Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 11

Julie and Christmas had gone and gotten married by the justice of the peace. Before they got married, they went and bought wedding gowns to wear before the justice of the peace. Julie had custom engagement and wedding rings made for the two of them. Christmas said she would take Julie’s last name Bounty as her married named.

Jack, Cheshire, Debbie and her two uncles were their witnesses. Gina was still in some pain from her back injuries. Tizzy was in the same boat. Neither girl wanted a big wedding like Gina, Tizzy were planning for their wedding. Their honeymoon was going to be down in Florida, while visiting Christmas parents. That is, if she could take the time off.

Julie had to go by the office to have things changed and updated in her files in HR. Her Captain wanted to see her. So, she was in her uniform and had Sphinx with her. He has been kind of moody lately.

She parks her SUV in her normal parking spot and let Sphinx out as she heads into the building. She visits HR first to take care of the paperwork and update her information as being married now. Once she was done in HR, she heads towards the Captains office. Sphinx was beside her keeping pace with her. A lot of the officers were still amazed at how well-trained sphinx was.

As she approached her Captain’s office, she could see several men already in his office through the window. She pulls Sphinx’s leash out and clip it to his collar. Normally, she wouldn’t bother, but there were people she didn’t, and sphinx didn’t know in the office. She knocks on the door, before entering.

“Come on in Julie.” Captain Basset saw Julie just outside his door.

Julie walks in and shuts the door behind her. There were two ICE agents standing in there.

“You wanted to see me Captain?” Julie heard what has been going on all thanks to the jackass in the White House with ICE lately.

“Yes Julie. I’m going to need for you to work with agent Abdee and agent Padberry as they carry out several arrests.” Captain Basset hated
ordering Julie to do this, but they pulled the Federal card on him.

A slow smile appears on her face “as long as they have the proper court orders for the arrest, I’ll help.”

“We don’t need permission from the courts to arrest illegal aliens.” Agent Abdee was getting sick of being stonewalled.

“So, you have orders to arrest little green aliens from space?” A smile appears on her face.

“You dam well know what I mean. We have orders to arrest illegal immigrates from the President.” Agent Abdee couldn’t believe this woman was giving them a hard time.

“That may be the case, Agent Abdee, but unless they have committed a crime, or you have an arrest order from the courts, I won’t help you.
We play by the rules here in Montana.” Julie looks directly in Agent Abdee eyes.

“From your record, Ms. Bounty. You don’t play by the rules.” Agent Padberry felt he needed to get involved.

“You be surprised by what I play by, but unless the people you are going after have done something wrong to warrant you arresting them on some jackass’s order. You’ll play by the rules here in Montana. Because, if you don’t.” Julie looks directly at him.

“I will personally slap my cuffs on you and toss your sorry ass in jail for false arrest and for harassment. I don’t care if your sorry ass is a federal agent. If you don’t play by the rules while you’re here, I’ll arrest you personally.” She hated the dumbass in office right now.

Agent Padberry went to step closer to Julie and heard a growl.

“I would step back if I was you, or your going to be lunch for my wolf.” Julie heard Sphinx growl.

Agent Padberry looks down at the wolf standing next to Officer Bounty. He couldn’t believe how big he was.

“I would do what she says Agent Padberry. Sphinx is a military trained wolf and he will kill you before you even draw your gun. As for you Agent Abdee, I would take your hand away from your gun, before Julie puts two rounds into you.” Captain Basset had spotted Julie pull her gun.

Agent Abdee looks at Officer Bounty as she had her gun pointed at him. He couldn’t believe she was that observant and fast.

“I would move your hand away from your gun, unless you want me to pull the trigger?” Julie had spotted him moving his hand towards his gun.
She was as sneaky as her father and aunt.

“Now, why don’t we try this again? I will help you agent Abdee and agent Padberry, but you will play this by the rules and not by what the jackass in the White House says. If you don’t like it. I would carry your ass out of Montana as quickly as possible.” Julie puts her gun away.

“SÚil” Julie looks down at Sphinx as he stops growling and sits down next to her legs.

Julie looks towards Agent Padberry “next time you think about coming towards me, I won’t stop him.”

Julie turns and leaves her Captain’s office and out to her SUV. She was pissed that ICE was in Montana arresting and harassing innocent people all because of the bigot, racist, jackass in Washington D.C. Why did so many people believe his damn lies.

She climbs into the SUV, after she holds the door open for Sphinx. Once he was in, she heads towards her favorite convince store. She grabs herself a Pepsi and a Slim Jim for Sphinx. He loved those things. As she walks back outside, she notices a black SUV pull up. She stands there and watches the SUV. She notices two agents get out wearing their body armor with POLICE and ICE underneath.

“Police my ass. If you’re a police officer, I’m a second-grade school teacher.” Julie hated people who pretended to be Police Officer.

“You can help us arrest the person inside here, officer.” Agent Williams and his partner was informed there were illegal immigrants working inside the store.

“Not unless you have an arrest warrant. If you don’t, you better leave, before I arrest you for false arrest, impersonating a police officer and harassment.” Julie presses her remote to open the door on the SUV for Sphinx to come out.

“We don’t need an arrest warrant. Now, step aside.” He steps up close to Julie.

“If I was you, I would get back in that SUV before I send you and your partner to the hospital. If you don’t have an arrest warrant, you don’t go
in.” Julie stood her ground.

“Move officer.” Agent Williams tries to push Julie aside.

Julie brings her knee up into his groin and punch him as hard as she could in the face with her good arm. She watches as he drops down in front of her. The other agent pulls his gun and was about to aim it at Julie, when his arm is grab by Sphinx. Sphinx bites down hard on his arm and takes him down.

“Now, since you didn’t listen to me. You’re under arrest for assaulting a police officer, harassment, and impersonating a police officer.” Julie takes her zip cuffs out and handcuffs Williams, and his partner. She takes their guns and cuffs.

She calls for a patrol car to come by pick them up. She told them what would happen if they didn’t play by the rules. She gets her first aid kit out of her SUV and takes care of the person that got bit by Sphinx.

“Why do you have a Wolf for a K-9?” Agent Harris was looking at Sphinx as he stood nearby.

“Because my family train and raise wolves. Also, you shouldn’t had pulled a gun on me. He’s trained to protect me and if you got hurt because of your stupidly, then you deserve what you got.” Julie fixes his arm.

A patrol car shows up and Julie tells them what happened, word for word. She doesn’t lie or embellish anything.

“Don’t worry Julie. We got you covered. I’ll make sure the charge you are pressing against them stick.” Officer Wright put the two in his car.
Him and a few other officers didn’t like ICE agents pretending to be police officers. He also didn’t like the stupid orders from the jackass in White House right now.

Julie watches as he drives off. She whistles for Sphinx and he jumps into the SUV. She gives him his treat as she starts the car up and heads home.

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