Oh Were Shall I Wander? Chapter 3

Susannah and I stayed in the back office for over an hour, chatting about the recent odd events.

Eventually, I sighed, looked down at myself and said, "I need clothing that fits me, I look sooo silly in Anson's clothing!"

Susannah giggled and replied, "You could wear some of my clothes, but they'll be a bit large on you. Better than nothing for now."

I looked over at Susannah relaxing in the executive style office chair, "Comfortable, are you? That happens to be MY seat."

Susannah giggled again, then stood up and waved for me to follow her. "Might as well get you in clothes that semi-fit. Oooooh! Mmmm, I'm going to like this, I get to take you out to a mall and help you to get clothing that fits and looks good on you!" she said with a huge grin.

That grin that she tossed back over her shoulder at me caused my stomach to churn and I stopped for a moment on the stairs.

Susannah realized that I was not directly behind her and looked back, noticing me standing there, holding my stomach.

"What's wrong, Abby? Did I say something bad?" Susannah whined.

"Shop... shopping? I've only been female for an hour or two, and you... you want to go... SHOPPING?" I nearly screamed the last bit.

Susannah looked suitably chastised for a moment, but not for very long, then she grinned and smiled at the half-terrified girl, namely me.

"Weeeell, unless you want to run around in oversized clothes all the time, you'll need to go shopping to get clothes that fit, girl!"

I shuddered, then looked up at Susannah at the top of the stairs and slowly nodded.

A moment later, I whispered, "I suppose I must do this. Why, oh why, did this happen to me?" came out in a shrill whine.

Susannah came down the steps, gently grasped my hand and led me up to the second floor, then down to her bedroom.

As we were walking down the hallway, Susannah glanced at Abigail and noticed that her movements were feminine and natural. She smiled and dragged Abigail into the room, then over to the closet. "Maybe some of my clothes from the last few years will fit you!"

Susannah then rummaged in the back area of the large walk-in closet, eventually reappearing with two battered old suitcases.

She dragged them across the floor, then picked them up one by one and dropped them on the bed, grunting as she lifted the cases.

She smiled gently at me, saying, "We can look in these two suitcases, they're the ones that might be most useful to you."

The next hour passed with me as Abigail trying on item after item of clothing, skirts, blouses, dresses, pants, a few jackets and vests.

Many of the items were a bit too small or tight on me, one or two ripped as I tried them on, which caused me to apologize to Susannah.

"No big deal, Abigail, I haven't worn any of these clothes for a long time, I just never got rid of them," was Susannah's response.

In the end, two pairs of jeans were found that fit, only one long skirt which had an elastic lining, three blouses and one jacket. There had been a few pairs of dress pants in the suitcases, but I had torn one of those when I tried it on and had not bothered with the others.

Susannah smiled, "Either pair of jeans will do for now and the silver blouse with my grade 9 letter jacket for cheerleading. I'm sorry that the only underwear I have is too big for you, but I'm sure it will be better than trying to wear Anson's scratchy boxers with my clothes."

I sighed and nodded as I pulled a pair of hi-cut briefs up my soft, hairless legs, shivering at the strangely pleasant sensations that caused.

"My current bras won't work, and I didn't bother to save my old ones when I outgrew them," Susannah added as I finished dressing.

I blanched at the mention of brassieres while looking down at my rather shapely bust showing through the t-shirt and the nearly sheer blouse. There had been some t-shirts in among the other clothing and I had put on a pale grey one before donning the blouse.

I hadn't really looked at the t-shirt as I pulled it from the case, but I had noticed in a nearby mirror that it had a picture of a silvery unicorn on it when I slipped it on a short while ago. The blouse seemed to be fairly normal, well, until Susannah told me it had cost her over $700.

When I heard that, I found myself swaying as if I were a slender tree in a stiff breeze. Susannah had giggled at me, the darn cow!

While I had been getting dressed, Susannah had pulled out a cell phone and made a few quick phone calls, talking rather quietly.

