almost anything from him and inform him I sent you. He doesn’t normally, take new people unless he knows them. However, since you work for me, he’ll be willing to see you. If you got time tomorrow night. I have a car that a client wants, and I know where you can pick the car up.” Red wanted to get this car.

“How much am I getting out of this?” Katlain didn’t mind doing the job, but she wants payment as well.

“How’s about $400.00?”

“Make it $500.00, and you have a deal.” Katlain could give the money to her friend.

“Deal. Bring the car back here.” Red hands Katlain the inform where the car was being stored.

Katlain looks at the address. She immediately knew that it was going to be a difficult job. The neighborhood was patrolled regularly and was gated. She’ll have to be careful on this one.

“See you later Red.” Katlain gets up and leaves Red office.

She’ll have to check the place out and see what the owner’s routine is. Katlain heads to her garage to finish some work on the Rubicon. She really needed to have it armor plated. That way she wouldn’t have to repair it so often.

Once the work was done. She takes the Rubicon out for a test drive with everything she did to it. She increased its horsepower and suspension. She goes mudding in it. She takes it back home and clean it up. While she is drying the Jeep off. Her cell phone starts ringing.
She picks it up and notices it is Detective Harrison calling her.

“Hey detective. What can I do for you?” Katlain walks over and grab a beef jerky to snack on.

“Are you busy right now?” Detective Harrison had a lead on a police officer that was arresting women and having sex with them.

“Nope, I was just going to relax for a while. What can I do for you?’

“Can you meet me at the diner on 54th and Sweetwater?” Harrison knew it was far enough from Katlain’s place and the station.

“Sure. I can be there in twenty minutes.” Katlain starts heading towards her Maverick.

“Okay, see you then.” Detective Harrison hangs up.

Katlain presses the button on her remote to raise the garage door and drive the Maverick out. She presses it one more time and makes sure it closes before driving off. The diner wasn’t too far from the garage, so it didn’t take her long to arrive.

She goes inside and heads towards a table near the windows. This way she can watch who arrives and who leaves. The waitress comes over and Katlain orders a sweet tea, while looking through the menu for lunch. She looks up at Detective Harrison as he comes walking in.

The detective sits down across from Katlain.

“Thanks for meeting me, Katlain.”

“No problem. So, who is the person I’m investigating?” Katlain takes a sip of the sweet tea she ordered.

“A cop by the name of Aaron Williams. He’s been on the force for six years and it seems for the last three years he has been pulling women over and blackmailing them into having sex with him. I tried to investigate the matter, but they were pulled off the case for some reason. “Detective Harrison takes a sip of his coffee.

“How about witnesses? Didn’t a few of the women file a complaint or something?” Katlain knew she would have, if she had been forced.

“We had a few that did, but they were found dead from an overdose. The others, the investigators didn’t believe them because of their police record.”

“So, the guy manages to get away with it. Because of the witnesses either not being believed or because someone got to them first and overdose them with drugs.” Katlain figures that this wasn’t going to be an easy job.

“Do you think you can handle this?” Harrison looks at Katlain.

“Yea, I’ll be able to do this. Give me all his information and his patrol area. I’ll grab his attention and handle the problem for you.” Katlain had a few ideas on what she was going to do.

If she can’t blackmail him, she’ll set him up. All she needs to do is set the plan in motion. She eats her lunch and thinks about things. By the time the two of them were done with lunch. She heads back to her house to plan things out.

Detective Harrison pays for the lunch as he heads back to work.

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