Angel Of Justice Chapter 13

Katlain was sleeping soundly, when her phone beeps, letting her know someone was at her front door. She ignores it and pull the blanket over her head. She was nice and comfortable and didn’t feel like getting up.

Her phone beeps again letting know someone was at her front door. She pulls the blanket down out of frustration and grabs her cellphone to see who it was that couldn’t take a hint. She spots Detective Harrison standing at her front door. She gets up and head towards the front door.
She didn’t care that she was still in her nightshirt and panties.

Detective Harrison wonders how many times he was going to have to press the doorbell, before Katlain woke-up and answered the door. Just as he was about to press the doorbell again. The front door opens, and he sees Katlain standing there in a baby blue nightshirt.

“Can’t this wait till later?” Katlain covers up a yawn.

“No, it can’t wait. Not after that stunt you pulled last night. Now, can I come in?” Detective Harrison still couldn’t get over she had saved his and several police officers asses.

“Yes, come in. The last thing I need is for my neighbors to start talking about me.” She steps aside to let Detective Harrison in.

Detective Harrison enters and heads towards her living room. He notices the house was just as cleaned as it was the last time he came by. He does hear the front door shut behind him.

“Would you like a cup of coffee, Detective?” Katlain figures she might as well fix a pot of coffee.

“Yes, thank you.” He watches as Katlain prepares a pot of coffee.

“Would you care for a muffin or cheese toast or anything?” Katlain was taught to look after her guest.

“No thanks, coffee is just fine.” Detective Harrison waits patiently as he watches Katlain move around in the kitchen.

The few times she stretched to grab something, he could see the panties she had on from behind. He watches as she moves around in the kitchen and after awhile the coffee was brewed. He keeps watching her as she loads a serving tray up. She brings it into the living room and set it down on the coffee table.

Katlain fixes a cup of coffee just like she did the first time he came.

“Here you go Detective. Just the way you like it.” She hand’s him the cup.

“Thank you, Katlain.” He accepts the cup of coffee.

“You’re welcome.” Katlain fixes her own cup and sits down next to him.

She covers her lap with the afghan she keeps draped across the back of the sofa. She takes a sip of her coffee to try and wake-up. Even though she has been awake for thirty minutes. She was still feeling tired.

Once she finishes her coffee. She refills her coffee cup after checking if Detective Harrison would like a refill.

“Yes, thank you.” Detective Harrison had finish his first cup of coffee.

She refills his cup, before refilling hers.

Once the cups are refilled.

“Detective, why are you here?” Katlain knew, she just wanted him to say it.

“You know, I should arrest you for interfering in police business, killing those men and illegal possession of a firearm. However, on the other hand you saved my butt along with several police officers as well. You also uncovered that we have a problem of corrupted cops in the police force. On top of that, you figured out that the two ATF agents had been killed and replaced by imposters. How long have you been working on this case?” The coffee Katlain had serve was a nice blend. He might find out where she got it from.

“Since the death of my friend. After you came over here asking me about the two people I shot that day. I started digging into the case. You
guys weren’t getting anywhere with it. Plus, I wanted justice for my friend and all the other people they hurt or murdered.” Katlain sets her
coffee cup down on the tray.

“We’re you the one who stole the Rubicon from the towing company?” A car matching the description that had been seen on the Highway or near it had been spotted.

“Yes, I stole it, the police radio and laptop from the police car. I needed those items. I also stole weapons from the White Supremist group and sabotage some of theirs. That way you and the rest of the police wouldn’t be killed.” Katlain didn’t mind telling the Detective this.

“Why did you need to steal the Rubicon?” That was one thing he couldn’t figure out.

“Because it was a nice car and the jerks who own the towing company got it illegally. So, I took it. Plus, I needed it for stopping the white supremist group. I kept them from getting their hands on some nuclear material, so they could make a dirty bomb. How they got the route the transport was taken and information on how many cars were protecting it. I haven’t found out yet. Are you guys informed about nuclear material being moved through the city?” Katlain didn’t know if he would tell her or not.

“Yes, we’re informed and sometimes required to help to make sure the transport gets through without a problem.”

“Then you have a problem inside the police station. Because someone is leaking information about dangerous material to people.” Katlain hadn’t heard anything from her bugs she had planted.

“You don’t have anything to go on or to prove this?” Harrison just looks at Katlain.

Katlain gets up and walks into her bedroom and retrieves the bomb blueprints she took. She takes them back into the living room and show Detective Harrison.

“There are the plans for building it. If I hadn’t given you the information I did. They were going to increase the explosive and set it next to the
gas line in the courthouse.” Katlain had recorded the conversation where they talked about blowing the courthouse up.

Detective Harrison had to agree with Katlain on that fact. He looks at Katlain and sees a resourceful thief and street racer. He knew she still street race whenever she got a chance to.

“Look, obviously there are some problems in the police department. If I am going to find these corrupt cops. I’m going to need someone I trust to help me out. Would you be willing to help out?” Detective Harrison knew this was a big gamble, but Katlain has already proven she could be trusted.

“What do I get out of it?” Katlain had an evil smile on her face.

“How about I don’t bust you for stealing the Rubicon, the radio and the police computer?” Harrison just grin right back at her.

“So, I get a pass on any past crimes or any current crimes I might have committed?” Katlain wanted to see how far he would agree.

“I’ll see what I can do for you. If you get caught doing something illegal.” Detective Harrison knew a judge that might be able to help him out.

“Are you going to bring Internal Affairs into this mission? After all, you’re going to need someone in that department to help you out.”

“I’ll poke around and see who I can trust in that department. I’ll keep you a secret while you do some more digging.” Harrison figures that might be a good idea.

“Sounds like a plan. You know, it might be easier for me to get into a police station if I had some sort of cover id or something.” She figures she could help more if she could get access to police officer while they were inside the station.

“I’ll see about getting you an id, so you can get inside.” He glances at his watch.

“Thanks.” Katlain covers a yawn up.

“I’ll see you in a few days.” He stands up to leave.

“Okay.” She walks with him to the door.

She opens the door to let him out and watch as he walks to his car. After he gets in and drives off. She shuts the door and clean the living room up and get dress. She needs to clean the sniper rifle and her personal handgun.

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