Eventually, Susannah was satisfied with the clothes, then she looked at my face and sighed. "You need make-up, but mine's no good."

"You already know I have none. I guess that's something else I'll have to get," I sighed as I put on a pair of running shoes. That was the one thing where I seemed to be similar in size to Susannah, perhaps Susannah's feet were a bit longer, but a half size wasn't a big deal.

The off-white bobby sox had felt odd, but they were okay for now, at least I wasn't rubbing bare feet against the shoes' inner edges.

Susannah nodded once I had put the cheerleading letter jacket on, then led the way down the stairs and out of the house.

In the driveway at the front of the house, two cars could be seen. One was a fairly recent Camaro, the other a Toyota 4Runner.

Susannah used a remote to unlock the doors of the 4Runner, then we climbed in and Susannah started the engine.

The moon was quite bright through the scattered patches of drifting clouds. A few minutes later, we were heading into town.

Well, heading into town might not be quite accurate, as we were heading into New York City itself from the wilds of western Connecticut.

We listened to modern pop and soft rock songs which Susannah apparently liked, but I've always preferred rock music from the 70s and 80s.


We pulled up to a shop somewhere in Manhattan. I hadn't been paying attention, the clothes were rather snug and distracting.

Once we were out of the car after pulling in behind the brownstone to park, Susannah locked it and we walked in through the back door. This created a minor fuss when a shop girl saw us, but that ended as soon as the owner appeared, welcoming us into her shop.

We weren't there for very long. I was feeling a bit dazed by the progression of bras in an assortment of styles, then the corsets. At that point, I shook my head and rather firmly said no. With this current body, there was no need, it was already quite curvy enough, thank you!

The sigh of relief coming from my lips as we exited the shop had Susannah giggling as we walked to the 4Runner.

"That's just the first store, Abby," she laughed, "We have a few more to go to, then we'll grab some basic stuff in WallyMart."

I shook my head, sighed and climbed into the vehicle once it had been unlocked, we were off again a few minutes later.

We ended up in two more shops, picking out nice clothing, a process that lasted almost two hours. I was slowly becoming used to seeing that shapely body in mirrors, but it all still felt quite odd to me as I carried two bags of clothes out to the 4Runner from the third store.

We hit the WallyMart with maybe half an hour left before it would close, and Susannah led me through the women's clothing area, then waited as I looked through several racks of t-shirts and sleep shirts before I examined some terrycloth bathrobes and towels.

We also grabbed basic make-up items for now, the shop Susannah wanted to go to for make-up had closed before we left the house.

We made it to the checkout lines just as someone said they were about to shut the doors. After having everything go through the checkout, Susannah flashed a credit card for the fourth time that evening and we walked out of the store with five bags in our hands.

We stopped at an all night cafe to have a cup of coffee and a nibble; we both ended up choosing the chocolate cake, of course!

Wait? You expected mel to have something different? Well, I'm sorry to say this, but even as a man, chocolate is the bomb, so there!

It was nearly 12:30 AM when we arrived back at the house. Susannah led Abigail to one of the extra bedrooms, "This one is yours."

Putting everything away took about twenty minutes, then we wandered down to the living room and watched a chick flick. I can't remember exactly which one it was now, it was a love story and sappy as can be, tears were flying all over the place as we watched it.

We dozed off on the couch after the movie ended. Susannah woke up to use the washroom and saw the moon was about to set.

She had to shake my shoulder a few times before I responded, then Susannah pointed out at the moon.

I took one look out through the window and immediately understood. I stood up and stripped, finishing just in the nick of time.

The moon slipped below the horizon not long after I had finished and the weird transformation process occurred, in reverse this time.

Susannah stood there, staring as the pretty young white girl slowly changed until her big, handsome daddy was there in front of her.

I laughed as I looked down at my daughter, then smiled and said, "That has to be one of the oddest experiences I have ever had."

The two exchanged hugs, then I took the discarded clothes to the bedroom that Abigail would use and set the items on the bed.

From there, I wandered off to my own bed, I really needed to get some sleep, it had been a very long and very unusual night.

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