From The Past To The Future Part 5

Lupita checks on their guest before she goes back outside to chop some more wood. Black Wolf had left earlier to go see Fighting Hawk and his wife Running Brook. She bundles up as she grabs the ax and head outside. She starts splitting the logs as she wonders where the child came from. She knew from the memories of the elf’s mind she now inhabited. That it wasn’t uncommon for teenagers the child age to go in the world. However, normally, they have someone watching over them.

Inside the Cabin:
The child wakes-up and looks around from the bed. He notices that it was kind of rustic looking. He notices that his body was wrapped up in bandages and had two heavy quilted blankets covering his nude body. The child had no idea where they were or who they were. The child hears a door open on the other side of the room, where the door was. The child lays back down and pull up the blankets, so it covered their wrapped body.

Lupita brings in some of the wood she split and stack it near the fireplace. She brings in enough, so she doesn’t have to go back outside and get some more. The past few days the temperature has been in the negative. She didn’t know how much longer it was going to last, but she wanted to make sure they had enough chopped wood available to heat the inside.

Lupita takes her cloak, scarf and gloves off. She removes her boots and step into the bedroom to check on the child in there. She looks in and notices that the child was awake.

“Hi, how are you feeling?” Lupita was surprised the child was awake.

The child looks at the young woman that stepped into the room. She had long black hair that had been tied back into a ponytail. There was something familiar about her.

“I’m fine. Where am I? What happened? and Who am I?” The boy was confused about himself and his surroundings.

Lupita stood there, stun. She looks at the boy.

“You don’t know who you are or what happened to you?” Lupita steps closer to the bed.

The boy shakes his head no. He couldn’t remember who he was or what happened to him. He looks at the woman standing near his bed.

“Well, I found you lying face first in the snow and injured about half a mile or so from here. I brought you back here to tend to your wounds with help from my friend Black Wolf. When we started tending to your injuries. We found that you were wearing girl clothes under the ski suit you had on. As for your injuries, they weren’t too serious. You’ve been out of it for the past three days, since I found you.”

The boy couldn’t recall anything. He looks towards Lupita.

“Who are you?”

“Lupita and I’m not from here. Black Wolf found me almost in the same condition I found you.” Lupita still couldn’t get over the fact she had been sent through a dimensional portal or something.

“Who’s Black Wolf?” The boy was curious.

“He’s an older Lakota Native American we are currently staying with. He’s a nice fellow. He took me in when he didn’t have too. He has been helping me learn how to interact with everyone here.” Lupita was thankful for everything Black Wolf has done for her.

“What will happen to me?” The boy was curious.

“Well, I think you’ll be staying here, till we find out more about you. Do you feel up to eating something?” Lupita had some stew on the stove.

She had planned on having that and a couple of slices of fresh baked bread. One of the ladies had given her a couple of jars of preserves for the rabbit stew she made for her. She had some herbal tea the child could drink to help his healing.

The boy nods his head yes. He was feeling hungry and thirsty.

“Could I get something to drink, please?” The boy looks at Lupita.

“Sure, let me go and get everything.” Lupita heads into the kitchen and fixes a tray to take back into the bedroom.

She adds a medium container of preserves and a container of honey butter she made. She cuts at least six slices of fresh baked bread. She makes two bowls and fixes two teas as well. She brings a small jar of honey with her.

The boy had watched when Lupita left the room. He still didn’t know what happened or could recall his name. He wonders why he had been wearing girl clothes? He had been staring at a picture on the wall, when the bedroom door opened again.

Lupita comes walking in carrying a tray. She sets it on the bed across his lap.

“Help yourself.” Lupita picks up her bowl and the saucer that had the bread already smeared with preserves. She also takes her tea.

“Be careful with the tea. It’s still a little hot. You might have to add a little honey to sweeten it.” Lupita sits in a chair near the bed and watches as the boy starts eating his stew.

He burns himself, some when he tries to eat the stew.

“Careful, it’s hot.” Lupita just smiles as she watches him blow on the stew, before eating it.

The boy blows on the stew, before trying to eat it. He carefully eats the stew and then some of the bread with the honey butter spread over it.
He liked the honey butter. He uses some of the bread to wipe the inside of the bowl when he finishes the stew.

The boy enjoys the herbal tea. He adds a little bit of honey to sweeten. By the time he is done eating and drinking the tea. He became tired and slowly fell asleep.

Lupita takes the dirt dishes back to kitchen and clean them. She checks the cabbage, potatoes and ham she was cooking for dinner. She is cooking on low in the oven, so it wouldn’t be done till later.

She heads back into the bedroom to check on the boy. She notices he was sound asleep. She tucks the blankets around him. She heads back into the living room to finish reading a book she started. It was a romance novel she had picked up when they went to the store.

The cover had caught her attention. Reading the English language wasn’t hard. The memories from the body she was in, made it seem the languages were like High English. She learned a little more from Black Wolf.

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