Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 12

Julie couldn’t believe how deep the snow was. It had really come down. She reaches down for the thermos she had prepared and brought with her. She takes a sip from it as she fills the coffee inside slide down her throat and warm the inside of her stomach. Christmas was down in the gym teaching ballet to her new sisters and cousin. She rides over towards the landing strip, where she spots her father clearing the landing strip.

She watches him clear the snow first and then lay down the deicer chemical to deice the landing strip. Her father had everything he needed to keep their landing strip clear. She rides closer but doesn’t take her horse onto the strip. She waves towards her father.

Jack spots his oldest daughter on her horse waving at him. He drives the tractor over towards the side of the field.

“What’s up, pumpkin?” Jack wonders what his oldest wanted.

“Do you need any help, dad?” Julie doesn’t mind helping her father.

“I’m almost done, Julie. I only have a few more passes and we’ll be in good shape.”

“I got some coffee, dad. Would you like some?” Julie shows her thermos to her father.


Julie hands her father the thermos and watches as he drinks some. She knew he preferred straight black coffee, but he would drink the coffee she had. He takes a second sip and hands the thermos back to her.

“Thank you so much.” Jack was glad his daughter stopped and offered him some coffee.

“You’re welcome dad.” Julie never thought she would had survived like she did.

She thought for sure she would be dead by now. The Arab that bought her had enjoyed abusing her and Gina. She still felt some pain from her hips. The doctor that broke her hips and forced her to heal back like a normal woman’s hips. He had done so much to her that, she was going to have hip problems when she got older.

She watches her father finish up the runway and head towards the hangar. Her father didn’t mind her bring her horse inside the hangar.

Her aunt’s Lear Jet was stored inside with their other two jets and her father’s Cessna. She had her pilot’s license and could fly any of their
planes and helicopters. She looks towards her father and watches him. She was still sitting up in her saddle.

Jack had put away the tractor and the deicing chemicals he had left over. He walks out and notices his daughter sitting in her saddle thinking.
He knows the facial expression of all his girls.

He walks over to her and her horse “what are you thinking about, sweetie?”

Julie looks down at her father “just wondering what would had happened to me and Gina if you never came along.”

“Well, I’m glad you two never had to find out. Because I am proud to call you and Gina my daughters. I know Debbie is proud of you two girls. so, are your uncles. You shouldn’t worry about what might have been. Because, I would had found you and Gina sooner or later. That Arab had been on my radar for a while.” Bounty rubs the neck of Julie’s horse.

“Thanks, Dad.” Julie had tears sliding down her cheeks. She wipes them away.

She heads out, so her father can close the hangar up. She heads back to the barn and unsaddle her horse and brush him down. She gives him a little extra dry apples and carrots as a treat. She heads inside, after making sure all the other horses are taken care of. She checks on Simba and Khan. They looked like they were comfortable.

When she heads inside the house, she notices Selina was in the process of making lunch. They were having tacos and burritos for lunch. Julie looks at what still needed to be done. She grabs her apron and a knife. She starts chopping up some veggies for the tacos. She makes some rice and refried beans to go along with the tacos and burritos. All the ingredients people will need to make their own.

Selina checks the monitor and notices that Christmas was done teaching. They were leaving to freshen-up.

“Come on Julie. Let’s get everything set-out.” Selina arranges everything in assemble line.

That way everyone could make their tacos and burritos the way they want. Julie watches as the rest of the family is brought in. The new girls
didn’t know what they were supposed to do, but with a little encouragement from their sisters. They were shown how to assemble their meal.
Gina and Tizzy helped the new girls. Tizzy was spending as much time with her little sister and with her fiancé. He was helping Tizzy and they were including Krisha in everything. Tizzy wanted to build a close relationship with her, like Julie had with Gina and their new sisters.

Christmas was enjoying herself. She was officially married to her childhood friend. She just wishes she had given into her feelings. When they
were still in school together. She had gone up to their old school where she taught and updated her file as being married.

Julie does get called for a drug inspection on a routine traffic stop, since she lived nearby. She shows up with Sphinx at the traffic stop. There were two police cars already on scene. She took Sphinx out on his leash and over to the car they pulled over and let him do his job. As she was watching sphinx as he searched for the drugs.

A black SUV pulls up and start spraying the area. Julie gets hit a few times in her vest from the bullets and takes one in her right upper thigh.
Sphinx was still in the car, but he got hit from several bullets. Julie manages to pull her gun out and fire two rounds off towards the retreating SUV. She hits the back window of the SUV and the second bullet hit something inside the SUV. One of the officers got hit in his right arm and left leg. The other officer got hit in the chest as well and in his left arm. The two people that had been pulled over were lying on the ground bleeding.

One of the other officer’s radio for ambulance. She pulls herself over to Sphinx and check on him. He took two bullets to his right side. She does what she can for him. She had learned some emergency first aid for wolves from her father. She presses her necklace to have her father show up, while she tries to slow the bleeding.

Bounty House:
Jack was playing with the twins, when he hears an alert from his cellphone. It was the alert for Julie. He grabs his black leather jacket, handgun and his triple barrel shotgun. Debbie had heard the alert and knew it was Julie’s alarm. She puts the twins down in the playpen and follow behind Jack.

“Go help our baby.” Debbie watches from the front door as Jack runs towards the new Hummer and head down the drive way.

Crime Scene:
When Jack arrives, he sees the paramedics helping the injured police officers and the people they pulled over. He saw Julie, refusing to let the paramedics tend to her wounds till Sphinx was okay.

A State trooper stops him “I’m sorry sir, but you can’t go over there.”

Jack looks at him “my daughter is Officer Bounty and I’m her father. I’m also a legal veterinarian as well. So, unless you know something about wolves, I would move aside.”

The State trooper moves aside and let Jack head over towards Julie and Sphinx.

“How bad is he baby?” Jack stands next to Julie. He notices she was using the car for support.

“I found two entry points, dad. His breathing is kind of swallow and his pulse is slow.” Julie had used her uniform shirt to stop the bleeding.

“Go with the paramedic, baby. I got Sphinx.” Jack looks towards the paramedic that had come over to examine Julie.

Julie reluctantly goes with the paramedic to the ambulance. The bullet was still in her thigh. She didn’t like she had to go to the hospital again. She saw her father carry Sphinx back to the family hummer.

“Can’t you do your job without getting shot?” Christmas looks at her wife.

She had come up to the hospital to pick Julie up. The bullet hadn’t gone through her leg or hit a major artery either. It had impacted against her femur and shattered it.

“It’s part of the job, baby. Unfortunately, it seems lately. I have either been blown-up or shot at.” Julie was worried about Sphinx.

This was the second time he has been injured in the past few weeks. Christmas had come and picked her up in her police SUV. She watches as Christmas drives them home. When they pull into the driveway and park the SUV next to the Hummers.

Christmas helps Julie into the house. Julie causes Christmas to stop.

“I want to check on Sphinx.” Julie wanted to check on her wolf.

“He’s still out, Julie.” Cheshire had heard her niece and came to stop them.

“Is he going to make it, Aunt Cheshire?” Julie was worried that Sphinx might have lost to much blood.

"Ask your father when he comes upstairs." Cheshire knew Jack had to pull two bullets out of Sphinx and fix the damage they did.

She did what she could for him till, her father showed up. She knew how Gina felt about Cadmus. Their wolves have been a big part of their recovery.

“Come on Officer Bounty, let’s get you up to bed.” Christmas makes her wife head upstairs to their bedroom.

“I feel sorry for those two.” Cheshire walks into the living room to check on her family.

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