A Sisterly Bond

Kaleb, a 14-year-old, sat alone in the den, fuming at what had just transpired. His sister had just managed to excuse herself from all of her chores for the week, at his expense. It had started when his 16-year-old sister, Brooke, had her first stupid period while she was in school last month. She was in English class, and was totally embarrassed when it happened.

Kaleb did not believe that it was that big of a deal, and he let his sister know about it. Still, three weeks later she had somehow manipulated their mom to excuse her from this entire week's chores. She complained that the last time it happened, she had been under such stress that she could not focus on schoolwork or sleep well, and that when it happened the second time, she could be ready for it, and be relaxed. This seemed like total and complete crap to Kaleb.

He was asked by his mother to fill in for Brooke while she was in her "stress period." He had argued, but to no avail. The week slowly crawled by, with Kaleb doing all of the chores around the house. He despised doing anything that was normally Brooke's job, and only followed the tasks to the least possible degree of completion. Whenever he would encounter Brooke, he would simply mutter "stupid girl" or a similar comment.

On Monday, Brooke came home from school (on the same bus as Kaleb) and took a nap before watching TV until about 5:30 when their mom got home, when she picked up a book to appear as if she had been studying. On Tuesday, Brooke came home from school and immediately picked up the telephone. As Kaleb was vacuuming the hallway, he heard her laughing and gossiping on the telephone. "Yeah right, period" he would think, "stupid freaking girl." As 5:30 rolled around, Brooke got off of the phone, and acted tired and sick. So far, both Brooke and Kaleb had managed to keep away from any confrontations, but Wednesday; Brooke finally crossed his path.

Kaleb had been playing his PlayStation 4 in his bedroom when he hit pause to go to the restroom. As soon as he returned, he found Brooke watching a stupid soap opera in his room while she was talking on the phone. He glanced over, to no surprise was the fact that the PlayStation was turned off. That did it. Kaleb let her have it. "You stupid jerk! Can't you see when people are doing something!"

"Its getting late, you have chores to do, remember? Mom will be coming home in about an hour and a half" "Damn you!" he yelled as he grabbed the phone from her hand. He hit her in the stomach with it. Brooke just looked in shock as he dropped the phone and stormed off.

She began to sob lightly. Soon, she regained her composure and went to look for the little weasel. She found him in his room, listening to some crappy country music. Why couldn't he listen to pop or boy bands like me? She thought. "Kaleb, I need to talk to you" "Leave me the hell alone" "You don't even understand do you?" she asked, almost crying again.

"You don't even understand," mocked Kaleb in a sarcastic voice, "I don't even fucking care you stupid jerk, you're just a stupid whiny girl that always gets her way!" he finished with a yell. "Now get the hell out of here!" Kaitlyn burst into tears convulsing with sobs. "I wish you would know what this cramping was like" she sobbed. Kaitlyn suddenly had a pain in his stomach, followed by a sudden irritation in his bladder.

"You don't know the first thing about being a girl especially a teenage girl. I wish you had the chance to have cramps every month. I wish you would know what its like to have to worry about your hair every morning." With this, Kaleb had another pain in his stomach, this time more severe. He felt as if his entire insides were shifting.

He also felt a pull on his head, and felt hair growing down the back of his neck. Kaitlyn, infuriated noticed what was going on, but only continued more vigorously. "I wish you would know what its like to have to wake up two hours early to put make up on your face so you will look attractive to cute boys. I wish you knew what it was like to have to shave you legs every morning. I wish you knew how to make your nails look super cute. I wish you knew what it was like to have to wear cute and girly clothes just to fit into the crowd."

Kaleb began to realize what was happening. His face slightly restructured as the hair fell off his legs, down the inside of his pant legs. His pants began to disappear, followed by his t-shirt and underwear. He sat naked for only a second before a pink silk thong materialized where his underwear had been, followed by the materialization of a white bra, a tight, pink t-shirt and a pair of short white shorts that ended halfway down the top of Kaleb's hairless legs. His old tennis shoes were replaced with a pair of Rachel Shoes Girls White Silver Glossy Ankle Strap Open Toe Sandals. He even had his toe nails painted with black and pink zebra stripes.

"Stop Kaitlyn, you've proven your point, please" he pleaded. It was too late, he had crossed a line and there was no way she could forgive him now. "I wish . . ." she started. "Please Kaitlyn, stop now please . . ." Kaleb began to cry as he dropped to his knees. "I wish that you only wanted to wear cute girl's clothes for the rest of your life." Kaleb's mind began to betray him as thoughts of which outfits would show off his assets ran through his mind. "I wish that your breasts were A cups."

Kaleb's chest puffed out to fill his new bra. He was simply sobbing, sitting with his legs opened on the floor. "I wish that your legs and feet would become very girly," she said as his legs shortened slightly, followed by the shrinkage of his feet. "I wish that your figure was measured in these terms, 36-24-36." Kaleb's entire body began to shift. His stomach moved inward while his hips moved outwards along with his entire frame shifting somewhat. "I wish that you were a pretty singer Kaleb, perhaps a Soprano.

Yes, I wish that you were a Soprano in the school choir, obsessed with singing pretty." Kaleb felt his throat constricting "No, please stop" he said in his new falsetto voice. Kaitlyn had completely quit crying by now and was enjoying herself. She was unaware of how everything was happening, but this was her chance to get back at Kaleb for everything he had ever done to her. "I wish that you were turned on sexually by boys, that you only like boys, and that you will always always like boys."

Kaleb began to think of all of the guy friends he had his penis began to stiffen. As this was evident through the pair of shorts he was wearing, Kaitlyn noticed. "Oh, we need to get rid of that now don't we? I wish that you not only got cramps every month just like me, but that you would have a period every month. I wish that you were a girl in all aspects."

With that Kaleb felt earrings in both of his ear lobes as his penis was shrinking and new sensations filled his body. It was done. Tears streamed down his face. What was he going to do? Kaitlyn was relentless. "I wish that your name was Courtney. Not only that, but that your name has always been Courtney, or Court for your nickname and it always will be Courtney, as you were born a girl, and have no wishes to be anything other than a cute girl for the rest of your life, before you get married that is.

With this, Courtney's student ID changed, along with everything with her former name on it. "I wish that you will enjoy being with boys and will be able to fulfill your new life as a girl. I wish for you to be somewhat athletic, but only enough to make the cheerleading squad and gymnastics team, which you are a member of now. That will open all kinds of doors for you Court."

With this, Kaleb's clothes again shifted. His underwear and bra remained the same, but his shoes transformed into white tennis shoes. He was suddenly wearing socks, and his skirt and shirt transformed into the school's cheerleading outfit, which was black, red, and white. Kaitlyn was not finished with that.

"I wish that all of your mannerisms would match your appearance. Last, I wish that all things that were associated with Kaleb were gone, replaced by things associated with you, Courtney. Clothes, pictures, everything, and that you will accept your new life. Have fun girly girl!"

With that Kaitlyn turned around and closed Courtney's door, going back to the den to get the phone and call her friend back. Courtney sat in her room mystified, feeling odd.

"How will I manage?" she asked herself. Just then the phone in her room rang. She picked it up. It was Brett Fredrickson, her boyfriend. He asked her if it was ok to come see her and she had replied with a "yes."

As soon as Brett arrived, Court led him into her room, her mind was confused, but her body was willing and ready. Courtney and Brett sat on Courtney's bed and watched movies together while holding hands.

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