Blackwell Paranormal Investigation Agency Case 4 Part 1

Chapter 4 Part 1

Are Elves Real?

August couldn’t believe she was seeing a real elf when Mr. Blackstone and his team had pulled up at the airfield. She had been called earlier and asked if it was possible to catch a flight to Cold Springs, CA. She had informed him, that it all depends if they were taking their SUV’s like last time or just them. Mr. Blackstone had informed her they were picking vehicles up there.

That made it easier on her, because they could take the Lear Jet they kept for her and Butch to fly. She was six months pregnant with her and Butch’s first child. It had felt weird when the elf person came over and laid her hand with her permission on her belly.

Trinity couldn’t help, but to touch August’s belly. She did ask permission before she did it. She could feel the baby inside August and could tell it was in good health. She knew Luna was curled up in Cleo’s pocket. Mr. Blackstone had requested her to remain hidden.

August had gotten her flight license and could fly, but she only flew when Rebecca or Butch was with her. She didn’t like flying by herself. She knew Butch didn’t like it when she flew while she was pregnant. She was only six months along, so it was still safe for her to fly.

It didn’t take them long to fly from Walker, Kansas to Cold Springs, CA. There was a private airport that someone from Enterprise Rental was going to meet them with two black SUV. While Mr. Blackstone and his crew were working on their case. Butch and August would be staying nearby in a hotel.

Luna comes out of Cleo’s pocket once they were on their way. She flies up to the front where Mr. Blackstone and Ralph was sitting. Cleo, Trinity and Joanna were sitting in the back with all their gear in the cargo area.

Trinity was watching the landscape go by as they drove from the private airfield. She couldn’t believe how much she had changed. She remembers how she use to be, just like Luna does. She is also feeling new things about herself. She likes that she was a fully functional woman. She has already started her period. Cleo had to explain what to do. She did find out that when it was that time of month for her. Her magical energies were a little erratic.

Mr. Blackstone knew exactly where he was going. It wasn’t the first time he has been to this address. He remembered the first time he worked this case. It was an old FBI case that a friend gave him. He thought it would be something he would find interesting.

It was about a woman who had gotten struck by lighting getting out of her car coming back from a party with her husband. Her husband had been caught by the same lighting strike. He died from it passing through his body. However, she had been changed from the slight radiation inherit in the necklace and earrings she had worn that night. The combination the radiation of the necklace and the lighting strike changed her body.

After twenty minutes Mr. Blackstone pulled up the driveway of the address. The house set back on the 11-acre lot. It was an old Spanish Revival architecture design house.

“Oh, pretty.” Luna was looking out the front windshield of the SUV towards the place.

“Luna, I want you to scout around the house and tell me if you find anything.” Mr. Blackstone opens the door once he parks the SUV.

“Oh, you gone and done it now, sir. We won’t see her for a while.” Ralph gets out of the SUV, followed by everyone else.

“We’ll see her. Luna loves everyone here.” Trinity remembers the conversation she had with Luna.

She follows everyone up to the door and just before Mr. Blackstone goes to knock on it.


Trinity just reacts as she puts a protective shield around them, as the house explodes.

The shield protects them from the explosion as debris and flames fly over them and around them. Once the explosion was over, she drops the shield and falls to her knees pale as a ghost. Joanna moves to her side.

“Easy, Trinity. I got you.” Joanna was kneeling by Trinity.

“Luna?” Ralph was looking around for Luna.

Ralph and Cleo were worried that Luna got caught in the explosion. Ralph goes one way around the house and Cleo goes the other way. They were looking for Luna. Cleo finds Luna hanging upside down in a tree unconscious by her right foot. Some how her right foot had gotten caught in the v section of a branch. She was at least fifteen feet from the back of the house. Her coveralls were burned, but the rest of her was okay.

“Found her, Ralph.” Cleo had to use an outside chair to get her down out of the tree.

She carries her around to the front of the house where Mr. Blackstone, Trinity and Joanna were. Ralph was following right behind her. Cleo was carefully carrying Luna’s unconscious form in the palm of her hand.

“Trinity, can tell me if Luna is okay?” Cleo notices Trinity was pale and looked tired.

“I’ll try.” Trinity places her hand over Luna and closes her eyes.

She concentrates on Luna’s body and feels Luna was fine. She was just knocked out from the concussive force of the explosion. Her new coveralls were ruined exposing the front of her body.

Cleo takes her to the SUV and lays her down in one equipment cases with the lid left opened.

Mr. Blackstone was examining the ruins of the house as sirens could be heard coming their way. As he was looking around, he noticed some movement from some debris.

As he gets closer, a figure wearing a dark long cloak was raising up off the floor holding the body of a woman. Mr. Blackstone immediately knew who the woman was. It was the woman who they had came to talk to and help.

“Who are you and what have you done to her?” Mr. Blackstone had pulled his gun and was aiming it at the person.

The person turns around and looks at Mr. Blackstone.

“Trying to save this person’s life.” The figure was looking directly at Mr. Blackstone.

Mr. Blackstone couldn’t believe it. He was looking at an actual Elf from her looks and speech. She had an European accent to her speech. The woman standing in front of him wasn’t anything like Trinity. She was almost 6 feet tall and had dark tanned skin. Her bright light green eyes were watching him. She had light brown hair that looked to be tied back. She had on full body mottled gray scale mail armor. Dark leather gloves covered her hands. The cloak she had on covered her, the sword on her hip and the woman. Protecting them from the explosion. There was an amulet hanging from her neck with a rose with blood dripping from a thorn against a full moon.

Mr. Blackstone steps forward to check the woman in the female’s elf arms. He felt a pulse, but it was weak.

“She needs medical attention.” Mr. Blackstone looks back into the female elf eyes.

She lays the woman in her arms down on the ground. She looks up at Mr. Blackstone.

“I’ll be hidden nearby watching your healers helping her. I owe her for helping me.” The woman says a word in a strange language and disappears.

“Wow! I thought Trinity had some abilities.” Ralph had watched the woman disappear.

“She’s still here.” Trinity had spotted her standing nearby watching them. She couldn't be seen by the naked eye.

Trinity was still feeling weak from protecting them from the explosion. It had drain almost all her magical energies. It was going to take her a while to recharge.

“Get Trinity to the SUV.” Mr. Blackstone knew he was going to have to explain how the woman they came to see got outside and unhurt from the explosion.

Once the fire truck shows up. He explains what happened and make-up a story about the woman getting out. The paramedics show-up and tend to the woman.

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